10 Best Camping Tables In 2022

Last updated 22. March 2022

One of the most refreshing things you can do to press the reset button is to go camping. To escape the walls of the concrete jungle and venture into the great outdoors is a thing of beauty. Nowadays, we have so many products available, that you can go camping without losing many of the comforts of home. We can still have comfortable sleep, delicious meals, and on the go entertainment.

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We have such a variety of products available to us that we can sort of pick and choose what type of adventure we want to have. We can choose our tents, hiking shoes, cooking materials, and dining tables.

That’s what we’re here to talk about. Camping tables. Having a good camping table can save you from uncomfortable cooking situations and inconvenient “lap eating”. Camping tables come in many sizes and capabilities and it’s up to you to decide which one will be right for you.

Here is our list of the 10 best camping tables in 2021. Whether you’re a go-it-alone camper, or out with a large group of friends, you should be able to find the table that will work for your camping needs.

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1. CampLand Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Table Small

CampLand Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Table Small

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The first pick on our list is a small adjustable folding table that will be great for any camping situation where you can use a low-level camping table. It is strong and durable as it is made of aluminum. It is really easy to clean up and the surface is water and stain resistant. The dimensions when it is folded up are 15.7″x W 12″x H 2.6″, and when you unfold it the dimensions expand to L 15.7″x W 24″x H 10.4″. The entire unit only weighs 4.4 pounds.

This is a great, multi-functional camping table which can hold up to 60 pounds. That should be more than enough to keep your food and plates off the ground. You can take it to the campground with you, and it is also usable at picnics, the beach, and small backyard gatherings where you need a surface to cook or eat on.

+ Foldable
+ Lightweight
+ Aluminum
+ Water Resistant
+ Adjustable

Why we like it – You will be able to take this little table with you everywhere. If you’re going on small camping trips, it will be all you need to cook on and feed 2-4 people. It is lightweight and easy to clean up.

2. Trekology Camping / Beach Table

Trekology Camping / Beach Table

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The Trekology portable camping table has a slick design and is a great pick for any time you need to get your cooking utensils and plates off the ground. It is made with an aluminum table. The folding legs are easy to attach without using any tools. It is really quick and easy to set up so you have a reliable tabletop in moments.

You can buy this table in three different sizes, and they are all portable and lightweight. The small table weighs 1.8 pounds, and the large table only weighs 3.2 pounds. This camping table is easy to fold up and becomes compact enough to fit into a convenient carrier bag. This will be great for short and long term camping trips and will be reliable enough to stand up to whatever you through at it.

+ Aluminum
+ Easy to set up
+ Easy to clean
+ Portable and lightweight
+ Comes in multiple sizes

Why we like it – A great camping table will be simple and easy to use. This one is stylish and sturdy while being really easy to set up. It’s a pleasure to cook on and provides a great surface for after hike drinks.

3. Preferred Nation Folding Table

Preferred Nation Folding Table

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Preferred Nation has created a table that is unique and easy to use at the same time. The rounded shape folds into a compact carry bag for easy storing and packing. You just need to disconnect the metal legs and fold the table top in two. Then it fits nicely into the carrier bag. There are 4 mesh cup holders on the top of the table to hold your coffee, water, pop, or beer. There is also an extra “shelf” underneath the main table area to store things that you don’t immediately need. This is a great table for eating off of.

One of the downsides is that the table is a little bit heavier than other camping tables. If you’re not doing a lot of hiking, and you’re just driving in and out of the campsite, that won’t matter too much. The table is 24″ tall and 28″ wide. That will provide you more than enough space to do all of your eating, drinking, and card playing.

+ Foldable
+ Cup holders
+ Portable
+ Extra bottom shelf

Why we like it – The cup holders and the extra shelf on the bottom are the clinchers with this table. The last thing you want when playing cards or sitting around after sunset is to knock a drink over. No worries with this portable folding camping table.

4. Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Table

Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Table

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For the campers who need a little more surface area, and don’t need the lightweight portability of a camping table, this one for you. The surface area when unfolded is 4ft by 2ft. That’ll be enough to fit four people comfortable to eat and drink at the table. If you’re using it for cooking, you’ve got lots of surface area to place your backpacking stoves and cutting board without needing an extra surface.

The table folds in half so you can easily carry it from the car to the campsite. The height is also adjustable so you can go from standing and cooking to sitting and enjoying your delicious culinary creation. This table can be used inside and outside and it really easy to clean up. It is made of high-quality steel and polyethylene plastic for durability and versatile usage.

+ Large table surface
+ Folds in half
+ Adjustable height
+ Suitable for drive-in/drive-out camping
+ Easy to maintain

Why we like it – As long as you’re not walking a long distance, this table is perfect. It’s a little heavier which is great when you’re cooking on it. There is plenty of room, it’s easy to clean and easy to store.

5. CampLand Aluminum Height Table Tall

CampLand Aluminum Height Table Tall

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This may be one of our absolute favorite camping tables. It has a sturdy table top, foldable legs, and tons of extra storage under the table. It is really easy to install and to fold up when it’s time to get on the move. When unfolded you get a 4ft by 1.5ft table surface, and when you fold it up, it drops to half the size. You can choose the height you want it to. You can decide between 27 and 24″ heights to fit the specific height that is more comfortable for you.

This table holds up to 66 pounds and can hold tons of extra items underneath like cups, plates, utensils, etc. Whenever you’re done with your plates or cooking tools, you can store them in the mesh protected storage area to keep bugs and animals away from the delicious food they may want to get into. It is not best suited for long trips as it weighs 20 pounds, but will be great for any campground party.

+ Extra storage
+ Durable, strong table top
+ Easy to fold up
+ Plenty of table surface

Why we like it – The hands-down best part about this table is the storage room underneath. You can just throw your leftover plates, cups, beer cans in the bottom of the table for later when it is time to clean up.

6. Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

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Coleman is a trusted camping supply company. They have been manufacturing products that make camping fun and easy for generations. This table that they have created is an awesome option as one of the best camping tables available. It has enough room to fit four people around the table. It is made of aluminum and folds up really nicely. The table top opens to just over 2ft/2ft and stands at the same height. It is not best for stand up cooking bu better suited for sitting on a low camping chair to do your preparation.

It is constructed of aluminum and plastic clips. It is really easy to set up with the snapping clips and easy to take down. The table top is really durable, lightweight and easy to clean Water resistance and stain resistance will keep this slick looking camping table neat and tidy through all of your camping excursions.

+ Lightweight
+ Folding
+ Portable
+ Fits 4
+ Easy to clean and carry

Why we like it – This is a good camping table that is foldable portable and lightweight. It’s super easy to clean, fits four people and only weighs 4 pounds. If you need a table on a longer trip, this may be the right pick for you.

7. ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

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ALPS Mountaineering has created this table to be suited for many different occasions. It comes in three sizes so you can choose a square design or two differing rectangular designs. The table completely folds up and fits into a convenient carry bag so you can stow it easily or pack it into your bag to take to the next campsite. The height is 28 inches which is enough to sit comfortably around without bending your legs.

The entire table is made of aluminum and is super lightweight and easy to carry. You won’t have any trouble cleaning the table top as aluminum is one of the easiest surfaces to clean. This is a great table for short or long camping trips, whether you are driving to the site, or you need to make a small hike in.

+ Fully foldable
+ Lightweight
+ Portable
+ Easy to clean
+ Various sizes

Why we like it – This is about as convenient as a camping table gets. It folds into the smallest size possible so you can fit everything into the carry bag and get on the move. It’s easy to clean and sturdy enough to hold everything you need it to.

8. GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen

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Versatility is the name of the game with the GCI Camp Kitchen. It has tons of storage spaces for you to put all of your utensils and supplies onto. You get the table top, with two additional unfolding surfaces at the top level. On the bottom level, there is a middle grated shelf with another two surfaces on the sides for storage. Everything folds up conveniently to stow away and pack so you can fit it into your camper when you’re done.

It is made of powder-coated steel material. This gives the table its durable, sturdy structure that will stand up to the work it needs to do. It also comes equipped with cup holders, paper towel holders, and utensil holders so you can quickly and easily grab everything when you need them. This table it the ideal cooking camping table and is not suited for eating around.

+ Lots of storage space
+ Foldable
+ Utensil and cup holders
+ Durable and sturdy

Why we like it – If you’re the cook at the camp, this will be your ideal workstation. It is equipped to handle everything you need to do with lots of storage and strength to help you out the most.

9. Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

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Keeping on the trend of cooking tables, the Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen is an exciting design for any camp cook. As with any good camping table, when not in use, everything folds up for easy portability. There are three grated shelves. One main shelf, a side shelf, and a bottom one. It also comes with a sink where you can wash all of your dishes in it. A small garbage net puts the cherry on top for this camping kitchen.

The frame is made of high-strength steel. Even the most aggressive veggie chopper won’t be able to knock this table over. It has all the surface area you need with plenty of holder for your utensils or your cooking beverage. Great for camping at campgrounds where you need your own portable kitchen.

+ Plenty of surface area
+ High-strength steel
+ Additional sink
+ Foldable
+ Lightweight

Why we like it – An awesome portable kitchen for your camping needs. It’s got all the surface area and storage space that a camp cook could want with a convenient washing or discarding sink just to your left.

10. OUTRY Lightweight Folding Table

OUTRY Lightweight Folding Table

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We finish off our list with versatility and simplicity. This is a good table for cooking, eating or camp partying. The table top is made of 600D ripstop nylon fabric which protects your tabletop from tears and rips. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum which folds right up and it easy to store or carry. 4 cup holders are right where you need them so you can enjoy your card game without worry about where your drink is going to be.

The table top dimensions when it is unfolded are 29.5L x 22W x 21H”. It weighs only 2.6 pounds so it is easy to carry and you can take with you on longer camping trips where you need to hike.

+ Super lightweight
+ Cup holders included
+ Ripstop nylon fabric
+ Lightweight aluminum frame

Why we like it – This is a really lightweight and lovely camping table. It is easy to fold up, and the tabletop is durable. The cup holders are great to hold your beer on a fun camping trip.

Camping Table Buyers Guide

What to look for in a camping Table

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best camping tables in 2020, it’s time to discuss some of the factors you should pay attention to when you’re buying a camping table. The right table will depend on a lot of different variables, so read on to find out what our expert tips are.

What Material Should You Get?

Camping tables are made with a variety of materials. Some are built for speed and portability, and some are built to stay and be a little more sturdy. If you’re going to be taking a lot of camping trips where you’re moving around a lot, packing up in the morning and unpacking at night, portability is going to be a huge factor for you. Make sure you are getting a lightweight table made of aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, easy to clean and looks great. It will be the best option for a hiking camper.

If you’re driving in and out, the material doesn’t matter quite as much. You can go with aluminum, steel, plastic, or nylon fabric. Since you’re likely driving in and driving out, you won’t have to worry about the table being lightweight enough to carry on a hike. As long as you get material that works for your purpose, you’ll be a happy camper.

What Size of Table Should I Get?

The size of the table will largely depend on the types of camping parties you are throwing. Anyone who is going to be going camping with their friends and are going to be having big meals with lots of drinks afterward should invest in a heavier, larger table. The extra surface area will be a benefit when you are cooking and eating.

For smaller parties, you can go with a table that has a smaller surface area and is shorter. Especially if you are hiking in and out to your campsite. The weight will be a big factor when you need to carry it on your back. Rustic camping doesn’t call for a ton of comfort, so a smaller table that suits two-four people will be more than enough for you.

Do I Need A Cooking Station?

Cooking stations are not an essential piece of camping equipment, but they can be a great addition to your tools. Often times, a large camping table will be sufficient if you want to cook and eat in the same place. Cooking utensils and tools are usually lightweight and easy to move out of the way. You may not need a cooking table if the meals you are making are simple and easy to clean up after.

If you’re more interested in constructing gourmet meals with easier cleanups, then a cooking station can be an amazing addition. They are built lie mini kitchen with lots of places for you to store your tools, pots, and pans, and some come with sinks and disposal stations. If you’re driving into your campsite and storage or weight isn’t much of an issue for you. A portable cooking station can make your camping excursion a lot more fun and easy.


You should be ready to pick out the camping table that is right for you. As you can see, the type of table that will be best for you will depend largely on the type of camping you are going to be doing. If you’re doing short, more party driven trips, get a large, heavy, sturdy table. If you’re doing longer adventure-based trips then pick a smaller, lightweight, portable table. In any case, with the tables we have reviewed, you can’t go wrong.

Did you know?

Camping tables can be used in many different situations. Even though they were created to give you a reliable surface to use when you’re in the woods, you can use them around the house, at picnics, or at the beach. Really anywhere that you can use a small, portable surface, a camping table will help you out.

Expert Tip

Whether you’re going with an aluminum table top or a fabric top, pay attention to the proper cleaning materials you will need in order to properly maintain your camping table. If you use certain chemicals, it could damage your table, and void the warranty. As long as you pay attention to what the manufacturer suggests, you will have no problems.

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