6 Best Cooler Scooters in 2022

Last updated 18. June 2022

A cooler scooter is the best way to keep your food and drinks cool while on the go. You can carry your cooler scooter everywhere – meaning you’ll be able to bring the party to county fairs, concerts, hunting, ball games, races, fishing, camping just about anywhere you want!

We’ve pulled together the best cooler scooters and cooler scooter accessories that can be found on the market today. In the following article, we talk about all the best features of these cooler scooters and how you can use them to enhance your parties or adventures.

There are many different types of cooler scooters, some are more lightweight than others, and some are easier to take over uneven terrain. Whatever you need your cooler for you’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for you!

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1. Igloo Trailmate Liddup

Igloo Trailmate Liddup

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The Igloo Trailmate LiddUp cooler is excellent for parties of all occasions whether it’s a day time picnic or a late night bonfire birthday bash with the 360 lit insides of the LiddUp you’ll never have to stop partying.

This model has a capacity of 70Q meaning you can keep up to 112 12oz cans inside which are kept super cool thanks to the coolers ultratherm technology. You’ll also never have a problem finding your drinks in the dark as the interior of this model is designed with your ease in mind, which boasts an impressive LED light system.

You’ll be able to take Trailmate cooler anywhere too thanks to its ability to deal with both grass, beaches or dirt roads – either way, no terrain will stop your party from happening.

This Igloo cooler also comes with many other great features.

+ Oversized wheels – the super tractioned 10-inch wheels are what makes this product so easy to manage over numerous terrains
+ Easy to use – thanks to the super user-friendly handle you’ll never feel like pulling this cooler around is hard work
+ Stainless steel – this Trailmate is made with stainless steel, and aluminum which means this cooler is super long lasting and durable so you won’t have to worry about rust
+ Butler Tray – When it comes to serving out of this cooler you won’t feel cheap, as the cooler’s lid stores a butler tray ready for you to remove and serve drinks on.

Overall, we just though this cooler blew away all of our expectations as it’s so easy to move across any terrain and makes the perfect cooler.

2. Badger Wheels Steel Single Axle

Badger Wheels Steel Single Axle

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The Badger wheels are a great accessory to go with your YETI Tundra cooler. For any normal non-wheeled Tundra cooler you have, you can simply pop these Badger Wheels on to your cooler, and you’ll be able to get it from car to camping site in an instant.

+ The Badger Wheels fit with the YETI Tundra 45
+ The wheels are made from powder-coated, carbon steel for strength and durability
+ Each wheel is 7.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide – this makes these wheels great for uneven terrain whether it be sand or grass

You’ll easily be able to lock these wheels in place thanks to its bolt and locking plate.
You can carry up to 500 pounds

3. Recoil CA-3 Echo Pro

Recoil CA-3 Echo Pro

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With the Recoil cooler, you’ll be able to have a top notch appliance with great audio performance as well as the ability to charge your phone at the same time. You don’t have to worry about wasting battery by using these great features either, as there’s a super long life battery with this Recoil cooler of up to 24 hours.

+ Audio of 250 watts and 6.5 waterproof speakers
+ Can carry 41 quarts
+ Built-in power bank with dual USB charging points
+ Heavy duty but also super portable thanks to non-slip wheels and comfortable handle to grip
+ Weatherproof as all components come with an IPZ5 Marine Rating

4. Igloo Trailmate Journey

Igloo Trailmate Journey

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You can take this cooler anywhere – this Trailmate really is the ultimate cooler for any surface. Whether it’s in woodlands, on the beach or on dirt roads, you’ll be able to carry this Trailmate around easily.

+ Durable plastic design
+ Insulated body with ultratherm and 4-day ice retention
+ Butler tray which is great for serving drinks and snacks and easily stores away in the lid when not in use
+ Two bottle openers
+ 10-inch terrain proof wheels
+ Self-draining cup holders
+ Capacity of 112 x 12-ounce cans

5. ORION Flip-Flop

ORION Flip-Flop

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The Orion Flip-Flop is a super easy to use cart adaptor for your cooler. This means your cooler + the Orion Flip-Flop = a cooler that’s ready to start the adventure or party whenever and where ever you want it to. You’ll be able to take your cooler around thanks to the easily transportable wheels of the Flip-Flop.

These wheel adaptors fit most Orion coolers, including the Orion 35-85 Quat models. The Orion Flip-Flop is the perfect Orion Cooler accessory as it is built to last and made with quality material.

Whatever the adventure the Orion Flip-Flop cart can help you transport your cooler to the party where ever it may be.

6. Pelican Elite 45 Quart

Pelican Elite 45 Quart

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The Pelican Elite can hold an outstanding 45 quarts in internal volume which makes this an excellent cooler for most occasions. This cooler also boats a reliable made in the USA standard alongside a lifetime guarantee, even if you break it Pelican will fix it! What’s also great about this model is the Extreme ice retention which means that there are 2 inches of polyurethane insulation inside its walls right around the cooler! That’s it a full 360 degrees of a freezer-grade gasket which help deliver perfectly extreme ice retention for up to an incredible 10 days!  There are also loads of other great features in this cooler including molded handles for your comfort.

As well as, 3-inch locking latches and reinforced hasps which are durable and also keep the inside of your cooler protected and therefore cooler for longer. We also loved the stainless steel bottle opener as they are always handy! The Pelican Elite also features some leakproof drain plugs and integrated measuring board on the lid – this is always a bonus.

Cooler Scooter Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a cooler scooter?

Easy to use

Knowing if your cooler is easy to use is definitely one of the main things you should consider before you buy one. Think about it, your cooler is going to get pretty heavy and if you’re going to be carrying it around far distances or even just across uncomfortable terrains.

The first factor of judging how easy to use your cooler is to check how easy it is to carry. For instance, does it have side handles? Most coolers come with side handles, they are the most common way to carry your cooler. These side handles are great for carrying your cooler with the help of another if you have a large cooler and easy to manage solo with a smaller cooler.

If you have a really small cooler and you’re never going to have much that will weigh it down a lid handle is also perfectly suitable. But if there will be a considerable amount of weight to carry we recommend picking a side handle or a shoulder strap. Shoulder strap coolers are great for carrying fairly heavy coolers when you also need your hands free to carry other things.

For the super large coolers, most of which we’ve reviewed in this article you’ll definitely need wheel carried coolers. These are great for the heavy capacity coolers as one person can easily glide them across most surfaces. The only problem with wheeled coolers is sometimes the rough surfaces tend to get the better of them, and they’re a disaster to carry.

If you want to make your cooler, even more, user-friendly there’s a bunch of other features you could make sure the cooler you buy has including:

•    Detachable water bottles
•    Build in cup holders
•    Can openers
•    Easy access drain plus

These are the sort of features that aren’t necessary to be able to use a cooler easily. But if you find for example that you regularly forget a can opener and only ever bring cans. Perhaps, getting cooler with one built in would really save you the effort and time of finding/buying a new one.


Getting the size of your new cooler right is really important you’ll have to check if the dimensions of your cooler can fit in your car and it will carry as much as you need it to.

In general, coolers are quite large, but you need to make sure they’ll fit in your boat or car without taking up too much space. This means you may have to compromise when it comes to the ice life of a cooler.

As the longer the ice life your cooler has, the thicker the walls may be – this may be really problematic if you’re short of carrying space. It may seem pretty obvious, but you’ll find that the soft-sided coolers are easy to squeeze into smaller spaces and therefore take up less room than the hard plastic coolers.

When it comes to the storage of your cooler, you’ll definitely have many different options. You should, however, remember that just because your cooler can hold 60 quarts of storage doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to keep all of it chilled. Luckily though there are many options out there on the cooler market to suit your need.

From hard plastic cooler which is usually larger in size to those soft-sided, you’ll find something to suit your use. You should also think about how much storage size this cooler will take up when you’re not using it. For instance, if you have smaller storage space for your cooler, you should consider getting a soft shaped cooler which can easily fold away.


We mentioned it briefly how the material your cooler is made of, can affect which cooler you’d like to buy we’ve decided to cover it more in this section. Believe it or not but you’ll find there are many different cooler materials out there from plastics, metals, and fabrics.

a) Soft-sided fabrics

The softer fabric made coolers are great as we’ve mentioned for saving space both when in use and when not. They’re also super waterproof and have insulation ability which means they’re built to last. Don’t be fooled into thinking the coolers soft fabric is the same as you’d find on a lunch box, cooler’s fabrics are a lot more durable, and with the most expensive coolers, you’ll find the material is incredibly tough thanks to nylon intertwined design.

b) Plastic

You’ll find plastic is the most commonly used material for coolers and we can see why as plastic make a great relatively lightweight, cheap and waterproof exterior that’s perfect for insulating. You also have to be careful to make sure they’re durable though as some of the cheaper coolers you’ll find won’t last as long.

For example, the more inexpensive cooler’s will have hinges made out of plastic instead of metal and these are definitely likey to break quicker than those made from metal. Of course, if you don’t intend on overloading your coolers or using it too much, you may be able to get away with the cheaper plastic coolers.

You’ll also find that alongside the plastic coolers you’ll be able to find ones with rubber. Rubber seals can be great additions to the design when used for handles, lid seals or even the wheels.

c) Metal

There are a few coolers which are made of metal in the walls, but they are not common at all and may cost you quite a bit. But if you’re looking for a plastic cooler with that extra bit of durability, you should definitely look for those with metal hinges.


Cooler scooters may seem a bit like a gimmick, but hear us out! We found them super useful when it comes to hauling your cans around. And let’s face it when it’s hot, and you’re in the mood to party you just want cold drinks in an instant without any fuss.  With cooler scooters, you can conveniently, cart your drinks around in an icebox to make sure you have cold beverages waiting for you where-ever you go.

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