10 Best Cycling Helmets In 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Choosing a good helmet can be a tricky job since there are hundreds of different brands and designs to choose from, all with their own quirks or features that can affect your cycling experience. No helmet will work perfectly in every situation, especially during different seasons, so it’s important that you find something that fits with your personal needs rather than buying the first helmet you see.

Below is our list of the 10 best cycling helmets in 2021, in no particular order, along with some of the reasons we recommend them.

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1. Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet

Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet

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This stylish helmet combines a durable exterior and a protective interior for maximum comfort, safety, and reliability when you’re out on the road. The EPS foam helps absorb shocks from sudden impacts, keeping your head safe from damage during a crash, and the detachable visor blocks out sunlight and reflective glares while still giving you a full field of vision to see what’s ahead. The inner sponge lining helps your skin breathe under the helmet, making it much easier to deal with sweat and warm cycling conditions.

The tail lights at the rear of the helmet can be toggled between three different modes, allowing you to stay visible in bad weather or low light without needing to wear any special gear. The 22 heavy-duty ventilation holes at the top of the helmet can keep you cool and sweat-free, letting air flow straight through in a way that still feels comfortable on your head.

+ Durable design
+ Easy to adjust
+ Ventilated top surface
+ Detachable visor
+ Protective and impact-resistant

Why We Liked It – This Basecamp helmet offers a lot of safety without feeling uncomfortable, stuffy or generally awkward to wear for long periods of time.

2. Schwinn Thrasher Microshell Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Microshell Bicycle Helmet

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The Schwinn Trasher is designed to be lightweight and protective, using a three-part micro shell design to increase its durability without adding any extra bulkiness or weight to your head and giving you two extra layers of protection. There’s a total of 20 top vents to improve airflow – this, combined with a full 360-degrees of adjustability, gives your head a constant breeze to help cool you down during warm weather.

The dial-based adjusting system makes it easy to alter how your helmet sits on your head without needing to get off your bike, making it as simple as a quick turn of the knob to widen or tighten its fit. The moisture-wicking padding on the inside of the shell keeps sweat and moisture off your skin, making rides more comfortable in any weather conditions.

+ Excellent air flow
+ Lightweight micro shell frame
+ Dial-based adjustments
+ Moisture-wicking
+ Comfortable

Why We Liked It – The Thrasher is easy to wear and provides an excellent level of protection, both physically and in terms of weather.

3. BASE CAMP For Urban Commuter

BASE CAMP For Urban Commuter

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The BASE CAMP For Urban Commuter road bike helmet is designed with safety in mind, using an easy-to-attach UV protection shield at the front of the helmet to block out bright light and high wind. This helps keep you comfortable in even the most extreme weather conditions without adding much weight to the front of your helmet. The molting technology used on the inside of the helmet absorbs impacts and damage from crashes, protecting your head while also adding an extra layer of comfort.

The BASE CAMP For Urban Commuter version uses an additional micro-shell layer that can be slotted in to turn the standard design into something more aerodynamic, letting you cover up the ventilation holes to gain more speed during races or weather conditions that are cool enough to ride in normally. The interior padding is also easy to remove, meaning that you can add your own if you’re a professional who prefers to use a certain padding material.

+ UV protection shield
+ Lots of removable padding
+ Optional micro-shell layer for an aerodynamic shape
+ Absorbs force
+ Durable

Why We Liked It – The BASE CAMP For Urban Commuter is very adjustable, giving you plenty of options to personalize your helmet’s design, but both it and the regular Zoom are extremely protective even in their default states.

4. Bell Thalia Women’s Bike Helmet

Bell Thalia Women's Bike Helmet

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This women’s helmet is made specifically to fit the shape of the average woman’s head, making it much more comfortable than a unisex design. The self-adjusting belt at the back of the helmet makes it easy to slip on, no matter who wore it last, and the side straps are fixed in just the right spot to make them comfortable even if you’re being attacked by heavy winds. The built-in visor at the very front shields your face from bright sunlight and rainwater.

The 16 vents on the top of the helmet keep you sweat-free and let cooling rainwater in without giving it a place to settle, making it easy to stop yourself from overheating without needing to periodically take it off. Thanks to the inner layer of padding, sweat will have difficulty building up on your forehead and will get naturally wicked away as you move.

+ Designed to fit women specifically
+ Easy to adjust
+ Built-in visor
+ Sixteen vents
+ Can be readjusted for different head sizes

Why We Liked It – This helmet is designed to be simple and protective, giving female cyclists a specially-designed helmet that’s accessible to both professionals and newcomers alike

5. Giro Savant Road Cycling Helmet

Giro Savant Road Cycling Helmet

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This heavily-ventilated helmet uses a total of 25 vents to maximize the amount of air flowing through it, giving you a cool breeze to help deal with sweat during any kind of weather. The streamlined exterior helps you stay competitive in races without sacrificing any functionality in day-to-day cycling trips, and the Roc Loc 5 adjustment system means that you can keep the helmet on in all conditions or weather without running the risk of it slipping off or coming loose.

The lightweight and durable outer frame give you plenty of protection at very little extra weight, something that helps both professionals and casual cyclists equally. Not only will you be able to get a higher top speed, but your neck won’t start to hurt during long cycling journeys, making it really easy to keep up a regular routine that takes a long path or trail.

+ Lightweight
+ Durable
+ Roc Loc 5 adjustment system
+ Lots of ventilation
+ Streamlined outer shell

Why We Liked It – The Savant is a simple helmet that does an excellent job when it comes to keeping you comfortable, safe and mobile.

6. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter

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The Classic Commuter uses an old-school skate-helmet-based design to minimize its shape, packing a lot of padding and ventilation into a small helmet. A total of 10 air vents keep you cool in warm weather and stop moisture from building up during wet weather, and the two sets of padding included with the helmet can be easily swapped out if one gets wet or dirty during a ride.

As a commuter’s helmet, the Classic Commuter is ready to protect you from collisions with hard surfaces, using EPS foam and a layer of ABS to absorb impact forces and let the helmet take the brunt of the damage. The interior uses dew-collecting padding to remove sweat and stop dirt from getting in through the ventilation holes, making it easy to stay relatively dry in wet conditions or heavy rain.

+ Compact design
+ Useful air vents
+ Durable
+ Plenty of padding
+ Removes unwanted moisture

Why We Liked It – As the name suggests, this helmet is ideal for commuting and travel since it can fit into a bag, locker or suitcase with ease and leave plenty of room for other important items.

7. Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet

This aerodynamic mountain bike helmet is ideal for both racing and casual cycling, combining durability and simplicity to create a helmet that any cyclists can find a use for. The layers of PVC and EPS foam help absorb impact forces while also making the helmet far more comfortable to wear, working with its smooth internal frame and aerodynamic exterior design to let air and bad weather slip right past you.

The adjustable straps are incredibly easy to use, giving you full control over the exact fit and position of your helmet, and Zacro has included a lightweight, removable visor that you can easily carry with you while it’s not needed, ready to snap on more protection in a heartbeat. Thanks to its low weight, you can easily carry it along with another helmet during long rides where the conditions could change at any moment, making it useful for committed mountain bikers and extreme-weather cyclists.

+ Durable
+ Aerodynamic
+ Lightweight and easy to carry
+ Well-ventilated
+ Incredibly adjustable

Why We Liked It – This helmet is a great lightweight tool for cyclists of any skill level, especially those who don’t always tackle the same weather conditions every day.

8. GoMax Aero Adult Safety Helmet

This safety-centered helmet is designed to provide as much protection as possible while still keeping you comfortable and unburdened. The rear LED light stops people from crashing into you from behind at night, while the in-mold polycarbonate shell and EPS liner provide a massive boost to physical protection from small bumps, big crashes and even grazing your head along a surface. The outer layer has a total of 22 air vents for maximum airflow, along with a detachable visor to limit how much wind gets into your face while you’re moving at high speeds.

The dual fit adjustment system means that you can alter how the helmet fits from two directions, letting you accommodate almost any kind of hairdo or head-protecting under-layer with ease.

+ Built for safety
+ Incredibly durable
+ Optional visor
+ Easy to adjust
+ LED rear light

Why We Liked It – In terms of safety, this helmet might be one of the most impressive there is, boasting a huge amount of physical protection in a small frame.

9. Retrospec Traverse H2 2-in-1 Convertible Helmet

This convertible helmet is designed for both cycling and skiing, making it ideal for colder climates or hobbyists who love both activities in equal measure. The 14 ventilation holes allow better airflow and heat regulation, while the ABS and EPS padding keep your head safe from impacts at any angle, even extending past down the back of your head to make backward falls less dangerous.

The front of the helmet can be fitted with a goggle clip to keep eyewear and protective gear in place while you’re on the move, and the optional earmuffs at the sides help cover your ears to keep your head warmer in winter weather. Thanks to the ErgoKnob dial system, you can adjust your helmet with one hand and don’t even have to stop moving while doing so, making it incredibly easy to change how tight it feels on a whim.

+ Works for both cycling and skiing
+ Google clip
+ Built-in earmuffs
+ Great ventilation
+ Protective

Why We Liked It – This helmet is great for colder weather and can be incredibly useful to cyclists who like to stay cozy while they’re on the move.

10. Gonex Bike Helmet, Adult Cycling Road

This cycling helmet provides plenty of protection and comfort without overloading you with extra features and parts. Its 24 integrated vents mean that it can keep you cool without letting too much water or dirt underneath your helmet, and the EPS foam keeps you safe if you bump into something or crash into a solid surface. The high-quality construction makes it unlikely that it’ll break easily, so repeated collisions won’t break it easily.

The three-setting rear light at the back of the helmet lets you alert drivers and other cyclists to your location without having to change your entire cycling wardrobe. There’s also an adjustable rotary internal regulator to make adjusting the helmet incredibly easy, meaning that you won’t be stuck wearing something that doesn’t quite fit.

+ Rear light with three settings
+ High-quality construction
+ Great ventilation
+ Easy to adjust
+ Lightweight

Why We Liked It – This helmet can be great for general-purpose cycling, but the high ventilation makes it even better in warm weather or hot summer day.

Cycling Helmets Buyers Guide

Choosing a helmet isn’t easy, but there’s always certain aspects and features that matter more than others. Whether it’s durability, comfort or something else completely, there’s always a specific thing you’ll see as the most important part of a new helmet, especially if you only cycle in specific ways or places.


There’s always a chance that you could end up with a helmet that breaks easily, and repairing a helmet into a safe, re-usable condition is a skill that very few people can master. It’s always a good idea to make sure your helmet can protect itself as well as it can protect you, especially since repeatedly buying the same helmet every time it breaks can quickly add up to a ludicrous amount of money.

Some bike accessories will be easier to break than others – attachable visors could snap off if their attachments aren’t very stable, and rear LED lights could smash if they hit something directly. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll end up hitting something that breaks an important part of its frame or structure, leaving it damaged and unable to properly protect you from another dangerous impact. A damaged helmet will be far less effective at keeping your head safe.


Comfort isn’t always a top priority, but it makes a big difference, regardless of whether you cycle for pleasure, as a sport or in a professionally-arranged event. Wearing a helmet that you don’t actually want to wear will reflect back on your mood towards cycling in general, demotivate you, and might even end up causing physical pain or damage to you if the helmet fits poorly or digs into your skin.

Weather also plays a factor here – a helmet that can’t protect you from certain types of weather can become uncomfortable, even if it’s normally your favorite one. If you’re thinking of cycling in a different kind of weather, or simply want one in case some more extreme weather turns up, you need to be sure that you buy one that won’t become obsolete when the seasons change again.


Safety isn’t just a case of being durable – you also need to make sure that your helmet does everything it can to keep you safe. If you often find light glare and sunlight a problem, choose one with a visor or goggle clip. If rain is your nemesis, something water-resistant and moisture-wicking would work best. If you simply happen to crash a lot, durability is the main thing you should look for.

Everybody has their own personal shortfalls when it comes to safety, and your helmet should help you avoid your weak points rather than complimenting things you’re already confident you can avoid.

Buyers Guide Questions:

How tight should my helmet be?

Helmets are supposed to sit tight enough to avoid falling off during an impact, but you can easily make it too loose or tight if you aren’t used to the feeling. A basic rule of thumb is that, if you can push it off with very little effort, it’s not tight enough. However, if it digs into your skin and is causing physical pain, loosen it slightly – a helmet that’s too tight could affect your circulation or cause marks on your skin.

Ideally, before you buy a helmet of any kind, you should know your basic head measurements so you can choose the right size. It’s also a good idea to check how adjustable each helmet will be, since some can only be adjusted a small amount, and others might not even be adjustable at all aside from the chin strap.

How heavy should it feel?

Protection and weight are often confused, but a heavy helmet isn’t necessarily going to be a durable one. A helmet that’s too heavy could cause serious damage to your neck over long periods of time, whereas a light one might actually be too thin to protect you in any serious capacity.

The perfect weight will usually be something that you can clearly feel while it’s on your head but is still light enough to not affect your posture at all. If you can tilt your head and feel the extra weight without having to struggle to lift your head back up, then it’s probably safe to wear in most situations.

Which features are best?

Features don’t usually matter as much as you may think, but they can still play an important role in keeping you safe, comfortable and visible – however, many of them are quite specific. Things like LED lights and visibility-aiding color schemes will usually only help if you like to cycle early in the morning or late at night.

Other features, like attachable visors and extra layers of padding, are more general, so they’re often worth having regardless of what you’re using your helmet for. There are some that you can use irrespective of the situation since they’re simply changes to the helmet itself – items such as earmuffs or vent hole covers can be used in whether they weren’t meant for if you feel like it, making them much more versatile as a result.

Expert Tip

When measuring around your head for a new helmet, measure about one inch above your eyebrows – this is usually the widest part of your head and will help you avoid tight-fitting brands or sizes.

Did you know?

Most helmets are single-impact, meaning that they’re designed to protect you from one solid, heavy impact. Multi-impact helmets are rare but are a direct upgrade if you’re looking for protection.

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