10 Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

Last updated 11. May 2021

Dirt bikes are an excellent opportunity to get outdoors and have some fun, but not all dirt bikes are suitable for all riders. Children, in particular, may not be able to handle the speed and power of a competition or professional dirt bike and require something else to help get them started.

On top of that, there is the issue of wanting to have more control over the dirt bike, especially if your child likes to take risks that you are not comfortable with. As such, you must figure out which dirt bikes are the best for kids– a tough enough task when picking a safer product.

That is why we put together a list of the 10 best dirt bike for kids review of 2020, examining what makes each stand out and who it is best suited for. Then we provide a thorough buyer’s guide, so you can figure out how to choose dirt bike for kids and feel comfortable about

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1. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Razor may have made a name for itself decades ago with its iconic kick scooter, but the company branched out into a wide variety of kid-friendly riding products. The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike is one of the more stylized models that draws direct inspiration from the most winningest motocross racer in history.

Aside from the amazing style of this dirt bike, this model is also electric which means you do not have to worry about nearly as much maintenance as with gas dirt bikes for kids. Even better, the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 comes with a 36V motor that uses three 12V batteries, though that might push the price up a bit.

Those three batteries are put to good use, however, as this is one of the faster electric dirt bikes on our list with a top speed of 15 mph. On top of that, those three batteries provide more juice than most of the electric competition and have the longest runtime of an electric model we found at 40 minutes.

Still, this is one of the better electric dirt bikes for older children that we found with an age range of 14+ years as well as a solid weight limit of 175 pounds. The 10 x 250 Supercross tread tires and a steel frame that allows this dirt bike to handle rougher riding than most electric models.


  • Can get up to 15 mph
  • Has a 175 lb weight limit
  • Has a 36V motor
  • Has a steel frame
  • Has a 40 min runtime

Why We Liked It

The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike is one of the more capable electric dirt bikes for kids that provides the look of a professional motocross bike without the risk.

2. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-road Bike

Razor makes another appearance on our list, but this time the brand makes it a point to appeal to parents looking for a more budget-friendly option without having to sacrifice performance. The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-road Bike may not have all of the flash of some of the others, but it still offers excellent specs for its class.

For example, this dirt bike is suitable for children a little bit younger than some of the other electric models geared towards adolescents with its age range of 13+ years. Similarly, the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket dirt bike has a weight limit of 140 pounds which is more than enough for most adolescent children.

To make sure that your growing kids are not left bored, this dirt bike sports a maximum speed of 14 mph– right up there with the fastest electric models. The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is also solidly built with 12” tires for off-road capability and a steel frame that can handle plenty of abuse.

While not at the top of the list, this dirt bike still sports a 24V motor that uses two 12V batteries which will not increase the starting price too much. Even better, this arrangement provides plenty of juice with a 30-minute runtime and none of the hassle or maintenance of a gas engine.


  • Has a 30 min runtime
  • Has a 140 lb weight limit
  • Has a 24V motor
  • Has 12” tires
  • Is less expensive

Why We Liked It

The Razor MX350 is an inexpensive electric dirt bike for kids that comes close to other models that cost significantly more with a solid age and weight range of 13+ years and 140 pounds respectively as well as a decent runtime.

3. X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike for Kids

X-PRO is a subsidiary brand owned by the professional MOTO Pro company and specializes in a wide range of sport and recreational vehicles. The X-PRO Bolt dirt bike is an excellent option for parents who are ready for their children to graduate to a gas-powered dirt bike but not yet ready to give over full control.

The main feature that should help put your mind at ease is this dirt bike’s governor system that allows you to control the bike’s top speed. Thankfully, the X-PRO Bolt continues to look out for your kids with a chain cover and various points of heat insulation to make sure your children suffer no undue injuries.

Beyond the protective features, the X-PRO Bolt dirt bike performs admirably with a top speed of 25 mph that puts it near most of the other models in its class. The 3 hp 50 cc 2-stroke engine offers plenty of torque, though you need to provide a fuel and oil mixture as well as pull-start the engine.

This dirt bike works well with younger adolescents too with a weight limit of 132 pounds and an age range of 12+ years. The 2 L gas tank provides plenty of runtime for fun without too much fuel, preventing your kids from riding too far away and potentially getting lost or left on the trails.

  • Can get up to 25 mph
  • Has a 132 lb weight limit
  • Has a 2 L tank
  • Has 3 hp
  • Has a speed governor

Why We Liked It

As one of the few dirt bikes with a speed governor, the X-PRO Bolt dirt bike is not only safer for young adolescent children, but you have more control over how fast it can go than with most other models.

4. Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike for Kids


Apollo is another brand owned by a parent company, this time owned by Orion Powersports, focused on competition-grade motorsport products. The Apollo DB-X18 is a perfect example of this as it is the best performing dirt bike on our list with better specs in almost every major category.

First, this is a gas dirt bike, but this model comes with a powerful 125 cc engine that can generate 8 hp despite being a 4-stroke engine. That said, the 4-stroke engine imparts additional benefits like the ability to add fuel and oil separately, a kickstarter, and significantly increased fuel efficiency.

The increased fuel efficiency would otherwise increase its runtime compared to 2-stroke engines anyway, but the Apollo DB-X18 also comes with the largest fuel tank at 4.7 L. That engine is not just fuel-efficient, however, as this dirt bike also clocks the fastest maximum speed on our list at 55 mph– almost twice as fast as the next closest competitor.

Still, more than the speed signifies this dirt bike as for older kids with an age range of 14+ years and a weight limit of 185 pounds. The massive 17” tires are also the largest on the list and combined with a steel frame makes this model perfect for handling the abuse of off-road riding.


  • Can get up to 55 mph
  • Has a 4.7 L tank
  • Has a 185 lb weight limit
  • Has 8 hp
  • Is fuel efficient

Why We Liked It

The Apollo DB-X18 is by far the most capable dirt bike on our list with the fastest top speed redlining at 50 mph powered by the best engine and largest gas tank out of any product we reviewed.

5. Coolster QG-210 Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike


Coolster is a smaller company, but they have always been focused on providing some of the highest quality recreational and motorsport vehicles on the market. The Coolster QG-210 exemplifies this perfectly as a good “starter” dirt bike for younger kids looking to transition to powerful gas models.

For instance, this is another gas dirt bike with a decent engine at 70 cc and able to generate 5.44 hp but getting a bit more out of it than some of its competitors. Part of the reason why comes down to the use of an air-cooled ZongShen 4-stroke engine which has won industry awards for the past 3 years.

Like other 4-stroke engines, the ZongShen used for the Coolster QG-210 dirt bike is fuel-efficient and significantly easier to fuel and maintain. Even better, this dirt bike can get up to speeds of 30 mph which is the second-fastest top speed on our list and accomplished with a much smaller engine than some.

You also will not have to worry about refueling as often as with some gas dirt bikes for kids since the Coolster QG-210 comes with a 3.2 L tank. This allows your kids to get everything they can out of this bike as it is designed for children aged 7 to 13 and can hold a maximum weight of 130 pounds.


  • Can get up to 30 mph
  • Has a 3.2 L tank
  • Has a 130 lb weight limit
  • Has 5.44 hp
  • Is fuel efficient

Why We Liked It

The Coolster dirt bike skirts a couple of lines and is one of the best models on our list you can get to help prepare younger kids for when they graduate to a more powerful dirt bike as they get older.

6. TAO Dirt Bike DB10

TAO motorsports is a surprisingly experienced company that specializes in off-road recreational vehicles and has been around for over 30 years. The TAO DB10 dirt bike is another one of those in-between or intermediate dirt bikes for kids suitable for growing adolescents to learn how to ride a more powerful bike.

A sterling example of this comes from the engine which is the second-largest on our list at 110 cc and can generate the second-most hp too at 6.4 hp. That said, it can only achieve a maximum speed of 30 mph, though this is still tied for the second-fastest top speed on our dirt bike for kids review.

Part of this may come from the fact that the TAO DB10 dirt bike uses a 4-stroke engine, but as we know this carries with it plenty of benefits on its own. Aside from the fact that the 4-stroke engine is easier to take care of and start, the increased fuel efficiency gets an even bigger boost from the second-largest tank on our list at 3.8 L.

Because of the large engine with plenty of horsepower but a somewhat lower maximum speed, the TAO DB10 dirt bike sits in an odd spot in terms of the age range. However, this dirt bike is more than capable of handling older adolescents with ease as it boasts the second-largest weight limit on our review at 200 pounds.


  • Can get up to 30 mph
  • Has a 3.8 L tank
  • Has a 200 lb weight limit
  • Has 6.4 hp
  • Is fuel efficient

Why We Liked It

The TAO Dirt Bike DB10 sits at the intermediate level before children are truly able to graduate to a full-sized competition dirt bike but are too big or skilled for the smaller dirt bikes for kids they rode prior.

7. Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike

Best Ride On Cars is an interesting company for our list as they focus primarily on toys and novelties but still provide some modest “dirt bike” options. However, this focus might make them uniquely suitable for making a dirt bike that allows extremely young children at or just past the toddler age to start learning how to ride a dirt bike.

Do not worry, though, as the Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R considers every precaution to keep your young one safe, starting with a set of training wheels to prevent falling. On top of that, you do not have to worry about the bike getting away from your child as it only has a top speed of 3 mph.

The electric motor only takes a single 6V battery, so you also do not have to worry about spending a lot of extra money on batteries to power this bike. That said, you may want to go out and purchase an additional battery anyway as the Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R has a 10-minute runtime.

And considering that this model is designed for younger children, it should also come as a pleasant surprise that it is budget-friendly. While this bike is designed for young children, it can still grow with your child as it boasts an age range of 3 to 6 years and sports a weight limit of 50 pounds.


  • Suitable for young children
  • Is an electric dirt bike
  • Has training wheels
  • Has a 50 lb weight limit
  • Is less expensive

Why We Liked It

For parents who want a dirt bike appropriate for extremely young children, the Best Ride On Cars CRF250R electric dirt bike has everything you need for a safe ride that still thrills.

8. SYX MOTO Holeshot Kids Mini Dirt Bike


SYX MOTO is another company specializing exclusively in recreational and motorsport products that also makes it a point to offer affordable, budget-friendly options. What is even more surprising is that the SYX MOTO Holeshot accomplishes this task while still offering a comparable product as many of its competitors.

For example, this gas dirt bike comes equipped with a 50 cc engine that generates 2.52 hp which might otherwise seem like a low-powered option. However, the 2-stroke engine provides more torque compared to a 4-stroke model and allows this dirt bike to compete with engines much larger and more powerful.

This quality makes its strongest case with a top speed of 25 mph which is well within line of most other gas dirt bikes for kids on our list. That said, you will not get the same kind of runtime from the SYX MOTO Holeshot dirt bike that you might get from others because its tank only holds 1.7 L.

Still, this is easily one of the more accessible dirt bikes for kids on our list with an age range that starts at 6+ years and a weight capacity of 176 pounds. This means that it is the perfect bike for an advanced young child to begin learning how to handle a more powerful dirt bike when they reach adolescence.


  • Can get up to 25 mph
  • Suitable for a broad age group
  • Has a 176 lb weight limit
  • Has a 2-stroke engine
  • Is less expensive

Why We Liked It

The SYX MOTO dirt bike is a great budget-friendly option for parents who want to get their kid a dirt bike they can grow with but do not want to spend a lot of money on a hobby the child might disregard the next year.

9. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Our final dirt bike by Razor is also by far the most impressive electric dirt bike on our list and tops that category in every major category. That said, this electric dirt bike is so well made that it also tops our list in select categories which is all the more impressive for an electric dirt bike.

In terms of its best spec, the Razor MX650 Rocket dirt bike can handle the largest, heaviest riders of our dirt bike for kids review with a weight limit of 220 pounds. However, this weight limit comes in part because this dirt bike also has one of the highest age ranges as well at 16+ years.

Beyond the ease of use and low maintenance compared to gas engines, the Razor MX650 Rocket’s electric motor also boasts a 36V power source. Though this power source comes from three 12V batteries, it still provides the longest runtime of an electric dirt bike we reviewed at 40 minutes.

Even better, the Razor MX650 Rocket is also the fastest electric dirt bike on our list with a top speed of 17 mph. To make sure that this dirt bike can handle anything your growing kid can throw at it, the Razor MX650 Rocket comes with a 16” tire in the front and 14” tire in the rear as well as a steel frame.


  • Has a 40 min runtime
  • Has a 220 lb weight limit
  • Has a 36V motor
  • Has 16”/14” tires
  • Can get up to 17 mph

Why We Liked It

The Razor MX650 Rocket is the most capable electric dirt bike on our list with the fastest speed, the longest runtime, and the largest weight limit making it an ideal electric model for older kids

10. Superrio 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini Dirt Bike


Out of all the different companies on our list, Superrio might be the most specialized with only a couple of different dirt bike models offered. This means that Superrio products have lower margins for error and also puts the company in a position to produce budget-friendly products compared to the competition.

That said, the Superrio dirt bike compares surprisingly favorably with many other gas models on our list despite having the smallest engine at 49 cc. Of course, good things can come in small packages, and the 2-stroke engine design with its increased torque likely contributes to the Superrio’s performance.

A great example of this is the Superrio dirt bike’s top speed which sits at a respectable 25 mph and is fully in line with most of the other models we reviewed. Even better, this is only the second dirt bike on our list that comes with a speed governor, so you can make sure your kids only go as fast as you are comfortable with them going.

This dirt bike has a solid age range of 7 to 12 years, making it a perfect starter or intermediate bike, especially if your child is otherwise graduating from an electric model. Even better, the Superrio dirt bike has a weight limit of 128 pounds and 12” tires to handle off-road riding.


  • Can get up to 25 mph
  • Has a 128 lb weight limit
  • Has a 2-stroke engine
  • Has 12” tires
  • Is less expensive

Why We Liked It

The Superrio dirt bike is a great mid-range dirt bike that has a suitable price and specs for children transitioning from a smaller, electric dirt bike to a more powerful gas dirt bike.

How to Choose Dirt Bike for Kids

Tyler from Mx Factory made an amazing video explaining how to choose dirt bike for kids aged 4-15 and you can find the information provided in the video very useful in your journey of picking new dirt bike for your kid!

So if you are interested in it, feel free to check it out here:

Besides the video, we did our best to dig out everything you need to know about the machines and dirt bikes for kids in general. Starting with…


Electric – Electric dirt bikes for kids have some circumstantial advantages over gas dirt bikes, but they also have some limitations. The main benefit of an electric dirt bike is the fact that you do not have to constantly refuel it or add oil. On top of that, most electric dirt bikes employ an electric ignition starter unlike the kick or pull-start of gas models. On the other hand, electric dirt bikes rely on battery packs which significantly limit their runtime compared to gas models. Also, electric motors cannot generate anywhere near the same kind of speeds that a combustion engine can.

Gas – Much like how electric models have some circumstantial benefits, gas dirt bikes for kids have advantages that are much more obvious. The main advantage of a gas dirt bike is that it can often achieve significantly faster speeds than electric models. On top of that, gas dirt bikes generally accelerate significantly faster than electric models as well. However, this means that you need to be more mindful of the age of your child when considering a gas dirt bike. This is on top of that fact that gas dirt bikes require significantly more general maintenance than electric models to keep in good running order.


Voltage – This is how an electric dirt bike determines the power of its motor and the rating is given in volts. Generally, the more volts an electric motor uses the more powerful the motor is, though the difference may not be as big as you would expect. To be fair, there is no getting around the fact that electric motors are not as powerful as gas engines, but this can help ease your mind when wondering are dirt bikes safe.

Horsepower – This is often the spec people look for when gauging a gas dirt bike, though there is no 1-to-1 measurement for the engine that tells you what is the best dirt bike for kids. For instance, two different models of dirt bikes can have engines with different horsepower but still top out at the same maximum speed. However, the engine with more horsepower likely generates more torque, so it likely accelerates quicker and can climb steeper inclines than the weaker engine.

Engine Stroke

2-Stroke – A 2-stroke engine means that the piston intakes the fuel on the downstroke and pushes out the exhaust from the upstroke. This kind of engine is extremely efficient for generating power and can compete with significantly larger 4-stroke engines in terms of torque, but it sacrifices fuel efficiency.

4-Stroke – A 4-stroke engine, on the other hand, is not only significantly more fuel-efficient than a 2-stroke engine, but it is easier to maintain as well. This is because a 4-stroke engine includes a separate compartment for the lubricating oil in the crankcase and does not require a precise fuel and oil mixture.


Battery – The runtime of an electric dirt bike is easily one of the more important factors when figuring out what is the best dirt bike for kids. Unless you have an adolescent child or one well-developed for riding recreational sport vehicles, chances are an electric model is a better idea. However, the battery requirements for electric models means that you only get to ride an electric dirt bike for a fraction of the time it takes to charge the batteries.

Tank – Assuming you keep enough fuel or a fuel and oil mixture handy, the fuel tank of a gas dirt bike may not tell you which dirt bikes are the best. However, that does not mean that this is an unimportant factor, especially if your child rides a 2-stroke engine gas dirt bike. A 4-stroke engine gas dirt bike is more efficient than the 2-stroke, so it is less likely to run out of gas away from home.


One of the main factors people consider when trying to determine which dirt bikes are the best is by comparing their top speeds. While that may be an effective measurement for competitive dirt bikes, it does not necessarily tell you what is the best dirt bike for kids– especially those who do not compete.

If you are worried your child is not ready for a powerful, fast dirt bike, you may want to get an electric dirt bike instead. Conversely, some gas dirt bikes that reach speeds upwards of 25+ mph have a speed governor installed into the throttle that allows you to limit how fast the dirt bike can go.

That said, you should not look at speed as inherently dangerous as it depends more on the skill and development of your child, assuming they wear the proper protective gear. Moreover, a faster dirt bike may be crucial for certain areas as speed allows you to traverse uneven surfaces and obstacles without as much risk of falling.

Weight Limit

The weight limit is arguably one of the more important factors to consider when trying to figure out how to choose dirt bike for kids as it places an upper limit on the size of the child the dirt bike can support. This does not mean a child heavier than the dirt bike’s weight limit will cause it to fail, but it increases the risk of injury.

From a purely functional perspective, the weight limit provides an idea of how much weight the dirt bike can turn with before the balance tips, requiring the rider to take wider turns. From an extreme perspective, the weight limit warns you when the suspension might give out while jumping or riding over incredibly rough terrain.

Age Range

When trying to answer the question “are dirt bikes safe,” there is no answer that fits all people, let alone every child. Depending on the development of your kid, some dirt bikes are going to be more dangerous than others, often dependent on the size of the wheel, the top speed, and other factors.

Thankfully, many manufacturers make it a point to provide some guidance for figuring out the answer to the right question of are dirt bikes safe for your child. One of the clearest indicators of this is the age range provided by a dirt bike, though even then some children develop faster than others.

Which Dirt Bikes are the Best

There is no single answer to what is the best dirt bike for kids with each child being different in their development and skillset with driving dirt bikes. That said, we have helped you understand how to choose dirt bike for kids and answer the question of are dirt bikes safe given different contexts.

For example, if you have an extremely young child who is just starting out, the Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if your child is either much older or significantly skilled and developed, they might be ready for the Apollo DB-X18 dirt bike.

It comes down to identifying what your child can handle and how quickly you expect them to develop and learn how to control a dirt bike. The Razor MX650 Rocket is a great cruiser for a kid who never intends to compete, while the SYX MOTO Holeshot or X-Pro Bolt are good starter bikes for kids who will eventually want to progress to something more capable.

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