Electric scooters are a great way to commute in cities. They are light, fast, can travel on roads or pavements and aren’t restricted to quiet areas.

Since they are small, they are able to fit in tight areas which an electric bike wouldn’t. they are easy to carry and store once you have reached your destination, so you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere nearby to lock up like you would a bike.

You no longer have to worry about turning up to work out of breath with the battery back making your journey smooth and relaxing, saving you from doing all the work.

We have compiled a list of the best foldable electric scooters for adults.

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The Gorax GXL electric scooter features 8.5” pneumatic tires. Having tires filled with air make them great at handling all kinds of cities, absorbing shocks from the bumps of city life. With a mighty 250-watt motor, this is the most powerful scooter designed by Gotrax.

This scooter is capable of reaching speeds up to 15.5MPH with a maximum weight of 220 lbs so you will be able to get anywhere in a hurry. This scooter has a 36v battery which can be used to travel up to 12.5 hours between charges, with only a 4-hour recharge time.

The GXL frame folds down and is compact, easy to carry and store. this makes it a great commuting scooter as well as being safe, as the e scooter batteries are Underwriter Labs Test Certified, to ensure the highest of quality. This scooter is 44” high, 41” long and 6” wide when set up for riding, weighing 31bls.


+ 5.5MPH

+ Lightweight design

+ Quick recharge

+ Pneumatic tires

+ Portable design

Why we like it:

The Gotrax GXL features a lever-activated holding frame, making it great for people on the move. Featuring 2-speed settings gives you better control, with one gear limiting to 10MPH or going up to second gear for the full experience.

for even more control, you can easily keep track of your current speed with the LED display and LED headlights make it safe to ride at night.



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This electric scooter features a solid magnesium deck which makes it incredibly light and gives it a sleek appearance, and its width allows for both feet to ride side-by-side for comfort, unlike many other designs.

Made with ultra-low polyurethane tires that aren’t available with any other product, the Xootr Mg will give you a smooth, efficient ride. Xootr Mg wheels offer the lowest rolling resistance which stops it from catching on cracks and road imperfections.

Having won awards for design, this scooter may be the most stylish on the market. The scooter features a quick release unfolding button making it easy to set up from anywhere and you will be able to reach a maximum speed of around 10MPH on level ground. This scooter is human powered and does not use a battery or electricity.


+ Quick and stable handling

+ Small size makes for easy storage

+ Faster than a skateboard but easier to use

+ Award-winning design

+ Kick and cruise technology

Why we like it:

This lightweight scooter is not only a great way for quick, environmentally friendly commuting, but also can be used in a number of ways including at festivals or as a workout. With sleek and light design, it not only looks great but is easy to use and to carry with you.



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The Nanrobot D5+ has a seriously powerful motor with up to 2000 Watts controlling the wheels. This makes the top speed 40 MPH, the fastest scooter so far. The high-power 52V lithium battery can last up to 50 miles of riding, with a super quick 3-hour recharge time.

The 10” tires will protect you from the lumps and bumps on the street, proving for a comfortable ride even at high speeds. Featuring front and rear lights mean you can ride safely at night, fully equipped with a LED display.

This scooter is the most efficient on the list, and its fast speed combined with its easy to fold design makes it great for your daily commute. Getting you to your destination fast and carrying and storing safely with you when not in use.


+ Fastest scooter at 40MPH

+ Independent 1000W Motors controlling front and rear wheels

+ Fastest recharge time

+ Aluminum alloy body for easy carry

+ Lasts up to 50 miles between charges

Why we like it:

The Nanrobot D5+ is the fastest scooter with the longest travel distance between charges, making it the most efficient one so far. Also, with a fast recharge time, this incredibly powerful scooter is perfect for those who like speed and want to travel longer distances without worrying about recharging.

4. Xootr Cruz

Xootr Cruz

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The original Xooter, The Xooter Cruz is similar to the Xootr Mg in appearance, and also has a wide deck for both feet to travel side-by-side for comfortable cruising.

The difference is that this human-powered scooter features a Baltic Birch wood deck with a polyurethane clear coat and anti-slip grip. This gives it flexibility as well as stability, as well as the classic, old-school push scooter look.

This sturdy scooter supports a weight of 800lbs plus because of the deck being attached to an all-aluminum chassis. The wooden deck is also handy when traveling over uneven surfaces because of its flexibility, reducing the impact of bumps.


+ Classic style

+ 9 ply Baltic Birch wood deck

+ Support over 800lbs

+ WIRED Magazine’s First-Class Scooter

+ Created by race car designers

Why We like it:

This classic design is a stylish nod back to the old school with its birch wood deck and is perfect for those who believe style matters. As well as its wide deck, the Xootr Cruz uses ultra-glide polyurethane tires and an aluminum frame for the smoothest and sturdiest ride.



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The Nanrobot RS4 competes with the Nanrobot D5+ for speed and charging time. Also featuring two independent motors, these ones are even more powerful at 1600W.

This scooter also features a JP dual drive 60V 31.2A controller, hydraulic shock absorption and 14” pneumatic tires which provide even better shock absorption and an anti-slip function, and the hydraulic brakes make emergency stopping efficient and safe.

The motor can reach a mighty 3200 watts in an all-wheel-drive mode with a travel length of 55 miles, making it the longest traveling electric scooter, but with a slightly longer recharge time of 6-10 hours.

The Nanrobot RS4 has advanced technology that enables the scooter to adapt to different road surfaces and terrains for the most comfortable commute.


+ Quick folding mechanisms

+ Bright headlights for safety

+ Stable breaking system

+ 390lb load

+ 3200W motor

Why we like it:

With quality in mind, this scooter is made from high-strength carbon steel for the best frame and has the best protection for your riding with the most comfortable shock absorption making it the best scooter for travel on more rugged terrains and is one of the best long-distance electric scooters.


Amazon Echo Dot

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The Nanrobot RS7 features the same motors, battery size, and speed as the Nanrobot RS4, but just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the RS7 also has a climbing angle of 65 degrees.

Also featuring 11″ tires for even more robust action, the front, and rear wheel dual disc brake system makes for safer riding. Just when it seemed like a scooter had it all in the RS4, the RS7 includes a USB charging port for your phone meaning you can charge it any time, anywhere.

Even with all of this, the powerful stand up electric scooter can travel up to 45 miles before recharging using a smart lithium charger.


+ 65-degree climbing angle

+ USB phone charging port

+ High-quality tires

+ 3200W high-speed brushless gear motors

+ Lithium battery charger

Why we like it:

This small yet mighty commuting scooter is great for those who travel over more rugged terrains and enjoy a faster speed. However, the unique USB phone charging feature has to top it all.

7. XPRIT Folding

XPRIT Folding

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The Xprit folding scooter is the perfect scooter for commuting short distances, with an aluminum frame it is durable and lightweight making it easy to travel at faster speeds.

With an 8-13-mile range on a single charge, this is the best commuter scooter for those who want to get from a to b quickly on a budget.

The Xprit Folding commuter scooter features an LED display for battery indicator, making it easy to monitor battery levels. This scooter is light and compact, making it easy to keep with you when you have finished your journey and means there is no need to risk it being stolen when locked up outside.

Featuring a 12.4 mph top speed means this scooter is easy to control and is able to hold up to 200lbs supported weight.


+ Most affordable

+ LED battery indicator

+ Slimline design

+ Fast acceleration

+ Durable

Why we like it:

This stand-up electric scooter is a great run around for those who want a more affordable scooter and only need to go on smaller journeys.

Commuting Electric Scooter Buyers Guide

Using an electric scooter is the perfect alternative to walking for your daily commute and makes a quick trip to the shops even easier, and you may have already decided to buy one but aren’t sure which is best for your needs.

Because there are so many different scooters to choose from, and all with different features, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. when buying an electric scooter, there are certain things to consider making sure you get the right one for your needs.

We have reviewed the best commuter scooters on the market and now it’s time to compare the different features you may want. This guide will help you decide which scooter to use.

What to look for when buying an electric scooter for commuting:

When buying an electric scooter, there are important things to look for depending on the kind of activities you will be using the scooter for. Here are the main ones:

For example, there are different levels of battery power which means they will all have different distances they can travel before needing to recharge.

If you have a longer commute, then it may be worth considering a scooter that can travel a longer distance to avoid having to recharge so often or risk running out of power half way through your journey.

If you know you will be using your scooter often, it would be another reason to consider a scooter which lasts longer between charges. It is also worth considering the charging time. While most scooters don’t take long to charge, if you are short on time or use it often, it is important to look for a faster charging scooter.

Some scooters have faster speeds than others. With maximum speeds ranging from 10-40MPH, it is worth considering this when buying an electric scooter. Usually, the faster scooters are more expensive.

If you don’t feel comfortable using high speeds or are commuting in a busy city where you are unable to go fast, you may not want to spend as much and go for one that doesn’t have these features if you don’t need them.

However, if your commute is longer and less busy, a faster scooter will save you time and make your commute easier.

The design is another factor to consider. If you will be carrying your scooter during any part of your journey, including through the office and will be storing it inside, then you might prefer a lighter, smaller scooter that is easier to store.

The weight of the scooter is worth bearing in mind, especially if you don’t want to carry something heavy around or on and off public transport.

Are electric scooters good for commuting?

Electric scooters are great for commuting for the following reasons:

– They are more eco-friendly than driving.
– They are easy to take on and off public transport.
– They are faster than walking.
– Because they fold away, they are much easier to store than a bike.
– They require little effort so you can commute without getting tired.
– They save so much time making the commute faster and more fun.

How long can an electric scooter commute for?

Electric scooters have varying amounts of commuting time before their battery runs out. The scooters we have listed range from 8 miles before needing a charge, to a mighty 55 miles.

Depending on how far you need to travel will determine how long your electric scooter will need to commute for. Some electric scooters have inbuilt monitors making it easy to keep track of how much power you have left before the next recharge.

Can I charge an electric scooter for commuting at work?

You would be able to charge an electric scooter at work. However, it would be cumbersome to have to carry the charger around with you all day.

It would be worth considering the total miles you need to travel before buying an electric scooter and buy one that will travel the total distance without needing a recharge and saving that for when you get home.

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