The Best Electric Skateboard. Electric skateboards have gotten very popular and are continuously improving. The longboards, especially, complement the electric revolution. These boards make your life easy and still manage to keep the fun going which is kind of like the trademark of skateboarding. However, these tend to be expensive as compared with your regular short and long boards. So before you make a decision, it is good to know the thing inside out.

View the Top 10 Electric Longboards of 2018:

Maxfind Dual Motor with Wireless Remote Controller

Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Controller

This motor skateboard is literally how an electric board should be because it is that good. You get great performance with just an hour of charging. You can go up to 28 miles/hour which is great for a board. However, the speed may vary depending on your weight but the difference will not be a significant one. And the best part is, it is water resistant so do not hesitate if you live in a rainy climate. Featuring powerful SAMSUNG 18650 Lithium-ion and a 7 ply maple deck, it is definitely high quality.

Yuneec E-GO2

Yuneec electric skateboard for maximum fun

Brining you the best in style and ride, Yuneec is a must have if you want good speed and maximum range. It has a fairly long range of 18 miles and variable speeds with highest speed of 12.5 miles/hour. This one is a style paramount with its kicktail shape and blue front wheels. If you want stylish board that speaks class, this is it. Moreover, it has some form of water resistance as well with rubber gasket seal so a little rain will not hurt. The remote makes your ride so much controllable and convenient.

Dynacraft Surge

perfect electric skateboard for teens

This one is the editors choice for kids and teenagers because of its weight and speed. It comes with a remote to control your ride and is available in two colors green and black. With 145 pounds weight limit, it is only better for kids to ride as anyone with more weight will have a slower ride and may even damage the board. The speed is 6 miles/hour which is acceptable for kids because it is not safe for them to ride at a high speed. It is a good alternative for hover board.

Yuneec E-Go

Yuneec electric skateboard with 18 miles range


This board is designed in California and really carries the spirit of the place in terms of its light weight (almost 14 pounds). It is definitely going to be a performer and last long because it has a brushless motor. This one from Yuneec has an 18 miles long maximum range as well which is decent enough for a normal commute to work or class. With regenerative braking and small handheld wireless remote, controlling this board is a breeze. Another great thing is that it can stand a lot of weight so anyone can ride it.

BY2 Remote Control 4 Wheels

BY2 electric skateboard with adjustible power

This one is jam packed with power thanks to its dual battery with 1000 watts each and double motors. The lithium battery is from LG so you have the certainty of having a certified branded battery that is going to last long. Since it is a powerful board that is focused on high performance, it is good for adults only i.e. 18 or above. Nevertheless, the speed and power is adjustable to your own liking with just a remote control. There is also a rear fender brake for any emergency brake situations. This one offers a lot of value for its price range.

GT Powerboard Off-Road

GT 2in1 Powerboard with amazing speed

This board really lives up to its name and gives a power filled ride. With its big wheels you can ride over multiple kinds of terrains like street, grass, sand or concrete. Built with European made components, this board goes 23 miles/hour in a matter of seconds. The deck is quite big with 45 inches length and 11 inches width but it is dropped towards the ground so as to provide a more stable ride. Despite all these fantastic qualities, the range is pretty normal with 15 miles on full battery charge. This is more towards the expensive end but does deliver quality.

Munkyboards SK-1200BL 1200W

Munkeyboards stylish electric keyboard

Can a motor skateboard list be complete without a little funk? Definitely no, so here is something that is bound to be loved by those who live for funky stuff. It has a really nice design on the deck and the whole setup looks fun to ride. It gives very good speed of 28 miles/hour so you can say it is the Ferrari of electric skateboards you can buy. The board is bigger than your average boards but the ride is still smooth and controllable. Since it goes quite fast, safety is a must.

AT (All Terrain) Aluminum

AT electric skateboard fit for every terrain

AT Aluminum board is another powerful board that takes up speed in seconds, 24 miles per hour to be exact. It offers extra powerful braking which is necessary for boards that speed up quickly. The aluminum board is very high quality and kept lightweight to provide a smooth ride no matter how heavy the person is. This should work on any kind of smooth and rough terrain, down the hills or on inclines. Every component meets industry standard and bring you the best of the best.

Dakott 1200

Dakott electric skateboard wih 20 miles max range

With 1200 watts power, 20 miles per hour speed and 20 miles maximum range, this board can be called the dream board of electric skateboarding. It does take a little longer to charge to achieve this power performance (2 hours). Besides battery life and motor, the other basic parts of this board are also high quality such as 7 ply Canadian maple deck and aluminum trucks. It is super light weighing only 11 pounds so controlling it and carrying it, if need be, should not be a problem. It is a little expensive but definitely good value for money.

MotoTec 600w Street

Super fast moto tec electric skateboard

This board has the essence of classic skateboarding with a twist of extreme sports strength, a must have if you care about quality and looks. The maximum range of 22 miles is pretty decent depending on the 600 watts power. It does depend on the person’s weight so do not expect exact 22 miles. The speed is 19 miles/hour which is again good for this kind of power. The charging time is quite long as compared with other boards and can take up to 4 hours.

Buyers Guide for Powered Skateboard


Before going into all the electrical details, you should know that these are essentially longboards. So the length will mostly be upwards of 36 inches and the width will be wide as well. Their look and feel resembles longboards except that they are run by motors and not you.


Of course the most important thing that makes an electric skateboard electric is its motor. You will find their power in watts. This number should not be the only criteria for choosing an electric skateboard as the performance too is important. However, higher watt power is good especially for those sloppy inclines that need a little more push than flat surfaces. The power varies greatly but most of these products have power within the maximum range of 300 to 2000 Watts.


motor of an electric skateboardSkateboards generally use brushed motors but newer boards are using brushless motors. The latter is considered better because of several advantages it has over the other. There is less wear on these motors from use making them long lasting. They are more efficient so a same sized brushless motor would give better performance as compared with its brushed counterpart. Power density is improved as well so a smaller motor can give quite a lot of power. And the best thing is that they are noiseless so nothing disrupts your peaceful rides, if you are that kind of a person.
If you want a long lasting board that has stronger insides, go for the one with a brushless motor. You might have to dig in deeper to find this detail at times.

Single Charge & Dual Drive

The board will either be single drive or boosted dual. Single charge drives are those that power only a single set of wheels just like a two wheel drive vehicle. Dual drives send out power to all four wheels. Obviously, the latter has improved power transfer and the performance tends to be better. You have better grip over brakes and the ride is smoother on inclined surfaces. One thing to note here is that you will only feel the difference between these two kinds of drives on a board with 1000 or more watts of power. Other boards do not show much of a difference.

Battery Life

Electric skateboards on the market use lithium batteries but the quality and durability varies from brand to brand. Certified batteries from known brands tend to be safer and last quite long. The thing to look for in a battery pack is the time it takes for charging. If it takes less time and lasts longer, you know you have a handy board that can be used frequently without long waits. Secondly, you need to see if it is removable as this feature can make things easier for you.
Earlier electric boards used lead acid batteries which were heavier than lithium batteries. Lithium also gives better performance over lead acid based batteries. They also have better and long lasting lifecycle. So naturally skateboard manufacturers moved to lithium so as to have a better performing board that weighs light ensuring that the ride is smooth and well balanced.


One of the deciding measures of an electric board’s performance is it its speed. Some boards can go over 20 miles/hour then there are boosted boards with variable speeds so you have more control. Speaking of control, it is recommended that you get a product that comes with a wireless remote. It is easier and safer to control it with a wireless remote as compared with the wired one which can snag and be very risky.

Electric Longboard Battery Range

Range describes how far they can go on a fully charged battery. This is important because your need will determine what range is best suited for you. At best you will get eight miles max range and that with very high end boards with high power and quality build. Considering you will not be using the motor skateboard to travel too far, this max range or something slightly lesser should be good enough.
Again, battery life can affect the range as well. If the battery charges quickly then you are looking at an even bigger range. You can quickly charge it and cover more distance should you need to. Such boards will charge full in about an hour. So choose the board according to your need and compare the charging times and range both for different boards so that you find the one with the maximized potential.


The braking system in these boards is called the regenerative braking. This kind of system converts motion into power. This eventually helps improve the range as it does not waste it as heat rather recycles it back. This is why electric skateboards are loved so much and their performance is so great.
You can also find reverse drive on some boosted boards which should not be a consideration for buying a board because it is not directly related with performance, just an additional ability that may be useful at times.


All those numbers about power, speed and range are important but there is another number that is crucial for your skateboard riding experience to be good and that is weight. However, you will not find any heavy boards in the market as despite being a longboard, electric skateboards tend to be very lightweight. Most boards do not weigh more than 17 pounds.
To each his own: what may be light for someone may not be so light for somebody else. Therefore, make sure that you buy a board that is comfortable for you in terms of carrying. Why is that important? Should your batteries run out, you may need to kick it yourself or carry it in your arms. In such a case it would not be so great to lift a board that is heavy for you.

Other things to consider

Electric skateboards are skateboards at the end of the day so the basic board stuff like the deck and wheels should also be a consideration. Most boosted boards are made from Canadian maple ply, carbon fiber or plastic. Some even use more than one material in their construction in order to achieve strength and light weight.
The wheels of course need no introduction as you know they are in touch with the ground and basically take all the beating. Make sure the wheels are strong but smooth so that you can ride on different kinds of smooth and rough terrains seamlessly and the surface does not take a toll on your battery pack and motor, after all everything comes together to achieve the best possible performance.

If you are just starting out, it may be wise to first look at a traditional skateboard specifically designed for a beginner before you delve into the world of electric skateboards and longboards.

Pricing & Brands

Electric Skateboards are downright pricy so it becomes even more necessary to get your hands on something that is top quality, durable and efficient. The cheap ones start at $100 and the high end ones can go well above a grand. Price tags depend on brands as well and the famous brands with quality certified parts tend to be quite costly. Of course when you are paying so much money you want good value, so ensure that you read reviews about the product and compare them to performance evaluating measures as described here (power, range, speed, quality of board etc.).
When you are buying something so expensive it is advised to look into the brand and manufacturer as well. Parts of the expensive board can break at one point so find out if the parts are easily available and how good is their customer support. These little things matter and can ensure a long lasting product that makes you happy about purchasing it. Some names will speak for themselves because they are known in the world of skateboarding. For others you should read reviews and visit their own website and read what they have to say. Find out about warranty of the product too.


These products tend to be simpler as compared with regular skateboards like longboards, penny boards or cruisers. Electric skateboards are essentially long boards so they have they carry their simplicity. You will mostly find solid and wooden surfaces which is fine because with electronic stuff it is their performance that makes a difference not their look. That being said these boards are no less stylish, many of them are downright attention grabbers with their colorful wheels and cutting edge designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old should I be to use an electric skateboard?

First off, electric skateboards on the market today are very easy to operate and weigh decently low. However, they are essentially longboards and longboards are not suitable for kids. Also, it can be difficult for a child to control the speed and brake in time. Under adult supervision, may be a child can play a little but otherwise it can be risky. Kids under 14 years of age should not be using electric boards as such. Late teenagers and adults of course are the main customers of these boards.

How long will my electric board last?

Generally speaking, these boards last quite long but of course there is always a chance of a part getting loose or dying. In such a case, all you will have to do is replace the part and your board will be as good as new. In most cases your motor will wear out, provided you use it too frequently. A brushless motor, like described above, has a better chance of surviving all this wear.
Like regular skateboards, you might have to replace the wheels after some time, possibly a year or two. If you are a regular, you would know changing wheels is no biggie so long as you can find proper wheels to replace with.
The life of your board depends on how you use it and maintain it. It would not be good to take it out in water because that can ruin a regular skateboard let alone an electric one. If you keep it nice and clean and maintain the parts as well, the board will surely last longer than you even expected.

Can I do tricks on an electric skateboard?

The most straightforward answer to that is no you cannot and even if you can you should not. Electric skateboards are designed for a great riding experience and they are optimized for this function. Doing tricks may not harm the board right away but in the long run it will damage its structure and possibly the motor and battery too.
Remember, longboards are not exactly great for doing tricks. It is usually shortboards that are used by pro skateboarders for performing tricks. So you should not be using these boosted bboards for ramp or vert tricks as it is just not safe.
These boards are nonetheless sturdy and can withstand bumps easily. Do not think that you have to save them from bumps and debris on the sidewalks or streets. These things are naturally part of a ride and they are designed to tackle them. In fact, you can even take them up and down hills as well which goes to show how powerful, useful and fun they can really be.


Electric Skateboards are longboards that run on motors and can be controlled with a remote. They are pricey but very useful for daily commutes. Ultimately you want to focus on performance and quality while trying to stay in your budget. If cost is not a deciding factor, then any board from a reputable brand should be good enough. The basic things to check in getting this kind of a product is its battery power, motors and overall construction.

These are not great for doing tricks so use them for riding purposes only. If you will take care of it and use responsibly, it will definitely have a longer life and possible pay for itself by saving you commuting costs, not to mention all that fun to ride.

If you are looking for more healthy, economic ways to commute – we reccommened also looking into electric scooters exclusively for adults.

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