18 Best Electric Skateboards & Longboards for Cruising in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

When electric skateboards first came out, they were incredibly popular. People were buying them left and right, because it was like a new wave of skateboarding for the modern age. However, through all these great times there were several problems facing the industry. These problems became so obvious and impacted the industry so much that sales began to tank and people started forgetting about electric skateboards altogether.

After a couple of years of trial and error, a few brands continued to push through and made some pretty impressive improvements and quite frankly the best improvements. These improvements brought electric skateboards back from the brink of collapsing as a whole and actually ended up saving them completely. People used to complain because they were far too expensive, but with all the readily available resources, companies are now able to lower the prices dramatically.

Other issues with electric boards included short battery life, low speeds, and weakened decks. All of these issues were fixed with the use of lithium-ion batteries (in some skateboards), much more efficient skateboards, and durable woods to create much more stable decks. People began to turn towards electric skateboards again because they became very reliable and worth the investment.

Now that you have a general history update on electric skateboards, we’re sure you’re pretty excited to check some of the best electric skateboards and longboards out. Instead of making you search around for your perfect match, we did that for you as well. We researched all of the top blogs and video reviews about electric skateboards to bring you the best electric skateboards on the market!

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Best Electric Skateboard and Longboard for Cruising

1. Meepo V3- Best Electric Skateboard

Our choice for the best electric skateboard is the Meepo V3. This skateboard has a great range, 20 miles estimated on one charge, a remote, top speed of 28 miles per hour, and more. It has increased power over previous models and it is also water and dust resistant, something that serious cruisers can appreciate. It has a fast swap battery and quick acceleration.

Pros and Specs of Meepo V3:
• Max Speed: 28mph
• Max Range: 20 miles
• Weight Limit: 300lbs
• Length (inches and cm): 38 inches long or 96.52 cm

Why We Like It – This is a great all-around motorized skateboard. It is going to deliver enough power to get you where you want to go without being too large or too cumbersome or too hard to maneuver. It is made of real Canadian maple as well and it has an all-terrain version as well.

2. Cycleagle XCOUNTRYBOARD-4S – Premium Choice

We always had the top of the line products on our Premium Choice option, and that’s the case here too. Most premium electric skatebaord on longboard that you can currently get on market is definitely Cycleagle XCOUNTRYBOARD-4S – a beast made to conquer every terrain you can imagine.
With an out-of-this-world design, it looks like a spider on steroids, and it sure does deliver specs that fit the design.
Equipped with 4×6374 brushless motors and 4xBelt Drive, this beast goes up to 27 mph and it can climb 35% incline hills without breaking a sweat. It has regenerative braking, 4-speed levels, and a smart system that notifies you when the battery is low, if the temperature on motors is too high, when electricity has an issue – in summary, before anything breaks, you’ll know.

Pros and specs of Cycleagle XCOUNTRYBOARD-4S: 
Max Speed: 27 mph
Max Range: 15 miles
Weight Capacity: 264 lbs
Length: 46.4 inches / 118 cm

Why We Like It – XCOUNTRYBOARD-4S will most definitely provide hours of fun, and you can use it in any conditions – it doesn’t care is it street or mud. However, it’s the most reliable board out there, and that’s why we have it as our Premium Choice

3. Onlyone 0-3 38” Electric Longboard with Wireless Remote- Editor’s Choice

This is our choice for the best longboard for cruising. This is a fully waterproofed longboard so that you can ride anywhere without fear or shorting out your motor. It is fast enough to use as a means of transport if you are driving in the city but it is also slow enough that you can easily cruise.

Pros and Specs of Onlyone 0-3:

  • Max speed: 24mph
  • Max range: 20 miles
  • Weight Limit: 330lbs
  • Length: 38” or 96.5cm

Why We Like It – We love the Onlyone 0-3 Electric Longboard because it is practical, easy to ride, and has enough power for cruising. This is an outstanding longboard that is going to be able to take you on both short and long cruises at a comfortable speed and with great maneuverability and ease. It is also durable and sleek for added style.

4. Halo Board Beast

This board is something else. It has a firesafe battery and you do have a charger and removal tool included when you purchase. The Halo Board Beast offers 3200 watts of power, super long ride range and more. This is a great board that also features wheels that make turning easy and also make off road possible.

Pros and Specs of Halo Board:
• Max speed: 26 mph
• Max range: 25 miles
• Weight limit: 286lbs
• Length: 37in or 94cm

Why We Like It – This is a fantastic board that is going to offer you speed, power, and maneuverability. This board is designed to provide you with the smoothest ride possible so that you can feel like you are surfing even when you are on the concrete. The excellent range also makes it ideal for longer rides.

5. Backfire Mini Super Portable Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for a smaller board that is going to be usable as a commuter board or just to tool around on, the Backfire Mini is a great choice. This is a compact skateboard that is very lightweight and easy to transport. It is a wonderful board if you want something that is not going to take up a ton of space.

Pros and Specs of Backfire Mini:
• Max Speed: 26mph
• Max range: 11 miles
• Weight limit: 240lbs
• Length: 31 inches or 78.7 cm

Why We Like It – This is an easy skateboard to master. It has a deck that is designed to be comfortable and to keep you upright. It is also compact so it takes turns well and can top out at speeds of 26mph. This is a great little board if you are looking for an electric skateboard but you are not looking for a large one.

6. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

The Hiboy S22 Electric skateboard is a great option for anyone that wants an easy to move and easy to use skateboard. It is a kickstart skateboard that gets up to nearly 20 miles per hour and would make a great cruising board. This is a highly responsive skateboard that does not need to be frequently aligned so it is perfect for those that might not have a ton of experience with motorized skateboards.

Pros and Specs of Hiboy S2:

  • Max speed: 18.6mph
  • Max range: 12.5 miles
  • Weight limit: 220lbs
  • Length: 35.4 inches or 89.9cm

Why We Like It – This is easy to use, easy to maneuver, and fun to ride skateboard that is going to change the way that you ride. It also has a superfast charging time of only 2 hours so you can get back out faster. This is a great all-around choice for a motorized skateboard.

7. Backfire G3 Plus with Carbon Fiber Deck