10 Best Fixie Bikes in 2022

Last updated 22. March 2022

What is a fixie bike? It is a bike that comes without all the extra bells and whistles. Fixie bikes only have one gear, usually two brakes and sometimes pedals that act as brakes as well. Instead of having all of the extra gears, derailleurs, and machine guns mounted on the bike, they are stripped back to their ultimate form of simplicity. Where they lack in features, they surge in style and finesse. There are fewer decisions to make as a rider as you only have one option, go.

Fixies are popular due to their aesthetic and simplicity. They can be slightly more challenging to get up the hill and more chaotic to take back down. However, they can be a lot of fun to ride. Many track racers enjoy the agility that fixies come with. They are less suited for the commuter who is going up and down steep slopes but are better suited for the rider who loves to bike and wants the extra style and old school feels that comes with a fixie.

But how do you choose which fixie is right for you? Let’s take a look at the 10 best fixie bikes in 2021.

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1. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed

This fixie single-speed bike is smooth, solid and stylish. The welds are smooth to the touch and this bike is as pleasurable to ride as it is to the eyes. This bike is designed for the track and is built from a handcrafted 6061 lightweight aluminum frame. 6KU manufactures and puts these bikes together themselves to make sure that the quality remains sky-high. The brakes are easily removable for the times when you need to switch things up.

30mm double wall alloy wheels will help you stay on the road with reliability. The 32H front and rear flip-flop hub make this bike suitable for fixed and freewheel riding as well. This bike is great for anyone who needs a lightweight, high-speed machine that looks great and gets the job done.

+ Beautiful design
+ Lightweight
+ Handcrafted
+ Track/commuter
+ Reliable

Why we like it – For anyone looking for a reliable bike to get you quickly from point A to point B, you can stick with 6KU. These bikes come in many different sizes, they feel great, look great, and ride seamlessly. They’re very lightweight and easy to pick up if you need to take them into the house or office if you’re in a high theft area.

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2. RALEIGH New 2018 Rush Hour Complete City Bike

This fixie bike is meant to be versatile for people who want a bike for many different facets of life. Whether you’re meeting up with friends or trying to break a sweat, this RALEIGH fixie will not disappoint. The Satori track handlebars but the rider in an aggressive position and give you the game face type of riding you may want. You can run with the back wheel as a fixed gear or a freewheel with the flip-flop hub. Removable cable brakes allow you to turn it into a track monster in moments.

The frame is made of hi-ten steel and is only 25 pounds. It’s extremely easy to move around and is super agile whether you’re riding or carrying. Bike messengers, track riders, and commuters all love this bike. It was designed and created with the input of Olympian Nelson Vails. The wheels are 700c and are really fast. You’ll be able to roll over any obtrusions easily and comfortably.

+ Flip-flop hub
+ Beautiful design
+ Olympian designed
+ Aggressive ride position
+ Lightweight

Why we like it – This hybrid road bike was made with style and performance in mind. It fits many different lifestyles and compliments your mood. Having the ability to pick it up easily after a ride is super nice for getting it into the places it needs to be

3. Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

This bike comes in a ton of different styles and colors. You will definitely be able to find the bike that is best suited for your lifestyle. The frame is made of high tensile steel and is very lightweight. Along with many other reputable fixies, golden cycles has created on with all the acceptable features. A flip-flop hub allows you to change between fixed gear and a freewheel run.

The tig welds are smooth and strong. Every bike is inspected carefully before leaving the factory to make sure that your bike will be in great condition. The drive crank is solid and strong. A JIS square taper spindle allows you to have the smoothest pedaling experience along with reliability. The alloy caliper brakes are trustworthy when you need them.

They are also easily removable when you don’t. You won’t have to worry about that slowing rider or car in front of you. You’ll be able to stop on a dime. With many different sizes available, you’ll be able to ride this one as a daily commuter or on the track.

+ Caliper brakes
+ JIS spindle
+ flip-flop hub
+ Removable brakes
+ Versatile style

Why we like it – This bike will match any style you need it to. It is as reliable as it is stylish and will get you where you need to be. It is built with craftsmanship at the top of the priority list. You will have a great ride and a great look all in one.

4. 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie

6KU has a goal to create bikes that have a high level of craftsmanship with style as well. They meet that goal with this bike as well. Every one is inspected before leaving the factory floor to make sure it meets the standards in welds and components that their customers expect. Double walled alloy wheels and flip-flop hubs give you reliability and versatility. You can ride this fixie as a fixed gear or in freewheel position.

All the parts are made of high-quality aluminum and will stand up to whatever you throw their way. The frame is made of high-tensile steel and is very lightweight. The front and rear brakes are easy to remove when you want to live on the edge. The synthetic leather saddle offers you the level of comfort you want on this bike as well.

+ Comfortable ride
+ Flip-flop hub
+ Easily removable brakes
+ Versatile style
+ Strong components

Why we like it – 6KU creates bikes that look great and ride great. They are good at it too. This bike is a joy to ride and a pleasure to look at. The simplicity gives you everything you want in a fixie and is great for the track or for the commute.

5. Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear

When you’re looking for a bike that will leave a little bit of money in your pocket and give you the ride that you crave, Retrospec delivers. This bike has everything you need whether you’re a racer or a cruiser. The frame is hand built using the best steel and gives you a lightweight but sturdy frame. The deep-v double wall rims are reliable and steady. They will provide you with a really smooth and pleasing ride.

It comes with the covetable flip-flop hub to allow you to switch the crank performance. The pedals are low profile BMX style which is designed to be able to get a little more beat up on the roadway and still stand strong. The handlebars are bullhorn-shaped with soft Kraton rubber on the grips to give you a little added comfort on the road.

+ Flip-flop hub
+ Comfortable bars
+ Strong pedals
+ Hand built quality
+ Lightweight

Why we like it – This bike is strong and sturdy and looks great. The ride is comfortable and smooth. The lightweight design allows you to take it anywhere with you and not have to worry about a bulky design holding you back.

6. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

For the urban rider, we present the Pure Cycles fixie. This bike is perfectly designed for riding in the city. Whether you are looking to connect to the road or just go for a cruise. Pure Cycles has you covered. This bike has an amazingly stylish look to it with a reliable ride as well. The frame is made of high-tensile steel, is lightweight and strong. You can switch back and forth between the freewheel glide and the fixed gear setup.

Stopping won’t be an issue when you need to with the alloy dual pivot brakes. Thickslick 700X28c give toy excellent control and a smooth ride on the roadway. Along with 40mm deep dish wheels, you will have a really nice ride on this machine. This bike comes with the look and feels that any rider could want on a beautiful fixie.

+ Elegant look
+ Built for the city
+ Flip-flop hub
+ Alloy dual pivot brakes
+ Matte black finish

Why we like it – For riding around the city, this bike is perfect. It blends right into the aesthetic of the urban lifestyle. You can ride it on the track or down the city streets with reliability and ease.

7. Pure Fix Premium Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle

While most of the bikes on our list are made of high tensile steel, this beauty by Pure Cycles is made from 4130 Chromo. This means that the frame is lighter, stiffer and more rapid. You get a lifetime warranty on the frame which is great for anyone who plans on taking this baby over a cliff. The ride is exceptionally smooth and reliable on the road. As previously stated, Pure Cycles builds their bikes to fit into the urban environment.

The Thickslick tires are mounted on 40mm double wall alloy rims which give you the strength and style all in one complete package. You can change the rear axle to accompany your preferred riding style. The Pure Fix drome saddle offers you the kind of comfort that you want in a daily rider.

The Tektro brakes are reliable when they are on, and they are easily removable for when you don’t want them on there. This bike is an absolute joy to ride and as with any Pure Fixie, it looks great in the process.

+ Flip-flop hub
+ 4130 Chromo frame
+ Lifetime frame warranty
+ Stylish
+ Smooth and comfortable ride

Why we like it – As far as a track bike or a daily commuter, this bike does the trick. It leaves nothing to the imagination and keeps you on the road with ease and comfort. Its a pleasure to ride and we love the way it looks as well.

8. Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed

Many fixies come in with a style that is modern and slick. This pick has more of a retro feel and style to it. The drop handlebars put you in a racy position and keep your head in the game. The super deep, double-v walled rims give your wheels strength and stability. You’ll be able to choose whether or not you want to be in a freewheel position or fixed gear with the flip-flop hub.

The pedals are made of alloy steel and come with the toe straps to keep you right in place. There is no toe overlap on the pedals to give you the highest level of leverage from your ankles to your toes. The soft rubber grips give you comfort on the Pista handlebars. The frame is made of premium steel and is assembled by hand. This bike will stay together and have you soaring down the track in 70’s style.

+ Retro style
+ Flip-flop hub
+ Handbuilt steel frame
+ Lightweight
+ Comfortable

Why we like it – This bike stands out among the rest when it comes to the look. It also gives you the ride you want in a fixie. It is sturdy and reliable with the components you want on your bike. The retro look is sexy and stylish and your neighbor just may covet your bike.

9. Sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero Around the Block Men's Cruiser Bike

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Not meant for the track, the around the block men’s cruiser bike by Sixthreezero is another fixie with amazing retro style. This one is great for cruising around the beach or the countryside. Put on your Ray Ban’s and your flip flops and go for a nice relaxing cruise around the town. this bike will be sure to turn heads and have people asking you where you picked it up. Compared to many fixie bikes, this one lets you sit up straighter to make things a little easier on your shoulders and back.

The frame is made of steel and is at the top of the durability list. Foam grips on the wide handlebars only add to the comfort an style as well. 24-inch tires give you the rolling smooth ride you need. The waffles tread also allow you to keep the grip that you need and won’t have you slipping and sliding around. It is specifically designed for the lads and will give guys the comfort they need.

+ Comfortable seat position
+ Steel frame
+ Relaxing feel
+ Smooth ride

Why we like it – Riding around town has never been so stylish. You’re right where you want and need to be with this bike. Everyone will be jealous of your style and rideability on this beach cruiser.

10. Sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero Around the Block Women's Cruiser Bike

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As with our previous feature, this bike is great for cruising around the block or the beach, but this bike is designed for the ladies. It’s curvy and the cruisy frame is high on the style list and will be able to fit in with your personal style. Wide, 26-inch wheels offer a super smooth ride. Waffle treads keep you where you want to be. The riding style is upright and will help you keep that strong and sexy posture. If you’re looking for a bike that will be suitable on flat terrain and give you the style and comfort you want. This fixie is perfect for any lady.

+ Curvy style
+ Comfortable ride
+ Fixed position crank
+ Designed specifically for women
+ Wide Tires

Why we like it – Great for any ladies looking to just cruise around town in style. It’s got that coveted curvy design that allows you to be comfortable on your bike and look good at the same time

Fixie Bikes Buyers Guide

What to look for in a good fixie bike?

Fixies are a really strong choice if you’re looking for a stylish and reliable bike. They come with fewer parts and are easier to maintain than their mountain bike counterparts. Although they are packed with simplicity, sometimes it can be tough to differentiate what will make one fixe better for you than another. Let’s discuss some of the factors that come into putting certain fixies at the top of the buyer’s lists.


Many fixies are made with steel frames. The high-tensile steel used in many of the bikes we listed is really durable but lightweight. Many fixie riders are really focused on getting a bike that is easy to maneuver and lightweight. That will allow you to pick up the bike and take it into the office or the house with ease. Make sure the bike you are looking at getting fits the durability standards you need.

For track riders, you will want to have a straight frames bike without the curves of a cruiser. If you’re only going to be riding slowly around town strutting your stuff, then a curvy beach cruiser will do the trick for you.

Flip-flop Hub

The hub is what is going to allow you to use the pedals as brakes, or to let the cranks spin. Sometimes a rider will take the brakes off and put the hub into fixed position if they are constantly going to be pedaling. In other cases, you will want to be able to have the pedals stay stationary as you are riding. When you are commuting, there is no need to have the pedals constantly turning. You will want to be able to cruise in a more comfortable position. The flip-flop hub is important in allowing you to have this option on your bike.


You can see from the various different styles on our list that handlebars come in many shapes and sizes. Some are suited for cruising, some are suited for racing. Generally, if you’re going to be on the track, you want bullhorn handlebars that will allow you to get your face closer to the action. Having this more aggressive, forward style will give you more attack on the track.

You will be able to keep your speed up and your maneuverability will be higher. With handlebars that are meant to keep you in a more upright position, you won’t have quite the same aggressiveness. This will be fine if you want to have you fixie act as more of a commuter or cruiser. Bullhorn, forward handlebars are less comfortable and can put a strain on your back over time if you are not using your bike as a racer.

Why Ride Fixie?

Some may wonder, why would I want or need to ride a fixie anyway? Fixies are really simple. They are built for speed, precision, and style. With less moving parts, they are easier to maintain and harder to break down. They tend to be lighter and slicker as well. Some riders don’t want or need all of the extra gears that come with many different types of bikes. Fixies cut out the unnecessaries and allow you to ride your bike as you want without anything extra.

They are designed to go faster on the track and be much more agile. Many times the fact that they don’t have all of the extra bulk of other components means that they are able to be designed with more style and precision as well. You can blend into the city and match your bike to your style. Fixies are meant for the style-focused who also want a quick and maneuverable bike.


Are you ready to get your cycling fix yet? A fixie bike may be the best way to get a bang for your buck. they are inexpensive, stylish and sturdy. No wonder they are so high on the popularity list. Now, you have all the information you need in order to pick out the best fixie for your purposes.

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