Folding scooters appear to be all the rage nowadays, with countless scooter enthusiasts taking to the streets to try out something new. Go to YouTube and just type in: electric scooters, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of videos from experts to novices. If anything, watching these videos helped to inspire the article, you’re reading right now and probably contributed to inspire hundreds if not thousands of riders over the years. To ride a scooter is to feel free, that’s what we’ve learned, especially when it’s an electric scooter.

To ride a scooter is said to be incredibly freeing, as you are given countless opportunities to travel at high speeds. It helps that you also feel weightless when on a scooter also, in the same way, that you might feel weightless if you are riding a bike or skateboard. Defying your limits and the rules of nature, that’s what every adventurer should seek to explore in their lives at some point, or risk falling into complacency.

There are plenty of variations to your basic scooter frame, although in this article we are going to be talking about some of the best foldable electric adult scooters that are available right now! Most of the products we are going to be discussing here all do the same thing, but there is something different that separates them slightly — whether that be the durability of the scooter or the charge times outright. We hope you find your fit here, or at least take something helpful away from this one!

We should state that the list below is in no particular order, which does mean that you should judge each scooter on their own characteristics/features. A lot of the following products do have similar features but will all differentiate at the same time, whether that be in price or appearance — this was a purposeful choice to give you some variation in the offerings here! Oh and this is a list for adult folding electric scooters by the way. The technology used in these scooters is a lot more extensive than some of your more standard kid scooters.

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The first folding electric scooter in our list here comes to us from NANROBOT. The D4+ is one of the finest pieces of kit we’ve come across, complete with two independent motors that sit at the front and back of the scooter, you’ll find that the all-wheel drive allows you to coast across surfaces with the greatest of ease.

This scooter has a high power battery, one that will let you drive up to 40 miles and only requires 3 hours to be fully charged outright; we meant it when we said that this is one of the finest scooters you’ll come across.

+ Powerful motor
+ High power battery
+ Folding design
+ Usb interface
+ Fast charge

Why We Liked It – The comfortable fold design on this scooter allows you to quickly put it up and down in the blink of an eye!

2. Glion Dolly

Glion Dolly

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A much lighter scooter, one that you could basically have around with you at all times given the travel case that comes with it. The Glion Dolly is a lithium battery powered scooter that requires approximately 3.5 hours charge time to use, but when charged will have you racing around no problem.

You’ll also find that this is a rather quiet scooter to ride compared to some of the other products found in our list. The maintenance-free antilock brake located at the rear of the scooter is always going to help you in providing safety.

+ Lithium battery
+ 3.5 hour charge time
+ Easy fold
+ 15mph
+ Responsive

Why We Liked It – Being able to move around quickly with it folded/not-folded is always going to be great!



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Fitted with two 8.5” pneumatic tires, the GXL is a masterclass in scooter sophistication we promise you. Never before have we seen such a majestic scooter steed before. The 250-watt motor will have you traveling up to 15 mph and up to 12.5 miles before you require a charge.

Charges will take around 4 hours, but once you see how well this one handles, that shouldn’t be an issue. Once folded, the scooter will lock into place and will stay like that till you need it again. This scooter has passed all the safety and regulation checks, so don’t worry about it malfunctioning when riding (unless you’ve damaged it).

+ Pneumatic Tires
+ Easy fold
+ 36v battery
+ 250-watt motor
+ Responsive

Why We Liked It – We loved this one for its incredibly simple approach to design and how smooth it is to ride.

4. NanRobot D5+

NanRobot D5+

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The NanRobot D5+ comes in at the fourth spot on our list and with good reason. This one comes fully fitted with two motors that are continually powering both the rear and front of the scooter at all times.

This one can actually travel up to 43 mph which is incredibly fast for a scooter don’t you think? We would advise you to test out how good this one is at folding from one position to the other, this is one of the main highlights of this scooter! This one requires around three hours to charge which isn’t bad.

+ Powerful motor
+ High battery
+ Front and rear lights
+ 10” tires
+ Responsive

Why We Liked It – NanRobot have put together a genuinely innovative scooter here, one that only gets better with time.



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MEGAWHEELS have come through with a very sleek scooter in the next addition to our list here. With long battery life and a powerful 250w motor, you’ll find that this one is incredibly responsive. Travel up to 13 miles in this one.

The 8.5” tires come with shock absorbing technologies that all help traveling across various forms of terrain. In terms of appearances too, you’ll not find a more attractive looking scooter even if you tried. MEGAWHEELS were clearly on another level when it came to the design of this one.

+ 250w motor
+ 8.5” tires
+ Sleek design
+ Fast charge
+ Durable

Why We Liked It – If you were looking for a scooter with the most physical appeal then this will no doubt be the one for you!



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There’s a reason why Nanrobot is featured multiple times within the article here, and that’s down to just how well they can visualize and execute their scooter concepts. Yet again this one is outfitted with a powerful motor that appears to only get better with age as long as you are keeping it in sound quality.

The portable folding design makes it yet another handy piece of kit to have around with you when you’re out and about. The front and back brakes are just as sturdy as every other scooter brakes here, which makes it rival any of the other products here.

+ 350w
+ 4-6 hour charge
+ Front and back brakes
+ Foldable
+ Responsive

Why We Liked It – This one is a pure pleasure to ride. You’ll not find a more consistent scooter here, trust us on this one!

7. HUDORA 205


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A big wheel scooter with a lot of upsides, that’s how we’d go about describing the Hudora 205 to anyone who hasn’t yet managed to check out this product. This aluminum scooter is one that allows you to travel up to 15mph.

Charges take around 3 hours to complete which isn’t a lot of time at all when you think about it. This one is an excellent product to purchase if you are buying an electric scooter for the first time as it doesn’t go too fast to the point where it can cause harm, and it’s incredibly responsive.

+ Quality aluminum
+ 3-hour charge
+ 15 mph
+ Responsive
+ Durable

Why We Liked It – It’s as we’ve mentioned above, this is a great scooter to own if you are looking to buy your first electric scooter.



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Here we are, at the final hurdle of our list here with arguably one of the finest scooters out there right now. The Nanrobot RS4 is a great ride, one that comes with a compelling set of features for you to contend with. Two independent 1600w motors make for complete control of the front and back wheels.

This is a thicker scooter, meaning it might be difficult to carry around with you compared to some of the other products here. The 11” tires make it a very durable scooter, one that will see you through many journeys.

+ Powerful motor
+ High power battery
+ Portable folding
+ Front and back brakes
+ Responsive

Why We Liked It – This could be the best scooter in our list here, one that only becomes more consistent the more you ride it.

Folding Electric Scooter Buyers Guide

Welcome to the buyers guide section, here we are going to be discussing what to look out for when it comes to purchasing a folding electric scooter of your own! There is never enough information that one can learn when it comes to these sorts of products.

Many of you out there have sought out articles such as this as you don’t know what to look for and what it all means. We hope that this section gives you all the information you will ever need to make a purchase that will see you through many years across many miles!

Keep in mind also that our selection above is not gospel, so if you find another folding electric scooter elsewhere then that’s fine. Remember to conduct all the research you can if you do insist on looking at another product, using sites such as Amazon is usually an effective way of finding out what previous customers had to say about these products, god knows we read through these reviews a lot when conducting our list you see above! Oh and if you are ever in doubt, be sure to buy the products with a warranty so that you’re covered if anything should go awry.

What’re the benefits of owning a folding scooter?

If you find that you are consistently late for work or important meetings, then having a portable scooter with you is definitely going to help you for many reasons. These scooters can easily be tucked underneath chairs and slid into small spaces once you are at your desired destinations.

They are far more accessible than bikes given the small size and weight of them in comparison. We would advise weighing up your options before you go out and buy one of your own; make sure that you are needing one-first before you go about purchasing one.

The fact that these products are electrical is also incredibly helpful as it will mean that there is the minimal effort required to use it out in the open. These scooters are a little expensive which might persuade a few people to avoid these products altogether, but if you struggle walking long distances to work, then a folding electric scooter could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Remember to look for products that fit your own specifications before you spend a dime, it will no doubt save you a lot of pain and hardship if you find that your purchase isn’t up to your set standards.

What to look out for?

Try to find an electric scooter with long battery life, this will definitely save you a lot of time in the future and will actually increase the life span of your scooter by proxy. If you find that you are using your scooter every day, you might see that the battery slowly loses its power. Try to limit the amount of pressure you are putting on your battery as the damage here is irreversible.

You can apparently get your battery replaced, but it will very rarely be of the same quality as the first battery you owned. Try to look after your scooter in general. These products although innovative aren’t as strong as you imagine, meaning any knock on the scooter could cause it to break. Try sticking to straight pathways when using the scooter to make sure there are no risks here.

If you are ever in doubt when it comes to these sorts of products, then you should be looking for ones made from reputable manufacturers. Nanrobot is notorious for producing top quality products that are worthy of not only their price tag but purchase from you also.

Use your common sense when it comes to these sorts of products so that you never end up disappointed. Look for products with a warranty if you find yourself getting overly paranoid that your product isn’t going to live up to your own expectations as we’ve already mentioned.

There you have it! We hope you found this article helpful in some way shape or form. Scooters nowadays are the best way of getting from A to B we promise you. These products have no right to be as effective they are; no excuses, purchase your own folding electric scooter today!

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