10 Best Hardshell Jackets in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

When facing the challenge of rising from your sofa and making your way into the Great Outdoors, a great hardshell jacket can be your greatest alley. Of course, living in 2021 means there’s a lot of choices out there when it comes to which hardshell jacket you want to wear, and making sure you spend your money in the right place can be a tough decision.

However, today, we aim to make this decision effortless. Throughout this guide, we’re going to explore our top ten recommendations for what hardshell jackets are the best of the best, as well as detailing our complete buying guide as to what you need to look for when choosing the jacket that’s right for you.

We’ll even answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help you know everything you need to know! Let’s get right into it!

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1. Marmot PreCip Men’s Lightweight Waterproof

Marmot PreCip Men's Lightweight Waterproof

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Kickstarting our list, we’re going straight into the deep end with the Marmot Precip jacket. This is one of the most popular of all hardshell jackets and has hundreds of five-star rated reviews from hundreds of customers around the world thanks to its comfortable design, professional features, and countless functions as being a fantastic coat.

Made from 100% nylon materials, this jacket uses Marmot’s own NanoPro design to ensure it’s completely waterproof while remaining very breathable to ensure you don’t get held back by heat, cold, and moisture. It doesn’t matter whether you’re casually outside or partaking in more strenuous activities, this coat is there for you.

The jacket Is 100% seam-taped throughout so there are no leakages (heat escaping, or cold getting in), and it comes with everything you’d expect a jacket to have, including a rollup hood, PitZip pockets, and numerous colors and designs so you can easily find one that suits you!

+ Available in 25+ colors and designs
+ Completely waterproof and breathable using Marmot NanoPro technology
+ Built-in chin guard to protect you from bitter and sharp winds
+ Adjustable hood that rolls up into the coat

2. Diamond Candy Men Hooded Waterproof

Diamond Candy Men Hooded Waterproof

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Diamond Candy offers yet another fantastic hardshell jacket and is a renowned company in the apparel industry known for their high-quality products that are built to last. Available in five colors, this professionally designed jacket aims to keep you dry and warm, no matter what activity you’re up too!

There are endless features that aim to keep you warm. From the Velcro hood, you can do up around the collar to keep heat from escaping your neck, zipped hand pockets to keep your hands warm, and a comfy inner lining, every aspect of this coat is designed with you in mind.

With a waterproof function of 3000mm, this is easily one of the most water-resistant coats around, ensuring you’re completely protected against any rain and wind you may find yourself in! Want to make sure you’re covered with your investment? Diamond Candy offers a lucrative six-month warranty, so if, for some reason, you’re not 100% happy, you can get your money back!

+ Can be used for extreme sports or casual outdoor activities
+ 100% rain and wind resistant with a rating of 3000mm
+ Comes with a 100% money-back warranty up to six months
+ A range of features to keep every part of your body warm

– Only five unique colors and designs to choose from

3. Frogg Toggs Toadz Toad Rage Rain Jacket

Frogg Toggs Toadz Toad Rage Rain Jacket

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Sometimes, simpler is better, and when it comes to hardshell jackets, Frogg have proved this and raised the bar as to what is expected from affordable jackets. This textile jacket works as a fully protective rain jacket that’s fully sealed and taped around the seams to ensure the cold stays out and the warm stays in!

Whether you’re warming your hands or carrying your belongings, this jacket comes with plenty of zippered pockets that offer a high level of protection while giving you enough space to keep everything safe.

In terms of comfort, there are hundreds of reviews that claim that this is one of the best, and you really can’t go wrong! Uniquely for a jacket in this affordable price bracket, there’s an adjustable waistband that stops cold and heats from escaping and affecting you! With all areas covered, you know this is a jacket that will keep you on form and focused on whatever it is you’re doing!

+ A fully protective hardshell jacket resistant against rain and wind
+ Perfect for any and all outdoor activities
+ Plenty of pockets for your hands and personal belongings to stay warm and safe
+ Adjustable waistband for extra protection and a comfortable fit

– The zips are not the best quality

4. Columbia Men’s Glennaker Lake Front-Zip

Columbia Men's Glennaker Lake Front-Zip

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While most coats we mentioned here are highly rated and adored by many around the world, none come as close to being one of the most popular than the Columbia Glennaker. With solid four- and five-star reviews from thousands and thousands of satisfied customers, it’s safe to say this number of people can’t be wrong.

Columbia is a leader in the outdoor apparel industry, and the Glennaker is a flagship to what they can achieve. Made using 100% nylon mixed with Columbia’s Hydroplus technology, this advanced technology is one of the best in terms of rain and wind resistance, ultimately giving the warmest and driest experience possible.

There are all the pockets you could ask for made for your hands and personal belongings, and plenty of adjustable options to ensure the perfect fit. These include adjustable cuffs, a stowaway hood, and comfort is maximized thanks to the softshell inner lining and soft mesh! It doesn’t get much better than this!

+ Features Hydroplus technology to keep you warm and dry for longer
+ Available in 25+ styles and designs
+ One of the most popular hardshell jackets from around the world
+ Machine washable and incredibly comfortable in every way!

– A premium solution possibly not suitable for all budgets

5. The North Face Men’s Resolve Jacket

The North Face Men's Resolve Jacket

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The chances are you’re going have heard of The North Face (commonly known as just North Face) throughout your life, and you’ll already know how popular this clothing line and apparel company is. You probably know someone already who wears the brand. This is just how popular and trustworthy TNF is.

When it comes to their Resolve Jacket, this is a level of reputable quality that’s evident. The Resolve in 100% nylon materials and includes plenty of storage options for your belongings and your hands, each pocket with a secure zip lock. There are over 25+ styles to choose from, and plenty of sizes so you can ensure you’re getting the best fit.

While seemingly basic compared with other hardshell coats we’re mentioning today, there’s no denying that the quality of this jacket is one of the best. TNF lines are known to last for many years without succumbing the general problems of wear and tear, and it doesn’t matter what you plan on putting this jacket through, this is a coat that will keep up with you while it keeps on giving!

+ Manufactured by one of the most reputable apparel companies in the world
+ Available in plenty of different colors and designs to suit your personal taste
+ Made from durable, 100% nylon materials
+ Machine washable and easy to look after!

– Sizes can be a little on the small side

6. Columbia Men’s Watertight Ii Jacket

Columbia Men's Watertight Ii Jacket

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Heading back over to Columbia now for their men’s watertight jacket that is one of the top choices, and one of the best-selling, jackets for people looking for an excellent yet affordable hardshell experience.

Unlike other jackets, this one is made using 100% polyester materials, which is renowned for its durable, comfortable, and protective properties, especially when used in jackets. As the title suggests, this jacket implements patented Omni-Tech waterproof technology that helps keep moisture at bay while remaining breathable. Even incomplete downpours, you can walk safely in the knowledge you’re protected.

There are plenty of adjustable features that are commonplace with Columbia jackets, including a foldaway hood, a storm hood, adjustable waistline and cuffs for locking in the heat and shutting out the cold, and pockets to keep your belongings waterproof as well!
All these handy features alongside Columbia’s well-known quality requirements and over 30+ designs and styles to choose from, there’s no denying that Columbia is spoiling us with this release!

+ Made from durable, 100% polyester materials
+ Contains Omni-Tech waterproof technology to help keep you dry
+ Over 30+ styles and color designs to choose from
+ Enough room for your hands and all your personal belongings to stay warm and dry

– Slightly more expensive than other hardshell jackets

7. Marmot PreCip Men’s Lightweight Waterproof

Marmot PreCip Men's Lightweight Waterproof

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While we’ve already explored other Marmot in the entries above, but this time we want to go back to focus on something special here. This mid-range waterproof jacket is again made from 100% nylon and features the same Marmot NanoPro fabric that’s both waterproof and breathable.

There’s even the same PitZips for your hands and personal belongings, a strapped chin guard for keeping the wind out, and a 100% seam-taped design to ensure the heat stays in and the cold stays out! There are even 30+ colors to choose from!

While this may sound like the other Marmot coat we’ve mentioned above, the difference here is in the science of the goat. The tiny microporous structure means no water will come from the coat and you’ll stay 100% dry, as will anything you have in your pockets; making this one of the flagships in hardshell jacket protection!

+ Comes with microporous NanoPro technology to help keep you dry
+ A wealth of adjustable features to give you a personalized experience
+ Made from 100% nylon that’s both durable and hardwearing
+ Available in plenty of different colors

– The customer service isn’t the best compared with other companies

8. Columbia Men’s Pouration Jacket

Columbia Men's Pouration Jacket

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The Pouration jacket is another product line from Columbia range that is wildly popular with outdoor lovers and sportsmen and woman alike. This crisp and sleek looking jacket is a slimline fit that prides itself on being ultra-comfortable and provides all the protection properties you’d be looking for.

What makes this jacket special is the fact it’s air permeable using Columbia’s pouration jacket technology, which contains both moisture-wicking features to help keep you dry and is incredibly breathable to ensure you don’t sweat while out and about. This also ensures all the heat stays in, and the cold stays out, and vice versa on hotter days!

In true Columbia fashion, there are plenty of options in terms of color and design to choose from, enough storage space for all your belongings, and a beautifully soft inner mesh to ensure this jacket is as comfortable as possible. What more could you ask for?

+ 100% nylon that’s incredibly durable and prevents easy ripping
+ Uses Omni-Tech technology to remain completely wind and waterproof
+ One of the most breathable, temperature regulating jackets available
+ Plenty of adjustable features to ensure the perfect fit and optimal element protection

9. Diamond Candy Women Hooded Windproof

Diamond Candy Women Hooded Windproof

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Now you’ve already discovered the joys that is Diamond Candy and what they have to offer, if you’re a woman looking for a comfortable and highly protective coat to help keep you warm and dry, you’ll be happy to know they have a solution for you.

Made from comfortable, cozy, snug, and lightweight fabrics, this fully sealed waterproof coat will go above and beyond the call of duty with what you’d expect a coat to be able to provide. No matter whether you’re outside casually and going about your day or doing a more strenuous activity like hiking, fishing, camping, or sports, you know you’ll have everything you need to keep going!

Furthermore, there are five designs to choose between, plenty of sizes to ensure you’re giving yourself the perfect fit, and the fact this is one of the best-selling jackets available right now, backed by thousands of reviews from customers around the world! Perfect!

+ Offers optimal protection from the wind and rain
+ A range of adjustable features and storage space for everything you need
+ Can be worn casually day by day, or when out on an outdoor adventure
+ Comes with Diamond Candy’s complete six-month guarantee

– Not suitable for ironing when cleaning

10. Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Jacket

Columbia Women's Arcadia II Jacket

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The final jacket we’re going to be exploring today is the Columbia Arcadia II jacket. Much like the Diamond Candy jacket above, this is one of the most popular and best-selling coats available right now, and literally has thousands of satisfied customers from around the world stating just how good it is.

The nylon and mesh design mean you’re protected from all the external elements you may come across, all while remaining soft and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. As you would expect with Columbia jackets, this one features the Omni-Tech technology that helps to keep heat in, cold out and wind and rain at bay!

To ensure you get even more of a perfect fit, this jacket comes with plenty of adjustable features, including the storm hood (that can be rolled away securely when it’s not in use), a drawcord hem, and hand pockets with zips. All of this adds an extra layer of protection to ensure you’re nice and warm at all times; exactly what your chosen jacket should be!

+ Suitable for machine washing and easy to look after
+ Available in 30+ styles and designs to choose from!
+ Made from a comfortable yet durable nylon/mesh blend
+ Very lightweight but offers a huge amount of protection

– Not available for men!

Hardshell Jackets Buyers Guide

Now that we’ve explored some of the best hardshell jackets out there to date, the next step you’ll need to take is choosing the coat that’s best for you. However, with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you.

Below, we’re going to share with you our complete buying guide, as well as answering some of your most common questions, all in all, to help ensure you’re spending your money in the right place!


The first consideration you’ll want to think about is the materials your chosen jacket is made from. This is important because it will determine how protective your jacket is from the elements, as well as how comfortable it will be actually wearing it.

Traditionally, hardshell jackets will come with a polyester or nylon outer layer, followed by a comfortable mesh or fabric on the inside. Look for this for the best, most tried and tested experience!


Of course, there’s no point in buying a jacket if it’s not going to protect you from the elements. As a rule of thumb, you’re going to need to look for protection against wind and rain and check what kind of technology your jacket has to offer to protect you from this.

Many modern-day brands will come with some kind of technology to help keep you protected, whether that’s the design of the material or how the fabric repels the water. You may also want to look for adjustable features.

These could include drawstrings or drawcords that you can tighten up with the jacket on which can close up the seams and the open areas, such as the waistband, which can stop heat escaping, the cold getting in, and the wind from traveling throughout the coat. In the summer, these coats can help keep you cool, whereas they will keep you warm during the colder months!


Since you’re going to be wearing this coat outside, the chances are it’s going to get dirty and messy, so you’ll want to look into how easy the jacket is to look after and keep clean. Ideally, you’re going to want a jacket that’s suitable for machine washing and drying, but this will depend on the material of your preferred jacket.

Always check the product description to make sure the jacket can be easily looked after so you can make sure it’s always looking its best.

Storage Space

It’s essential you look for a jacket with storage space to ensure you’re keeping your personal belongings warm and safe while you’re out and about. Imagine not wearing a waterproof coat with your phone and money in your pocket, and it ends up raining, and everything gets destroyed or ruined.

Always make sure your pockets are designed with protective layers so that your hands and belongings are looked after and will stay looked after, no matter what situation you’re in.

Designs & Styles

It’s always nice to treat yourself or your loved one to a jacket that you’re actually going to enjoy wearing, which is why it’s so important to make sure you consider what styles and designs are available.

If buying online, it should be easy to explore all your options, and even if you buy for someone you love as a gift, choosing a jacket with a lot of options means they can easily replace it for another if they like! The more they or you love their jacket, the more you’ll be outside and enjoy the benefits!

Overall Quality

Of course, there’s no denying that quality is important, but this can be a hard thing to check, especially if you’re buying online. However, one of the easiest ways to do this is to check whether the jacket you prefer is covered by a warranty or guarantee.

If the jacket comes with a 12-month warranty, you know you’ll have a jacket that will last at least a year with no problems whatsoever. The longer your jacket is covered for, the more you know you’ll be investing in a quality product!

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Hardshell Jackets

How protective are protective hardshell jackets?

This, of course, depends on which protective jacket you buy, but most modern jackets will be very protective against wind and rain. This doesn’t just mean a light rain either. Even in moderate downpours, these jackets will still protect you and your belongings from water to help keep you dry and warm.

What time of year are these coats for?

Hardshell jackets can surprisingly be used at any time of the year! Due to their protective nature, in the summer months, you can have everything open so that the heat stays out, but the cooler air stays in, whereas in the colder months, the cold air is locked out and the warm air stays in.

This is why it’s so important to make sure you’re buying a hardshell jacket that comes with adjustable features that let you feel the benefits all year round!


And there we have it; over to you! With our top recommendations and complete buying guide, you’ll now have everything you need to know to purchase the best hardshell jacket to suit what you’re looking for! Get ready to enjoy the Great Outdoors like never before!

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