10 Best Hoverboards for Kids in 2021 Review

Last updated 04. January 2021

Are you looking for the best hoverboard for kids? The search could be quite challenging, or your specifications list quite demanding. Hoverboards have grown in popularity since they first hit the market. That has also led to the growth of the manufacturing industry to include a variety of options. What is the best hoverboard?

The vast assortment of hoverboards in the market makes finding the best option for kids a daunting task. However, when you finally find the best, your kids will find these devices interesting. Other than having fun, they can use them for movement from one point to another. However, if you are looking to buy some hoverboards for adults, you can check out our list for 10 best self-balancing scooters!

There are several things to consider when finding the best hoverboard for kids. For example, you may need to look at the outstanding features that it comes with, such as apps. These can make monitoring of things like battery life, the distance they cover, and many more specs easy.

Best Hoverboard for Kids Review

Although hoverboards can be fun to own and use, there have been safety concerns about them. That is why you need to be careful when buying such devices, especially for kids. What is the best product to purchase? To help you out, we did background research on the various options in the market. Here are the best 10 that we found.

1. Razor Hovertrax

Razor is one of the well-known hoverboard brands that you can choose to buy. There are several impressive features of this hoverboard that made us consider it as our top pick in this category. As mentioned earlier, your kid’s safety should be the biggest concern.

One of the best features of this model is that users with over 220 pounds can use it for an hour. That is fair enough compared to many hoverboards in the market. Also, it does not have to turn off after the battery dies. You can charge it on the go as it comes with easy to swap 36V batteries to keep you going.

It has a blue LED display that allows you to change from one mode to another. The patterns in this device vary depending on the expertise of the User. For example, you can switch to training mode if you are getting started with hoverboards. However, experienced users can go straight to the normal mode as they have better control of their balance.

Also, it comes with fender bumpers that make using it even much safer. It is essential to keep track of the battery. It comes with some indicators that show when your battery is running low and when it is full. Besides, this hoverboard has silent 350-Watt motors that make using it a pleasant experience. The EverBalance technology and safety certification that comes with brings in the confidence you need when using it.


  •  User friendly for kids from 5 years
  •  Good battery life
  •  High quality and durable
  •  Lovable for kids
  •  Doesn’t mark wooden floors

Why we liked it

This product found its way to our hoverboard review because of its great features and safety certification. The technology put into manufacturing this model and long battery life are enough to help you choose it.

2. CHO POWER SPORTS Hoverboard

When choosing the best hoverboard for kids, you will most likely settle for beginner-friendly hoverboards. The Cho power is the perfect choice for training with hoverboards and becoming a pro within a short time. It comes with self-balancing technology making it kid-friendly.

The best thing about this technology is that kids can take a few minutes to gain balance. The hoverboard helps them balance at first and encourages learning how to use their body weight to adjust. Therefore, kids can develop this art after a few tries and no longer require the technology to balance.

The electrical performance of this hoverboard gives it an edge over the rest in this hoverboard review. You can quickly charge it, and its battery lasts longer than most options in the market. Also, it has a safety certification adding to the confidence that users can have while using it.

There are more ways to enjoy using this hoverboard. For instance, you can play music without using your headphones. That becomes possible as the hoverboard has a wireless speaker that you can use to play music. It makes this hoverboard one of the coolest you can find in the market.

Also, it has a design that makes it highly portable. It has a handle that is easy and comfortable to grip and carry the hoverboard with you. Other than that, you will find the LED headlights that it has useful at night. It makes you noticeable, especially when sharing the road with motorists.


  •  Safety certified
  •  High technology self-balancing
  •  Environmentally friendly
  •  Long battery life
  •  Suitable for beginners

Why we liked it

We found this product an excellent choice because it supports beginners to grow their skills. The self-balancing technology makes it perfect for kids. Also, the safety measures put in developing this product makes it suitable for kids.

3. Hoverstar hoverboard


The durability that this product offers is on a new level making it an excellent choice for parents looking to gift their kids. The style that the manufacturer put in coming up with this hoverboard design in unique. Also, the materials ensure that your kids can use them for long.

Even though it is one of the lightweight products on this list, it can support people of different weights. It can carry loads up to 165lbs, making it suitable not only for kids but also for teens. That means you do not have to buy a new hoverboard when your kids grow into teens.

Another thing that makes it look stylish is the lighting system that it has. Two front LED lights make it look unique. Also, these front lights contribute to the rider’s safety. On the sides, it has LED wheel lights that make it look stylish and classy.

Also, it gives the rider maximum control, especially on speed and turning. Kids can learn how to turn it quickly, and even; they will find the maximum speeds comfortable. When fully charged, the rider can go for a 10 miles distance at 10mph speed, making it a convenient device.

Another thing to note is the safety certification that this device comes with to give the rider confidence. All the components used in its manufacture are safe and also contribute immensely in keeping the rider safe.

The package comes with a charger that you can use to power it. Also, there are instructions on its usage, especially when the adults do not have a clue on operating these devices.


  •  Stylish designs
  •  Impeccable speed
  •  Easy controls
  •  Safety guarantee


Why we liked it

The speed that this hoverboard offers makes it an excellent choice for convenience. Kids find it easy to move from one place to another, have fun, and carry it out for an adventure.

4. Hover-1 Allstar

It works well for users of every nature, but it best fits kids according to our interests in this review. It supports weights of up to 220lbs and thus can also be adult-friendly. However, the lightweight makes it a good choice for parents shopping for their kids as they can find it portable than most products in the market.

Also, kids will find it friendly to ride this hoverboard. Besides, you can consider it the best hoverboard for kids and people looking to have fun. Also, learning to control it with just a little weight shift requires a few tries. Kids will learn this art quickly and become better users.

Also, it is an excellent choice because you can find it convenient for different rides. You can take it for adventure, or just enjoy riding at home. It is easy to turn or even move it in every direction. It comes with a comfortable speed for kids and beginners since it runs on a maximum of 7Mph.

Its durability is another crucial feature to look into while comparing it with other products on our hoverboard review. It comes with a water-resistance feature that makes it great for outdoor use. That means you can ride comfortably in the rain without damaging the internal parts that are usually delicate.

It comes with a durable battery that you need to charge before you start riding. The battery takes a maximum of 5 hours to charge fully. The front LED headlights help to keep your kids safe when they ride in the dark.


  • Front LED headlights
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable

Why we liked it

The best thing about this product is the water-resistance feature that it comes with to ensure that it lasts long. That will give the value for the money you spend on buying it.

5. CBD Hoverboard

You will find this hoverboard great for your kids if safety is your primary concern. The self-balancing feature that this device comes with is perfect for starters and kids. As the kids are starting to use hoverboards, balancing can be a difficult task. But that becomes simpler when this technology is in place.

Controlling the whole system becomes an easy task with the self-balancing technology. That is especially when you do not have the skills required for proper balance. Therefore, kids can learn to ride within minutes and without experiencing any falls that may lead to injuries.

You will find an inbuilt wireless speaker that makes listening to music easy. The wireless speaker connects to your phone using Bluetooth technology. That makes it convenient to ride without wearing headphones.

Besides, your kids can enjoy smooth rides as this device comes with shock-absorbent pedals that make riding a better experience. Also, the rubber tires are of the best quality to ensure they do not slip. Besides enjoying smooth rides and safety, this hoverboard’s overall design adds a lot of class to it.

This device can hit 9MPh and also has a high-quality battery that lasts long. You only need to fully charge it for a maximum of 5 hours before enjoying the rides.

As you look for something to gift your kid, consider this hoverboard to be a great choice. The portability and lightweight that it comes with are perfect features for kids. Therefore, that makes them highly giftable for parents planning to gift their kids.


  •  Unique LED headlights
  •  Bluetooth speaker
  •  Shock absorbent pads
  •  Unique design

Why we liked it

It comes with one of the best designs among those in this hoverboard review. The safety features and huge wheels that it comes with are also reasons why it is among the best in the market.

6. Hover-1 Blue Matrix

You can consider buying this hoverboard because of the many features that make it one of the best products in our hoverboard review. The first thing that we found interesting about this device is that riders of all levels can find it convenient. That means, it is suitable for adults and kids. That means you can buy it for your kids and they will grow with it.

It comes with user-friendly dual pedals that anyone can learn to use easily. The kids just need to learn how to shift their body weight, and that can take a few minutes. Therefore, you may need to support them as they learn, but that will not require a lot of time.

The safety concerns you may be having when buying a hoverboard can be a thing of the past. It has gotten certified as an excellent tool for riding. Also, other components such as batteries meet the best standards, and therefore there should be no fear of explosions.

You require 5 hours maximum to fully charge the battery. It is necessary to ensure the battery charges fully before you step out with this device. A maximum charge can take you to a maximum distance of 3 miles. Besides, you can cover this distance quickly at a speed of 6 mph. It has a top-quality battery that lasts long.

Also, you will find front LED headlights that make it a safer device than most options. It helps to ensure motorists can see the rider from a safe distance. It also comes with LED wheel cover lights that contribute to safety and make this device look stylish.


  •  Front sensor lights
  •  Stylish design and lights
  •  Good battery
  •  Easy control features

Why we liked it

The battery life that this hoverboard guarantee is an exciting feature that helped ensure it got featured on this list.

7. Hoverstar TOP LED Hoverboard 

It is among the best hoverboard for kids that you can buy if you need a device that will last. The premium quality materials manufacturers use in making this product make it one of the durable products on this hoverboard review. Therefore, you can choose it for long term use even to when your kids grow to teens.

It has also undergone scrutiny to ensure that the materials and the final product meet the standards of the world market. They engineer the components used in manufacturing this product for long term use. That also is evident because the hoverboard has certification for safety.

There are other convenient features that it comes with, such as a Bluetooth speaker. This in-built speaker allows the kids to play music on their phones using wireless technology. That adds to the style and class that this device comes with in the market.

Also, it can carry weight loads of up to 100 kg. That makes it also a perfect hoverboard for family use as adults can use it conveniently. The long-lasting battery only requires a maximum of 3 hours to charge fully. You should ensure the battery is full before you start using this device.

Another exciting feature of this device is the speeds that it comes with, making it a great choice. It comes with 2 LED headlights that make it easy to use at night. That also adds to its safety, making it an excellent choice for protection. It comes with a charger that makes it easy to power when the battery dies.


  •  Safety guaranteed
  •  Long-lasting battery
  •  Inbuilt automatic Bluetooth speaker
  •  Front LED headlights

Why we liked it

The fact that this device can carry up to 100 kgs makes it unique. You can buy it for your kids, and they will find it efficient even as they grow and add weight.

8. Fluxx FX3 Hoverboard

It is important to find a device that has standard wheels for smooth rides. This product has 6.5″ wheels that assure you not only of safety but good grips. These wheels have anti-slip features that make them perfect for slippery surfaces guaranteeing users of maximum safety.

One of the best things to note about this hoverboard is its unique design. It comes with a unique design that is appealing to kids. Besides, it has the certification for quality, which can guarantee the safety you desire for your kids.

Also, it is fantastic for kids since most of them are learning the art of riding these devices. The self-balancing technique that it comes with is easy to switch into when training your kid. It helps them to learn how to control their weight and use it in finding the balance they need to ride without any support.

Another interesting thing to note about this device is that it can carry up to 220lbs. That makes it perfect not only for kids but also for teens and adults. That makes it giftable for kids. They will find it convenient even as they grow to teens.

Another thing you will love about this product is its performance. It comes with a super battery that can take you a distance of 4 miles. It has a comfortable speed of 7mph, that makes it great for beginners and in this case kids. It has high quality wheels making kids to a smooth ride as they are big and allow easy control.

It has stylish LED lights that make it classy. Kids will enjoy riding it as the LED lights make the whole experience fun-filled.


  •  Suitable for kids and teens
  •  High-quality wheels
  •  Comfortable speed

Why we liked it

We loved this product because it combines safety and user-friendliness in one pack. The comfortable speed, high-quality tires, and safety certification are great features.

9. EPCTEK Hoverboard

It is the