7 Best Hoverboards for Kids in 2022 Review

Last updated 20. June 2022

Are you looking for the best hoverboard for kids? The search could be quite challenging, or your specifications list quite demanding. Hoverboards have grown in popularity since they first hit the market. That has also led to the growth of the manufacturing industry to include a variety of options. What is the best hoverboard?

The vast assortment of hoverboards in the market makes finding the best option for kids a daunting task. However, when you finally find the best, your kids will find these devices interesting. Other than having fun, they can use them for movement from one point to another. However, if you are looking to buy some hoverboards for adults, you can check out our list for 7 best self-balancing scooters!

There are several things to consider when finding the best hoverboard for kids. For example, you may need to look at the outstanding features that it comes with, such as apps. These can make monitoring of things like battery life, the distance they cover, and many more specs easy.

Best Hoverboard for Kids Review

Although hoverboards can be fun to own and use, there have been safety concerns about them. That is why you need to be careful when buying such devices, especially for kids. What is the best product to purchase? To help you out, we did background research on the various options in the market. Here are the best 7 that we found.

1. Razor Hovertrax

Razor is one of the well-known hoverboard brands that you can choose to buy. There are several impressive features of this hoverboard that made us consider it as our top pick in this category. As mentioned earlier, your kid’s safety should be the biggest concern.

One of the best features of this model is that users with over 220 pounds can use it for an hour. That is fair enough compared to many hoverboards in the market. Also, it does not have to turn off after the battery dies. You can charge it on the go as it comes with easy to swap 36V batteries to keep you going.

It has a blue LED display that allows you to change from one mode to another. The patterns in this device vary depending on the expertise of the User. For example, you can switch to training mode if you are getting started with hoverboards. However, experienced users can go straight to the normal mode as they have better control of their balance.

Also, it comes with fender bumpers that make using it even much safer. It is essential to keep track of the battery. It comes with some indicators that show when your battery is running low and when it is full. Besides, this hoverboard has silent 350-Watt motors that make using it a pleasant experience. The EverBalance technology and safety certification that comes with brings in the confidence you need when using it.


  • ¬†User friendly for kids from 5 years
  • ¬†Good battery life
  • ¬†High quality and durable
  • ¬†Lovable for kids
  • ¬†Doesn’t mark wooden floors

Why we liked it

This product found its way to our hoverboard review because of its great features and safety certification. The technology put into manufacturing this model and long battery life are enough to help you choose it.

2. Hover-1 Allstar

It works well for users of every nature, but it best fits kids according to our interests in this review. It supports weights of up to 220lbs and thus can also be adult-friendly. However, the lightweight makes it a good choice for parents shopping for their kids as they can find it portable than most products in the market.

Also, kids will find it friendly to ride this hoverboard. Besides, you can consider it the best hoverboard for kids and people looking to have fun. Also, learning to control it with just a little weight shift requires a few tries. Kids will learn this art quickly and become better users.

Also, it is an excellent choice because you can find it convenient for different rides. You can take it for adventure, or just enjoy riding at home. It is easy to turn or even move it in every direction. It comes with a comfortable speed for kids and beginners since it runs on a maximum of 7Mph.

Its durability is another crucial feature to look into while comparing it with other products on our hoverboard review. It comes with a water-resistance feature that makes it great for outdoor use. That means you can ride comfortably in the rain without damaging the internal parts that are usually delicate.

It comes with a durable battery that you need to charge before you start riding. The battery takes a maximum of 5 hours to charge fully. The front LED headlights help to keep your kids safe when they ride in the dark.


  • Front LED headlights
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable

Why we liked it

The best thing about this product is the water-resistance feature that it comes with to ensure that it lasts long. That will give the value for the money you spend on buying it.

3. CBD Hoverboard

You will find this hoverboard great for your kids if safety is your primary concern. The self-balancing feature that this device comes with is perfect for starters and kids. As the kids are starting to use hoverboards, balancing can be a difficult task. But that becomes simpler when this technology is in place.

Controlling the whole system becomes an easy task with the self-balancing technology. That is especially when you do not have the skills required for proper balance. Therefore, kids can learn to ride within minutes and without experiencing any falls that may lead to injuries.

You will find an inbuilt wireless speaker that makes listening to music easy. The wireless speaker connects to your phone using Bluetooth technology. That makes it convenient to ride without wearing headphones.

Besides, your kids can enjoy smooth rides as this device comes with shock-absorbent pedals that make riding a better experience. Also, the rubber tires are of the best quality to ensure they do not slip. Besides enjoying smooth rides and safety, this hoverboard’s overall design adds a lot of class to it.

This device can hit 9MPh and also has a high-quality battery that lasts long. You only need to fully charge it for a maximum of 5 hours before enjoying the rides.

As you look for something to gift your kid, consider this hoverboard to be a great choice. The portability and lightweight that it comes with are perfect features for kids. Therefore, that makes them highly giftable for parents planning to gift their kids.


  • ¬†Unique LED headlights
  • ¬†Bluetooth speaker
  • ¬†Shock absorbent pads
  • ¬†Unique design

Why we liked it

It comes with one of the best designs among those in this hoverboard review. The safety features and huge wheels that it comes with are also reasons why it is among the best in the market.

4. Hover-1 Blue Matrix

You can consider buying this hoverboard because of the many features that make it one of the best products in our hoverboard review. The first thing that we found interesting about this device is that riders of all levels can find it convenient. That means, it is suitable for adults and kids. That means you can buy it for your kids and they will grow with it.

It comes with user-friendly dual pedals that anyone can learn to use easily. The kids just need to learn how to shift their body weight, and that can take a few minutes. Therefore, you may need to support them as they learn, but that will not require a lot of time.

The safety concerns you may be having when buying a hoverboard can be a thing of the past. It has gotten certified as an excellent tool for riding. Also, other components such as batteries meet the best standards, and therefore there should be no fear of explosions.

You require 5 hours maximum to fully charge the battery. It is necessary to ensure the battery charges fully before you step out with this device. A maximum charge can take you to a maximum distance of 3 miles. Besides, you can cover this distance quickly at a speed of 6 mph. It has a top-quality battery that lasts long.

Also, you will find front LED headlights that make it a safer device than most options. It helps to ensure motorists can see the rider from a safe distance. It also comes with LED wheel cover lights that contribute to safety and make this device look stylish.


  • ¬†Front sensor lights
  • ¬†Stylish design and lights
  • ¬†Good battery
  • ¬†Easy control features

Why we liked it

The battery life that this hoverboard guarantee is an exciting feature that helped ensure it got featured on this list.

5. Hoverstar TOP LED Hoverboard 

It is among the best hoverboard for kids that you can buy if you need a device that will last. The premium quality materials manufacturers use in making this product make it one of the durable products on this hoverboard review. Therefore, you can choose it for long term use even to when your kids grow to teens.

It has also undergone scrutiny to ensure that the materials and the final product meet the standards of the world market. They engineer the components used in manufacturing this product for long term use. That also is evident because the hoverboard has certification for safety.

There are other convenient features that it comes with, such as a Bluetooth speaker. This in-built speaker allows the kids to play music on their phones using wireless technology. That adds to the style and class that this device comes with in the market.

Also, it can carry weight loads of up to 100 kg. That makes it also a perfect hoverboard for family use as adults can use it conveniently. The long-lasting battery only requires a maximum of 3 hours to charge fully. You should ensure the battery is full before you start using this device.

Another exciting feature of this device is the speeds that it comes with, making it a great choice. It comes with 2 LED headlights that make it easy to use at night. That also adds to its safety, making it an excellent choice for protection. It comes with a charger that makes it easy to power when the battery dies.


  • ¬†Safety guaranteed
  • ¬†Long-lasting battery
  • ¬†Inbuilt automatic Bluetooth speaker
  • ¬†Front LED headlights

Why we liked it

The fact that this device can carry up to 100 kgs makes it unique. You can buy it for your kids, and they will find it efficient even as they grow and add weight.

6. Fluxx FX3 Hoverboard

It is important to find a device that has standard wheels for smooth rides. This product has 6.5″ wheels that assure you not only of safety but good grips. These wheels have anti-slip features that make them perfect for slippery surfaces guaranteeing users of maximum safety.

One of the best things to note about this hoverboard is its unique design. It comes with a unique design that is appealing to kids. Besides, it has the certification for quality, which can guarantee the safety you desire for your kids.

Also, it is fantastic for kids since most of them are learning the art of riding these devices. The self-balancing technique that it comes with is easy to switch into when training your kid. It helps them to learn how to control their weight and use it in finding the balance they need to ride without any support.

Another interesting thing to note about this device is that it can carry up to 220lbs. That makes it perfect not only for kids but also for teens and adults. That makes it giftable for kids. They will find it convenient even as they grow to teens.

Another thing you will love about this product is its performance. It comes with a super battery that can take you a distance of 4 miles. It has a comfortable speed of 7mph, that makes it great for beginners and in this case kids. It has high quality wheels making kids to a smooth ride as they are big and allow easy control.

It has stylish LED lights that make it classy. Kids will enjoy riding it as the LED lights make the whole experience fun-filled.


  • ¬†Suitable for kids and teens
  • ¬†High-quality wheels
  • ¬†Comfortable speed

Why we liked it

We loved this product because it combines safety and user-friendliness in one pack. The comfortable speed, high-quality tires, and safety certification are great features.

7. EPCTEK Hoverboard

It is the best hoverboard for kids that you can buy for your kids. It gives an unmatched performance with the several features that it comes with, making it a unique hoverboard. You can start by considering the components used in making it, and you will realize that there is no compromise on quality.

First, the rubber-made tires guarantee the rider’s safety. You can be sure that these tires will maintain a good grip on slippery surfaces, thus assuring the rider of safety. Also, the footpads encourage the rider to learn how to maintain balance at first.

There is a need for kids to learn how to maintain balance slowly. This hoverboard is the perfect device to use when learning this art. As amateurs, this self-balancing technology makes it easy to master riding hoverboards. It reduces the chances of getting involved in accidents as you learn how to move around with it.

Also, another thing to check out is the stylish design that this device features. It has inbuilt LED lights that make it convenient for riders to use it at night. The LED lights on the wheels make it look classy and unique, especially when in a crowd. Kids always love such hoverboards that make them stand out from a group.

Also, this hoverboard can hold heavier weights making it not only suitable for kids but also teens. If you are thinking about finding something your kids can use for years, this is the best hoverboard for kids. Also, all the components of this device have a quality guarantee after undergoing tests.


  • ¬†Self-balancing features
  • ¬†Stylish LED lights
  • ¬†Safe rubber tires
  • ¬†Good for all riders
  • ¬†Easy to control

Why we liked it

This device’s tires are of good quality, making it a suitable product to use. Therefore, we included it on this list because it is safe to use.


Buyers guide

Benefits of buying a hoverboard for your kid

The question that lingers in every parents’ mind is, are hoverboards for kids safe? Parents have constantly raised concerns about how safe hoverboards are. Their fears are true as there have been reports of explosions that have posed serious risks to children.

However, there is no need for parents to worry anymore. Manufacturers are now making sure that these products meet the required standards before they start selling them. Therefore, you can have some level of confidence for these products because of the safety guarantee.

However, if that is not convincing enough, here are more reasons to help you decide on the best thing to do.

It keeps kids active.

There are several changes compared to when we grew up. That is evident in the way kids get brought up nowadays. They no longer spend time playing outside with friends and getting dirty. Video games, television, and many more indoor kinds of stuff are the order of the day.

There are various impacts that this can have on kids, requiring you to find a quick solution. For instance, sitting all day indoors may affect both the physical and mental growth of your kid. Buying them a hoverboard will keep them outdoors since it is fun and exciting

It teaches new skills.

Riding on a hoverboard is an art that your child will learn step by step. The hoverboard is supportive of the learning process. It helps your kid master the skills and does most of the things by themselves in a short while.

Among the things that they will learn is using their weight to balance. Balancing on a hoverboard can be is not as easy as compared to bicycles or traditional scooters. Also, they will have to learn how to control muscles to get the right balance. These are skills that can positively impact on their physical health.

It develops independence

Your kid will develop a sense of independence when they start going out there with a device they can control. Also, playing with friends on hoverboards helps them interact and learn how to make decisions without your help.

Riding in the neighborhood makes them feel some control over their lives. However, you can keep them company if you need to check on their safety regularly. That is especially when they are starting to ride as amateurs.

Are hoverboards for kids safe?

Since hoverboards are a new trend in the market, many kids have them on their wish list. Therefore, they keep pushing parents to buy hoverboards for them so that they can play comfortably with other kids in the neighborhood.

However, as mentioned earlier, the question on every parent’s mind is, are hoverboards for kids safe? The safety of a hoverboard primarily depends on how much research you put into finding the best hoverboard. You must choose the best hoverboard for kids to keep them safe.

You should ensure that your background research focuses mainly on making sure that your kid is as safe as possible. The best thing to do here is to consider the child’s age. If they are younger than 9 years, experts advise that you find a device that comes with a handle. Mostly, the best hoverboard for kids will come with a detachable handle allowing you to choose how you would like to use it.

There are more ways to ensure that your kid remains safe always. More on the list of things to check are maximum speeds. Some hoverboards move at high speeds and those that run at lower speeds. You should ensure that the hoverboard you buy moves at 10 miles per hour or lower to guarantee your kid’s safety.

Also, big tires guarantee more safety than small tires. Nowadays, most tires come in a standard size of 6.5,” which is the right size for safety. Also, the material is usually rubber to ensure that there is a good grip on slippery grounds.

However, the best way to ensure your kid is safe is by getting them the best hoverboard for kids. Keeping an eye on how they operate the hoverboard and teaching them step-wise will contribute immensely to their safety. They will be good to go on their own as soon as you finish teaching them.

Safety tips for kids using hoverboards

To answer the question ‚Äėare hoverboards for kids safe,‚Äô we need to check some safety tips that parents can implement for their kid’s safety. Here are some things you should ensure before or during rides.

Ensure your kid has a helmet

It is always essential to get prepared with the necessary protective gear. For kids, parents bear the responsibility of ensuring that they are safe. The mandatory protective equipment that every kid should have is the helmet. Also, there are other protective gear for elbows and knees. Also ask yourself what is the best protective gear brand.

Falls are likely to occur when starting with hoverboards. There is a need to ensure you have the right gear to ensure that you remain safe even when you lose balance and fall. A helmet will ensure you do not break your neck or damage your brain in case of an accident.

Keep your kids away from traffic.

The best way to keep your kids safe is by ensuring they ride hoverboards at the right place. Safety is a priority, and public roads are not as safe for hoverboard riders. Mostly, hoverboard riders may not be visible by motorists from a safe distance hence posing severe risks.

Some states have issued bans on using hoverboards on roads. The safest place to ride a hoverboard is a park, a driveway, or outside your house. Use a car first if your desired area is far away, and reaching there requires that you use a public road.

Ensure it doesn’t overcharge

Charging hoverboards can be tricky as it requires the following of strict regulations. The first thing you need to ensure is that you do not overcharge the hoverboard. Kids can sometimes forget, and therefore, it is your work to ensure they do not kill the battery by overcharging it.

Also, you need to avoid charging it overnight, as this is the leading cause of dead batteries. The effects of damaging the cells are many. But most significant is that you will reduce the ability of the batteries to keep power. That affects the range that it can go without a recharge.

Do practice-runs with the kids.

The best way to get your kids to understand how hoverboards work is by encouraging them to practice. You should find the right place with a smooth surface to do practice runs and get the necessary experience. The best places to do this is either indoors or a park with a smooth surface and fewer people.

By practicing, kids learn several skills that can help them when they eventually begin riding outdoors. You can ensure that they learn how to stop, jump off, and turn. These skills will give them the confidence to ride in busy places when they eventually become ready.

Discourage kids from riding at night

What is the best action to prevent night hazards? Hoverboards are not safe to ride at night, especially for kids. The low visibility during this time not only affects motorists but even the riders. If a kid is riding at night, the probability that a motorist will see them is too low, and that is a high risk of getting involved in an accident.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to discourage them from night riding. If they should, then encourage them to wear bright clothing that will enable motorists to see them. You can also improvise a torch on the helmet to make it easy for the rider to know the way.

According to Alex from Tech Insider, there are few things every beginner should focus on

What to look for in a hoverboard

There are various ways you can decide on what is the best hoverboard for kids. Since parents are always asking, ‚ÄúAre hoverboards for kids safe?‚ÄĚ we compiled things that buyers can consider to find what is the best hoverboard for kids. Read on.

Keep the rider in mind.

The main thing that you should consider is who the rider is and whether there will be more than one. In this case, you may be buying a hoverboard just for your kid. Almost every hoverboard in the market is kid-friendly when it comes to weight.

However, this is different when choosing a hoverboard that may get shared by many people. If adults will also use the hoverboard, ensure you find one that can carry up to 100kgs.

Maximum speed

Hoverboards do not look like high-speed devices; however, they depend on the type you buy. There are various speed levels that a hoverboard can support. Most high-speed hoverboards are unsuitable for kids since they can lose control.

Therefore, it is best to ensure that the device has comfortable speed. A speed of 10 miles per hour and below is suitable for kids. That will help the kid to control the hoverboard during emergencies.


Hoverboards come with various features that make them work as efficiently as they do. However, that does not come at low prices as buyers have to pay considerable sums to get them. What is the best price? There are things you should consider when looking at cost as a factor.

First, most pricey models are suitable for professional use because they come with better features than other models. It is best to avoid such models because you are purchasing for a kid. However, you also need to be careful not to compromise quality when saving money. Make sure the hoverboard has the right features and fits your budget.

Charging time

You should consider hoverboards that do not take almost a whole day to charge. Convenience is as essential as efficiency. Kids are not always patient, and they could be throwing tantrums without understanding the necessity of charging the device.

The best hoverboard for kids takes 5 hours at maximum to charge fully. Also, check the battery quality to ensure it can remain powered for a long time.

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