Best Inokim Electric Scooters Review

Last updated 18. May 2021

An electric scooter is a great way to get around without having to expend too much energy or effort. The right scooter can help to simplify your commute, make getting around easier, and they are just plain fun. All that being said, the right scooter does make a difference. While you might imagine that all electric scooters are created equally, that is simply not the case. All scooters are different and the INOKIM brand is a fantastic place to start. Taking the time to find the right scooter for your needs and to determine which is going to work best for you can make a big difference. We have collected information about some great INOKIM electric scooters and a few INOKIM scooter review options that can help you to make up your mind about what is going to work best for you and your individual needs.

Inokim Electric Scooter Review


A fantastic scooter to start with from the INOKIM brand is the INOKIM OxO. This is the larger version of the OX scooter and it does have that added power. It has an impressive 60V 26Ah battery that is going to let you go up to 50 miles in some cases but more realistically 36 miles in range. It has pneumatic tires and adjustable suspension so you can adjust your scooter to your particular ride for the best overall ride possible. This is a great scooter for both off-roading on the weekends of commuting in the city or towns during the week.
It comes with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes so that you can stop in any possible condition for added safety. This scooter also has LED lights on both the front and the back to help make sure that you are visible while you are riding. This is a fantastic all around scooter that is going to check a ton of different boxes and work for a number of different riders. You can also get an optional charger that is a fast charger that can cut your overall charging time by 60-70%.

Pros and Specs of Inokim OxO:
Max Speed: 40mph

Max Range: 36 miles
Weight Limit: 265lbs
Adjustable front and rear suspension
Thumb Throttle Display


This scooter is built to last and built to deliver power and range within a compact and stylish scooter. It has excellent control, design and power and is a smaller version of the larger Inokim OX scooter. It comes with a super quiet 1000W brushless motor that helps you get up to 40 mph on the road. The battery is larger than most, it is a 60V 26AH battery that can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge. The tires are pneumatic and the suspension is fully adjustable so you can customize it to the trip that you are taking. The INOKIM OxO is a great option if you do commute or you are driving around the city and customizing your journey can make things more comfortable for you.
The deck is also large so you are not going to feel like you are falling off when you stand and this model comes with a thumb throttle for ease of acceleration. Not only is performance superior, this scooter also folds up in five seconds or less and only weight 74lbs, this is a bit larger than some scooters but that is because of the extra power. This scooter comes with rear and front hydraulic disc brakes so you can be sure your scooter is going to be able to stop when you need it to and it does come with front and rear LED lights to increase your overall visibility. This scooter comes with a fast charger so that you can reduce your charging time by up to 70% making this an ideal scooter for your inner-city commute.

Pros and Specs of Inokim OX:
Max Speed: 40mph
Max Range: 36 miles
Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
Adjustable front and rear suspension
Front and rear hydraulic brakes

3. INOKIM Quick 4

This is another great Inokim scooter, this scooter is going to deliver tons of power in a compact little scooter. It comes with a 52V 16Ah battery that has a range of up to 40 miles and that fully charges within 8 hours. It also has a rear motor that is a 600W motor that can help you get up to 25mph top speed. The INOKIM Quick 4 folds up in seconds and is only 47lbs, so it is perfect for those that might commute on the train or the bus and need a compact scooter that they can fold up and take on public transit with them. This scooter is also designed to be durable and to last so it is going to be a great investment.
The INOKIM Quick 4 also comes with a dual damper suspension and air filled tires that are 10 inches to help make your ride smooth and to make this a very versatile scooter. You are not limited to just smooth streets, you can take this scooter off road if you need to and the tires and suspension will help to make the ride smoother and more comfortable. The brakes are dual drum brakes that are going to help you stop on a dime and keep you safe no matter where you are riding. This scooter also comes with a super wide deck so you can feel safe and secure even if you are holding something or you are carrying a load. It comes with front and rear lights and is a great overall scooter. This model has been around since 2011 and has just gotten better with age.

Pros and Specs of Inokim Quick 4:
Max Speed: 25 mph
Max Range: 40 miles
Weight Capacity: 265lbs
Only 47lbs and easy to carry
Super wide deck for ease of riding

4. INOKIM Quick 3

This is another fantastic scooter from the Inokim brand. This is a smaller scooter that is going to be great for commuting and that is going to make your ride easy and fun. The INOKIM Quick 3 comes with 10” tires that are air filled so they help to cushion your ride and make the road seem less difficult. They have great road grip and stability so that you are going to feel secure and safe while driving. They have a front V braking system and classic rear disc brakes that are going to help you stop quickly and stop no matter what you are dealing with. This is a scooter that is designed to be a smooth ride and a fun ride at that as well.
This is a great scooter if you want something compact and small but you do not want to give up power and versatility. This scooter weighs only 36lbs and is great for convenient carry and for taking on the bus or the train or just putting it into your trunk for easy transport. It also has a high transport weight, up to 265 lbs. The INOKIM Quick 3 also has a great deck that is going to allow you to feel safe and secure while riding. This is a perfect scooter if you want something that is small and easy to transport but that is not going to be super hard to maneuver and get around. This is a great scooter for city travel or for going on short trips. The battery charges in about 7 hours. It has a 36V 13Ah battery that is going to get you excellent range and a great ride.

Pros and Specs of Inokim Quick 3:
Max Speed: 19 mph
Max Range: 25 miles
Weight Capacity: 265lbs
Quick charge in 7 hours
Super lightweight, under 40lbs

5. INOKIM Light 2

For those that want a fantastic scooter that is going to rise to the challenge and work well for all drivers, the Inokim Light 2 is a wonderful choice. This scooter is aesthetically pleasing and powerful with a 350W motor that can get you up to 21 mph at top speed. The battery is a 10.4Ah high efficiency battery that can get you up to 20 miles. This is a great battery that is also a fast charge with a full charge in as little as 4 hours. The INOKIM Light 2 has dual drum brakes for fantastic stopping power so that you can be safe no matter where you are riding. This is a great sporty little scooter that is going to be efficient and that is going to still look great doing it. This is not an ideal scooter for a long commute or for a very arduous trip as it is not designed for off road or for very long journeys.
The INOKIM Light 2 comes with front and rear lights and consistent acceleration that is going to help you get to those speeds that you want without having to struggle or put in too much effort. This is a great scooter if you want something simple that is going to get you to and from on your short commute. It only weighs 30lbs and it is an easy to cold scooter that you can take with you on the train or on the bus It has pneumatic tires so your ride is going to be smooth and easy to traverse and it also gets up to 20 miles on one charge so you can take small commutes with it.

Pros and Specs of Light 2:
Max Speed: 21 mph
Max Range: 15-20 miles
Weight Capacity: 220lbs
Consistent acceleration
Super lightweight and compact, only 30lbs

6. INOKIM Mini 2

Another great compact scooter is the Inokim Mini 2. This is a super small scooter that only weighs 23lbs total. This scooter has a 250W motor in the base model and you can get up to 450W peak. This scooter also comes with a 36V 7.8Ah battery that gets around 10 miles in estimated range. This is a great little scooter if you do not have very far to go and you are not in need of a huge range. The INOKIM Mini 2 can get up to 15 miles per hour when maxed out and is optimal for short trips on very easy or simple trips. This is an absolutely great little compact scooter that would even be well suited for kids or for people that might not have a ton of experience with electric scooters.
The INOKIM Mini 2does have a weight limit of only 165lbs. It has a rear hamper suspension system, 6 inch front air wheel and solid back wheels, and front electric brakes with rear step on brakes. This is not a scooter that you are going to be driving for long periods of time or at night, but it is a great little day commute scooter. It does not have any lights but it does has reflective stickers. This is a great scooter if you are a beginner, you are not looking for a scooter that is going to do a ton, but you still want a scooter that is going to get you from one place to another. This is an easy choice that is great for city drives that are not long or difficult.

Pros and Specs of Mini 2:
Max Speed: 15 mph
Max Range: 10 miles
Weight Capacity: 165lbs
Very lightweight, only 23lbs
Well suited for beginners

Where to Buy INOKIM Electric Scooters?

You can purchase Inokim electric scooters at a variety of different retailers. You can purchase them directly from the Fluid FreeRide site. This site will allow you to have the scooter shipped directly to your home, they also offer a limited one year warranty on most scooters as well as running deals and coupons so that you can get more for your buck. You can purchase some great accessories for your scooter from the site as well that can also be shipped to your house. These scooters are a great option and ordering from the site is one of the best ways to get the scooter that you want and need without having to worry about shopping in person getting your scooter and bringing it home.

INOKIM Accessories

Inokim also has a range of accessories that you can use to help make your scooter more comfortable, to customize it, or to just get it to the place where you want it to be. First off, they offer a great foldable lock that can help to keep your scooter secure and make sure that it cannot be used if it is stolen. This is a wonderful option if you are going to be taking your scooter with you to work or you have to store it in a communal space. You might also like the scooter seat attachment. This seat attaches to the deck of your scooter and creates a great seat where you can relax and ride rather than having to stand. This is a perfect option if you have a long ride or commute or if you just do not feel secure riding standing.
Inokim also offers a great carry bag that makes transporting your scooter to and from and storing it far simpler. This is especially helpful for those larger scooters from the brand that do not have built in handles. It can also make for a great way to store your scooter and keep it from getting dirty or dusty. They also have carry pouches that you can attach to your scooter to help carry your items. You can also get handle straps, carry backpacks and cup holders. If you are looking to up your visibility you can get lights that you attach to your scooter and you can also get helmets to help make sure that you are safe when riding your scooter. Inokim also offers a basket that can be attached to the front of your scooter to help make carrying your items easier and safer during your commute.


A great scooter can make a huge difference in how easy it is to commute and how much you enjoy riding. Though it may be tempting to opt for the first scooter that you see, it is always better to take your time and really look at what options you have. Inokim is a great and reliable brand that has been creating scooters for years and that creates some truly superior electric scooter options. With the right scooter you can get to work, you can have a fun time on the town, or you can even go off road. The trick is to take the time to find the scooter that is going to work for you, that is going to meet all your needs and that is going to be your best value for the money and for what you are expecting from your scooter.

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