Top 14 Best Pro Scooter Collar Clamps

Last updated 23. June 2022

More people are continuously taking up scooting either for recreational purposes or as a professional sporting activity in the past couple of years. Whether you are in the pro riders category or a hobbyist, a new scooter collar clamp can take your scooter riding to a whole new level.

Collar clamps put the scooter bars in place and help spread the pressure your weight puts on the bars when performing tricks. Besides, scooter clamps help you stay higher above the bars, which improves the experience.

If you are thinking of building custom scooters from down up, you will need to source a reliable and quality pro scooter collar clamp for an effective system. The market offers different clamps of different quality and sizes.

As such, choosing the right clamp for your scooter is fairly difficult. You will need to consider various aspects like the clamp’s quality, durability, convenience, and compatibility.

To help you in this tedious task, we have identified the best pro scooter collar clamps in the market and combined them into a guide that details everything you need to know about top scooter clamps 2021.

Let’s get started, shall we?

View 14 Best Pro Scooter Collar Clamps

1. VOKUL K1 Pro Scooter Hardware Accessories Parts

Vokul is a popular brand that designs and produces high-quality scooter parts. This three-in-one vokul Bzit k1 k2 PRO scooter package comprises an original K1 scooter brake, scooter clamp, and a scooter headset.

The scooter brake is made from steel, which makes it strong enough to withstand pressure from frequent and powerful impacts. This brake system’s solid build will ensure that you have a smooth and uninterrupted ride free from screeching and crunching.

The scooter clamp is a triple bolt version, which makes it very strong, stable, and secure. Additionally, the clamp is made of forged aircraft aluminum through CNC processing, making it very light yet strong and sturdy.

Finally, the headset is an original design of vokul, featuring a solid build that ensures a smooth ride and uninterrupted turns. It also integrates a normal design to fit in the folk of a HIC system.


  • The scooter brake is made of Mn-Steel, making it solid and durable
  • The clamp is made of aluminum, featuring triple model, sturdy and durable
  • The innovative headset ensures smooth rides

2. Z-FIRST Pro Stunt Scooter Clamp for HIC System

Z-FIRST Pro Stunt Scooter Clamp is a quad clamp version with four bolts sticking 5mm from the edge. This clamp one of the strongest in the market, thanks to the quad bolt system. The built guarantees a safe, fun, and secure ride all through.

While still effective for beginners, this clamping system is highly preferred by pro scooters in advanced level sports. The sturdy and solid aluminum build ensures that the pro rider gets a smooth ride and feels safe and secure to perform stunts without worrying that the scooter might break upon a powerful landing.


  • Height 70mm
  • Four-bolt system
  • compatible with 31.8 mm Bars and HIC system
  • features 6063-T6 Aluminum and CNC processing

3. Liberty Pro Scooters – aXis SCS Compression Clamp

This is a product from the collection of Liberty pro scooters. The clamp features an axis compression design that gives this product a strong, sturdy and very effective clamp system that allows you to bind your forks and bars to the system with ease.

If you are a scooter enthusiast, you probably know the aspect of the more bolts more power for your clamping system. The quad bolt version is one of the major features that make this clamp desirable to many people. It produces a very strong and reliable system with the ability to support heavy riders and resist powerful impacts.

The four bolts are fitted at 6mm from the edge, which provides larger threads that further promote clamping strength. If you are looking for an extra powerful and highly secure clamping system, the aXis SCS compression clamp should be on your list!


  • For SCS compression system
  • Quad clamp version
  • 6mm compression bolts

4. AIR SCS – Pro Scooter Clamps

Root industries recently produced this quality, lightweight, and very effective AIR SCS pro scooter clamp. The air SCS design gives this product a striking style while emphasizing the quality and effectiveness all-in-one.

The product features a compact built that makes it lightweight and efficient. Whether you want a street dub scooter or a pro rider looking for a light but strong and highly effective clamp for your scooter, the AIR SCS will serve all your scooting needs in any setting.  Besides, it comes in a variety of eye-catching colors to suit your color scheme.

This clamp is perfect for individuals who desire no-so heavy but strong and effective clamp for their lucky scooters. Even better, the AIR SCS is very easy to install and provides a quality compact and solid compression with very minimal maintenance.


  • 6mm compression bolts
  • Stands at 3mm
  • weight 9.1 ounces
  • Compatible with standardized and oversized bars
  • 90-day manufacturer’s warranty

5. Root Industries Air Scooter Clamps

Root Industries is offering its lightweight and durable air scooter clamps with a slick and attractive design. The double clamp system requires a simple installation that eliminates the need for lengthy swap-out procedures.

The air scooter clamps have a guaranteed 90-day manufacturer’s warranty, which shows the manufacturer’s trust in the products. Furthermore, its construction features aircraft-grade aluminum that’s lightweight and sturdy enough to withstand prolonged use.

These clamps are also laser-etched for improved precision and effectiveness. Root industries ship these scooter clamps in various colors to match perfectly with your board.


  • SCS and IHC forks compatibility 
  • 1.5 inches height
  • HIC compression compatibility
  • Weighs 4.8 ounces

6. 5/8″ Bore OD 1-5/16″ Shaft Collars Double Split Black Oxide Set Screw Style 4Pcs

This double split shaft collar, also known as the two-piece shaft collar, features a minimalist and easy-to-install design. The convenient clamp is similar to the single split shaft collar but with additional features that make it more flexible and highly convenient. It is created using carbon steel with a black oxide finish to counter the effects of corrosion.

This scooter collar clamp comes into two halves, which makes the installation and maintenance straightforward. When perfectly installed, the two-piece clamp on the two collars locks perfectly around the shaft, enhancing its holding power during your scooting venture.


  • Made from carbon steel featuring a black oxide finish
  • 4Pcs Shaft Collar
  • Double Split Black Oxide Set Screw Style

7. Proto Sentinel SCS Silver

After eight years of successfully delivering pro scooter parts, PROTO Company recently introduced the proto sentinel SCS silver. It is a modified but improved version of the world’s oldest and most popular SCS compression system. Proto Sentinel is the latest and technically the most advanced compression system ever produced.

Standing at 3.5inches, the clamp provides a sufficient length of 2 inches of handlebar support than a standard 3-inch SCS.  Besides, it provides the most effective compression system because it compresses the folks and bars separately, unlike different compression types like HIC and ICS, which compresses the folk and bar at the same time.

The larger 8mm bolts and 6mm Allen drive allows for firm tightening to produce a perfectly tightened system free from the risk of snapping. The spreader bold is also a unique feature to the proto sentinel SCS, which allows for easy installation and dissembling.


  • Features 6061 series aluminum
  • Compatible with standard outer diameter bar with no slit
  • Kit includes SCS BOLT CLAMP, four bolts, compression cap, shim, and star nut bolt
  • 3.5 inches height
  • raises bars between 1.5 – 2 inches


Ethic takes great pride in studying their scooters’ riding needs and design parts that bests satisfy these needs. As part of their mission, Ethic has discovered the Ethic DTC CLAMP SYLPHE Black, a minimalist design that perfectly balances weight and power.

This is a last-generation clamp, the only one in the market to be created using 7075 Alloy Aluminum and weighing just 39g. The design also features two 6mm M8 screws that give extra tightening power.

Being a double version clamp, its power can be relatively lower compared to other triple or quad versions. However, the two M8 bolts enhance its holding power making it fairly secure.


  • Weighs 39g
  • Made from 7075 Alloy
  • Double version clamp
  • Two 6mm M8 screws

9.Liberty Diamond 2 Bolt Oversized Scooter Clamp

 Liberty Pro Scooter supply has introduced yet another high-quality, durable, and reliable scooter clamp that should be on your upgrade list. The clamp stands at 40mm high, a perfect height needed to install and secure your HIC compression.

Additionally, it is constructed using exceptionally strong 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, which renders it one of the strongest and toughest clamps you can get. They are also relatively more durable compared to many other similar clamps.

Customers who have purchased this product have also appreciated its amazing appearance, multiple colors, and how incredibly easy it is to install and dissemble.

You cannot miss out on the delightful scooting experience of a Liberty Diamond 2 Bolt Oversized Scooter Clamp!


  • Heavy-duty M8 bolts for a solid firm system
  • Compatible with both standardized and oversized HIC bars
  • Solid 6061 aircraft Aluminum

10. Apex IHC- HIC Conversion Kit

Apex is offering their latest IHC to HIC conversion kit that makes it possible to run oversized bars on IHC forks. The conversion kit includes a high tensile shim and a double clamp equipped with two M6 bolts.

These provide the required clamping power onto the HiC bars. The kit is made of high-impact aluminum that can accommodate sturdy and lightweight. This conversion kit works perfectly with all popular HiC bard and IHC forks, but it will not work with mini HiC bars.


  • HIC and IHC compatibility
  • Made from durable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Compatible with Fasen and Envy forks

11. Apex HIC Mono Clamp Kit

Apex has created a reputation in the scooter industry for offering quality parts, and theirHIC clamp kit lives up to this promise. The CNC-milled double clamp offers enough clamping power on a single M8 bolt. This offers high tensile capabilities to hold your scooter bars tightened to the forks. The HIC clamp kit works with HIC or oversized bars, but it’s not compatible with standard bars.

The kit is powder-coated to prevent corrosion, and it has an Allen key design for quick assembly.  At only 2 ounces, this compression system offers enough clamping power in the single bolt for the best performance. 


  • HIC compatible
  • CNC-milled aluminum for extreme endurance
  • Compatible with oversized bars  

12. Ethic Aluminum Clamp – Standard

Ethics provides a minimalist, extremely easy to use, install and maintain clamp. Ethic designed this convenient clamp to serve the scooting needs of individuals who scoot on the streets and the park.

Don’t be put off by the simple structure of the ethic aluminum camp, as it performs better than most other standard clamps in the market. This can be attributed to the design, which is extremely lightweight but strong.

What’s more, it fits with steel inserts that ensure a tight bike-style grip preventing the clamp from stripping. The m8 bolts are also relatively stronger than 6mm bolts in standard systems. This clamp is made to be used with either HIC, ICS, or threaded compression systems. However, the ethical aluminum clamp is only compatible with slitted bars, which can significantly compromise its clamping power.


  • Features 6082 aluminum alloy
  • only compatible with slitted bars
  • M8 bold for a powerful torque

13. Envy 4 Bolt SCS Standard

Envy has a proven track record of providing robust and affordable products, including theEnvy 4-bolt standard SCS clamp. This clamp fits all standard-sized bars but is only compatible with SCS. It has a flared-out design at the bottom, allowing it to sit flush upon assembly. 

This clamp also comes with an SCS adapter that cancels the slit’s function in a standard scooter bar to use SCS compression. This clamp is made of CNC’d 6061 durable aluminum, while the anodized black coating prevents exposure to the elements and corrosion.

The SCS adapter is only compatible with standard bars measuring 1 1. Inches. This eliminates the need to cut the bars down to fit the clamps. 


  • Anodized black coating
  • Fits1.125 inches diameter standard bars
  • SCS compatible adapter included

14. Apex SCS V3

Apex compression SCS V3 replaces the lock nuts on a standard threaded fork with a threadless design and a threadless headset. The SCS V3 is one of the lightest compression shims in the market currently, thanks to the all-aluminum build while still offering high clamping power.

The center cap is both durable and sturdy enough to withstand prolonged use and is held in place by 4 M6 bolts with the alloy shim preventing unnecessary movements. This kit has a black anodized coating to prevent corrosion. 


  • 78 mm peak height
  • ICS and SCS compatible
  • It weighs only 250 grams
  • Black anodized coating

What does a scooter clamp do?

The clamp holds the bars tight together and absorbs the pressure applied on them by the feet, preventing the scooter from loosening or snapping during a ride. It “clamps” together and keeps the bar and fork of your scooter clutched tightly after a landing impact. A scooter can either be single, double, triple, or quad, depending on the number of bolts it incorporates.

The bars are designed to fit perfectly with the clump such that if the bar is designed for a double clamp, the clamp should also be a double. By using a different version, whether a single or a multiple clamp, you could destroy the bar and risk getting in an accident when riding.

Generally, pro scooter clamps come in two basic sizes, a standard internal diameter of 31.9 mm for most steel bars diameter and an oversized 34.9mm for larger steel and alloy bars. Some oversized 34.9mm clamps incorporate a SHIM, a small tube fit inside the clamp to reduce the inner diameter to 31.9 mm. However, some clamps come with an inbuilt SCS that acts as both the compression system and the clamp.

But your clamp does not always need to match your scooter brand. So, don’t worry that your local store does not stock that particular clump that you want. All you need to do is to ensure that you purchase a clump that matches the width of the handlebars of your scooter.

You should also be very cautious with making sure that the clump is tightened very firmly to avoid a wheel-set off while scooting. You might consider tightening your clump after tightening your compression system. Some pro scooters even prefer using more than one clump for more impact resistance. However, you should feel pretty secure if you tighten the clump properly.

What is the lightest scooter clamp?

The lightest SCS compression available in the market today is the Apex SCS V3. This quality and light scooter clamp stands at 78mm and weighs just 8.6 ounces. It is a product of Apex pro and is meticulously designed and manufactured using the lightest and finest material to give you optimum performance.

It comes with 4x 5mm bolts and 1x 5mm compression bolt, an alloy shim to run standard bars, and a 1 x Volcano Centre Cap.

Apex pro initially designed the SCS V3 to run SCS compression but is also compatible with ICS. The freestyle kick scooter clamp is compatible with standard handles and can also be used with outsized bars when the shim is removed. This clamp also has an incredible clumping power, ranking higher than most similar clamps in the market

However, it is worth noting that while the APEX SCS may be compatible with most setups, you might consider making some adjustments to the handlebars or folks of your scooter, depending on what your current setup is.

For example, when using the APEX SCS with a longer fork, you will be required to cut down the fork to match the height of the APEX shim to ensure that the clump fits properly for a perfect grip.

What is the best compression for the scooter?

The best compression for the the scooter is Standard Compression System (SCS).
Scooter compression refers to how mechanically the handlebars, folk, and the lightweight alloy deck fit together on your pro scooter.  A compression system fastens the fork to the deck, ensuring that the folk moves smoothly. For an effectively functioning scooter, all these mechanics have to fit perfectly together so that they move smoothly and in unison.

There are many types of scooter compression, but the three most popular used with pro scooters are:

  • SCS (Standard Compression System)
  • HIC (Hidden Internal Compression)
  • ICS (Internal/Inverted Compression System)

Among these three compression types, the Standard Compression System (SCS) is considered the strongest and most effective. The SCS is an original design of Andrew Broussard, the founder, and owner of Proto scooters.

However, in recent years, multiple other companies have borrowed and adopted Broussard’s ISC design. The SCS combines the clamp and compression system and is very common among street riders who prioritize extra-strong scooters that can absorb frequent and brutal impacts.

What makes the SCS the most effective compression system?

The first and perhaps the best part is that SCS is super strong. It produces a firm and secure compression system. The lower part of the handlebars slides into the upper part of the clamp and thus cannot be used on slitted handlebars. This feature further contributes significantly to its superior strength. While scooting on ISC, you never have to think or worry about your bars loosening or snapping.

While the SCS is the strongest compression system you will get, it is also the heaviest. Sometimes, this can be disadvantageous for pro scooters who are conscious about the weight of their pro scooters and desire very light pro scooters. However, when choosing between the three options, the SCS is the strongest, secure, most effective, and good-looking compression system you will get.

Is HIC and IHC the same?

HIC and IHC are not the same.
It is not uncommon for individuals, including pro scooter riders, to get confused when differentiating and choosing between the HIC and the IHC compression systems. While closely related, the two compression systems also have a couple of aspects that set them apart.

So, let’s get detailed and break down differences between these two compressions, the mechanics, how they function and delve into each system’s pros and cons.

The HIC (hidden internal compression system) is one of the simplest and oldest designs alongside threaded to evolve from scootering. HIC has progressively evolved from this first design but also managed to remain in the market for many years for one major reason. It is very effective.

HIC system works with oversized bars with a slit at the bottom. The system requires a shim with an outside diameter of 32mm to work. The shim is put over the fork steerer, and the headset is tightened with a compression bolt.

The basic HIC system is fairly inexpensive, but the oversized bars and clamp can render it more expensive and heavier than the ICS. Still, the HIC system is very stable and reliable for exploring new tricks.

On the other hand, the IHC (Internal Hidden Compression) system is a modified and lighter version of the HIC system developed by the Envy/Blunt Scooter brand. It is the latest and most popular compression system available in the market. IHC resembles the HIC in most features but with some notable differences.

The IHC system is made for standard steel bars with slits but can also work well with oversized Aluminum bars. Also, IHC uses a fork with a thinner shaft to allows the standardized bars to fit into the compression film, unlike the HIC. The IHC also differs from HIC in one important aspect; it is compatible with standard-sized steel bars with an inner diameter of 28.7mm.

IHC is not expensive and is lighter than the HIC and most other compression systems. Most young riders looking for something simple, reliable, and strong scooter system usually go for the IHC.

However, with slitted bars, the strength of the scooter can be compromised and with a likelihood to break when used by heavy riders. Also, IHC functions with standardized bars, making it quite difficult to replace the compression kit.

How to install SCS compression

If you are using SCS compression, the installation process can be tricky if no one has shown you how to do it right. Here’s are the tools and instructions required to install SCS compression.

Tools Required

  1. T-handle Allen key wrenches (5mm- 10mm)
  2. SCS compression kit (clamp bolts, compression bolt, compression cap, and a shim)


  1. Ensure that the bars don’t have slits and are cut to the proper height taking into considerations that SCS clamps add around 2 inches of height. 
  2. Remove the clamp bolts and expand the clamp slightly to fit each of the bars.
  3. Insert the compression cap inside the clamp such that it rests about halfway down the narrower opening of the clamp.
  4. Skip the bar shim if you are using oversized bars. If you are using standard bars, remember to install the bar shim into the top end of the clamp, making sure that the slits align properly.
  5. Place the compression bolt into the compression cap and use the  T-handle Allen key wrench to thread it into the fork threads but avoid tightening it fully. 
  6. Fix the bar into the top end of the clamp and apply machine grease to the clamp bolts.
  7. Check the alignment of the fork, bars, and clamp before threading the greased clamp bolts. Take care to apply minimal pressure on each bolt before moving on to the next one to prevent stripping any aluminum threads on the clamp.

How to install HIC compression

HIC compression is one of the most innovate freestyle kick scooter components in the market today. It’s the lightest and most efficient compression system. Here’s is the HIC compression installation process.

Tools required

  1. HIC compression kit (oversized clamp, HIC shim, and compression bolt)
  2. T-handle Allen key wrenches (various sizes)


  1. Slip the compression bolt through the closed end of the HIC shim.
  2. If the HIC compression kit doesn’t have a closed-end shim, then you will require a standard compression cap that comes with the threadless headset. In such a case, simply run the compression bolt into the compression cap and place the cap on the shim.
  3. Ensure that the headtube is correctly positioned with the fork so that the lower headset and the fork’s race are correctly seated.
  4. Lower the HIC shim and the compression bolt on to the fork and carefully thread it. 
  5. Gently tighten the compression bolt but don’t tighten too much as it will prevent the headset from spinning.
  6. Remove the bolts from the oversized HIC clamp and expand it slightly.
  7. Align the slit on the clamp to the slit on your bars and slip the HIC clamp on to the bars.
  8. Ensure that the bottom of the bars is sitting flush with the bottom of the clamp.
  9. Place the bars now equipped with the clamp on to the shim so that the bars and clamp fit all the way down to the headset. If the shim has a lip, ensure that the clamp sits at the bottom of the shim. 
  10. Install the clamp bolts loosely before aligning the bars and using the T-handle Allen key wrench to tighten the clamp bolts gently. Tighten each bolt a  little at a time before moving on t the next one to prevent binding or stripping the threads on the clamp. This can be made more comfortable by applying machine grease to the threads on the clamp bolts. 
  11. Ensure that the HIC system is fully locked down without slippage before taking the scooter out for a test.


A scooter collar clamp is a vital part of your scooter’s system. It helps hold the handlebars tight together to the threaded folk giving you a solid and secure ride. It also allows you the opportunity to customize and modify the scooter and accentuate your personal style.

Whether you are looking to build a new scooter from down up, a replacement, or an upgrade pro collar scooter clamp, purpose to get the one that matches your color theme and, most importantly, your scooting needs.

Take your scooting experience to the next level by choosing the best pro scooter collar clamp today!

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