5 Best Scuba Regulators in 2022

Last updated 22. March 2022

There is no diving gear that is more important than the scuba regulator. This is the exact piece of equipment that is considered your one and only lifeline underwater. It’s the one thing that connects you to your air supply that comes from your gas cylinder.

Therefore, if you have a faulty scuba regulator, then your whole underwater adventure could be in jeopardy! When searching for a new regulator, you should do so with τηε utmost care. Also, ensure to check how it works before going on longer expeditions.

Choosing a reliable scuba regulator can be the line between a successful and failed diving trip. You should choose a regulator that has had success rates among many divers and continues to do so. After all, your life will be literally depending on this piece of gear when you are exploring the ocean depths.

The scuba regulator will help keep you alive in an environment that you weren’t designed to survive in. This is quite a bit of responsibility for a small piece of gear, that’s why it’s important to choose only the best regulator you can.

This is exactly why we have created a compact list of only the most ideal scuba regulators that are out available for purchase today!

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1. Hanperal 145 PSI Explorer Scuba Diving

Hanperal 145 PSI Explorer Scuba Diving

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With its bright color scheme, there is no way that the Hanperal will get lost within your belongings. There’s also no way your buddies will lose sight of you underwater! The silicone mouthpiece fits snuggly over your mouth and will allow for easy air access while you are diving. The under-chin exhaust system will direct all bubbles to the sides to ensure that your vision is always clear.

When exploring the deep ocean, you always need to be on alert. Bubbles shouldn’t be getting in your way with this scuba regulator. The regulator itself has been designed to give you the perfect balance when breathing. A smooth inhalation and exhalation are guaranteed from this regulator made by Hanperal. If you regularly cleanse and rinse this scuba regulator and adjust it to your needs, it should last you for a good long while.

+ Directs bubbles to sides
+ Bright color
+ Low-pressure hose
+ Easy inhalation & exhalation
+ Silicone mouthpiece

Why we like it – The Hanperal, when adjusted accordingly, will give you a fantastic performance underwater. You will have no air free flow issues, and the regulator itself can be disassembled very easily for when you need to rinse and clean it more thoroughly.

2. Cressi XS Compact AC2 Regulator

Cressi XS Compact AC2 Regulator

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Cressi’s scuba regulator has been praised by many customers thanks to how exceptionally comfortable it is. It’s also a very durable and reliable regulator, many customers report to have been using for 20+ dives without any incidents or free flow accidents.

If you are looking for somewhere where you can invest money and get a quality working product in return, then the Cressi is a fantastic candidate to go for. You can go as deep as 100ft and safely enjoy the air coming from your tank.

Whether you like to go on quick diving trips or longer expeditions (2 hrs and above) the Cressi Scuba Regulator can take you from point A to point B, no matter the duration of your trip. The best feature of this regulator, however, is its ability to provide you with fresh air while keeping your jaw snug and cozy. Many drivers who have invested in this regulator praise the Cressi for its snug fit, not leaving you with a hurting jaw after each dive.

+ Snug fit
+ Easy to adjust
+ Lightweight
+ Robust build
+ Tested & Certified

Why we like it – Cressi’s scuba regulator has shown extreme potential both in prolonged dives and during deep diving expeditions. Whichever one you consider yourself to be a part of, you can rest assured that this regulator will accompany and service you faithfully wherever you dive.

3. Cressi AC2/XS2, complete regulator

Cressi AC2/XS2, complete regulator

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Cressi is an Italian brand that is focused solely on providing quality snorkeling and swimming gear for any enthusiast out there that wants to spend more time in the ocean. This means that when buying from such a focused brand, you can only expect the best service that it can provide in its niche.

All of their gear is also naturally made in Italy, and this scuba regulator, like all of their equipment, has been made and manufactured with non-corrosive material that has impressive longevity.

When buying this regulator, you will also be presented with a cozy mouthpiece that won’t provide you with any trouble when diving. It has been made with the thought of giving you the most comfortable experience. After all, you don’t want an uncomfortable mouthpiece to gnaw at you and ruin your dive. This regulator has been held in high regard thanks to its high-performance during long underwater trips.

+ Comes with manual
+ Made with non-corrosive material
+ Long-lasting build
+ Cozy mouthpiece
+ Reliable & high-performing

Why we like it – The scuba regulator will come within a box that will also give you an owner’s manual. Most regulators expect you to know how to use them from the get-go. However, each regulator is different and requires a small guide to get to know it enough to trust it while diving.

4. Cressi Sub Elipse Titanium Scuba Regulators

Cressi Sub Elipse Titanium Scuba Regulators

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Here we have our last Cressi representative, and this scuba regulator, in particular, is equipped with a new valve design. They have also taken feedback from customers into regard and reduced the mechanical friction that was present in their previous models. The modular component itself can be easily replaced if the need to do so arises. The titanium inserts also ensure a sturdy non-rusting build that every regulator should have.

With this scuba regulator, you will have consistent airflow at all kinds of depths. Thanks to the new and improved high-flow design, all tank pressures remain insured. The most revolutionary change within this scuba regulator, however, is something else. It features a new elliptical design that enables you to use a bigger diaphragm. This, in turn, allows you to breathe with much less effort than usual.

+ Great precision
+ Strong & Versatile
+ Superior stainless steel
+ Reliable locking mechanism
+ Thick blade

Why we like it – Breathing underwater is hard enough as it is; thanks to the new elliptical design, Cressi allows you to breathe underwater with way less effort than before.

5. Mares MV Octopus Diving Regulator

Mares MV Octopus Diving Regulator

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The Mares scuba regulator is one of the only regulators you will find on the market that features only the bare essentials. If you are too overwhelmed with all the accessories that other companies are offering you, the Mares can be the ideal choice for you and your diving adventures.

It’s compact and doesn’t overwhelm you with features that you will never use. Mares has ensured that thanks to its minimalistic design, the extra money will be invested to make this regulator as durable as possible. That’s why it has the ultimate resistance to abrasion and rust. You won’t have to worry about your expensive gear getting damaged too quickly- customers have reported using the Mares regulator for years without any issue whatsoever. As long as you properly maintain, clean and rinse it!

+ Secure lock
+ Audible click
+ Stainless steel
+ Very sharp tip
+ Perfect for diving

Why we like it – Many scuba regulators are overcrowded with accessories that we don’t need. The Mares scrapped all of the unnecessary features and gave us only the most vital essentials that any scuba regulator should have.

Scuba Regulator Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a scuba regulator?

A scuba regulator is the most essential bit of equipment that you will be relying on when diving. It connects you directly to your gas cylinder. This means that a faulty regulator can put your life at risk, and jeopardize your whole trip. That’s why it’s essential to know what to look for when purchasing a scuba regulator; we have provided a small guide to help you out:


The mouthpiece of your scuba regulator should be comfortable. You will be using it for hours on end, and having something that is harming your mouth or gives you discomfort is something you should eliminate from the get-go. When you put or try on a mouthpiece, you have to make sure that you can move around with ease. If you won’t be able to move freely with your regulator, you will not be relaxed during your dive.

DIN vs. Yoke

A DIN connection will make you feel safer when diving since they feature a threaded opening where you have to manually screw your regulator into the valve. If you are going to be doing deep dives, then DINs should be your choice. They have been tested and rated to withstand much higher pressures than yoke valves do.

Yoke (or INT valves) are most commonly used in recreational diving. Their significant trademark is an o-ring seal that is featured on the front of the valve. Unlike with the DIN, the regulator here is screwed onto the valve, not into.

Most manufacturers nowadays offer both DINs and Yokes, which means that you can easily purchase both and use either one whenever you need during your travels.

Balanced vs. Unbalanced

A regulator that is unbalanced will make your breathing slightly more strenuous as the pressure within your tank begins to drop. This regulator is usually cheaper and more affordable, and some divers like it since in a way it’s letting you know your air supply is limited.

A balanced regulator on the other hand, while it will cost a bit more money, will allow you to breathe with less effort, more easily and more evenly as you go to deeper depths during your dive.


With all this said, a lot of research should go into knowing which scuba regulator you should buy. There are many things that contribute to having a good and reliable regulator, and we hope that you can go forth and find the ideal scuba regulator to suit your diving needs!

Expert Tip

Make sure to clean your regulator and care for it after every dive- this will ensure that it will be functional for as long possible.

Did you know?

When divers have to go to depths that exceed 42 meters, their oxygen actually becomes toxic, since oxygen under pressure is poisonous. When going to such deep depths, special gases are placed within the gas cylinder (tank) that have low oxygen.

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