Finding the best self-balancing scooter can be a hard task for various reasons. Self-balancing scooters, more commonly known as hoverboards, became a worldwide phenomenon just a few years ago. Unfortunately, there were many reports of these hoverboards short-circuiting. At first, it seemed like a few isolated incidents, but there were enough that many brands started to recall their products.

Now self-balancing scooter companies are rebranding. They’re presenting their products with a message that they are safe. While you may love to take their products as they present them, you want to be cautious when you’re searching for the scooter with no bars that’s right for you.

For younger kids and toddlers, you may want to start with a balance bike.

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Finding the best self-balancing scooter on the market can be a little hard thanks to a variety of factors. Luckily, this self-balance board review is here to help. The following are the ten best self-balance boards from some of the most popular brands and some brands that are less well-known.



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The Swagtron T580 has been designed with safety in mind. It’s been UL certified for its safety, and it has undergone many safety and electrical tests. Some of its safety features include incombustible casing, smart battery management, and patented SentryShield technology. Other notable features include the ability to hold riders that weigh between 44-220 lbs., a learning mode as well as a standard mode, a 90- to 100-minute charge, and a pair of built-in speakers.

The Swagtron T580 is simple to use; you just start, steer, and stop. It’s sturdy with a durable casing and lightweight at 20 lbs. This self-balancing board lets you zig and zag through city lanes, parks, and even muddy puddles, making adventure limitless.


+ No carbon emission

+ No fire or heat hazards

+ Bluetooth speakers are a nice touch

+ Lightweight design

+ Offers IPX4 water protection

Why We Liked It – The SWAGTRON T580 is one of the best self-balancing scooters. Unlike other hoverboards, its travel distance goes far. It works as it’s intended and delivers in all areas. Given the price tag, it’s a pretty good deal.

2. Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPRO

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While not many people would imagine Segway as a self-balancing scooter brand, they have a few products on the market worth noting, particularly the miniPro. Segway is known for their extensive line of personal transportation vehicles. You’ll find the miniPro on many other self-balance board reviews.

The miniPro is a combination of the renowned Segway scooter and the innovative handless, self-balance board. Segway stress that their miniPro is not a hoverboard, but the next step. It operates at high speeds with a long battery life and multiple safety features. It’s equipped with a dual motor that operates at 800-watts, allowing it to easily traverse over bumps, humps, and other obstacles. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


+ Easy to ride

+ Road adaptive

+ Can reach up to 10 mph

+ Free mobile app

+ Lightweight and portable

Why We Liked It – The Segway miniPro is a smart self-balancing board that is perfect for beginners and experts thanks to their safety features, precision sensors, and knee-control bar. With other products to back up the brand, you can trust that the Segway miniPro is safe and works. Check out our review of the SEGWAY ES-1 as an alternative.

3. TOMOLOO with Bluetooth and LED

TOMOLOO with Bluetooth and LED

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TOMOLOO is another global leader that’s considered one of the best self-balancing scooter brands. All their products have their exclusive, global design patent that makes them worthy of any self-balance scooter review. The TOMOLOO has one of the most advanced programs that ensure stability.

These programs can be upgraded and come with technical support. This board features 8 RGB lights on the body and front of the scooter. These lights can change colors, and you can program different effects.

The scooter can be controlled through an app that allows you to set the speed, steering sensitivity, driving force, and auto shutdown time. The abundance of features makes it an appealing model for those looking to buy the best self-balancing scooter.


+ Patented safety design

+ Easily customizable

+ Bluetooth enabled

+ Ensures stability

+ Can hold up to 264 lbs.

Why We Liked It – All in all, the TOMOLOO board is a great option for those who are afraid of the stability of self-balance boards. It’s also great that you can customize the features to really make it your own.

4. Segway miniLITE

Segway miniLITE

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Another Segway product that proves to be worth your while if you’re searching for a good self-balance board. The miniLite is an actual “lite” version of the Segway miniPro. While it’s physically smaller, it’s still packed full of features.

It has large tires that are pneumatic, allowing the board to absorb the shock of any rough terrain. It has the same speed capabilities of its bigger counterpart and a compatible mobile app. It’s another great board for indoor and outdoor spaces.


+ Easy to ride

+ Can be controlled by an app

+ Reaches up to 10 mph

+  Adapts easily to different terrain

+  Lightweight

Why We Liked It – The Segway miniLite is the perfect vehicle for someone interested in many of the benefits of the Segway miniPro but for a more affordable price and a more portable design.

5. EPIKGO All-Terrain

EPIKGO All-Terrain

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EPIKGO is one of a few self-balancing scooters brands that has been pretty popular since 2017. Their All-Terrain board has stood the test of time and is still very favorable among self-balancing board reviews thanks to its ability to accelerate quickly, its big wheels, and its LED lights. They’ve addressed the safety concerns that people have had with hoverboards and fixed them.

The EPIKGO All-Terrain has become UL 2272 certified, which ensures that you’ll have no worry of electrical or fire hazards. It’s also equipped to travel over various terrains, including dirt, sand, mud, and grass. It’s an excellent choice for those who are more experienced and want something durable.


+ Quick acceleration

+ All-terrain tires

+ Certified waterproof

+ Safety certified

+ Can climb at an 18-degree angle

Why We Liked It – The EPIKGO All-Terrain self-balancing scooter is great for those who know what they’re doing and want to adventure off-road. It was popular last year and still is for a good reason.

6. Hoverheart Lithium-Free UL 2272

Hoverheart Lithium-Free UL 2272

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The Hoverheart Lithium-Free is stylish and safe. Those looking for a board with a customizable style will be happy with this scooter’s chrome colors and fun designs. The outside appearance is protected thanks to the anti-fire plastic material that they use. It’s also notable for its speed control, wheel-positioned LED lights and Bluetooth speakers.

Like all others on this self-balancing scooter review, it’s UL-certified. This means it’s passed multiple safety tests and won’t catch on fire. It goes at a decent speed and can hold up to 180 lbs. This scooter can be enjoyable for kids or adults who want a colorful means of travel.


+ Has different design and color options

+ UL-certified

+ Multiple speed controls

+ Able to reach 10 mph

+ Can listen to music through Bluetooth

Why We Liked It – Having the option to customize the scooter is really appealing. It makes the electric scooter more appealing to kids and those who want to gift to a kid or someone else they care about it.

7. SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272


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As established by the Swagtron T580, the brand produces some quality products. The Swagtron T1 is no different as many self-balancing scooter reviews will tell you. It’s considered one of the higher-end models from the best self-balancing scooter brand. It has some of the same great features as the T580, such as the weight capacity, fast charging time, and safety guarantee.

It also has a UL certification, meaning you don’t have to worry about any potential fire hazards. It’s also equipped with a variety of other safety features that help land it in one of the top ten spots for best balance scooters. It’s perfect for those who are willing to spend a little on a good-quality product.


+ UL certification guarantees the safety

+ Can reach up to 12 mph

+ Comes with a high-powered 250-watt dual motor

+ Equipped with battery indicators, safety stops, LED lights, and two riding modes

+ Patented SentryShield smart battery

Why We Liked It – The Swagtron T1 is one of the most comfortable scooters you can purchase at an amazing value. You’ll get a smooth ride and lightweight design when you choose the T1.

8. MegaWheels Bluetooth

MegaWheels Bluetooth

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MegaWheels is a scooter that promises to deliver safety and high performance. While the brand isn’t well-known, and you won’t usually find them on other self-balancing electric scooter reviews, their product speaks for itself. It’s easy to learn to ride this scooter, and it has a few notable features. It’s equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, 360-degree rotation capability, ability to climb, and a non-slip footpad.

These features allow you to easily and safely move around spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Unlike some other boards available on the market, the MegaWheels scooter operates silently. This means wherever you are, you won’t disturb anyone with a loud motor. It’s perfect for those who are looking for an affordable option that has all the basic safety guarantees.


+  Operates silently

+  Equipped with non-slip footpad

+  Is more affordable than a lot of other models

+  Can rotate and climb

+  Is lightweight

Why We Liked It – MegaWheels is a simple and straightforward self-balancing scooter that you can trust. The features seem simple but are often effective ones that people overlook. Plus, the price for the quality cannot be beaten.

9. VEEKO Hoverboard V800

VEEKO Hoverboard V800

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VEEKO Hoverboard V800 is a competitive model when you’re doing a self-balance scooter comparison. Like others on this list, it’s excelled in all the important and necessary safety tests. It has an easy electric scooter training mode that can accelerate to maximum speed in just 5 minutes.

This means that this self-balancing scooter is easy for anyone, especially children, to learn. It moves smoothly thanks to its dual-powered motors. It has anti-slip pedals, a 15-degree climbing angle, and a high weight capacity. It’s another simple and affordable scooter that you can rely on to safely work. It’s a perfect choice for if you’re a beginner or want to get a hoverboard for your kid.


+ Features cosmic color LED lights

+ Simple one-touch operation method

+ Is equipped with anti-slip pedals

+ Has battery indicator

+ Can hold up to 240 lbs.

Why We Liked It – This self-balancing board may not reach 10 mph like some of the other scooters on these self-balance electric scooter reviews, but it is a great starter board for those just starting out.



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Another Segway product that’s completely worth your while if you’re looking for a scooter, the miniPlus has all of the great features of the Pro and Lite plus even more. Like the Lite, the Plus has big tires to absorb shock.

Like the Pro, it has a high weight capacity and LED lights. It goes beyond just these features. It reaches higher speeds, expanded storage, voice control options, and smart-follow technology.

Of course, it also has all the safety measures implemented as their previous models, earning it a UL certification. It’s a big step in Segway’s personal transportation devices with its smart technology capabilities.


+ Capable of reaching up to 12.5 mph

+ Voice control features to control music

+ Unique LED lights and ambient lighting features

+ Has extended storage

+ Equipped with smart-follow technology

Why We Liked It – The Segway miniPlus delivers the same quality as all other Segway products. It is one of the best self-balancing scooters all around. It’s thanks to these reasons that it’s worth the consideration of anyone looking for a balance board.


Self-Balancing Scooter Buyers Guide

A scooter is a source of entertainment and a means of travel for people of all ages. However, do you know what to look for in a good scooter when looking through self-balancing skateboard reviews? What are features you should avoid? Before you commit to buying a scooter model, consider the following factors carefully.


The biggest feature you need to look for when looking at self-balancing boards is that UL 2272 certification. The huge issue that many people had with hoverboards just a year ago was the fire and electrical hazards that their lithium batteries have. When lithium batteries are damaged or leak, they can explode.

Scooters still have lithium batteries, but extensive UL 2272 tests are now done to ensure that boards meet safety and construction standards. Whether it’s for yourself, your kids, or a friend, always ensure that you buy a self-balancing board that has its UL 2272 certification.


Another thing that you should consider is what brand you’re buying from. A well-known, high-quality brand is more likely to have a better build quality over a brand you’ve never heard of. Knowing the brand and having easy access to the brand’s information allows you to ensure that the manufacturer goes through the proper measures to ensure that the scooter durable and safe.

The affordability of some knockoff self-balance scooter brands can be appealing, but quality isn’t something you should sacrifice. A cheap hoverboard from an unheard-of brand can be harder to get on and off from, slips more often, and falls apart more easily. This is why you should always buy from a brand that you can trust.


Not everyone is looking simply to use their self-balancing scooter for transportation. Some people want to buy it for the experience and thrill. This means that different speed capabilities are something that needs to be considered. Some scooters go at a slower pace, which can be good for beginners or kids wanting to ride. Other riders can’t stand such a slow speed, and they need a device that can reach 10 mph or above.


Obviously, the batteries in your self-balancing board are important. It’s what the whole controversy about hoverboards centered around. Plus, the size of your board’s batteries is what determine the power and speed of the vehicle. Bigger batteries, therefore, mean better power.

However, it also means more weight. You have to consider the importance of these factors and determine which one is most important to you. The battery also determines how long it takes to charge the device. Keep all of these in mind while shopping for your scooter.


Quality and price go hand-in-hand when it comes to finding the best self-balancing scooter. You want to find a good deal, but you don’t want to sacrifice on the quality. When you first start your search for scooters, you’ll quickly realize that some prices are too good to be true. Avoid these boards as they’re often poorly made and uncertified.

Weight Capacity

There would be nothing more disappointing than buying a self-balancing scooter and quickly realizing it won’t go faster than a slow drag. This can happen when you don’t read the weight capacity for the board you bought. Your hoverboard must be able to carry your body weight to effectively run through all types of terrain.

If you’re buying for a kid, just make sure the minimum weight it can carry is 40 lbs. and the maximum doesn’t really matter. If you’re buying one for yourself or friends, looking for one that will carry the weight. Most good-quality boards are capable of carrying more than 200 lbs.

Where to Buy a Self-Balancing Scooter?

You can find self-balancing scooters in many stores and online. When shopping online, be careful about where you buy from. Your safest bet for finding the best self-balance board that is still reasonably priced is to stick to Amazon.

What Is the Best Self Balancing Scooter for a 13-Year-Old Boy?

While it’s largely a personal choice, depending on what the specific individual is looking for, the best scooter is probably one that’s straightforward. The main feature to look for is one that’s easy to operate and, perhaps, customizable. The VEEKO and MegaWheels models listed above are greater starter boards for a 13-year-old boy to test out.

Which Brand of Self Balancing Scooter Is Best?

Of the scooters listed above, Segway and Swagtron have to be the best of the bunch. Segway has its other devices to validate their quality of products, so there’s no doubt about whether the purchase is a good one. However, the design of Segway’s self-balancing scooters is not for everyone. Swagtron is known for the classical looking hoverboard, and their variety of models have good self-balancing boards reviews.

When Was the Self Balancing Scooter Invented?

Shane Chen claims to have created the idea of self-balancing scooter unicycle somewhere around 2013. He started funding the creation of it that same year through the popular fundraising platform Kickstarter. Unfortunately, whether this claim is true has not been proven or disproven since manufacturers started developing similar products around the same time.

Expert Tip:

Before committing to a hoverboard, you want to ensure that you do thorough research of the product and brand you’re about to buy. This research should include looking into the company and reading self-balancing electric scooters reviews. While not everyone will have the same opinion on a device, if there’s a huge consensus that a product is bad, then it’s probably bad.

Did You Know?

The popular name for self-balancing scooters “hoverboards” first came into use thanks to the popular novel and movie Back to the Future Part II. That version didn’t have wheels and truly did hover, but the name has been used to describe wheeled scooters since 1999.


Self-balancing scooters are better than they’ve ever been before. The best self-balancing scooter brands have come together to fix the issues of past models and ensure that their products are now completely safe. The products mentioned here are a few of the best balance scooters offered nowadays.

The list above is just one of many balancing scooter reviews. You should use this and others on your search for the perfect balance board. They’re handy tools that will help guide you during your purchasing process. When buying, remember to consider what’s best for you. You should always consider quality over price, but everyone’s priorities are different.

After reading this and others about self-balancing scooter brands and models, you should be able to confidently find the perfect board for your needs. You will have a scooter that can travel anywhere in your hands in no time when you take advice from this self-balancing board review.

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