20 Best Skateboard Helmets in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

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The best skateboard helmet can often mean the difference between a significant injury and a minor scrape. Skateboarding is a great outdoor activity. You get to show off your impressive skateboarding skills while exercising most of your body’s major muscles.

Unfortunately, head injuries are very common in skateboarding. In fact, ask any skateboarder out there about their experiences of skateboarding, and you will be surprised at the number of times that they have had an accident.

Skateboard helmets help reduce the severity of injuries by acting as shock absorbers. They absorb most of the shock from impact, thus cushioning your head from direct force of impact.

Due to their necessity and demand, there are many brands in the market that manufacture skateboard helmets. Unfortunately, not all of them are reliable. Searching for the best skateboard helmet is often a daunting process and involves browsing through hundreds of different products.

We know how precious your time is, and for that reason, we have partly done the shopping for you. Keep reading as we review twenty of the best basketball helmets on the market. We will also give you a few tips on how to choose skateboard helmet.

Additionally in this skateboard helmet review , we will also answer questions like what size skateboard helmet should i get and how to choose skateboard helmet.

Skateboard Helmet Reviews: Take a look at the best skateboard Helmet on the Market

After thorough research on the most popular skateboard helmets on the market, we managed to eliminate those that did not meet our standards, and here is what we were left with. You will understand more about the criteria we used later in the article when we tell you how to choose a skateboard helmet.

The best skateboard helmet on this list are of the highest quality and offer total convenience and usability. Without further ado, let’s jump right to it.

1.  TurboSke Skateboard Helmet, ASTM & CPSC Certified Bike Helmet BMX Helmet Multi-Sport Helmet for Youth Men and Women – Best Overal

Unmatched safety. That is exactly what you get with the TurboSke Skateboard Helmet. Its safety standards make it rank among the best skateboard helmet on the market. It has undergone rigorous safety tests and complies with all CPSC and ASTM safety standards. Its shock-absorbing EPS form liner and the ABS hardshell will provide you with superior protection from the inside out.

Skateboarding is energy-intensive and causes a lot of sweat production, not to mention the uncomfortable heat in the helmet. With this helmet, you don’t have to worry about any of that because it comes with strategically placed vents in the front, back, and top to maximize airflow and produce a cooling effect.

Another cool feature in this skateboard helmet is its easy adjustment features. It comes with a rotating size adjustment dial that enables you to get a snug fit no matter the size of your head.

Apart from skateboarding, this helmet comes in handy in lots of other sports like rollerblading, ridding hover boards, longboards, etc. it’s sturdy protection also makes it very durable.


+ Simple, classic design

+ Great cooling ability

+ Compliant with CPSC and ASTM safety standards

Why we like it

This is one of the best skateboard helmets due to its safety features and the level of comfort it provides.

2. Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Skateboard and Bike Helmet – Premium Choice

Ask any action sports protective gear enthusiast what comes to mind when they hear Triple Eight, and you will get a straight forward answer. Triple Eight produces the best skateboard helmet in the market. The kind that enables you to push your limits since you are confident that your head is safe.

Triple Eight is known for its awesome designs, and they did not disappoint with this one. It comprises of a well-built ABS shell with an impact-absorbing capabilities.


The cone-head linear construction of this helmet has collapsing cones that absorb impact force and spread it sideways, away from your head, thus keeping you safe in case of a fall or collision.

This helmet comes with two sets of Sweatsaver Fit Pads that help wick moisture away from your head. That, along with the vents on the helmet, ensures that you are always dry and comfortable even when doing the most strenuous and energy-intensive tricks on your skateboard. The adjustable dial system and chin straps with side release buckle also add to its comfort and usability.


You might be asking yourself, is this skateboard helmet safe? Well, In terms of safety compliance, this helmet is compliant with CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets for kids who are five years and older. It is also compliant with the ASTM F-1492 skate safety standards.


+ Compliant with ASTM F-1492 skate safety standards and the CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets.

+ Comfortable

+ Robust construction

Why we like it

Apart from its compliance with various safety regulations, this helmet is very comfortable and offers some pretty cool features like moisture-wicking. That is why we found it worthy to feature in our skateboard helmet review.

3. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet with 10 Vents – Best Price

If you are a sweaty person, then this might just be the best skateboard helmet for you. This helmet comes equipped with ten vents to improve air circulation and keep you cool and comfortable. On top of that, considering all the features it offers, this helmet is very competitively priced.

This ultra-light, classically designed helmet is comprised of a formed ABS shell with EPS form, meaning that it not only resists breakage on impact but also absorbs the shock, thus keeping you safe. It is U.S. CPSC Certified for skate bike and ski so you can wear it confidently, knowing that you are fully protected.

This skateboard helmet comes in three different sizes. It also comes with two pairs of interchangeable pads. The interchangeable pads ensure that you get a snug fit no matter the size of your head. It eliminates the need of asking yourself questions like, what size of a skateboard helmet should I get?

Its classic design, along with the ten strategically placed vents make this helmet suitable for a wide variety of outdoor sports. This helmet can give you the confidence you need to take your skateboarding skills to a new level.


+ Affordable

+ Comes with ten strategically placed vents for optimum air circulation


+ U.S. CPSC Certified

Why we like it

This helmet made it to our top three on the best skateboard helmets on the market list due to the level of comfort and protection it offers. The ten vents are a big plus since they ensure that you are always cool and comfortable, even on a hot day.

4. Triple Eight Tony Hawk Signature Model THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet for Skateboarding, BMX, and Roller Skating

Another one from Triple Eight. We introduce one of the best skateboard helmet in the market when it comes to comfort and protection.

The Triple Eight Tony Hawk Signature Model is a dual certified skateboard helmet. It features a high impact absorbent EPS form, a moisture-wicking sweat saver fabric, and a double lax inner lining.

Triple Eight and Tony Hawk came together in the creation of this beautiful design. It features some of the best aspects of both companies, including their fashionable model graphics. This model is compliant with ASTM F-1492 safety standards and the U.S. CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets for persons over the age of five.

It comes in three different sizes, and for a more snug fit, you can customize it with liners.


+ Great design

+ Dual compliant

+ Comfortable

+ Safe

Why we like it

This is one of the best skateboard helmets on the market due to its awesome design and safety features. It is also a collaboration product from two of the best action sports safety gadget manufacturers.

5. Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

This is one of the best skateboard helmet from Triple Eight. It is designed to withstand all sorts of impact and absorb them efficiently, so your head doesn’t get hurt. Its sweat saver liner is also a big plus since you don’t have to deal with the discomfort caused by sweat when skateboarding.

This CPSC Certified helmet can also be used in other action sports like bicycling. On top of having a sweat saver liner, this helmet is also well ventilated, so not only does it wick sweat away from you, but it also keeps you cool, thus making your skateboard experience seamless and comfortable.

This helmet is designed as a multi-impact helmet. That means that it is usable, even after suffering multiple spills. However, for maximum safety and efficiency, it is not advisable to put on a helmet with multiple cracks.


+ Good ventilation

+ Adjustable straps

+ Advance multi-impact design

Why we like it

One of our favorite features in this helmet is its moisture-wicking ability. It makes you both comfortable and safer because you don’t have to worry about sweat dripping down your face and into your eyes, which believe it or not, is a significant safety hazard when skateboarding.

6. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

The Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet is a perfect blend of unparalleled fit and protection in the classic Triple Eight style. As the name suggests, this helmet is dual certified for both skates and bikes making it among the best skateboard helmets on the market.

It doesn’t matter how clumsy you are because, with this skateboard helmet, your head will always be secure. It features a sturdy ABS shell and an impact-absorbing EPS foam liner. These two features work together to resist impact and absorb the force of impact efficiently, so you don’t get hurt, even after a significant impact.

This helmet holds dual certification certificates from ASTM F-1492 skate safety standards and U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for bicycle helmets. So you are assured of quality and safety.

Inside the ABS shell are two layers of moisture-wicking sweat saver liners. The liners are removable; hence you can clean one while you use the other. The liners also come in handy in fit customization.


+ Comes with to removable sweat saver liners

+ Comfortable

+ Dual certified

Why we like it

This helmet made it to our list of the best skateboard helmets on the market due to the level of safety it offers. It is also pretty comfortable and can fit on a wide variety of head sizes.

7. JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified Impact Resistance Ventilation for Multi-Sports Cycling Skateboarding Scooter Roller Skate Inline Skating Rollerblading Longboard

If you participate in other action sports apart from skateboarding, you need the best skateboard helmet that you can use in all those sports. After all, there is no need to waste a lot of money buying different helmets for every sport you play when you can just use one.

The JBM Skateboard Helmet is designed for multi-sports activities like skateboarding inline and roller skating, cycling, and BMX riding. Owning this helmet is like having a multipurpose tool in your toolbox; no matter what you want to play, it will get things done.

This helmet comes in three sizes. On top of that, it has adjustable straps, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting you.

The impact resistance capability of this helmet is simply incredible. Its anti-shock function is made possible by the use of a hard PVC & PC shell coupled with EPS foam to absorb impact force.

The unique aerodynamic design of this helmet, along with its strategically-placed air vents, facilitates the flow of air inside the helmet, thus keeping you cool and comfortable. The breathable EPS foam also comes in handy in ensuring that you don’t experience sweat buildup on hot days.


+ Multipurpose use

+ Comfortable

+ Comes in different sizes

+ Offers superior protection

Why we like it

One of the best things about this helmet is its multipurpose capability. It can be used in a wide variety of sporting activities. It also offers excellent protection from impact and keeps you pretty comfortable while you’re at it.

8. OUWOR Skateboard Helmet CPSC Certified Lightweight Adjustable, Multi-Sport for Cycling Skating Scooter, 3 Size

The OUWOR Skateboard Helmet is a multi-use helmet. Like our previous pick, this helmet is suitable for a wide variety of action sports activities and even street dancing, thus making it among the best skateboard helmets in the market.

This helmet is made of a sturdy ABS shell with a high quality EPS lining. Its construction materials are super light, enabling you to feel cozy while providing you with above-average protection.

It’s simple, classic design blends well with any sport or casual attire, making it suitable for people of all ages and genders. It also comes in various colors so you can purchase it in your favorite color.

The crack adjustment dial and adjustable chin straps make adjusting this helmet to fit your size seamlessly. Another cool thing about these straps is that they are very soft. This eliminates the possibility of scratching your face with them and makes this helmet very comfortable.

The interior of the helmet is lined with two sets of interchangeable pads. The pads are of different sizes, so you can use them to make the helmet fit even better. They provide sufficient shock absorption and also protect you from sweat buildup. The availability of two sets of pads enables you to use the helmet daily as you can use one set while you clean the other.

In terms of ventilation, this helmet comes with eleven vents that provide you with ample airflow and keep you cool, even on hot days.


+ Comes with eleven vents for maximum airflow and cooling

+ Comes in different colors

+ Multi-use

+ comes equipped with two sets of interchangeable pads

Why we like it

This is one of the best skateboard helmet on the market due to its versatility of use and convenience. It provides ample ventilation and protection that is only matched by premium high-end models.

9. Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

Bern is best known for its super hard shells made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) polymer. ABS offers superior durability and strength; hence you can be confident that this helmet will not only protect you effectively but also last long.

The inner side of the shell is lined with an ergonomically designed EPS form that absorbs shock and provides a snug fit.

The hard visor design makes this helmet look stylish and also protect your eyes from the overhead sun. The helmet also features a crank fit dial on the back that makes adjustments effortless.

In terms of safety, this helmet is certified by the ASTM F 2040, CPSC and EN 1078 safety standards.

That being said, this is a very comfortable and practical skateboard helmet. It is also thoroughly tested against three different safety regulations so you can put in on and ride confidently, knowing that you are fully protected. Besides, why wear a skateboard helmet unless it’s safe?


+ Well designed and appealing

+ Certified for maximum protection

+ Easily adjustable

Why we like it

This helmet is made from one of the hardest and most efficient helmet construction materials, making it among the best skateboard helmets on the market.

10. Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

Why wear just a regular helmet when you can have sweatless experience in everyday ride. Triple eight helmer is classic skate helmet for kids, adn adults, with stink-free shell and moisture-wicking Sweat saver liner.

Sweat liner is removable which makes it easy for maintenance. Helmet is adjustable so it can fit more than one head size.

– Adjustable size
– Sweat liner
– Simple but modern design
– Unisex for all ages

What we like about it:
Sweat line is amazing! You can barely feel that you are wearing helmet which is great during those hot summer rides!

11. QF Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified Bike Skate Multi-Sport Helmet for Cycling Skateboarding Scooter Roller Skate Inline Skating Rollerblading Longboard for Adult Men Women Youth Kids (S/Blue)

The OF Skateboard Helmet is undoubtedly one of the best skateboard helmets on the market that support multi-use capabilities.

This awesome-looking helmet is made from a tough shell and a soft liner that work together to resist impact and absorb the force of impact effectively.

It comes with comfortable adjustable straps that make fitting it a walk in the park. Its straps are located at the back of the helmet. Their design enables them to be pretty easy to use and facilitate a snug fit in the most effortless way possible.

This helmet has an aerodynamic design that helps minimize air friction. It is also fitted with multiple vents to facilitate maximum airflow, thus keeping you cool and comfortable. That, along with its lightweight construction, makes it suitable for the most strenuous sports, even on hot days.


+ Breathable design

+ Ultra-light and comfortable

+ Offers precise adjustment

Why we like it

This multi-use skateboard helmet is loaded with lots of cool features, including an aerodynamic and well-ventilated design that makes it suitable for use in hot areas. Its adjustment system is also very effective in providing a snug fit. That, along with its superior protection capabilities and lightweight design, makes it rank among the best skateboard helmets on the market.

12. Bell Helmet Mountain Bike Helmet Adult Sport Climbing BMX Padded Skateboard Bicycle Helmet Men Women

This is product is also one of our favorite multi-use helmets. This unisex, dual certified skateboard helmet sports a simple design, but when you take a closer look at it, you realize it has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.

You already know about its versatility, but is this skateboard helmet safe? This helmet is dual certified by ASTM F 1492 for ages 14+, and the CPSC. This dual certification guarantees complete safety and protection for teenagers and adults alike.

Its hard-shell construction and foam pads are very effective in resisting impact and absorbing impact force.

Now that we have a clear idea of how much protection this helmet can give you let’s talk about comfort. The foam pads on the inner side of the helmet help in providing a snug fit as well as wicking some of the sweat away from your head.

The helmet also comes with ten strategically placed air vents that provide excellent airflow, thus keeping you cool.


+ Dual certified

+ Multiuse

+ Unisex

+ Comfortable

+ Offers excellent protection from impact

Why we like it

This simply designed multi-use helmet is very effective in impact resistance and shock absorption. On top of that, it is fitted with multiple vents that keep you cool, even on hot days. It is also pretty easy to adjust and fit.

13. CPSC Skateboard Fitness Inline Helmet ADULT OSFA BLACK/BLACK

The CPSC Skateboard Fitness In-line Helmet is designed to look much like those old-school motorbike helmets. It gives you a vintage look, with modern safety features.

This CPSC certified helmet is made of a hard ABS shell lined with a soft EPS form and nylon straps. It offers maximum protection from impact, and its lightweight construction, along with its nylon straps, makes it super comfortable.

It is suitable for teens and adults but can also be adjusted to fit smaller sizes using its nylon straps. It also features vents on its front and topside to provide air circulation and cooling.


+ CPSC certified

+ Comfortable

+ Classic design

+ Offers great protection

Why we like it

The first time we laid eyes on this helmet, we fell in love with its design. Its classic design gives it an old-school vibe that blends in with any sport or casual wear. It also offers excellent protection and comfort.

14. Razor V17 Youth Bike Helmet, Satin Pink

If you are a fan of bright, flashy colors, you will love this one. Apart from its undeniable good looks, this helmet features an outstanding 17 vents that keep your kid cool and fresh all day, every day.

The interior of the helmet is sports-like and has an ergonomic design that makes it fit perfectly. That, combined with the vents, makes this helmet super comfortable to wear.

It features side release buckles that hold it in place securely and open and close easily when putting it on or taking it off.

The bright color also acts as a reflector by making your kid noticeable by motorists when they are playing in the street.


+ Cool, flashy color

+ Super comfortable

+ Perfect for kids

Why we like it

One of the first things you notice when you take a look at this helmet is its flashy, vibrant color. It is also very comfortable and possesses superior cooling capabilities, making it among the best skateboard helmets for kids.

15. 661 Dirt Lid Skateboard BMX Youth Helmet Red L/XL Knee Elbow Wrist Pads

Dirt Lid is known for its superior urban protection gear. This helmet has a classic sporty look of most Dirt Lid products. It, however, comes with a major perk over most of the other helmets on this skateboard helmet review list because, on top of the helmet, you also get elbow and wrist pads.

This helmet comprises of a hard ABS shell and additional pads that facilitate unlimited adjustability to guarantee you both comfort and protection.

It complies with CPSC, CE: 108, AND AS/NZS 2065 safety standards. The youth S/M size fits those with a head circumference of 18” to 21”. However, if you have a bigger head, you can opt for the Youth L/ZL size that fits people with a head circumference of between 21” to 22”.

All this talk about sizes might have you asking yourself, what size of skateboard helmet should I get? No need to worry, we’ll answer that in the next section of this article.

This super hard helmet is designed to withstand rigorous use in a wide variety of sporting activities, thus making it pretty versatile and efficient.


+ Dual certification

+ Versatile

+ Come with elbow and knee pads

+ Adjustable and comes in two different sizes.

Why we like it

This helmet made it to our skateboard helmet review list due to its comfort, versatility and the fact that it comes with a pair of elbow and knee pads. Besides, why wear a skateboard helmet alone and leave the other parts of your body vulnerable to injury?

16. Flybar Certified Multi-Sport Helmets For Skateboarding, Bicycling, Roller Blading, Longboarding & Pogoing -Cloud Formations – M/L

Flybar managed to combine safety and style by improving their design. It is pretty versatile and can be used in all manner of outdoor action sports.

This helmet comprises of a sturdy ABS shell and an inner copious dark-colored EPS foam lining. The combination of these two features makes it not only lightweight but also gives it the ability to withstand multiple substantial impacts.

The EPS foam liner is ergonomically designed to provide good comfort, but once you combine that with the 12 strategically-placed vents, you get optimum comfort and usability, no matter how hot it gets. It also comes with soft padded chin straps that add on to its comfort and improve its adjustability.

This helmet comes in three sizes; hence you won’t find it challenging to find one that suits you best. In terms of certification, it is compliant with 16 CFR 1203 safety standards for bicycle safety and ASTM F 1492 standards for longboarding, aggressive skateboarding, roller, and in-line skating. It is also compliant with CPSIA Section 101 safety standards.


+ Triple certified

+ Amazing design

+ Great comfort and ventilation

+ Comes in three sizes

Why we like it

One of our favorite features, in fact, the one that made this helmet land on our best skateboard helmet review list, is its design. Its design makes it suitable for a wide variety of action sports activities and also makes it very comfortable.

17. Punisher TNT Skateboard Helmet, Medium, Youth

Introducing the Punisher TNT Skateboard Helmet from Punisher Skateboards. This flashy, multicolored skateboard helmet is suitable for anyone over the age of ten years.

For those of you with smaller heads, you will appreciate the inclusion of extra pads that make it smaller and snugger.

Its ABS plastic shell can resist all manner of impacts when skateboarding, and the white/black EPS foam liner absorbs shock so efficiently that you rarely feel the effects of small impacts.

It also features adjustable chin straps that make adjusting it seamless and help to hold it in place, especially when you are performing vigorous skateboard tricks.

This sports helmet has 11 vents that keep you cool and fresh all day, enabling you to focus on better things like wowing your friends with your impressive skateboarding skills.


+ CPSC certified

+ Comfortable

+ Has 11 vents

Why we like it

This is the best skateboard helmet for young people due to its flashy multicolored design and the level of comfort and safety it provides.

18. Skateboard Helmet Elbow/Knee/Wrist Pad Combo ADULT MEDIUM Bmx Inline BLACK

Buying skateboarding protective gear can often be daunting when you consider all the items you have to purchase. That is why Krown came up with this great offer. This helmet comes with extra protective gear like elbow and knee pads that make them both cost-effective and convenient.

This helmet is CPSC certified and comes with an EPS lining that provides a snug fit and extra protection. The shell is made of high quality ABS that can withstand a significant amount of force without breakage.

It comes in different sizes that can fit both kids and adults. You can even get matching helmets for you and your kids and make playtime that much more fun.


+ Comes in a wide variety of sizes

+ CPSC certified

+ Robust shell with a soft EPS lining for maximum protection

Why we like it

This is the best skateboard helmet for families who like playing together. Its availability in multiple colors enables you to get matching sets. It is also very cost-effective since it comes with elbow/knee pads.

19. Punisher Skateboards Cherry Blossom Pink and White Adjustable All-Sport Skate-Style Helmet, Medium

the Punisher Skateboards Cherry blossom Pink and White Kids’ Skate Helmet includes  two sets of removable pads which are used to adjust size if needed. Helmet comes in a medium size, but pads can easily make it smaller, if needed.

This is a modern-design, all sport helmet that features ABS shell with gloss interior and four-color PVC printing.

11-vent design makes your child’s head cool at all times.

– 11-vent Adjustable helmet
– High-gloss exterior
– Adjustable chin strap
– 2 sets of remoavble pads

Why we like it?
Adjustable pads and 11-vent system are the things we liked the most about this model.

20. Punisher Anime Skateboard Helmet, Medium, Youth

If you have a kid that likes cartoons, then you should get them this cool multicolored helmet to put a smile on their face.

This helmet is suitable for kids over ten years of age. However, it comes with extra pads that enable it to fit well on younger kids and older kids with smaller heads.

It comprises of a super hard ABS plastic shell with a soft EPS foam liner that is ergonomically designed to fit snug on the head. It also comes with adjustable chin straps that make it even more comfortable. It is also CPSC certified.

This helmet comes loaded with 11 vents that keep your kid cool and comfortable, even when skateboarding vigorously on hot days. That, along with its interior ads and adjustable chin straps, makes it very comfortable.


+ Amazing anime art on the helmet

+ Comfortable

+ CPSC certified

Why we like it

The cool colors and pictures on this helmet appeal to kids, making it among the best skateboard helmets for kids. On top of that, it also has a super hard ABS plastic shell and EPS foam lining for maximum protection. Its vents and chinstraps are also cool additions since they improve the overall comfort provided by this helmet.

Benefits of Wearing the best Helmet When Skateboarding

In case you are starter and wondering about benefits of wearing helmet while skating, who could explain that better than a pro skater. Check the video below for more further infromation.

In case you still need further information, we gathered up some useful instructions as well so feel free to check it out.

  1. It protects you against brain injuries

Is your skateboard helmet safe? Skateboarding is a very demanding sport, especially for people who like performing dangerous stunts. As thrilling as it might be, it poses serious risks in terms of head injuries. In fact, safety is the number one answer in any question that has to do with how to choose a skateboard helmet.

In some cases, the head injuries sustained may be so severe that they may result in brain injuries. Brain injuries can affect a person’s quality of life by limiting their abilities. And, in some cases, brain injuries can also lead to death.

Wearing a helmet when skateboarding protects your head against direct impact in case of an accident. It works by absorbing most of the impact force so you only feel a small fraction of it. Statistically, helmets can reduce the probability of getting brain injuries by up to 88%.

We will talk more about safety in the next subtopic when we discuss methods on how to choose skateboard helmets.

  1. They act as reflectors

Skateboarding in the street is very fun. It is, however, very dangerous because, in some cases, a speeding motorist might not be able to see you.

Most skateboard helmets are brightly colored or have reflectors printed on them. These reflectors make you more visible to motorists and fellow skaters, thus minimizing the chances of a collision significantly.

  1. Weather protection

Many skateboard helmets feature a visor at the front. The visor is pretty handy. It keeps the elements away from your face.

They work by providing shade from the sun and rain, thus minimizing discomfort and enabling you to see well.

  1. They make you look cool

Skateboard helmets are designed to blend well with all sporting attire and casual wear. Some even come in cool colors and extra accessories like LED lights, built-in headphones, and cool attachments. You never know, the right skateboard helmet could just make you the coolest kid on the block.

Skateboard Helmets Buying Guide: How to Choose Skateboard Helmet

Many people often find shopping for skateboard helmets daunting. Here are a few tips on how to choose skateboard helmets.

  1. Does it fit?

This is, by far, the most important factor to consider. After all, if it’s too big, then it will be uncomfortable and will not offer you the necessary protection you require. Likewise, if the helmet is too small, then it will not fit on your head. You’re probably asking yourself, what size skateboard helmet should I get?

Before you go shopping for a skateboard helmet, first measure the circumference of your head. You can do this by using a string, then measuring the length at the point where the string completes a circle. The other important measurement you should take here is the height of your head. This is approximately 2.cm above your eyebrows.

Knowing these measurements will help you pick out the best helmet that fits your head correctly. However, if you are shopping physically, you can try various helmets to see what suits you best. This is actually the best advice I’d give to someone who does not know how to choose a skateboard helmet.

  1. Safety

This might sound obvious since the primary function of a helmet is to provide safety, but you should make sure that it is absolutely safe before taking it out for a run. In fact, before using it, you should first ask yourself, is this skateboard helmet safe? Again, why wear a skateboard helmet if not for safety?

Safety in skateboard helmets is determined by the material from which their outer shell is made of. The best material to look out for is ABS plastic due to its strength and durability. A helmet should also have a thick, soft inner lining to absorb shock in case of an impact. The most popular lining used in skateboard helmets is EPS.

  1. Straps and retention system

Another thing to look out for when buying a skateboard helmet is its strap and retention system. After all, you don’t want it falling off while you are about to perform an impressive stunt, do you?

The best types of straps for skateboard helmets are those that form a V-shape below the ear lobe. These types of straps secure the helmet tightly to your head on four strategic spots, ensuring that it does not fall off, no matter the position of your head.

When it comes to the retention system, you should look out for one that is easily adjustable, so you don’t have to fidget with it every time you want to put it on or take it off.

  1. Ventilation

Sweat dripping off your face when skateboarding can be a significant distraction, and in some cases, might lead to severe accidents.

A helmet with a good ventilation system prevents you from sweating too much by cooling your head. The best skateboard helmet has strategically placed vents that rill in the wind into your helmet.

Apart from vents, you should also look out for helmets with moisture-wicking features. These types of helmets help keep your head dry, thus providing you with comfort and freshness.

  1. Type

Although type is not the number one go to answer whenever anyone asks me how to choose a skateboard helmet, it is very important to consider it since everyone has different taste. There are various types of skateboard helmets to choose from. They include:

+ Full face

+ Kids & youth

+ Leisure

+ Aero road helmets

+ Road helmets

Full face helmets

These are the best types of skateboard helmets that offer the most protection. They look much like motorbike helmets with a full visor covering your face.

With these types of helmets, there is no chance of hurting any part of your head since you are fully covered. They are perfect for anyone who likes performing aggressive stunts on their skateboard.

Kids & youth

These are basically kid’s helmets. They don’t differ much from regular helmets apart from minor differences in size, color, and design. The best kids’ helmets are from Wiggle. They specialize in kids’ protective gear and offer some of the best kids’ helmets on the market.


As their name suggests, these helmets are mostly used for leisure. They have great looks and sport vibrant colors. They are also pretty lightweight and are heavily ventilated. They are, however, not suitable for performing aggressive stunts.

Aero road helmets

These types of skateboard helmets are specially designed to provide you with ease of movement. They possess sport-like aerodynamic designs and are very compact and lightweight.

Road helmets

These types of helmets usually have simple design and can be used for other action sports activities apart from skateboarding. They are also suitable for bike riding, cycling, longboarding, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why wear a skateboard helmet?

It doesn’t matter how much of a professional you are when it comes to skateboarding. The moment you step on the board, you relinquish most of your control to the board. A misstep or obstacle could cause you to fall or collide. Without a helmet, the chances of getting severe head injuries are very high.

What size skateboard helmet should I get?

Like with all other protective gear and attire, you’ve got to ask yourself, what size of skateboard helmet should I get? To answer that question, all you need to know here is your head size.

We had explained it earlier in the article, but to give you a clearer understanding, check out this video so you can understand how to go about it. It is advisable that you get a friend to help you out so you can get more accurate measurements.

Are skateboard helmets similar to bike helmets?

Bike helmets and skateboard helmets are relatively similar, the only difference being their design. Both of them have a hard protective shell and a soft foam for absorbing impact force.

However, bike helmets are relatively more ventilated than skateboard helmets. This is, however, negated by the fact that skateboard helmets are relatively more open than bike helmets. You should be able to know how to choose a skateboard helmet. And prior to that, ensure that you ask yourself critical questions like what size skateboard helmet should i get.

Is it legal to skateboard without a helmet?

Skating without a helmet is illegal in most countries and may attract hefty fines. This was put into law due to an increasing number of fatalities attributed to not wearing helmets. However, you can check whether it is illegal in your country or state just to make sure.

Is a skateboard helmet safe?

The most accurate and straightforward answer here is yes! The best skateboard helmet covers your head and absorb all impacts that could have otherwise landed on your head. Also, the best skateboard helmet do not affect your skills or concentration in any way.

They are merely a precautionary safety feature that should be observed every time you go skateboarding. In fact safety is the first feature I tell someone to look out for whenever they ask me how to choose the best skateboard helmet.



Skateboard helmets are vital in skateboarding. They offer protection to arguably the most critical part of the human body, the brain.

In the article, we have reviewed twenty of the best skateboard helmets on the market. These helmets have passed all necessary safety tests and comply with various safety standards.

We have also explained a few benefits of using skateboard helmets, including the most important one, safety. Also we have answered a few questions like what size skateboard helmet should i get and how to choose skateboard helmet.

Whenever you shop for a skateboard helmet, you ought to know how to choose skateboard helmet. Always keep in mind the factors that we have discussed in the buying guide section on how to choose skateboard helmets. Considering these factors will ensure that you get the best skateboard helmet that will not only provide optimum protection but also fit you.

Always remember to put on your best skateboard helmet whenever you go skateboarding, good luck out there!

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