Do you own a pro scooter? Are you slowly getting bored of riding it the simple way? Well, we don’t blame you as it is understandable. After a few weeks of fun, riding your scooter can be plain and boring. But there is a way to spice it all up! In this guide we will bring to you the top 10 skateboard rails for stunt scooters in 2019 that can open new dimensions of Skateboarding fun and roll over your boredom.

Without any further ado, let’s quickly get down to our list of top 10.

Best Skateboard Rails for Stunt Scooters in 2019

Freshpark Skateboard Rainbow Grind Rail Kit




This skateboard rail from Freshpark is a fully configurable one. It comes with a straight flat bar, an arched rainbow rail and pole jam ends that are specially designed to be used in custom combination. The product comes with the a three months limited warranty. However, the warranty is highly unlikely to be used as Rainbow Grind Rail Kit is pretty durable.

Grind rail kit only weighs around 56 pounds and measures 21 x 3.5 x 144 inches, which makes it pretty handy considering the amount of fun you can have on it. This rail kit is ideal for scooters, skateboards, BMX and inline skate tricks too.

Freshpark professional and Skateboarding Grind Rail




Another product from Freshpark, this one is a perfect combination of round rail and a flat bar, which enables the rider to perform various tricks smoothly and effortlessly. Some of the unique features of this product are adjustable height, modular/interlocking, weatherproof design and material, multiple configurations, etc.

The linkable, foldable and portable Freshparks’ professional BMX and skateboarding round rail and flat bar weighs around 24 pounds and has an adjustable height of 9’’ to 19’’. Another thing worth mentioning here is the ability of this rail to withstand heavy weights. Due to its strong and sturdy construction and the material used, the rail can easily support a person of 180 lbs.

X Factor Driveway Skatepark Grind Rail




This one from X Factor is probably one of the most toughest board rails in our list. Its fat 1.5’’ diameter is the main contributor to its solid design. The length of this rail is 54’’ while the height is adjustable. X Factor Driveway Skatepark Grind Box Rail ramp set is very easy to set up; you don’t need any tools to do that.

Although this rail is long and also connects in the middle but doesn’t bend and can withstand heavy weights easily. X Factor Driveway Skatepark is perfect for both scooters and skateboarding.

Element Flat Bar Skate Obstacle




This flat bar from Element is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders. What makes this product stands out from the competition is its adjustable height and very easy to handle weight. You can take this to a beach, park, or set it up in your backyard for hours of fun.

Talking about the beginners, the height of the flat bar skate is a perfect one. It can be adjusted to as low as 9 inches in height, which is considered an ideal height for beginners. According to some users, the design is so stable that it can support a person weighing 200 pounds.

Mojo Rails Square Grind Rail




This square grind rail from Mojo Rails is portable and made up of solid welded steel which makes the design extra safe for various tricks. The easily adjustable height and neat powder coat finish makes this product pretty safe as well. The size, weight and height of Mojo Rails Square Grind Rail is 7.5 feet, 20 lbs and 15 x 15 x 20 inches respectively.

The maximum height it can be adjusted to is 2 feet (the minimum is 6 inches), which makes them ideal buying choices for both beginners and experts.

Skateboard Flat Bar Professional Square Grind Rail




The square flat bar is one of the best board rails to learn new tricks and grinds on. It is made up of extremely lightweight but sturdy steel. Due to its ultra lightweight construction, the square grind rail can be easily maneuvered and stored. It can be assembled in no time (without any tools) and can be adjusted at a height of 10, 11 or 12 inches.

The stability of this product is exceptional; doesn’t move around all that easily, especially when compared with other products of its kind.

BMX & Skateboarding Ramp ‘n Grind Rail




This grind rail and two jump skate ramps is made up of rugged plastic material with a special surface that can support riders weighing up to 250 lbs. The package includes two 25.5’’ x 29’’ launch jump ramps, which are at a 70.5 degrees from the ground and one 56’’ x 1.25’’ grind rail. The design of this product makes it easier to perform and learn different tricks. For best performance, the skateboarding Rramp ‘n grind rail must be placed securely and firmly.

Once properly installed, this product offers the best stability (ideally suited for beginners).

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Mojo Slip Rail, Yellow




This rail from Mojo looks beautiful. The fine bright color and powder coat finish makes it one of the most good-looking park rails out there in the market. Along with the looks, this product has all the other features riders usually look out for. Mojo slip rail is portable and made up of sturdy welded steel material. It can also be adjusted to different heights making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned riders.

The Mojo Rail is pretty stable and sturdy but only weighs around 20 pounds, which makes the handling and storing extremely easy.

D6 Sports Grind Rail




This scooter grind rail from D6 is a long one, measuring 56’’. The length of this product makes it easier for riders to perform longer tricks. The height is adjustable and it totally depends upon the type of the rider to choose from 6, 7 or 8 inches above the ground. Three strong legs of this rail provides extra support in the center and prevents bending.

This product is ideal for different sports like skateboarding, scooters and inline skating. D6 sport grind rail measures and weighs 4 x 7.7 x 25 inches and 10.75 lbs respectively.

Skateboard Curb Rail




If you’re looking to get a rail that looks different but has all the ingredients of a top notch rail then this one is a must have. This product has a unique but simple design, which enable the riders to perform multiple tricks seamlessly and have endless entertainment. Curb rail is lightweight, can be assembled easily and is highly mobile. You can take it anywhere and practice on the go. The dimensions of this great product are 6 ft, 1 ft and 10 inches (L, W, H).

Useful Item Guide

There are lots of things to consider when you’re buying a rail for your stunt scooter. With this guide we aim to help our readers select the best product for their needs. Most of the riders feel that they are running out of places where they can peacefully practice and improve their skillset. Keeping this in mind we have to smartly select our park rails.

First thing first, when buying a new rail you have to be absolutely sure of your requirements. If you’re only going to practice in your backyard, you should not worry about the mobility features or weight of the product, etc. However, this will be rare as most riders would like to learn and practice outside and not at any particular fixed spot. In such cases you need to understand that the product you’re buying can be transported easily. You must be able to set the rail up at your favorite sport, be it your favorite park or your friend’s house. For beginners it would be a good idea to set up your rail away from spying eyes.  

The weight of your scooter grind rail is an important thing to consider. The heavier the design is the more difficult it will be to move around. The weight also contribute in making your design sturdier, which is a good thing. Sometimes users might have to choose between stability and mobility; a little research on the products and ab in-depth analysis of your needs is likely to help in such cases.

Next up is the size and the type of rail (foldable or not). Again, if you don’t have a fixed place where you practice and like to move around, the foldable rail type is your thing. The foldable feature makes the rail pretty mobile and you can easily travel with it. Here it is important to take into account the time required to set up such board rails. Your foldable rail should ideally be easy to set up, which means less time and minimum use of tools.

Stability is another important thing to consider when buying a rail for your pro scooter. There are many things which contribute to the stability of the rail. The material used, support, joints are only a few things to mention. Stability becomes even more important if the rider is on the higher side in weight. You definitely don’t want to crash every now and then when practicing and that too because of the poor stability of the scooter grind rail. We recommend our readers to do a quick check on how much weight a park grind rail can withstand before making a final selection.

Some board rails are too fancy for beginners, so it is important to keep your skillset and the difficulty level of the obstacles in mind while purchasing your rail. The height and steepness of the rail are two things that you can’t ignore. Usually more height and steepness will enhance the difficulty level.

Last but not the least, one of the most important thing to consider is the price of the rail you’re buying. Some products are simply highly priced and doesn’t offer what riders need. This doesn’t mean that you should always go for the cheapest available option but the value for money is what we are talking about.

Some of the most recommended and top brands manufacturing rails for scooters are Freshpark, X Factor, Mojo Rails, BMX, D6, etc.

Are these rails safe for my 11 years old?

Almost all the scooter grind rails are designed for maximum fun and learning. However many buyers remain concerned about the safety of their young ones.

Although most products above are made keeping in mind the safety of young riders but parents and elders should keep an eye on children as they have fun and learn new tricks on their scooter grind rails. Park rails are usually considered safe if they are not high and don’t wobble while in use.

The ideal height of the rail (for kids) should not be more than 1 foot. For beginners it should be as low as possible but if you believe your kid is the future x-sports champion let it be 1 foot.

Another thing that can make your park grind rail safer for kids is the stability of it. While making a purchase, make sure that your scooter grind rail is stable. Extra bolts, rubber support, foundation, etc can make your rail stronger and more stable.

I’m 200 pounds, can it withstand my weight?

This is another question that is asked by most buyers. Usually all good quality rails can easily withstand a weight of 100 – 150 pounds but if you’re above that you should be more careful before choosing your product.

Some of the products in our list above can bear a staggering weight of up to 250 pounds but some can’t. So, we advise our readers to research and read a bit more about the rail you’re buying.

Whether to buy single piece or detachable rails?

This would usually depend upon your requirements. If you’re looking to travel around and not willing to leave your scooter behind then going for the detachable ones is the best option. Since the detachable rails are more convenient to travel around with and store, it would suit your lifestyle. Single piece rails on the other hand are known to offer more stability, durability and are usually exposed to less wear and tear. Single piece rails can naturally provide more support and safety gear to the rider.


Riding a stunt scooter can be a great activity for both young ones and adults. Scooters can be used by both beginners and pros alike. Starters you might not need much accessories for the pro scooter but as you begin to discover more and learn new tricks, the need for accessories become inevitable. One of the first accessories you probably will buy are the park rails. The rails can give you that professional feeling for the first time. There is no better feeling for a rider to perform the first trick flawlessly – and rails can help you achieve just that!

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