Top 15 Best Skateboard Wall Mounts

Last updated 18. January 2021

Whether you use a longboard to work or a penny board to perform tricks in the street, you need a place to store your skateboards. It is easier to prop the skateboard at the hallway or on one wall in the garage. However, if you have more than one board, standing them on one side of the wall or in your garage doesn’t look good, and they will take too much space. 

If you want a place that is safe for your boards and keeps them organized, you need a skateboard wall mount. A skateboard wall mount has a design that accommodates your boards, keeping them safe and organized. 

So, where can you store your skateboard at home? Below are 15 of the top skateboard wall mount brands.

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1. StoreYourBoard Skateboard Wall Mount

The StoreYourBoard Skateboard Wall Mount features a simple but functional construction to hold up to three skateboards. On its three racks, the mount can accommodate longboards, penny, street, decks, completes, and any other skateboards. 

Each mount features a strong quality design with ABS plastic and I-beam design to hold your gear securely. The plastic construction will last for a long so you never have to replace it after a few years. Even when all three racks are occupied, the unit still feels sturdy. 

Installation is straightforward as the manufacturer offers you all the hardware you need to install the skateboard wall mount. With the provided drywall anchors and hardware, you will install the skateboard wall mount in less than 20 minutes. You can install the skateboard anywhere including your garage, children’s room, or hallway. If you have other gear such as snowboards, hockey sticks, and scooters, the skateboard wall mount will hold them too.


+ Versatile to hold different gear including skis
+ Holds up to three skateboards
+ Made of quality ABS plastic to last long
+ Offered at an affordable price

Why We Liked It: If you have three skateboards, this skateboard wall mount is a great option as it holds all of them, and makes them look great on your wall. 

2. Esk8Club Skateboard Wall Mount

This is a two-pack all-steel construction skateboard wall mount. Its design fits all sizes skateboards including longboard, snowboards, guitar, waters skis and many more. With this set, you can hold two skateboards comfortably.

It is sturdy and stable with two long prongs to hold your skateboards safely. Each rack is easy to mount on the wall, thanks to the provided screws. It also has plastic anchors to use on drywalls. The steel construction lasts longer than other materials. Even better, the manufacturer adds a soft sponge on the surface of the prongs to protect your guitar and other gear. 

The flexible support arms of the skateboard wall mount hugs the neck of your skateboard securely to ensure it doesn’t fall. 


+ All-steel construction makes the mount durable
+ Easy to install with 8 screws
+ Arms hug the neck of the skateboard securely
+ Accommodates other gear too

Why We Liked It: It is a durable skateboard wall mount designed to last long. It is easy to install and comes as a set of two, making it affordable. 

3. Koova Skateboard Rack

This is a professional skateboard wall mount used to support longboards, boosted boards, and other types of boards. It features reinforced steel construction, which makes it stronger than plastic and other weaker materials. It is easy to mount the rack in your garage or apartment. The rack features a simple design that makes it easy for display or storage. 

From the rack, you can display the colors of your skateboard. You will find this unit easy to install as the manufacturer offers you all the installation hardware. You can place it on drywall or on any other wall. This powder coated skateboard wall mount looks great on any wall, and it is durable. You can use this mount to hang other items such as helmets, travel bags, and pads. 

It is a great unit if you need to preserve the art on your skateboards as the unit has a design that doesn’t scratch your boards. 


+ High quality construction to last long
+ Doesn’t scratch your boards
+ Works great as a display for your board art
+ Easy to install with installation hardware provided

Why We Liked It: This is a great unit when you need to display your boards as décor in one part of your home. 

4. Deck Block Skateboard Wall Mount

If you need a skateboard rack to display your skateboards, the Deck Block rack will be a great option for you. With this unit, you can install your skateboard decks on your walls temporarily or permanently using damage-free tape or screws and plugs respectively. The manufacturer offers you all mounting hardware for easy installation. 

Each pack comes with two mounts to hold your skateboards. After installation, your skateboards will look like they are floating with nothing holding them. You can install the racks so your boards hang vertically or horizontally. 

The wall mount is small and discreet and takes less space on your wall. If you are not sure of the position you need to install the mount, you can install it temporarily and then remove it later without any damages to the wall. It has a plastic construction that is still strong enough to last many years. 


+ Low profile construction to look great on your wall
+ Holds skateboard vertically or horizontally for display
+ The unit mounts in less than five minutes
+ Can be installed temporarily without damaging a wall

Why We Liked It: This is another great unit if you are looking to display your skateboards vertically or horizontally. 

5. Sk8ology Skateboard Deck Display Rack

This is another wall mount for your skateboard with a low profile to keep your skateboards displayed like they are floating on air. It is a great skateboard wall mount when you need to turn your skateboards into wall art. Although it can only hold the skateboards vertically, they will look like they are floating in air. 

Your skateboards will look like they are floating as the mount is not visible after installation. It is great for retired decks, but it fits new and long skateboards too. It is a simple rack with metallic arms and a plastic base. It is easy to mount the unit on your wall with the provided mounting hardware. It also comes with a drywall anchor for easy installation. 

If you are a skateboard collector, you will love the functionality of this unit. If you need to mount your board horizontally, you need two wall mounts installed to fit the size of your skateboard. 


+ Low profile for a great display
+ Simple but durable construction
+ Great price-quality ratio
+ Easy to install with no drilling needed

Why We Liked It: This is pretty basic hardware that is easy to install but still give you a great display.

6. YYST Skateboard Wall Mount Wall

The YYST wall mounts look like hooks when installed on a wall. It comes in a pack of four racks with four rings and four screws. Once installed, these racks can hold four skateboards vertically. 

Each of these racks features a metallic construction. You can expand them to fit the size of your skateboard. It can hold boards that are ten pounds or less. This skateboard wall mount is ideal when you are looking for a skateboard wall mount for multiple boards on a budget. They are easy to install with only one screw. After installation, the racks hug the neck of the skateboard and remain invisible, making them great for skateboard display. 


+ Set of four, making them affordable
+ Invisible after hanging skateboard
+ Strong quality metallic construction

Why We Liked It: This is a budget option for people with multiple skateboards. 

7. Skatehoarding Wall Hanger

The Skatehoarding Wall Hanger sports the highest quality of materials and is easy to install. You can hang all OG, longboards, complete skateboards, popsicles, and any others. You can also use it to hold other gear such as guitars and water skis. 

The unit features high quality metallic construction and installs permanently on your wall. The shiny finish on the arms of the wall mount ensures that the mount is rust-free to last for many years. These arms are long enough to hug the neck of your skateboard or guitar securely so it doesn’t fall. The skull detail on the base of the mount looks great even when your skateboard is not handing in it. 

You do not have to drill holes on your skateboard, thanks to the simple functionality of this skateboard wall mount. 


+ Durable metallic design
+ Easy to install with only a single screw needed
+ Sturdy design to secure your skateboard
+ Design allows it to hold other gear too

Why We Liked It: The strong features of this wall mount are that it is easy to install and it lasts long. 

8. Skateptych Ghost Skateboard Wall Mount

The Skateptych Ghost Skateboard Wall Mount features a simple construction that gives your skateboard a floating effect. It sports a steel construction with two arms to hug your skateboard’s neck securely to keep it safe. Its base features reinforced thermoplastic to hold the prongs securely. The arms have stainless steel bolts and nuts and enhanced threading for stability. 

Installing this unit only requires a single screw on the wall or drywall. It has instructions and mounting hardware so you can install it in less than five minutes. You do not have to drill your skateboards as the unit features precision construction to hold different skateboards securely. Its minimalistic design ensures that it remains invisible after installation. 


+ High-quality stainless steel and thermoplastic construction
+ Installation only requires a single screw
+ Accommodates different boards with no need to drill the board
+ Remains invisible after installation

Why We Liked It: This skateboard wall mount features high-quality construction and installs in less than five minutes.

9. StoreYourBoard Naked Skateboard Wall Mount

If you are looking for a simple way to store your board, the StoreYourBoard Naked Skateboard Wall Mount might be a great choice. It comes as two simple metal units to hold your boards from two different sections. It is a great way to show your skateboard by hanging it on the wall. The aluminum mount features a matte black powder coat that is scratch resistant to keep your boards in storage for long. 

Inside, the unit has a soft felt liner to ensure it does not scratch your boards. You can install the mount to meet the needs of any type of skateboard – all you have to do is to adjust the width between the two arms. 

The only challenge is that you can only lay the skateboard with the wheels facing outside to make it safe. Again, the mounts are visible once installed, which means it is not a great display mount. 


+ Aluminum construction with powder coat for durability
+ Does not scratch your skateboard
+ Easy to install and comes with installation hardware

Why We Liked It: This is a budget skateboard installation mount that is durable enough to hold your skateboard for long. 

10. Belfi Design Skateboard Rack

The Belfi Design Skateboard Rack looks great on any wall, thanks to its wooden design. Its neck opening is large enough to accommodate different skateboards including longboards OG, popsicles, and complete skateboards. It features natural and hard molded plywood. The wood further has bonded leather grip to protect the skateboard from scratches. 

The unit is easy to install. The package comes with plastic anchors for drywall and screws for easy installation. You can install it in less than five minutes. After installation, you can turn your skateboard into wall art. 

The mount sports a glossy finish that you can wipe with a wet piece of soft cloth. You can then use furniture polish to keep the unit glossy. 


+ Attractive wooden design that looks great on walls
+ Easy to care for
+ Installed with a single screw in less than five minutes
+ Accommodates all types of boards

Why We Liked It: The wooden construction looks great on your wall and it is invisible once you hang the skateboard. 

11. XCSource Skateboard Organizer

This is a simple skateboard organizer with five angled slots to hold up to five skateboards. These slots can hold street, longboard, decks, completes, and penny among others. Although it is not a display rack, it is a great way to store your collector’s skateboards or your skateboard when you are not skating. 

It sports a solid pine wood construction with a thickness of 15mm, for stability and sturdiness. It has smooth finish with a water-based paint coat to keep your skateboards scratch resistant and safe. You can install the unit anywhere including your garage or bedroom as long as you have a screwdriver and a level. Installation screws are provided with the package to make the process easier. You can install it in less than five minutes. 

The rack measures 31.5 inches tall, 11.8 inches wide, and 3.1 inches deep to accommodate all skateboards with trucks and wheels. 


+ Accommodates up to five skateboards
+ Design can hold any skateboard with wheels and trucks
+ Easy to install with a few screws
+ Sturdy wooden construction

Why We Liked It: This is a large rack to accommodate different types, up to five skateboards – ideal for a skateboard collector. 

12. Extreme Max Minimalist Naked Wall Skateboard Mount

The Extreme Max Naked Wall Mount features a simple U-bend design. To hold your skateboard, you will need two of these units installed at a width that will accommodate your skateboard. They are deep enough, at more than 6 inches, to hold any type of skateboard and even a surfboard if need be. Space on which your board lies has felt inserts to ensure it does not scratch your board. 

The hardware features an aluminum construction with a black matte finish to last long and look great on your wall. It is not a great display rack, thanks to its 6-inch depth and the fact that you can see the hardware after placing the board. However, the mount is great for board storage. 

You can install the mount in less than ten minutes. Each arm has two screw holes. On drywall, you can use the provided anchors. However, the mount’s design does not accommodate old-design longboards and paddleboards 


+ Heavy duty aluminum construction with powder coating for durability
+ Easy to install with wall studs or anchors
+ Felt inserts protect your boards
+ With a depth of 6 inches, you can place at least two skateboards on it

Why We Liked It: It sports a strong construction and installs with eas

13. COR Surf Bamboo Skateboard Wall Mount

How do you store your skateboard? If you are those who prop the board on a wall, a wooden mount might be a great option for you. The COR Surf wooden rack feature a bamboo construction which is eco-friendly. It comes with a lifetime guarantee as proof of the quality of the rack. 

Its design is simple with only two bamboo pieces attached together. However, the quality and attractive construction makes the unit a little more expensive than other units. The wooden construction makes your home look classy while the back bamboo board ensures dirty wheels do not touch your walls. It accommodates all skateboards including longboards and penny boards. 

Installing the unit onl