4 Best Ski Bindings in 2022

Last updated 24. June 2022

As the ski season approaches and we start to organize our equipment, sometimes we notice that some things are in need of a tune-up or replacement. Whether it’s your skis, poles, clothing, or your bindings, you want to make sure you have the best possible options to give you the most comfortable ride possible.

Ski bindings are a crucial component to your riding experience given that they are what actually holds you in place on the skis. You want them to be sturdy and secure enough to keep your boots where you want them while barreling down the mountain, but you also want them to release if you take a little tumble and don’t want your legs being twisted around while attached to the skis.

To help you better understand what makes a good ski binding, we have come across our 5 favorite bindings in 2021 and outlined their best feature and purposes. Read on to learn more about the best ski bindings and what you should pay attention to when buying.

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1. Rottefella BC-Auto Back Automatic Step-in Ski Bindings

Rottefella BC-Auto Back Automatic Step-in Ski Bindings

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The Rottefella bindings are a low-profile ski binding that is designed for backcountry skiing. They have an audible click-in locking system and a flat heel which adds stability when carving aggressively. They are compatible with Rottefella soles and are not best suited for racing boots or skis.

They will work well for hard-hitting backcountry sessions and offer you a good deal of stability and control. The auto step-in bindings are a little bit wider and more stable than other backcountry step-in bindings. Easily release your boots by pressing with your ski pole tip and then click back in when you’re ready to go.

+ Step-in design
+ Built for backcountry
+ Lightweight
+ Offer good stability and control

Why we like it – These are a great pair of sturdy backcountry bindings that are easy to put on and take off. They will give you the control and agility you need and want on the tree runs.

2. Salomon Warden 11 Ski Bindings

Salomon Warden 11 Ski Bindings

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These performance designed ski bindings are great for wider skis with a lower DIN. They have an oversized platform and a U Power Toe which gives you a lot of stability and strength. The automatic wing adjustment fits your boots’ width and length perfectly without any adjustments when you step in.

The heel piece is easy to step in and take off which a click in and by pushing the button to release the boots from your bindings. A lower profile chassis gets you closer to the snow and helps you to get a true feel for the terrain you’re conquering. Great for skiers with more modern skis who want a reliable downhill binding.

+ Low-profile chassis
+ Auto wing adjust
+ Wider platform
+ U Power Toe
+ Durable

Why we like it – These binding work great for wider skis and help you to have a good feel for the snow under your feet. They are tough, maneuverable, and reliable.

3. Look SPX 12 Dual Ski Bindings

Look SPX 12 Dual Ski Bindings

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The Look SPX 12 Dual bindings are built for power transfer and elasticity to give you ultimate control and strength on an alpine trail. They are lightweight and super dependable when you need them to keep you locked in and allow for a trusty release if things go a little haywire. The toe release works independently of the heel with a 180-degree release to give you the highest level of safety if a fall occurs.

The heel pivot is oversized and offers additional strength and energetic power when carving on the groomed trails. They offer a good deal of shock absorption for skiers who are looking to fly a little bit, and they have a walk-to-ride grip-walk on the base for easier taxiing to and from your next lift.

+ Excellent control and strength
+ High shock absorption
+ Lightweight and durable
+ 180-degree release
+ Easy step-in and release

Why we like it – These bindings are another great option for people who want to have a lot of strength and control of their skis. They let you take charge and offer easy step-in and release.

4. Tyrolia AAAttack 2 11 GW Ski Binding Adults

Tyrolia AAAttack 2 11 GW Ski Binding Adults

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The Tyrolia AAAttack bindings are designed to be enjoyed by beginners as well as advanced skiers. They are good for all kinds of terrain and can be used for racing and high-speed skiing. They have an NX FR heel which is lightweight and gives you a little more control.

They have a highly compatible and secure toe design which will help you to gain strength and agility when on the mountain. They are built from 77mm AFD metal which is more durable and strong than plastic or Teflon. They have a DIN range of 3-11 and a 21mm stand height which keeps you close to the powder.

+ Low-profile
+ Lightweight heel construction
+ 77mm AFD metal
+ Easy lock-in and release
+ Good for beginner and advanced skiers
+ Suitable for all-terrain and highly compatible

Why we like it – These bindings are good for almost anybody and almost anywhere. They are highly compatible and easy to strap into. They will be good for the groomed trails as well as the backcountry.

Ski Bindings Buyers Guide

What to look for in the Best Ski Bindings

Ski Style

The first thing you want to consider is what type of skiing are you doing? There are alpine, touring, and hybrid ski bindings which all have different purposes and benefits. Make sure you get the type of ski binding that is properly designed for your desired purpose.

Skill Level

There are bindings that are better suited for beginner skiers than for advanced ones and vice versa. Beginner ski bindings will give you the sturdiness and release you need to make sure you’re not going to get hurt if you happen to fall and need your bindings to let the skis go. Advanced skiers will benefit more from bindings that offer more flexibility and shock absorption when dropping in and landing harder on the snow.


Your ski bindings will need to work with your skis and boots. Luckily all alpine boots are designed to fit all alpine ski bindings. As long as you don’t have a pair of boots that are designed for multiple purposes, then any alpine ski binding should do. It is always good to double-check before you buy, however.


Ski bindings come in a slight variation of weights. More advanced ski bindings will give you more of a lightweight construction which will enhance your agility and maneuverability on the slopes. They may also work better for the times when you’re backcountry skiing and need to do a little bit of uphill climbing.

With a little less weight, you will be able to climb hills a little bit easier. Heavier bindings are not so much of a problem if you’re a beginner or you’re simply riding the groomed trails.

Brake Width

The brakes on your ski bindings are what stops them from getting away from you if your si is not attached to your boot. It doesn’t mean they will help you stop while you’re fully strapped in.

Ensure that your brake width is very similar to the width of your skis with just enough room to fit the edges of the skis inside. You don’t want to have too wide of brakes because if you do, they may drag when you are doing more sharp carving on the mountain, thus slowing you down.

DIN Release Setting

DIN is the test that helps determine the release point of your locked-in boot when force is applied. The number ranges from 1-18 and the importance of getting your rating correct is paramount.

You want to have the correct setting so it will release and the bindings won’t hold your feet to the skis if they start twisting, but you also don’t want them to randomly release while you’re riding.

It is never a bad idea to ask, and you should be getting a trained technician to set the release point properly for you before heading out on the mountain.


With the right ski bindings, you will be able to enjoy a full day out on the hill painlessly. With any o our picks, you will have the best ski bindings and can be confident in their ability to keep you locked in and released when necessary.

Expert Tip

It is most important that you have a technician set-up your bindings for your skis. If you do not have them properly set-up, it can be dangerous if they release too easily or have you too tightly locked in. Most mountains have technicians that can help you if you’re looking for “day of” tweaks.

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