4 Best Snowmobile Helmets in 2022

Last updated 24. June 2022

Finding the best snowmobile helmet for your vacation can be a serious upgrade in comfort and safety. You shouldn’t settle for something cheap since it might be dangerous in the long run. The good news is that you’re in the right place to find your top match.

Whether you’re looking for the best open face snowmobile helmet or a modular one, there are going to be plenty of choices for you to sift through today.

You should never settle for something that you think won’t get the job done, just like you wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best winter coats or the best skiing gloves for your snowmobile adventure. Safety features aside, discomfort can put a damper on your experience. Searching for a comfortable, long-lasting helmet will help you have a blast while being safe and prepared for anything.

It also doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of style to the mix! When you’re ready to look through the best-rated snowmobile helmets, check out the list below.

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1. SmartDealsNow – HHH DOT Youth & Kids

SmartDealsNow - HHH DOT Youth & Kids Helmet

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Searching through snowmobile helmet reviews for kids can be a bit of a challenge. All kids have different style preferences, and one size doesn’t fit all of them. Of course, the most important feature is always safety. The HHH DOT Youth & Kids Helmet by SmartDealsNow is a top contender for parents looking to find their kids a new set of gear.

This model might be the lightest snowmobile helmet, which is huge for kids who tend to get tired and uncomfortable wearing theirs. It also has quite a few colors to choose from. These colors include Red and Blue w/ Stars, Blue & Green, Matte Black, Purple, and the USA. They come in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.

The reason that this is one of the top-rated snowmobile helmets is that it has plenty of padding. With a cushioned interior and a reflective visor on the outside to bounce off the sun rays, it’s no wonder so many people want this helmet. It doesn’t hurt that it also comes with a carrying bag as well!

+ Comes in plenty of colors and sizes
+ Includes a carrying bag with your purchase
+ Perfect for growing kids and teens

Why We Like It – This is a good snowmobile helmet for kids who often desire unique colors and a higher level of comfort. You certainly won’t regret your decision with this one!

2. 509 Delta R3 Ignite Snow Helmet

509 Delta R3 Ignite Full Face Snow Helmet

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If you’re trying to find the best anti-fog snowmobile helmet, then this one might be your favorite choice on the list. The 509 Delta R3 Ignite Full Face Snow Helmet is comfortable and practical through every measure. It also might be the warmest snowmobile helmet that we’ve come across in our extensive research.

The colors of this stylish helmet include Orange, Pink, Red Aura, Storm Chase, and a handful of others. You can choose any of these color options in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Regardless of which color-size combo you go with, you’ll get a nice sun visor to protect your eyes at all times.

The wide lens and open interior combine to make this the best snowmobile helmet for glasses. It can be frustrating to have them pushed up against your face, but you won’t have to worry about that with this model. It’s designed with comfort at the forefront of the helmet. Even the polycarbonate material used makes it lightweight for more comfort.

+ Comes in a variety of unique colors
+ Perfect for people who wear glasses or sunglasses inside of their helmet
+ Incredibly warm thanks to the interior padding

Why We Like It – We like this unit because it’s a great snowmobile helmet with anti fog capabilities. The warmth and lightweight nature are a huge plus as well, and a great complement to your ski pants and winter gear.

3. Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV Helmet

Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV Snowmobile Helmet

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The Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV Snowmobile Helmet certainly has good looks going for it. However, there’s much more to this unique helmet than the appearance. Starting with the interior amber lens, your eyes will stay protected from the sun. If you’re not into the additional lens, you can remove it in seconds.

Don’t worry about not being able to find the right size with this helmet either. It comes in a massive range from Extra-Small all the way up to XXX-Large. If you don’t know what your exact size is, feel free to consult their sizing chart. This will give you a few measurements to find out what you need for your new helmet.

This lightweight snowmobile helmet also comes with a unique breathing box. This box’s purpose is to prevent fogging up throughout the lens. It also keeps you breathing fresh air rather than heating up from exhaling. All in all, it’s a steal for such a budget-friendly price point on a fantastic selection.

+ Comes with an interior amber lens to block out the sun
+ Choose from a wide range of sizes
+ Stylish appearance with even more functionality

Why We Like It – This is definitely one of the best snowmobile helmets to review because it has everything you need and more. Stay stylish and comfortable all at an affordable price.

4. Typhoon Helmets Adult Full Face Snowmobile Helmet

Typhoon Helmets Adult Full Face Snowmobile Helmet

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Last but certainly not least on the list is the Typhoon Helmets Adult Full Face Snowmobile Helmet. Out of all of the best snowmobile helmets brands, this company continues to provide excellent quality. With numerous options and adjustments available, we’re certain you’ll find something that you like with this one.

Starting with the style, you’ll have a decent pallet to choose from. The available colors include Pink, Orange, Green, Electric Blue, and quite a few others. These colors come in sizes ranging from Small all the way up to 4X-Large. Combined with the interchangeable visors, it’s quite a steal for most people.

After doing thorough research, we can say with confidence that this is the best-heated snowmobile helmet on the list. It comes with a cord to heat up the visor, preventing fogging and keeping you cozy during your experience. You can even warm it before you wear it to start off on the right foot.

+ Comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors
+ Includes a heated visor for anti-fog and comfort
+ Changeable visors to match your favorite selection

Why We Like It – This snowmobile helmet was an easy addition to the list for two reasons… 1) It comes with a heated visor, and 2) it’s safe and comfortable across the board.

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Snowmobile Helmet Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen all of the best snowmobile helmets on the market, it’s time to pick out your favorite. There are a wide variety of choices, all of which are as safe as they come.

You can also rest assured that they’re very comfortable as well. If you’re still on the fence between a couple of them or you have questions about any of the products, check out the buyer’s guide below for further information.

What is the best snowmobile helmet?

There is no ‘best snowmobile helmet’, but there are several ones that are at the top. If you’re looking for the best snowmobile helmet for your situation, then there are a few variables to consider. For example, you need to know if you want a heated visor or not.

You should also think about if you want certain colors or a removable lens. The most important factor to think about is the safety features. Don’t settle for something that looks cool if it isn’t safe! Fortunately, every choice on this list is safe to wear.

Some people also prefer modular masks, while others prefer a full face with a fixed lens. You might even want to opt for no lens at all if you’re wearing protective goggles. There are a few options on the list above that are good for people who wear seeing glasses as well.

Are heated snowmobile helmets worth the investment?

Should you buy a heated snowmobile helmet? Well, the real question is whether or not you enjoy complete comfort and a fog-free lens. Truthfully, these modern heated snowmobile helmets are impressive and always worth the investment. Most of them are budget-friendly, including the one we have listed at number four on the list.

Imagine heating up your helmet before you even put it on. Starting off your day with a nice and cozy lens is something that’s a no-brainer for some people, while others enjoy the cold.

If you have extra gear like a balaclava, then you likely won’t need to warm up your helmet. It’s all about what makes you the most comfortable. Keep in mind that a warmed up lens will prevent it from fogging up too much since it gets rid of the excess moisture.

Finding the best snowmobile helmet should leave you feeling satisfied with your purchase. Get something that you’re going to love visually, but also something that’ll keep you out of harm’s way!

Expert Tip

Wearing a balaclava underneath your snowmobile helmet is a good way to keep your neck warm to avoid that unwanted cold snow from getting in!

Did You Know?

Most places in the world require you to wear a helmet while riding a snowmobile. Don’t get caught without one!

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