9 Best Snowshoes in 2022

Last updated 21. June 2022

The summer has come and gone, and although you’ve had a chance to get out and be among the beauty of the forest many times, you still may want to be able to experience the wonder of wintertime hiking. Being in the wilderness in the winter is a very enchanting and beautiful experience that contrasts amazingly to the summertime.

To be able to enjoy wintertime hiking, you’ll need to have the best snowshoes possible. There are a lot of options that are great for various purposes, and they come in a variety of budgets to suit your needs.

In order to help you find the best snowshoes specifically for you, we have put together a list of the ten best snowshoes today. This guide should provide you with all of the necessary information for you to be able to make a confident buying decision.

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1. G2 GO2GETHER Snowshoes kit Adventure Adult

G2 GO2GETHER Snowshoes kit Adventure Adult

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This snowshoeing kit will give you the necessary tools to hit the winter trails with ease and comfort. They are built with superior materials to give you some of the best traction you will find, while also providing a good deal of versatility size-wise.

The snowshoes are built with an aluminum frame which is lightweight and strong. The bindings have a foam padded ratchet design which will help keep things comfortably secure. The crampons are made of manganese steel and boast some of the highest levels of traction that a snowshoe can handle.

They are flexible resistant up to -40 degrees F. Depending on your weight, you will be able to find the right size of snowshoe. The pack also comes with balancing poles which telescope from 25 to 53 inches. A carrying bag is included so you can keep everything neat and tidy,

+ Manganese steel
+ Aluminum frame
+ Good traction
+ Flexible to -40 degrees F
+ Poles and bag included

Why we like it – This is a wonderful snowshoe pair that will be able to handle the extreme elements and allow you to get out in the middle of winter. The poles and the carry bag give you everything you need.

2. Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

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The Chinook Trekkers are shaped ergonomically to ensure that your walks are enjoyable and comfortable. They are a strong pair of snowshoes that are guaranteed to get you from the trailhead to the peak with the ease of a summertime walk in the park.

The frame is made of aluminum and is strong and lightweight. The dual ratchet bindings are a breeze to use and have quick-release buckles to allow to you put on and take off the snowshoes easily. The crampons are made of heavy-duty aluminum and move freely to provide some amazing traction on even the most slippery surfaces.

The UV resistant polyethylene deckings are flexible in temperatures as low as-40 degrees F and come with a carry bag to keep them neat and tidy when you’re done your hike. They are great for enjoying the winter months in the woods without tiring yourself out too much or getting stuck in the snow.

+ Flexible cold weather deckings
+ Ergonomic aluminum frame
+ Lightweight
+ Dual ratchet bindings
+ Heavy-duty traction crampons

Why we like it – These snowshoes are really strong and have great traction. They can handle really cold weather and offer a great walking angle to give you some of the most enjoyable winter walks you’ll ever have.

3. WildHorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes

WildHorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes

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The Wildhorn Outfitters team has come up with an updated model which includes some handy details that will make your winter snowshoeing trips a little more enjoyable. They come in two lengths depending on your weight requirements and have a customizable feature which allows you to fit the snowshoes specifically to your feet.

The durable aluminum frame gives excellent snow flotation which will be able to keep you atop the fluffy snow no matter how deep it is. Each show has two sets of strong, heavy-duty, reinforced steel crampons which will provide you with a good level of traction on slopes and slippery surfaces.

There is a unique heel lift riser which supports your heel when you need it and lays down flat when it is appropriate. This feature makes them better for extended incline hiking. They are built really sturdy and will be able to handle the most extreme conditions.

+ Strong construction
+ Good for inclines and slopes
+ Cold weather rated
+ Adjustable bindings
+ Good traction

Why we like it – They feel great as soon as you take them out of the box and they compare well to all of their competitors. They offer excellent support when ascending long slopes, and have good traction for any slippery surface.

4. MSR Evo Trail 22-Inch Hiking Snowshoes

MSR Evo Trail 22-Inch Hiking Snowshoes

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These are a very strong and sturdy pair of snowshoes that are appropriate for beginners as well as advanced snowshoers. People who buy MSR snowshoes generally hold on to them for a long time and sing their praises all the while. They are built to last and provide a tremendous level of traction for a wide variety of situations.

They have steel traction rails and brake bars in the decking as well as carbon steel crampons which provide great grip in the snow and ice. The bindings offer easy fitting when you’re putting them on and taking them off without freezing and without needing you to take your gloves off.

You have the option to pick up 5-inch modular flotation tails which will give you a little extra support on the fluffier snow. They are super lightweight and you may even forget you’re wearing snowshoes from time to time.

+ Super lightweight
+ Strong and sturdy build
+ Good for advanced snowshoeing
+ Carbon steel crampons
+ Optional flotation tails

Why we like it – These snowshoes are some of the most sturdy and durable pairs you can find. They are great for tough and tricky conditions and will last a very long time.

5. MSR Lightning Ascent Backcountry & Mountaineering Snowshoes

MSR Lightning Ascent Backcountry & Mountaineering Snowshoes

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These are some of the most rugged and versatile snowshoes you will ever find. They thrive in multiple environments. Whether you’re out in deep powder or rock hard icy conditions, they will give you the support and traction you need to fully enjoy your trek.

They are ultra-light and have aggressive traction which makes them reliable enough to take with you anywhere. 360-degree traction frames offer a level of grip that is hard to match. The one-piece steel crampons bite into the ice and allow you to thrust forward with strength and confidence.

The bindings won’t freeze up and they are really easy to strap on and off with gloves on. They have freeze-resistant decking, and great flotation to keep you above the powdery snow. The Ergo Televater flips up to give your heel some support on inclines and flips back down easily when you’re on the flat ground to give you a little more help on tougher terrain.

+ Rugged capabilities
+ Great floatation
+ Good heel support for inclines
+ Freeze resistant decking
+ Easy-to-use bindings

Why we like it – You can consider these the last pair of snowshoes that you would need. They can handle any type of condition and get you from start to finish with exceptional grips, flotation, and comfort.

6. MSR Evo Ascent Backcountry Snow Shoes

MSR Evo Ascent Backcountry Snow Shoes

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These snowshoes are designed to bite hard on ice slopes to keep you heading in the right direction. They are outfitted with a uni plastic decking which has steel traction rails and brake bars. They are great for rolling and uneven terrain but are not ideally suited for extended powder-covered trips.

The Ergo Televator is built to be activated on steep slopes to give your feet a little more support and help you get to the peak with comfort and ease. The televator is activated easily by simply giving it a click with your pole.

They are compatible and will fit with a variety of boot sizes and styles with the three forefoot straps and a heel strap to keep you snuggly in place. The underfoot crampon has 4 large teeth that bite well into the surface. The whole design is freeze-resistant and easy to navigate while wearing gloves for winter.

+ Freeze-resistant
+ Durable decking with traction bars
+ Ergo Televator
+ 4-tooth crampon
+ Rugged design

Why we like it – For icy conditions, these snowshoes are amazing. They will work in powder but will be a little less suitable for extended trips. If you need a grip on rough, uneven terrain, these are a good pick.

7. Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes

Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes

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The Lucky Bums model is best suited for youth, and people who are looking for a pair of snowshoes that work best with a lighter payload. These snowshoes are designed strong and durable enough to get you going comfortably. They have a rugged and tough design that is meant to be used time after time.

The decking is durable and long-lasting and comes along with a metal crampon to provide the amount of grip you need on a slopey or slippery surface. The two buckle design allows you to get a snug fit so the snowshoes stay right in place.

They are easy to figure out and navigate for kids so there is less time spent trying to get dressed and more time enjoying the clear winter weather. They are freeze-resistant in really cold weather and offer a perfect way for the kids to get out with you on a snowshoeing trip.

+ Built for youth
+ Easy to use
+ Durable and long-lasting
+ Freeze-resistant
+ Snug fit

Why we like it – Not all snowshoes are meant for little ones. These snowshoes are great and offer the kind of support your little footed friends will need when heading out on the trail with you.

8. FLASHTEK 21″/25″/30″ Snowshoes

FLASHTEK 21 Inches Snowshoes for Men and Women, Light Weight Aluminum...

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The Flashtek Snowshoes come in a wide variety of sizes and provide support for payloads ranging from 70-260 lbs. The design is ergonomically sound and comes with an upturned tail to allow you to move freely along the snowy ridges easily. They are designed for maximum floatation and movement in the fluffiest powder.

The bindings are super easy to use and allow you to slide the snowshoes on and off quickly. An aluminum frame and aluminum alloy crampons contribute to the structural durability of these snowshoes and keep you going year after year.

They come with the two snowshoes, a couple of trekking poles, and a nylon carry bag to keep everything neatly together when in transit. They will stay snuggly in laces and give you the level of flotation you need no matter what type of condition you’re shoeing in.

+ Rugged design
+ Lightweight
+ Superior flotation
+ Good Traction
+ Durable

Why we like it – Perfect for powdery snow conditions. They have great flotation abilities and allow you to keep on going for extended periods of time. The lightweight snowshoes along with the poles and the carry bag make it a very convenient package.

9. Gpeng Snowshoes

Gpeng Snowshoes

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These snowshoes are designed to be lightweight and high-quality enough to be taken anywhere with you to provide a comfortable and versatile snowshoeing experience. The aluminum frames make walking on powder easier than ever, and it also makes them super lightweight and easy to maneuver. They are designed to cradle the ball of the foot to offer a true walking feeling.

This is a great option for people who are looking for a budget-friendly option. If you’re looking for something to get you started and to help you figure out if you’re going to love snowshoeing or not, they may be what is best for you.

They are easy to strap on and off, they come with a couple of trekking poles and a carrying bag that is durable and lightweight. They are freeze-resistant and easy to use, so they are perfect for beginners.

+ Great for beginners
+ Budget-friendly
+ Lightweight and comfortable
+ Ergonomic shape
+ Freeze-resistant

Why we like it – When you’re first starting out, all you need is something that is going to give you an idea of whether or not you are going to enjoy the activity. These are perfect as they are lightweight and comfortable and will allow you to get out into the great outdoors.

Snowshoes Buyers Guide

What to look for in The Best Snowshoes

Not all snowshoes are the same. When you’re looking for you first, or the second pair of snowshoes, it is important to pay attention to the things that are most important to your specific situation. Differentiating between what these factors are can be a little bit confusing at first, so, we decided to put together buyers guide to help weed out some of the options.


One of the main reasons you’re even shopping for snowshoes is so that you can walk on snow and not go cascading into the depths of the earth. Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you want something that is going to keep you securely above the snow line and walking along comfortably. You should be able to stay comfortably on top of the powder without sinking in too much.

The more you sink into the snow, the harder it is to move your foot to the next position and the more work you’re going to have to do. Plastic decking is less suited for powdery situations and better for tough, icy terrain. If you are going to be doing a lot of power walking, nytex decking is better for you and you will be able to keep on going longer when the snow is a bit deeper.


It isn’t always soft and fluffy. because of this, you want to have crampons and/or a frame that will allow you to stay upright. Crampons that are made of steel are super strong and offer a level of a bite that is necessary to give you the control you need to keep going.

All of the best snowshoes will have heavy-duty crampons that will be able to handle the elements. If you’ve got frames that had brake bars on them, that is even better, as when you’re heading down on a slight slope, you will have a little more resistance to the ice and hard-packed snow.

Ergo Televators

The Ergo Televator is a fantastic little bit of innovation that many of the best snowshoes come with. It will give you a little bit of extra support under your heel if you’re headed up a slope.

This will make it feel like you’re walking up stairs instead of fighting the difficult slope which our human ankles and knees are not perfectly designed for. If you’re looking to be doing a lot of shoeing when there is a large slope, then getting a pair with a televator is going to be a huge help.

If you’re mostly navigating even terrain with very little elevation, you will be fine with a pair of snowshoes that do not feature a televator. The more easily you can activate this handy little feature, the better. If you’re able to get it locked into place using your poles, you won’t need to bend down to get it into place.


Most snowshoes are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of boots and shoes. In order to ensure that your snowshoes are going to work with your current outerwear, just check to ensure that weight-wise and size-wise, the snowshoes are going to work for you.

Smaller straps and bindings are better for lighter snow boots, whereas larger, more rugged boots ill need stronger and wider openings for the bindings to accept the boots.


Of course, snowshoes will need to be durable. When you’re snowshoeing, all of your gear needs to be able to handle the harshest conditions. Make sure that your frames are made out of aluminum, and you have a hard enough, freeze-resistant plastic or nylon fabric for your decking.

The last thing you need is for your snowshoes to snap, break, or rip when you’re in the middle of an adventure. Many snowshoes will come with various degrees of durability, and with snowshoes, you tend to get what you pay for.


Now, with all of the information provided, you should be able to confidently pick out your favorite pair of snowshoes and hit the trail. Just remember to keep in mind our buying advice and do your research before picking up one of the best snowshoes on the market. Happy trails!

Expert Tip

Snowshoes for men, women, and children are generally designed differently. They may look very similar, but if you’re picking out snowshoes for a man, or woman, be sure that they are specifically designed for the bone structure, stride type, and body distribution which is appropriate.

Did you know?

It can be super useful to have a pair of gaiters with you. Hopefully, you won’t have too much snow coming in your boots when you’re on the trail. The way to ensure that your feet stay dry and warm is to grab a pair of gaiters that will cover you from knee to toe.

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