10 Best Sun Protection Hats in 2022

Last updated 23. June 2022

Summer is the best time of year for soaking up the plentiful benefits of the sun. The only downside of summer is the unfortunate sun burns that we’ve all had to deal with at some point. We put together the best sun protection hats that we could find to hopefully keep those annoying, dangerous sun burns out of your favorite season!

Instead of asking you to look through hundreds of reviews and unboxing videos, we went ahead and did it all for you. After looking at buyer’s comments, several articles, and numerous other sources, we’ve put together our favorite picks. If you want a stylish sun protection hat to cool off your summer, read on below!

Although they’re ordered 1 through 10, none of the sun hats are better than the next. These are the top of the line, so it’s all up to your preferences at this point!

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1. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II

Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II

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There might not be a better company to start off our list than Columbia. They consistently produce wonderful outdoor gear, with this sun protection hat being no exception. The Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II is a stylish addition to anyone’s wardrobe, so check out all of the unique features below to understand what it’s all about.

For starters, the breathable mesh exterior around part of this hat is great for staying cool while keeping the sun out of your eyes. It also uses a drawstring to secure the hat to your head in case you’re working or moving a lot.

The Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II comes in quite a few colors for you to view. These colors include Impulse Blue, Fossil, Collegiate Navy, Raw Honey, and several others. Both the hat itself and the drawstring match whichever color you end up going with should you choose this sun hat.

+ Made by one of the most well-known brands in the industry
+ Uses mesh on the middle of the hat to provide airflow
+ Choose from all sorts of unique colors

Why We Like It – We like these Columbia sun hats because they provide optimal protection from the heat and UV rays of the sun without making your head sweat too much.

2. HINDAWI Sun Hats Women Wide Brim Visor

HINDAWI Sun Hats Women Wide Brim Visor

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Next up on the list is the HINDAWI Sun Hats Women Wide Brim Visor. You might not always want a hat that covers all sides of your neck, so this visor is a great solution to keep your face protected at all times. The 4.7-inch brim keeps you much more covered than most other visors that we came across.

If you choose to go with the HINDAWI sun hat, you’ll be offered more than enough style combinations. This selection includes Beige, Purple, Pink, Navy, and a few others. Much like the previous hat on the list, this one secures tightly with a drawstring. If you don’t want the drawstring, it’s removable.

There’s also Velcro on the back that helps keep it in place. Thanks to the nylon lining of this hat, you’ll be able to fold it up and store it when it’s not in use. Nylon also works wonders for keeping moisture and sweat buildup out of your hat!

+ Comes in a plethora of stylish, unique colors
+ Includes a removable drawstring and Velcro patch
+ Covers 4.7 inches away from your face

Why We Like It – We like this sun hat because it’s one of the largest visors that we found. Choose your favorite design and enjoy your summer season!

3. DealStock Fishing Cap

DealStock Fishing Cap

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The DealStock Fishing Cap offers all-around protection that you can’t find in most other competitors. It has an elongated neck cover to prevent those annoying shoulder and neck sunburns that we’ve all had to deal with, as well as a few other features that make it a perfect option for most.

This sun protection hat is made out of a combination of nylon and cotton, which is perfect for outdoor use. Nylon is great for wicking off moisture from sweat and rain, while cotton is lightweight and very breathable. You’ll love the overall soft feeling of it!

When it comes to style, the DealStock Fishing Cap doesn’t slack at all. They offer 9 different colors options with a selection including colors like Desert Camo, Green Camo, Khaki, and Black. Regardless of which color you choose, each hat has an interior drawstring that adjusts to your head size.

+ Protects your entire neck and head
+ Comes in a wide variety of camo colors
+ Includes an adjustable drawstring for your head

Why We Like It – We like this sun hat because there aren’t very many hats out there that also protect the back of your neck. It’s also nice to have several styles to look at before making your choice.

4. Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat

Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat

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Finding the right clothing for kids is always a tough task, but we wanted to cover all areas with our list. The Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat is perfect for kids of all ages who are looking for a way to stay cool in the heat. Children are much more prone to sunburns, so we went ahead and made sure that this one offered great protection.

It’s no secret that kids like to have their own unique style, and it absolutely must look as cool as possible. This hat comes with tons of different colors, including Bluebird, Flower Garden, Green Camo, Aquatic, and all sorts of fun options. It also comes in seven different sizes start with Infant and ending with Large.

The sides of this sun protection have mesh vents to keep their head cooled off, even on the hottest summer days. There’s also a drawstring under the chin to secure it in place, but the sizing chart does pretty well on its own.

+ Includes a wide range of sizes for infants and children
+ Choose from a plethora of cool colors
+ Uses a mesh side vent to promote maximum airflow

Why We Like It – We like this kid’s sun hat because it’s nice to find a solution to keep our kids cooled off without them complaining about it not looking ‘cool’ enough. Choose their favorite color and they’ll love the hat!

5. Home Prefer Men’s UPF Cap

Home Prefer Men’s UPF Cap

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Sometimes it seems like no matter which sun hat you wear, the sun somehow manages to leave its mark by the end of the day. However, the Home Prefer Men’s UPF Cap covers just about as much skin as you could hope for. The long neck cover includes a mesh vent to keep you cooled off while preventing sunburns completely.

Much like a few of the other sun protection hats on this list, this one comes with a few colors to view before making your purchase. This selection has Army Green, Aqua Blue, Light Grey, Red, and a couple of others. With a UPF resistance of 50+, it keeps out almost 98% of damaging rays that might otherwise cause you harm.

The Home Prefer Men’s UPF Cap also has two drawstrings, unlike most of its competitors. One of the drawstrings sits under the chin, which allows you to secure it in place if you’re constantly moving around. The other drawstring tightens or loosens the sizes of the interior crown.

+ Includes a mesh neck covering for UV ray protection
+ Comes with two adjustable drawstrings
+ Choose from a handful of unique colors

Why We Like It – We like this sun hat because it keeps you protected from the sun on all fronts. Adjust it exactly how you need to prevent headaches or dropping the hat!

6. Comhats UV Protection Sun Hat

Comhats UV Protection Sun Hat

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We all know that not all hats are stylish. In fact, quite a few of them seem to have zero fashion sense whatsoever. Don’t worry though, we did our best to find the best sun protection hats, looks included! The Comhats UV Protection Sun Hat has so many customizable features that you might want to wear it year round!

Since we’re starting off with appearance, let’s check out the numerous colors and sizes available with the Comhats sun hat. Army Green, Navy Blue, Beige, Black, and a few other colors with or without a bow in the back are up for grabs. The sizes include Small, Medium, and Large.

While style is always important, we all know that function should be equal if not better. The back of this hat’s rim folds down naturally to cover the back of your neck, as does the front for your eyes and nose.

+ Includes multiple sizes and colors for you to choose from
+ Much more stylish and visually appealing than other sun hats
+ Folds up small for easy storage

Why We Like It – We like this sun protection hat because it looks great and works even better. There’s nothing fun about getting a sunburn, so we’re doing our best to find the appearance that everyone’s going for!

7. i play. Flap Sun Protection Hat for Kids

i play. Flap Sun Protection Hat for Kids

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Babies can get sun burns much easier than adults and older children since their skin is much softer than ours. Since we knew we had to find something for people of all ages, it was a relief when we saw how well-received the i play. Flap Sun Protection Hat for Kids was. It’s super lightweight and very breathable.

One of the most convenient features with this sun hat is the fact that it comes in several sizes based on your child’s age. This range goes by months and includes 0 through 18 months old. Babies might not care as much about colors yet, but we still want to make sure that you can match it to their outfit so check out the color collection if you choose to go with this one.

Instead of using a drawstring like most of the other hats on this list, this particular sun hat for babies comes with a small tying string. Since it doesn’t use a drawstring, the chances of it pinch their skin is reduced dramatically.

+ Perfect for infants and babies from 0 to 18 months of age
+ Lightweight and breathable material
+ Uses a string lace to tie it instead of a drawstring

Why We Like It – We like this sun hat because it’s perfect for smaller babies who need a little bit of added protection from the harmful rays of the sun. It looks adorable, too!

8. EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men

EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men

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Another problem with many modern hats is that they’re far too flashy sometimes. This includes excess logos, too many patterns, and so on. The EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men strays from the pack and maintains a low-profile, simple appearance. In our opinion, it looks exactly how a comfortable sun hat should look.

Although it’s not all about style, you can still choose from four different colors. Your options with the EINSKEY men’s hat are Dark Grey, Khaki, Light Grey, and Navy Blue. They’re all soft colors, which helps keep away the heat of the sun. This is just one of the many measures that keep you feeling refreshed when wearing this hat!

Another great feature is the mesh vents on the sides. This reduces sweat buildup and allows your head and hair to breathe a little bit instead of being all pent up. Adjust the hat with a chin drawstring and a crown drawstring to get that perfect fit.

+ Comes in four different soft colors
+ Uses two drawstrings to fit the hat perfectly
+ Includes a mesh vent to cool off your head

Why We Like It – We like this hat because it has everything you need in a sun hat that barely weighs anything at all. It also fits low to the head instead of sticking out like others seem to.

9. Comhats Siggi Women’s Summer Hat

Comhats Siggi Women’s Summer Hat

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While some sun protection hats only make sense when the weather is hot. The Comhats Siggi Women’s Summer Hat conflicts its name by looking amazing any time of the year, with nearly any outfit. What makes it even better is that it folds down easily for storage.

Much like the other choices on our list, this one comes with several colors and styles. Coffee, Blue, Green, and Khaki are just a few to name. Some of them come plain, while others have ribbons included. Choose from Small, Medium, and Large.

The lightweight material used to make the Comhats Siggi Women’s Summer Hat lets it naturally fall down to protect your face and neck. It’s completely ventilated as well, which makes airflow a top priority.

+ Includes several color options with or without ribbons
+ The lightweight material falls down to protect you from sunburns
+ Very breathable for optimal airflow

Why We Like It – We like this sun protection hat because it’s super lightweight and it lets you stay to cool off any time of the year. Having the choice of color, size, and ribbon or no ribbon is a great addition!

10. ICOLOR Sun Caps Flap Hats

ICOLOR Sun Caps Flap Hats

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Last but not least on our favorite sun hat list is the ICOLOR Sun Caps Flap Hats. If you’ve had trouble getting burned with any hat you’ve chosen so far, this is absolutely going to solve your sunburn problems! It covers your entire head, neck, and face with thin, breathable nylon naturally moisture-wicking.

The sides of the baseball cap have buttons that you can slide the neck and face shield onto. If it’s not too hot outside, the cap itself is stylish and works with nearly any outfit. Don’t worry about the face covering, though. It’s made out of dense mesh that allows you to breathe without any issues whatsoever.

Blue, Dark Pink, Light Grey, Sky Blue, and an array of other colors are up for you to choose from. Each piece of the trio corresponds with the color you choose. When you’re all done using it for the day, detach the extra pieces and fold them away and hang the hat as you would any other.

+ Uses three pieces to protect your head, neck, and face
+ Comes in a wide variety of colors
+ Includes a mesh face shield for great airflow

Why We Like it – We like this hat because it offers the only possible solution to completely cover all parts of your head. It’s lightweight, which prevent sweat buildup as well.

Sun Protection Hats Buyers Guide

To steer you in the right direction and hopefully help you find the right sun hat for you, we’ve made a small buyer’s guide below. Let us know what you think!

What material is best for a sun protection hat?

Sun hats that are made out of nylon are great for wicking off moisture, while cotton hats are very breathable. The choice is up to you, but make sure it fits your environment well!

What makes a good sun hat?

Since you’re using it in the sun, you want to make sure that there’s some type of ventilation. Whether it’s mesh material or lightweight nylon, it’s important to stay cooled off. The goal of a sun hat is to not only prevent sunburns but overheating as well.

Expert Tip

To keep your hats from getting crease marks or losing their fit, buy a Styrofoam mannequin head to place the hat on when it’s not in use.

Did You Know?

No article of clothing, sun hats included, can completely prevent sunburns. Although they can cut down the UV rays by up to 98%, you should still apply sunscreen anytime you intend on going outside in the sun for long periods of time.

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