10 Best Winter Cycling Gloves In 2022

Last updated 24. June 2022

Winter cycling gloves are an important part of your cycling wardrobe in cold weather. Cycling in winter can be cold and difficult, and no part of your body feels that cold and difficulty more than your hands, trapped in place stuck out in front of you and exposed to the elements with no scope for movement or warmth.

A good pair of cycling gloves can help enormously when it comes to coping with the elements and can keep your hands warm and comfortable even during long bike rides in the cold. They’re going to need to be waterproof enough to keep the rain and snow out, and insulated enough to keep the warmth of your hands in, while still providing a good grip on the handlebars.

We’ve chosen 10 of the best pairs of winter bike gloves to help keep your hands warm and safe in even the worst conditions, and we’ll break them down below, helping you to get a sense of what you’re looking for in a pair of gloves and to choose the best pair of winter cycling gloves for you.

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1. INBIKE Men’s Touch Screen Winter Cold Weather Thermal

INBIKE Men's Touch Screen Winter Cold Weather Thermal

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The INBIKE Men’s Touch Screen Winter Cold Weather Thermal cycling gloves are designed for cold, dry, windy conditions; they are built with a windproof polyester and microfiber shell coating, keeping the wind away from your hands but not offering much in the way of water resistance (despite the misleading WATERPROOF label across the index finger). The palm and finger surface is where the design effort lies, however.

These winter gloves offer a gel-padded inner surface, offering a more comfortable grip on the handlebars and reducing impact shocks from rough terrain cycling, while the fingertips are designed for touch screen compatibility, although this is not 100% reliable, particularly in bad weather.

+ Reflective elements
+ Gel Padding
+ Touch screen compatible
+ Secure wrist closure
+ Windproof

Why We Liked It – The gel padded inner surface of the INBIKE Men’s Touch Screen Winter Cold Weather Thermal gloves makes up for the lack of waterproofing, putting the focus instead on comfort and security in cold but dry conditions. These are a bit more situationally specific than some other winter gloves, but if rainfall is less of a worry in the areas in which you’re cycling, then they’re a great choice.

2. OZERO Mens Winter Thermal Gloves Warm

OZERO Mens Winter Thermal Gloves Warm

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The OZERO Men’s Winter Thermal Gloves Warm are small, lightweight thermal cycling gloves, compact but still relatively warm, especially for their size. This lightweight construction means that the gloves do not offer maximum warmth, being instead better suited for more temperate winters.

They have a waterproof and windproof coating, keeping your hands warm in most conditions, although it is worth noting that the seams with which these bike gloves are assembled are not waterproof so water may leak in, particularly in heavy rain or periods of immersion in water. Don’t forget to buy a cycling rain jacket to keep your body warm.

To increase your grip strength when wearing these winter bike gloves, the palm and finger surface feature silicon grains incorporated into the surface, as well as a helpful touch screen compatible material built into the fingertips. Again, this is not 100% reliable, especially in heavier weather conditions, but should work well with more modern touchscreen devices in particular.

+ Touchscreen compatible
+ Waterproof and windproof
+ Silicon palm and finger grips
+ Elastic cuffs
+ Compact, lightweight design

Why We Liked It – The amount of protection offered by the OZERO Men’s Winter Thermal Gloves may not be as much as other, bulkier gloves can provide, but it’s impressive for such a small and lightweight pair of cycling gloves, keeping your hands warm in most conditions without bulky padding.

3. Anqier Winter Gloves, Newest Windproof Warm

Anqier Winter Gloves, Newest Windproof Warm

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The Anqier Winter Touchscreen gloves are highly versatile gloves, designed to keep your hands warm during a range of different activities rather than purely aimed at cyclists. Equipped with a water-resistant coating, they can protect your hands from the elements in most conditions, staying warm and dry even in relatively heavy rain.

In addition to this, they offer a number of extra features; the palm is coated with textured silicone, combining water resistance with a strong grip and preventing your hands from slipping on wet handlebars in the rain. The fingertips are coated with touch conductive material, enabling you to use your smartphone or another touchscreen device without having to take the gloves off in order to do so.

+ Touchscreen compatible
+ Silicone beads on the palms
+ Versatile
+ Water repellent
+ Lightweight

Why We Liked It – The versatility of the Anqier Winter Touchscreen Gloves is a major selling point, allowing them to be comfortably used for a wide range of outdoor activities in wintry weather and reducing the need for multiple pairs of gloves and confusing decision making.

4. INBIKE Men’s Windproof Reflective Ultra Thermal

INBIKE Men's Windproof Reflective Ultra Thermal

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The INBIKE Men’s Windproof Reflective Ultra Thermal bike gloves are heavily padded for comfort, featuring both an EVA foam pad built into the fabric of the gloves and gel padding, combining for maximal reduction of impact and shock when cycling on rough terrain. The fingertips are coated with touch conductive fabrics, allowing phone use without needing to remove the glove, increasing usability effectively.

In addition to this, the fingers feature silicone grips, helping them to grip firmly onto the handlebars of the bike even in wet conditions. The outer surface of the gloves is made from a composite windproof fabric, providing good wind protection but only low-level water resistance.

+ Gel Padding
+ Touchscreen compatible
+ Reflective elements
+ Silicone finger grips
+ Secure wrist closure

Why We Liked It – Comfortable and relatively lightweight, the INBIKE Men’s Windproof Reflective Ultra Thermal cycling gloves may not offer much rain protection, but they should keep your hands warm and firmly in place on the handlebars in most conditions.

5. Cycling Gloves, Waterproof Touchscreen in Winter

Cycling Gloves, Waterproof Touchscreen in Winter

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SLB’s cycling gloves include a number of handy features for cycling in poor weather conditions. The fingertips of these winter bike gloves incorporate metal fibers to allow you to use touchscreen devices without removing your gloves, and these gloves also include palm grips made from silicon to increase your grip strength on your handlebars even in poor weather conditions, and a construction designed to keep you warm even in windy weather.

The SLB winter bike gloves are only mildly water resistant, making these a better choice for cycling in colder, dryer conditions than in areas with frequent heavy rain, but should be able to keep you dry in light rain showers without any noticeable leaking into your hands. Unlike most types of cycling glove, the SLB Cycling Gloves are constructed from three layers of insulating foam and polyester fabrics, ensuring a greater level of insulation without making the gloves unnecessarily large and bulky, obstructing your hand movement.

+ Water resistant and windproof
+ Silicon palm grips
+ Touchscreen compatible
+ Size adjustable
+ Additional insulation layer

Why We Liked It – The added adjustability of the SLB Cycling Gloves is a useful addition, with a zipper on the back of the gloves to enable adjustment for users with different sizes of hand.

6. Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX MX

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX MX

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The Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX MX cycling gloves are just as warm as most of their competition, while also being far more protective and sturdy in construction. These gloves are designed for more extreme cycling, from mountain biking to BMX cycling, and therefore have sturdy rubber padding on the backs of the hands and knuckles in order to protect your hands from injury even when cycling over particularly rough terrain, protecting you in the case of unexpected accidents.

They also maximize your grip strength on your handlebars with handy silicon grips built into every single finger, as well as materials in the fingertips that allow you to use your touchscreen devices even when wearing these gloves. These are large and bulky bike gloves, but if you’re looking to get into more extreme bike sports such as mountain biking and BMX cycling the extra size may just be worth it for the added hand protection.

+ Rubber knuckle protectors
+ Silicon finger grips
+ Touchscreen compatible
+ Sturdy construction
+ Designed for more extreme cycling

Why We Liked It – Larger and sturdier than many other gloves, the Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX MX cycling gloves are designed to keep your hands safe no matter how you’re choosing to cycle. There are lighter options on the market if all you’re looking for is warmth, but these gloves are a great choice for anyone looking for a greater level of hand protection.

7. HiCool Winter Gloves, Touch Screen Gloves Winter Warm

HiCool Winter Gloves, Touch Screen Gloves Winter Warm

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The HiCool Winter Gloves are not specifically designed for cycling, being aimed instead at anything from running to photography. That doesn’t mean they’re a bad choice for cyclists, however; they’re a great choice for cyclists, and their versatility makes them useful for other activities as well, reducing the need for other pairs of gloves for different specific activities.

They offer silicone grips on the palm, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger, unlike the majority of cycling gloves which focus the grip aids on the index and middle fingers. This gives a wide spread of extra grip across the parts of the hand with a weaker grip, spreading the additional grip strength across the hand more evenly.

+ Touchscreen compatible
+ Silicone palm and finger grips
+ Elastic wrist cuffs
+ Windproof
+ Versatile design

Why We Liked It – The versatility of these gloves is the major selling point. They don’t offer many extras for dedicated cyclists, but the simplicity of only needing a single pair of gloves for a wide range of outdoor activities is valuable.

8. Pearl Izumi – Ride Men’s Pro AMFIB Gloves

Pearl Izumi - Ride Men's Pro AMFIB Gloves

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The Pearl Izumi Ride Men’s Pro AMFIB Gloves are lightweight, soft gloves designed with a focus on comfort. They offer a fleece lined interior and a soft fleece exterior on the thumb for ease of wiping screens and glasses clear, as well as a soft faux leather palm, which offers similar grip benefits to a silicone grip pad but with more flexibility and comfort.

In addition to this, these Pearl Izumi bike gloves are both waterproof and windproof, keeping you warm and dry in any weather, and feature large reflective elements on the outside for added visibility when cycling in low light conditions.

+ Reflective elements
+ Windproof and waterproof
+ Secure wrist closure
+ Faux leather palm grips
+ Lightweight

Why We Liked It – The comfort offered by the Pearl Izumi Ride Men’s Pro AMFIB Gloves is substantial, but this focus does not mean that the gloves compromise on the protective features at all.

9. Elite Cycling Project Malmo Waterproof Winter

Elite Cycling Project Malmo Waterproof Winter

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Designed for comfort in cold and wet conditions, the Elite Cycling Project Malmo Waterproof Winter cycling gloves offer a windproof and water resistant outer layer over a warm, padded inner. Between these two layers, however, is a waterproof membrane to ensure that any water which makes it through the water-resistant outer layer does not reach the fleece lining and your hands.

The palms, thumb, index finger and middle finger all feature strong grip pads made from a flexible polyurethane suede material, offering a high level of flexibility as well as strong extra grip strength even in rainy conditions.

+ Windproof and waterproof
+ Palm Padding
+ Grip pads
+ Secure wrist closure
+ Machine washable

Why We Liked It – The extra waterproof membrane in between the inner and outer layers of the Elite Cycling Project Malmo Waterproof Winter bike gloves makes a huge difference; these gloves are far more effectively waterproof than most alternative models.

10. Trideer Padded Full Finger Cycling Gloves

Trideer Padded Full Finger Cycling Gloves

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The Trideer Padded Full Finger Cycling Gloves are designed to be used for all forms of cycling, with gel pads built into the palm of the gloves to reduce the shock and impact of rough terrain when mountain biking and a small, lightweight design to minimize the load when road cycling.

Being so much smaller than most alternative winter glove options, these are less warm and waterproof than most alternatives, so better suited to mild winters than to more extreme weather conditions. They’re still fairly warm and better than lighter cycling gloves, but an alternative may be required for colder weather.

+ Gel padded palm
+ Dedicated cycling design
+ Breathable construction
+ Touchscreen compatible
+ Grip coating

Why We Liked It – The dedicated cycling design of the Trideer Padded Full Finger Cycling Gloves means that they are as small and light as winter gloves get, reducing the load on your bike as much as possible for maximum speed.

Winter Cycling Gloves Buyers Guide


Good cuff fasteners are an important feature for a pair of winter cycling gloves. If your gloves are loose around the cuff, then water can seep into the lining and flow down into your hands. With a strong cuff fastener, the glove seals more effectively around your wrist, preventing the water from getting in and keeping your hands dry in most weather conditions.

Most gloves have some sort of fastening option, but the effectiveness of these range widely. Drawstring wrist fastenings are easy to use, but provide a relatively loose seal, while Velcro fastenings are very secure but require more effort to seal properly.


The two major types of protection you’re looking for in winter bike gloves are windproofing and waterproofing. Of those, windproofing is the more important one. Waterproofing matters in heavy rain or snow, but windproofing prevents the cold from biting into your hands whatever the weather.

Glove liners

Not all winter cycling gloves come properly lined, and not all of them are as warm as you might like. If either of these happens to be the case, consider buying a pair of glove liners. These thin gloves, usually made from silk or similar synthetic material, add a surprisingly high level of warmth for such a thin layer of fabric. This seemingly small addition can make a major difference to your comfort level, as it traps a layer of warm air close to your hands, providing an additional layer of bonus insulation before the main padding of your winter gloves.

Do all hands get equally cold?

No. Different people have different circulatory systems, and that affects how cold extremities get and how easily that happens. This will affect the type of gloves you need; if your hands get cold very easily, then you’ll want more heavily insulated gloves, while someone with better circulation might want lighter gloves in the same environment and weather conditions. In the end, though, nobody knows your hands as well as you do yourself, and only you can determine how much insulation you’re going to need in order to keep your hands warm.

What if I’m only cycling in slightly cold conditions?

If you’re cycling in more temperate conditions, you’ll find that you don’t need such intense protection from the cold. This enables you to focus more on moderate windproofing and flexibility. While fingerless cycling gloves are unlikely to be enough in this situation, simple insulated lycra gloves should make enough of a difference to stay comfortable in moderately cold conditions. Look for small gloves with a strong grip to give the best control possible when cycling rather than those designed for protection from extreme weather conditions.

Can’t I just wear ski gloves?

Ski gloves are large and bulky and provide much less fine control than needed for cycling, a sport which requires fine motor control for things like braking and gear changing. Ski gloves might provide the best warmth, comfort, and waterproofing, but their higher bulk makes them a poor choice for cycling. Far better to choose a pair of gloves designed specifically for cycling, and still be able to control your bike properly, even if it doesn’t seem quite as warm and comfortable.


There are many different considerations that are worth thinking about when trying to buy the ideal pair of winter cycling gloves, and every pair of gloves has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, with no two pairs being completely identical. In order to find the right pair of bike gloves to protect your hands in winter, you need to consider how you like to cycle most often and the environment in which you’re cycling.

Do you cycle in the snow or the rain? Do you really just need windproofing? Do your hands get cold more easily than other people’s? How fast do you cycle most of the time? Do you need something small, or would you be fine with slightly larger gloves? Your decision on which pair of winter cycling gloves is the right one for you and your personal needs is entirely down to your own personal preferences, but you should consider all of these criteria when making a decision.

All of these pairs of winter bike gloves are great options, and choosing the right pair from the cycling gloves discussed above is a matter of personal preference. Hopefully, with the information obtained from our feature breakdowns of these top 10 winter bike gloves on the market in 2020, you will feel confident in your buying decisions, knowing more about the criteria which you should bear in mind when buying a pair of warm cycling gloves for the winter.

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