ACTON BLINK Lite Electric Skateboard Review

Last updated 06. November 2020

Electric skateboards are an excellent way to get around town at a much quicker pace without wasting gasoline. As we all know, gasoline sends off unhealthy emissions that are not only bad for us humans, but they’re also bad for the planet. Electric skateboards combat this, but there are a few problems that stand in the way of them becoming a much more mainstream method of transportation. That is, until now.

One of the biggest issues with electric skateboards is that they don’t target all consumers. Marketing to kids has been some of the most lucrative business ventures for any major brand. However, electric skateboards have only targeted adults for a very long time. Recently, the Action Blink Lite Electric Skateboard came out, which changed the game forever.

The Action Blink Lite is meant for kids up to 130 pounds, which is perfect for all kinds of reasons. For starters, kids need a better method to get to school. With an electric skateboard, they can travel further distances much quicker. A lot of parents have to go out of their way to drop their kids off before work. Having an electric skateboard would allow the kid to drive themselves to and from school easily!

We knew that once anyone found out about these electric boards for kids that they would want to learn more immediately. Instead of making you do all the research, we went through all the reviews and blog articles ourselves to present to you all the details you need to know!

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Key Features

Battery & Motor

The battery & motor on the Action Blink Lite is a perfect combination. They’re strong enough to pull an impressive 10 miles per hour, which is just enough to get around quickly without going too fast. You don’t want your kid riding on an electric board as fast as the adult versions that go up to 30 miles per hour! 10 miles per hour is more than enough to get them to school on time or enjoy riding around the neighborhood at a reasonable pace.

The battery life on the Action Blink Lite is also impressive. It lasts for up to 5 miles, which is perfect to get them to their destination and back with some mileage to spare. The quick charging on this electric board is fast enough to charge it up while they’re at school, so you never have to worry about the battery life running out. In just 2 hours, they can fully charge their electric skateboard and get back on the road. Since school is usually 6-8 hours, they should have no problem charging it!

Although it’s just one of the key features, we feel that the battery and motor combo is the most important thing about this board. As adults, we all know that children can get out of hand, especially with new toys. The battery and motor efficiency and reduced speed is exactly what your kid needs to be used to give you some peace of mind and keep them safe.

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Bluetooth Remote

Almost all electric skateboards come with wireless remotes. They’re necessary to let you choose the speed and other options on the board while riding. One of the cool unique features of the Bluetooth remote on the Action Blink Lite is the fact that it lets you choose the direction that you’re going as well. Many other brands offer remotes that only choose a speed and slowing down, which causes the rider to depend 100% on their own turning power.

Other cool features of the Bluetooth remote include speed controls, braking, and turning the board on and off. While these features are pretty common among most other electric boards, it’s always reassuring. There are actually a few electric boards that come with remotes that don’t have much of a speed control other than max speed or stop, which is crazy! It’s important to have as much control over the skateboard as possible, especially when it comes to a child using it.

Lightweight & Durable

Another great feature of the Action Blink Lite is the fact that it’s super lightweight. It’s only 7.7 pounds, which is less than half of the weight of many other electric skateboards! The weight seems to not matter much to many riders because they don’t think about carrying it around much. If it’s under you, why should the weight matter? Well, not only do you have to carry around the board at the store, school, or home, but you also have to consider the fact that a heavier board puts more pressure and stress on the motor.

When you have a lighter board, like the Action Blink Lite, the motor and battery barely carry any stress at all. This leaves you with a smoother uphill ride and a lot longer of a battery life. Speaking of weight, most people think of lightweight as fragile. Amazingly enough, this electric board weighs in very low while still maintaining a high level of durability. It holds riders up to 130 pounds, which is more than enough for its target age range. If you’re looking for a lightweight and durable electric skateboard for kids, this one is worth a further look.


+ Made specifically for kids with special safety features to keep them out of harm’s way and give you some peace of mind. Durability and full control are just two of the many features that protect your kid from any harm.

+ With a high speed of 10 miles per hour, there’s no way your kid can’t get to school on time. The average walking speed is 2 to 3 miles per hour, which is obviously significantly less than the Action Blink Lite.

+ Holding up to 130 pounds, this electric board has more than enough weight capacity to carry to ride uphill, downhill, or wherever they need to go to get to their destination!

+ With a battery life of up to 5 miles, you’ll have no problem getting around town without having to worry about the board dying out. What makes it even better? The quicker charger only needs 2 hours to fully charge the battery fully!


+ 130-pound limit might seem a little low for an electric skateboard. However, this one is meant specifically for children, which is why it’s a perfect limit for the age range.

+ 10 miles per hour might seem low since other boards go up to 30 miles per hour. However, 30 miles per hour is over certain law restrictions for electric boards in some areas. On top of that, a child shouldn’t go too far over 10 miles per hour in the first place!

Who is it Suitable For?

The Action Blink Lite is suitable for any kid who needs a better method to get to school. It’s quick enough with a long-lasting charge to make sure they’re on time. Having an electric skateboard also means that you don’t have to go out of your way to drop them off at school anymore, which is always a plus!

However, the Action Blink Lite isn’t just for commuting purposes, it’s also great to use just for a fun activity. Riding around on one of the electric boards is fun for people of all ages. Since kids shouldn’t be going to same speeds as adults, the Action Blink Lite was invented specifically for them. It’s slow enough, but fast enough. It lasts longer than most other children’s electric boards. It’s the all-around perfect solution!

Why We Like It

We love the Action Blink Lite because it offers a simple solution to a constant problem. What if you start work at 7:30 am, but your child has to be at school at 8:00 am? Instead of dropping them off at 7:15 am and making them wait almost an hour for school to start, they can go at their own pace and get there on time. This electric board solves a huge issue that most other products can’t, and honestly, that’s why we enjoyed it so much!

Alternative Product

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

After reading all about this electric skateboard for your kid, you might be thinking that getting one for yourself might not be a bad idea. Electric boards for adults are growing at an incredible rate, so now is the perfect time to start looking around. TheHiboy S11 Electric Skateboard rides at 12 miles per hour, which gives you a significant speed boost over the Action Blink Lite. It also goes for 6 miles off of one battery charge, which is almost the same as Action Blink Lite.

If you end up getting your kid the Action Blink Lite, then you might want to look into getting yourself a Hiboy S11 board to show off a little. You’ll have a decent advantage, while being able to slowly train yourself and your child at the same time. Nothing beats a learning curve like training together! I you would like to check more skateboards feel free to take a look on other Hiboy models.

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