How To Choose The Right Size Snowboard Bindings

Last updated 08. January 2019

Bindings are one of the most crucial things to get right if you want to go snowboarding, so getting your exact size right is essential, as this is actually the mechanism that connects your feet to the snowboard. Therefore it allows you to be able to move swiftly through the snow while you’re looking at the stunning mountain views in front of you.

If you did get the wrong size bind, then it will affect how you actually snowboard, so it is extremely important to get the exact size for your boots and for your board.

Different brands of boards and boots may actually fit different size bindings, so you need to be careful, as there are no standard sizings. When you look to purchase bindings you will notice that the sizes that will be available tend to be: small/medium, medium, medium/large, large and large/xlarge. There’s no need to worry as we’ve made it easy for you to figure out what size snowboard bindings you will roughly need for your snowboard, which includes a whole variety of brands, so you don’t have to worry about their different sizings either. But please bear in mind that some brands also label their sizes slightly differently compared to other brands.

Men’s Binding Table

Each of the sizes that are on this chart is in US sizings only.

Brand XS Small S/M Medium M/L Large L/XL XL
Abor Men’s 7-9 9-11 11-13
Bent Metal Men’s 5-8 8-11 11-14
Burton Men’s 6-8 8-11 10+
Flow Men’s 4.5-8.5 7.5-11.5 10.5-15
Flux Men’s 4.5-7.5 7-10 9+
Flux Bindings that have a transfer base (XV, XF, TM, SR) 3-5.5 5-7.5 7-9.5 9+
GNU Freedom and Psych 7-9 9-11 11-14
GNU Cheeter 4-7 7-10 10-12
K2 Men’s 2-5 5-9 8-12 11-15
Ride Men’s 5-9 8-12 11-15
Rome Men’s (Vice, Crux, Katana) 5-8 8-11.5 10.5-13
Rome Men’s (D.O.D, Targa, 390 Boss Arsenal) 5-9.5 9-13
Rome Men’s (United and Shift) 5-8 7-10 9-13
Rossignol Men’s 4-9 8+
Salomon Men’s 3-7 6.5-10 10-15
Union Men’s This size is now small. 5-8 This size is now medium. 7-10 This size is now large.



Women’s Binding Table (US size)

Brand XS Small S/M Medium M/L Large
Arbor Women’s 5-7 7-9
Burton Women’s 4-6 6-8 8-12
Flow Women’s 5.5-9.5 8.5-12
Flux Women’s 5-7 7-9
GNU Women’s 4-7 6-9
K2 Women’s 3-6 6-10 9+
Ride Women’s 4-7 7-11
Rome Women’s (Guild, Flare, Katana) 6.5-9.5 9.5-12
Rome Women’s (Madison Boss and Strut) 6.5-11
Rome Women’s (Shift) 6.5-9.5 8.5-11.5
Rossignol Women’s 5-10 9+
Salomon Women’s 4-8 7.5-11 11.5+
Union Women’s 4-6 6-9


However, please do bear in mind that these tables may not be the exact same size for everybody as each person is different.

Size Binding That Is Right For You

It all really depends what size your feet are and what brand of boot you own to know what exact size binding is ideal for you. The only way that you will find out what specific size you need is by trying them on with the boot you want to use. It is very important that you get the correct snowboard boot size because it can change the binding size as well. One thing that is always useful to do is ask the shop to provide you with a boot in your size before you try the bindings on, as this will give you a rough idea whether they will fit or not.

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