How to Choose Your Snowboarding Gloves

Last updated 16. July 2019

We all know what size to buy when purchasing shoes or trousers, but what size do you buy for your hands?  Most standard gloves are an adult ‘one size fits all’ so you would be forgiven in thinking that this standard sizing would apply to snowboard gloves also.  However, due to the different materials used in snowboarding gloves, sizing can be slightly more complicated.

It is extremely important to find just the right fit for your snowboarding gloves.  If your snowboarding gloves fit right, then you will experience comfort and warm whilst feeling great movement when boarding down the slopes.

If your snowboarding gloves do not fit well, however, then your snowboarding experience may not live up to previous expectations.  You may not be comfortable at all, you may lose some of the possible warmth and insulation and you may not be able to move your hands and fingers as well as you need to.

To measure your hand, first measure the circumference around your hand.  To discover this, wrap a tape measure around the flat of your palm, ensuring not to include your thumb.  Next, locate the size of your hand circumference on the size chart below:

Different types of snowboarding gloves

Snowboard Gloves Sizing Chart

Glove Size                 Men (inches)             Women (inches)        Children (inches)

XS                                           5.5 – 6.5                       5 – 5.5                                      –

S                                              6.5 – 7.5                       5.5 – 6.5                                   6

M                                             7.5 – 8.5                       6.5 – 7.5                                   6.5

L                                              8.5 – 9.5                       7.5 – 8.5                                   7

XL                                            9.5 – 10.5                     8.5 – 9.5                                   7.5

From the sizing chart, you can see that snowboarding gloves range in sizes from extra small through to extra large.  Children’s sizes are also available in a wide selection of brands.

How Should Snowboarding Gloves Fit?

Once you have measured your hands, it is important to try on a variety of gloves to find the best fit.  Ideally, your snowboarding gloves should provide a snug fit, whilst providing enough room for your fingers to comfortably stretch-out fully.

A good tip to see whether your snowboarding gloves are a perfect fit for you is to stretch your fingers out fully and then pinch the amount of fabric at the end of each finger.  About a quarter of an inch is the right amount.  Too little excess fabric may mean that your snowboarding gloves are too small, leading to discomfort when in use and may ultimately result in the material suffering from a tear.

Too much fabric may mean that your snowboarding gloves are too big, leading to a loss of dexterity and a decrease in the level of warmth offered.  Ensuring a snug fit with a little bit of extra room will mean that your snowboarding gloves will keep you warm whilst ensuring that you are comfortable and possess a good amount of dexterity.  Also, make sure that your full palm is inside of the glove.

It is so important to make sure that your hands are comfortable and protected from the icy conditions of the snowy hills.  Your snowboarding experience can easily be ruined if you are suffering from freezing hands that you can barely move.  As you choose your new snowboarding gloves, you may choose a more traditional style of glove, ensuring that you have a good level of movement and dexterity in your hands.

However, a great option for snowboarders may be the mitten variety, usually with one thumb hole, ensuring that hands are kept warm and safe at all times.  Of course, whereas a skier needs to be able to hold their ski poles and movement and dexterity in the hand and the fingers is vital, a snowboarder has the benefit of not needing their hands at all, making mittens a great choice.

A newer design which you may find intriguing is the lobster mitt, an innovative hybrid of the traditional glove style along with the mitt.  The lobster mitt is quickly becoming popular with snowboarding professionals, providing an extra layer of comfort in the design of the mitt.

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