How to Derestrict a 50cc Scooter

Last updated 12. November 2018


Tired of not being able to get your 50cc scooter to do things quickly?

Many enthusiasts hate the restrictions put on their scooter and want to get rid of them as soon as they can. To do this, it’s important to understand what the restrictions look like, how to go about changing them safely, and which regulations to pay attention to as an American citizen.

Here’s a look at what derestricting is and how to do it effectively.


What is Derestricting?

Let’s start with a simple definition.

Derestricting refers to the idea of eliminating and/or purposely removing restrictions on anything that’s restricted. In this case, the 50cc moped comes with a set of restrictions due to CARB regulations in the US. In addition to the CARB regulations, the manufacturer wants to ensure certain metrics are maintained such as the moped’s fuel efficiency and day-to-day performance numbers.

The average user may not notice these restrictions, however, some will want to make adjustments as soon as possible.


Steps For A Smooth And Effective Scooter Derestricting

1) Variator System

The 50cc scooter is going to come with a built-in variator system (carburetor) that’s exclusive to its build. This is going to vary depending on the make and model. Locate the system and start looking around for a large washer. This washer is going to be easy to spot and is an essential “restriction” in your system. To get rid of it, you want to slowly start to remove and/or loosen the washer. Make sure to do this methodically without damaging any of the surrounding parts including the fuel line. Otherwise, you may have to deal with serious repair costs down the road!

What’s the reason for removing this washer?

The premise of removing this washer is to ensure nothing stops your engine from working at 100%. Manufacturers tend to restrict engines with the use of this washer. This is done for a number of reasons including preserving the quality of their products. However, since you are the user, it’s okay to go ahead and get rid of the washer immediately. In general, this shouldn’t be an elongated process and can be done with a simple wrench.

2) Get Rid of the Kickstart

There’s a kickstart that’s connected to the same system.

You will notice it is held by a pin that is connected to a small bolt. Look for the bolt and start to loosen it until you’re able to pull the pin. Once the pin comes loose, you’ll be able to get rid of the kickstart.

You can start to look into the variator system at this point. The intake case is going to be set up on top and is what holds the kickstart. You will notice bolts around the area that can be removed (2-3) with your hands.

Look around and see if you can find the pulley wheel. This is a part of the system that can restrict how fast your scooter is able to go as you rev up the engine. If you’re able to loosen the pulley wheel (remove the bolt), the pulley belt will move freely. This means you can start to pump up the speed without having to think twice. The pulley rod will continue to function without holding the belt back.

motorcycle chrome kick starter

3) Remove Washer Around Front Pulley Rod

While working around the pulley system, you can also get rid of the washer close to the front pulley rod. This is another restriction that’s put in to hold the system back.

Please note, after removing and/or loosening all of these parts, it’s important to put the intake case back. Do not rush this process as each bolt is important. Otherwise, the system will fall apart and that’s a repair bill you don’t want to deal with!

4) Minor Changes

When you’re looking into this process, it’s never a bad idea to go the extra mile.

This means cleaning out some of the engine’s finer parts such as the air filter. By doing this, you’re going to ensure the changes are optimized. Sometimes, it’s the air filter that can start to act as an informal restriction because of how it’s aged.

You can go in two directions with this particular change. You can either work on removing the air filter or cleaning it out depending on your budget.


Final Thoughts

Make sure to reregister your scooter if the speed goes past 30mph!

You do not want to break the law as there’s a huge penalty that comes along with such changes. Be smart and make sure you’re ahead of things as soon as possible. The best thing a person can do is to look into these state regulations before starting on the derestricting process. It will save a lot of time!

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