Electric Bikes: A Beginner’s Guide

Last updated 16. July 2019

Beginners’ Guide To Electric Bicycles

Are you looking to learn about electric bikes? This beginner’s guide will introduce you to electric bikes so that you will understand what they are, what they are good for, and lots of other handy information. Let’s get started.

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is sometimes referred to as an e-bike. The basic difference between an electric bike and a run-of-the-mill bicycle is that an e-bike has an electric motor attached to it. Of course, this motor aids the cyclist by making pedaling more efficient, and the motor will also help provide the cyclist with more power. An electric bike will, therefore, make your riding much smoother, and it will also make it far easier to cycle uphill or against a headwind.

There are broadly two different categories that electric bikes will fall into depending on the systems that they use. These are a pedal-assist system and a power-on-demand system.

If the electric bike uses a pedal-assist system, then it means that pedaling will regulate the motor. The cyclist’s efforts are therefore augmented by the motor during riding. There are two types of pedal-assist systems. The first is a Pedelecs system which has a motor that is no bigger than 250 watts. The second system is an S-Pedelecs system, which has a motor that is larger than 250 watts and will give you a much higher top speed.

A power-on-demand system is slightly different. With this sort of electric bike, there will be a throttle that can be switched on with a button. This type of electric bike will go far quicker than a pedal-assist e-bike. It will, however, often be regarded as a moped or scooter in the eyes of the law. An S-Pedelecs system will also be categorized as a moped or scooter. But an electric bike that uses a Pedelecs, pedal-assist system is put in the same category as a normal bicycle.

Electric bikes will tend to use one of these systems, or, in some cases, they will use both.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Electric Bike?

Black Electric Bike

The number one advantage to using an electric bike is the assistance that the motor will give you when cycling. This means that you will be able to cycle in terrain that you might previously have found difficult. It also means that you can conserve your energy when you’re cycling. There is no need to gas out or exhaust yourself, which makes cycling far more pleasant.

Another key advantage to the electric bike is speed. You can quite comfortable cycle at 28mph on an electric bike, but without all the energy that you’d require if you were riding a normal bike.

Thanks to the ability to conserve energy and the speeds that you can get on an electric bike, then you will be able to traverse much longer distances, and you also might find that cycling becomes more pleasurable, as you won’t tire yourself out on your bike rides.

An electric bike is also a good alternative to driving a car. In the modern world, people are more conscious of the pollution that car exhausts pump into the environment. If you’re looking for a green alternative to a car for your commutes to work, then an electric bike is an excellent option.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using an Electric Bike?

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Electric bikes rely upon batteries to power their motors. This means that the battery must be charged regularly. This can be an inconvenience. There is also the issue of battery life. Some batteries will only give you about 35 miles of usage before you need to recharge. Then again, because the electric bike market is booming at the moment, new batteries are being designed for them all the time. If you choose the right electric bike, then you could get 100 miles or more from your battery.

Electric bikes are much heavier and sturdier than regular bikes. This makes them more difficult to store. If, for example, you live in a walk-up, and you have to carry your bike up the stairs to your apartment every day, then this will require a lot of strength. If you have somewhere to lock up your electric bike though, then the size and weight of it shouldn’t matter at all.

Another disadvantage of electric bikes is their cost. They will set you back a lot more than a regular bike might. It is worth the investment, though. Especially if you’re looking for an electric bike to replace your car for commutes. The electric bike will quickly pay for itself because of the money saved on gas.

Who Are Electric Bikes Good For?

Electric bikes are popular with cyclists of all ages and body types, but their ability to allow for efficient pedaling, as well as allowing the cyclist to conserve energy, means that older cyclists or cyclists with health issues might find them particularly useful.

Commuters also are attracted to the benefits of electric bikes. Investing in an electric bike will mean that you won’t turn up at work out of breath or sweaty, and, what’s more, you’ll have saved yourself the public transport fare or gas money.

These bikes are such a dream to ride that anyone who tries one out will be converted to their benefits. Pedaling is a breeze and you don’t tire yourself out, so you can just enjoy your bike ride.

Riding on an electric bike is still exercise, though. And if you’re looking to get healthy and lose some weight, but you aren’t quite ready for the effort of a regular bike, then an electric bike is the best choice for getting back on the saddle.

Can You Convert a Regular Bike into an Electric Bike?

Yes, this is possible. There are loads of conversion kits on the market that will allow you to turn your favorite bicycle into an electric bike. This is a cheaper option than investing in a brand-new electric bike.

Should You Buy an Electric Bike?

Of course! Electric bikes are an excellent investment. They will save you money on your commutes to work, help you exercise and lose weight, conserve your energy so you can ride further, and the motor will also increase your speed, so you can get to where you want to go much quicker than on a regular bike.

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