The Electric Scooter Board in Review

Getting from A to B has never been easier or more fun with the scooterboard electric scooter. No matter whether you are using it for your daily commute or just for pleasure, the scooterboard is designed for both flexibility and confidence.

This hybrid scooter rides like a skateboard without the hard work required to learn how to ride like a pro on a regular board. With a unique lean-to-steer handle to give the control and stability of a scooter while maintaining the flexibility and fluidity of a skateboard you can finally get the best of both worlds.

The scooterboard has an array of different unique controls and features which have been summarized below.

Key Features:

Unlike regular scooters, the ability to lean while steering creates a more agile experience, allowing the possibility for more complex maneuvers than the standard scooter while giving you some extra support than a skateboard to provide confidence.

This steering feature will improve your confidence by enabling the progression onto more advanced techniques usually only possible when riding a skateboard while maintaining your ability to control the scooterboard and your stability.

Because you only need to use one hand to steer the handle, it allows for more freedom of movement when practicing techniques while staying safe and in control.

Not only does the handle lean, but the deck is also able to turn on the front axle which enhances the freedom of movement only usually possible on a skateboard even more. This flexibility will enable you to carve the streets just like a skateboard with the benefits of an electric scooter, yet without the limitations of regular scooters.

With a motorized rear wheel, the front truck can swivel, meaning you can lean at a much greater angle. This feature allows you to simulate the same moves as you would on a skateboard and resulting in sharper steering than a regular scooter.

The folding handle quickly locks in place in one single motion for a simple set up and pack down, making it portable and easy to carry with you anywhere you want to go.

If you don’t want to carry it, the scooterboard is designed to roll next to you like a suitcase for even easier mobility and is small enough to fit into the trunks of cars or into a locker for easy storage.

Tight turns are made easy while keeping a good balance with the use of three wheels for increased mobility and precision. The wheels are made with air tires for the smoothest ride possible, providing excellent grip for a variety of terrains and an 8-degree climbing ability.

With a 250W motor powered 4.3Ah lithium battery and a quick 2.5 hour charge time, the scooterboard makes for a powerful ride.

The ability to travel up to 7.5 miles between charges with speeds of up to 15.5mph makes this unique scooter hybrid a fast and fun way of getting around with the option to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of battery.

The scooterboard also features checkpoints in the charger and battery to prevent overcharging and to ensure a safe battery.

With all the features of an electric scooter combined with the freedom of movement of a skateboard, controlling the scooterboard is effortless with all the fun of a skateboard. The brake and throttle are hard-wired into the handle with no loose wires to worry about.

When selecting the setting that’s best for you, there are two modes to choose from, allowing you even more control over how you ride. In casual mode, you can cruise around town with easy acceleration and breaking which makes it perfect for your daily commute.

For those who are more adventurous, there is a sportier option. Power mode will allow for faster acceleration and breaking which is ideal for practicing more advanced techniques.

The scooterboard has many great features. The lean-to-ride handle and deck are unique features of the scooterboard. Unlike regular scooters, these scooterboard features allow you to move like a skateboard with the control of a scooter.

The triple wheels are made with air-filled tires for extra grip and reduced impact on bumpy surfaces which are ideal for practicing the sporty maneuvers it’s capable of.

Other important features include a weight of 22lbs, which is lighter than some electric scooters, and the ability to carry a load of up to 265 lbs.

With a folding handle that quickly locks into place, it is quick and easy to set up and start riding. There is a regeneration feature that kicks in during breaking and kick off, and little to no motor resistance when powered off.

Without the need for an app or Bluetooth for start-up you can take it and go without the hassle, and the scooter comes with a charger, a handle adjustment tool and a user’s manual for fast learning.


  • Fast charging time
  • Motorized rear wheel for more speed
  • Duel modes for optimum user experience
  • Lean-to-ride control handle gives stability and confidence with the flexibility of making skateboarding moves possible


  • Less riding time between charges than some electric scooters

Who is it suitable for?

The three-wheel electric scooterboard is suitable for both adults and children who want to ride like a pro skater with more control. You can do all the same moves on the motorized scooterbaord as if it were a skateboard without needing the experience you normally would to become an expert skater.

The scooterboard is easy to learn in one quick session which makes it great for adults and children alike. The best thing about the scooerboard is that it provides much more control and stability than a skateboard but with the same freedom of movement and experience.

Why We Like It

The combination of riding sideways and leaning to steer like a skateboard and the handling stability of a scooter make the electric scooterboard a great, unique product for those who enjoy the feel of a skateboard.

The scooterboard provides the ability to feel like a pro without needing the experience. with minimal learning time, there is plenty of fun to be had straight away. This is a great way to commute, with the potential to practice more advanced techniques that can’t be done on a regular electric scooter making it a diverse product.

The fun is not just limited to adults but the scooterboard is suitable for children as well. It is clear that the scooterboard is well thought out and is made by a team who are passionate about the product.

Alternative Product – Nanrobot D4+

Nanrobot D4+ high-speed electric scooter

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For an alternative product, why not try the Nanrobot D4+ high-speed electric scooter? If this innovative scooter/skateboard hybrid isn’t for you then this electric scooter could be the one for you. With the ability to gain speeds up to 40mph you couldn’t get from A to B any faster.

With a mighty 2000W motor power battery that will allow up to 45 miles of traveling with up to 330lb carry load. This electric scooter is one of the best on the market in terms of speed and power with a mere 3 hour charging time.

The two motors control the front and rear wheels making for powerful configuration, featuring a stable breaking system for steady stopping during emergency stops for ultimate control. The scooter features Impressive shock absorbers made from high-strength carbon steel for added comfort.

The scooter is compact and easy to store, and the detachable seats provide an alternative riding experience. When unfolded, the scooter measures at 48” by 45” and quickly sets up from folded in seconds.

The scooter features a range of controls on the handles, including:

  • Power on and acceleration
  • Speedometer to track your speed
  • Battery voltage display to easily keep track of when you need to recharge meaning no risk of running out mid-journey
  • Gear selection
  • Mode selection

Weighing in at 70lb this electric scooter is a bit heavier than the scooterboard.


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