Skate Like A Pro: 3 Electric Skateboard Tips

Last updated 27. October 2018

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned skateboarding enthusiast, there’s always something new to learn about electric skateboarding. Here’s a breakdown of a few important tips to make your electric skateboarding experience all the more enjoyable.

Executing The Right Stance

As a beginner, you will need to learn how to execute the right stance in order to safely and efficiently ride your new electric skateboard seasoned riders can also learn a lot about their best stance through experimentation with something other than their current stance. Executing the right stance not only helps reduce the stress on your body and mind when skateboarding but also ensures that you carve better when riding.

The first and most important step towards the execution of the perfect stance is to establish your footedness. This term is quite similar in meaning to the term handedness; it merely means identifying your dominant foot in as far as comfortable skateboarding is concerned. Since the process of establishing your hand dominance came naturally, it’s also worthwhile to adopt the same approach when it comes to establishing your foot dominance.

Try standing on your skateboard in the most comfortable stance. This means that you should try standing with your left foot forward, and then switch over, bringing your right foot forward, the former is referred to as the “regular stance” while the latter is referred to as a “goofy stance”; find out which stance feels more natural. There is no wrong stance; the main point is to find your most comfortable fit.

If you are afraid of falling off your new electric board, just stand next to it and imagine yourself riding; you should be able to naturally stand in your referred stance even before you get on the board.

Seasoned riders who have been using one of these two stances can switch up, and try out the opposite stance. Learning to ride using a new stance is quite challenging, however, it is a great way for you to further enhance your skateboarding skills.

The Right Posture

Electric skateboards move at higher speeds, some can even go as fast as 22 miles per hour, this makes standing on top of them, and getting off, quite a challenge; especially for beginners adopting the right posture will help you avoid being too stiff and make it easier for you to balance effortlessly on the board, and maneuver better.

The ideal riding posture involves standing upright, with your arms out and knees slightly bent. This way you will be able to keep your eyes on the road, maintain perfect balance and be ready to react as necessary.

With regular practice, you should be able to execute the correct posture. It’s is, however, worth noting that the ideal posture described above is just one of the many postures you can use to make riding your electric skateboard much more enjoyable. For instance, you may consider adopting a stance where your knees are bent almost to the point where you are crouching, and your torso is bent forward; this stance can help you achieve maximum riding speed.

Carving Like A Pro

Carving is probably one of the most enjoyable and expressive activities in skateboarding. It involves maneuvering in and out in an “S” shape. Riders can add their own bits of self-expression to carving once they have mastered the basics.

The secret to executing the right carve lies in how you use your body. To get the board to turn in the direction you want, you will need to use more than just your feet. Your upper body, including your torso, shoulders, and arms, will actually be more active when it comes to weaving in and out of turns than your feet. They usually lead the way while the rest of the body follows.

It’s important to note that keeping your head up is also an essential part of executing fluid carves when riding your electric skateboard. Your body will always naturally turn where your eyes are looking.

Balancing and carving on an electric skateboard does not come naturally; as such, it’s important to ensure that you practice regularly to perfect your skills.

Riding Safely

Since electric skateboards are designed to be used as highly capable short distance transportation vehicles, users usually find themselves riding in traffic. It is important for riders to ride safely at all times to protect themselves as well as other road users from the associated risks.

Ensure that you always wear the necessary safety gear whenever you go out on your electric skateboard. Some of the common items here include a helmet, elbow and shoulder pads. It’s also important to ensure that you remain visible to all road users, especially when riding at night by wearing reflective strips or clothes in addition to fitting your electric skateboard with the appropriate lighting.

Electric skateboards come with a complicated drive mechanism that should be well maintained to keep it in perfect condition. Properly maintaining your skateboard will prevent the occurrence of riding accidents due to unnecessary breakdowns.

Lastly, remember to always ride within your skill level. Electric skateboards are highly capable gadgets, you may be tempted to execute complicated maneuvers or ride at higher speeds than you are comfortable with, this exposes you to an elevated level of risk. Avoid these temptations and regularly practice riding your board to develop your skills and learn how to execute complicated stunts safely.

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