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Last updated 04. November 2018

Skate boarding has been in popularity for my entire lifetime. There are entire stores dedicated to the sport in the mall. I’ve always tried to learn, but I couldn’t figure out the right way to balance on the darn things to stay completely up-right. Luckily, there’s an easier way for me to glide to work. It’s as simple as buying a pair of skate shoes.

I know what you’re thinking. These things are kind of out of style. They were popular in the early 2000’s, but now everyone’s obsessed with hoverboards. I still think these simple devices have a great place in this world. I know I used to love my skate shows back when I was trying to get around school before the tardy bell rang. Here are some cool facts about the shoes that may show you how they’ll get you places faster.

The Different Styles

Skate shoes come in different styles just like the normal shoes you would buy at a store like Nike. Whether you want a low, mid or high rise, you will find that each style comes with its own benefits and detractors. They also come with their own, individual look that you may find appealing or not.


Support is an important factor for some people. It may be especially important if you’re skating around the streets of New York City. You certainly don’t want to fall over. High-top shoes look a little dorky to some because they end at the ankle. Some find it to be a cute, vintage look that does with their blast from the past outfits. Since you are going with a vintage way of getting around, like skate shoes, you may just want to complete the entire vintage look.

Since it is getting into a cooler season, you may be looking for a little warmth from your skate shoes. The high-top option covers more of the foot and ankle region. This will better insulate your feet. Thus, it creates a more comfortable way of getting around in a chilly season.


Mid-top shoes are the option that some go for because they offer the stability and support that high-top shoes give; yet, they give off the look that low-top shoes provide. Stability and support are especially important for skate shoes since your balance will be affected as you are gliding. Mid-top skate shoes cut a little further below the ankle than do high-top skate shoes. You still get more warmth and stability, but less of that retro look.


Do you want to skate fast? If you’re not too worried about balance low-top skate shows might be the perfect option for you. You will not receive the stability that the other models offer; yet, you will be able to skate faster and have more flexibility with your ankles and feet with a less restrictive model. The low-top option is also more light-weight. This will put less pressure on your feet.


black high top skate shoes

Comfort Matters

The construction of the sole matters almost as much as the top of the shoe. This is really what makes or breaks the comfort of the skate shoe. You will notice that shoes that add more comfort offer a steadier ride. It is also important to get a shoe with a good sole because we tend to use those shoes longer. You don’t want to get sick of your skate shoe because it is not offering you the comfort you get from your shoes that don’t glide.


What Is The General Look Of A Skate Shoe?

Skate shoes do not normally come in formal styles. It is typical to find a skate shoe that comes in the style of a sneaker. You may also be able to find one that is a Tennis Shoe. This lack of formal style may make you wary about choosing a skate shoe to get to work. If you have an office job that is business casual you can always choose to remove the shoe and change to one that is more formal once you reach your destination.


Try The Different Seams

Skate Shoes have different seams and each style of seams all seem to affect the foot differently. Seams that are placed correctly seem to benefit the foot and lessen wear and tear on the shoe; however, it may be appropriate to choose a shoe with no seams at all if you are looking for a skate shoe that offers to breathe and is less constrictive. Having a minimal amount of seams in the shoe may lesson how much you sweat while you are burning energy gliding to work.


Try Them All On

You cannot say that a certain style of skate shoe is the best for you if you haven’t reviewed all your options. Since it is difficult to find skate shoes in a store, it is best to simply purchase a few of them online and return the ones that don’t work for you. Trial and error will get you the skate shoe that can get you anywhere.

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