Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter Review

Last updated 18. June 2020

Electric scooter companies usually tend to appear out of nowhere, sell their stock, and close the company, but this is definitely not the case with Glion Dolly scooter. They were always there to stay, grow, and provide best customer service ever.

Today, we’ll do Glion Dolly foldable electric scooter review, and tell you why this scooter is one of the best ones out there.

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Review

This premium lightweight adult electric scooter has made getting from A to B even easier than ever before, putting an end to long, boring commutes while still being affordable. You can now leave traffic jams behind and no longer need to put up with arriving to work out of breath and tired from riding a bike to work.

Made from sturdy but lightweight materials mean the Gilion Dolly foldable electric scooter is incredibly portable, allowing you to carry it with you on trains, planes, around the shops or into the office. It is so sleek you won’t even be noticed and can be easily packed away in the corner.

The Glion Dolly scooter is extremely reliable and portable, with a unique energy-efficient last mile solution development making it both economical for you and environmentally friendly for the planet with the ability to travel 500 miles on $1 of electricity. Getting around as quickly as this with as little effort has never been cheaper.

There’s no need to worry about finding a safe place to lock up the electric scooter because it folds down so compactly and is easy to store. When not in use, it can be transported like a rolling suitcase with ease, so you won’t have to carry it around uncomfortably.

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter

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Key Features (Deck, Wheels, Weight, Size, etc)

This portable personal electric vehicle measures at 8x16x36 when folded and weighing just 28lbs, this electric scooter is light and compact, making it perfect for speeding up your daily commute or a trip to the shops.

Once you have reached your destination there is no need to worry about where to leave the scooter as it can be stored and transported with ease due to its compact size and lightweight, allowing you to take time and stress away from your commute.

The Gilion Dolly scooter can be powered manually to incorporate light exercise into your daily routine and is also fitted with a powerful 36V, 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery composed of 30 LG NMC 18650 cells to get you around faster when you need a boost.

You won’t have to worry about your scooter causing a racket down the street with the smooth and quiet 250-watt nameplate with the brushless, gearless, chainless DC hub motor for a smooth and clean ride.

The battery will last up to 15 miles when fully charged, giving you plenty of riding time in between charges. With the battery only taking 3 hours to recharge, you’ll be back on the move in no time.

The Glion Dolly scooter has the capability of hitting a maximum speed of 15 miles an hour, meaning this ion smart scooter will get you where you need to go in no time. Being quicker than a fast runner, there is no way you would get around faster on foot, especially while staying calm and relaxed.

The frame has been carefully constructed from high-quality powder coated aircraft grade aluminum, giving it strength for durability while keeping it light and easy to maneuver with anti-corrosion technology.

This means it will make your daily commute more fun and stress-free for longer. With no chains, gears or grease this scooter is a clean and simple way to travel without the need for maintenance or checks so you know there won’t be any faults along the way.

The honeycomb 8-inch airless rubber tires will never puncture, go flat, or need any maintenance. Developed by the military means they are incredibly hard wearing and capable of handling rougher terrains without causing an uncomfortable impact.

The Glion electric scooter includes a patented dolly and vertical self-standing feature, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over should you decide to take a break.

When back on the move, if you don’t want to ride the electric scooter you can pull the Glion scooter alongside you like a rolling suitcase so there is no need to carry it.

The scooter can go from a folding position to being ready to ride in one second with the easy foot-activated folding mechanism, meaning you can be on the go in no time.

Featuring a twist grip right-hand throttle to make it go, and left-hand break to stop makes controlling the electric scooter simple and easy, with all hand controls being water-resistant, allowing you to travel in all kinds of weather.

The handlebar also includes an easy-to-read battery indicator helping you to keep track of battery life which means you won’t ever run out of power mid-journey. There is no learning time when using the Glion Dolly as anyone can operate the smooth and sleek electric scooter right from the start.

Also featuring electronic anti-lock maintenance-free breaks that are located in the rear hub motor making emergency stopping safe and secure.

With its slimline, stand-up design fitted with headlights and a pedestrian bell installed means, you can travel safely through towns and cities, making it perfect for busy urban areas.


  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Compact and portable design
  • Powder coated aircraft aluminum frame is strong and lightweight
  • Safe rechargeable lithium battery
  • Rubber tires are comfortable even on uneven surfaces


  • Only available in the standing position

Who Is Glion Dolly Scooter Suitable For?

The Glion Dolly electric scooter is designed for anyone over 14 years of age. Made for daily use for commuters and students in urban areas to cruise around town for work or pleasure.

From running errands, sightseeing, getting to work, traveling from parking areas and lots more, the lightweight and compact electric scooter is perfect for making boring journeys much quicker and more enjoyable.

This scooter is suitable for just about anyone with its no learning time required set up, meaning anyone can use the Glion Dolly scooter straight away with no previous experience.

Why We Like It:

The lightweight, compact Glion Dolly scooter makes commuting to work smooth and fun without being too bulky to store in the office. This means you can save time and put off your commute to work for longer and never have to rush with the fear of being late or having the chore of searching for a safe place to park.

The Glion Dolly scooter is made from high-quality aircraft aluminum meaning it is strong, safe and light. This means you can be assured the product will last. Designed to carry an adult traveling up to 15 miles at 15 mph, there is a lot of use to be had with only a 3-hour recharge time.

Because it’s so economical and eco-friendly, you can get to places much faster without worrying about it costing you or the planet, with all the benefits of riding a bike without the stress of keeping it safe or turning up to work sweaty and out of breath.

Alternative Product

If you would like to try something else, the Nanrobot D4+ is a great alternative. It may cost a little more, but this electric scooter is seriously powerful. With two independent 1000 watt motors controlling the front and rear wheels, the 23.4Ah 52V lithium battery will keep you on the move for 45 miles between charges with a maximum speed of 40MPH.

With the recharge time of only 3 hours, you can be on the go for longer between charges, getting from A to B incredibly fast. With 6 shock absorbers, your journey will be smooth as you glide through the streets, even on uneven surfaces. Its 10-inch pneumatic tires will provide excellent grip with their anti-slip function, meaning you can rest assured you will be safe even at high speeds.

The Nanrobot D4+ comes with stable breaking systems, making emergency stopping steady and safe. After folding, the Nanrobot D4+ measures at 12Lx43Lx8w inches and weighs 70lb, making it larger and heavier than the Glion Dolly.

This means that it may not be the most portable or compact electric scooter, but while it may be heavier, it is also more powerful. Depending on whether you need power or portability will help you decide which is best for you.

With detachable seats giving an alternative riding experience, this high-end electric scooter can be unfolded and set up in seconds ready to use.

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