How To Snowboard: Helpful Yet Simple Tips

Last updated 06. November 2018

Snowboarding is a sport that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and is considered an extreme sport. Though it is a sport that is mainly followed as a recreational exercise, it is now being practiced in competitive sports by professionals. It is a sport that has a lot of thrills along with fast based action and allows its practitioners a means of keeping fit while being outdoors in fresh air.

Helpful Tips When Snowboarding


Get The Proper Gear

Snowboarding requires the proper snowboarding gear. Fortunately, the popularity of the sport has led to a number of retail outlets that supply all the necessary snowboards and other accessories that are a must for safe snowboarding. You can also procure all that you need from online stores as long as you know exactly what you want. The most important thing to do before you start this sport is to get yourself as much information as you can get about the sport, the types, and styles of snowboarding, various boards and other accessories that are a must, ways of snowboarding that are safe, and tips on keeping you free of injuries.

Visit snowboarding venues and watch others practice that sport, and the gear that they use, the safety rules that they follow and above all the fun that they get out of it. It is a sport that is physically demanding and you need to be fit and healthy before you get up on the board, speed and jump as you have seen others do. It requires endurance and stamina and you would be well advised to work on your core stability and leg muscles in a gym before you venture out on the slopes.

snoarboarder wearing helmet and goggles

Snowboard and Binding Essentials

Your first step is to select the right snowboard and bindings that are essential to see that you remain attached firmly to the snowboard during the exercise. Snowboards can come from the moderately priced to the expensive, and you will be well advised to go for the high-end boards only after you have gained a lot of experience and are very comfortable with your adventures. You can also buy second-hand snowboard on the internet or from someone that you know.

Now that you have found your board, you next need to look at how to protect your body while you are out in the cold and the high winds that can come from the great speeds during snowboarding. You basically need three layers of clothing to be adequately protected. First the base layer of innerwear and clothes, then the insulating layer that gives you real protection, and then the outer layer like pants, boots and snow jackets. Make sure you look good in whatever you wear, as you will find a lot of fashion at snowboarding venues. You do need gloves, mittens, sunglasses or goggles, and hats for additional protection.


Find Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing

Now that you are fully equipped, look for professionals or other experienced snowboarders who can give you a few tips and lessons on how to start snowboarding. You can find people who can teach you as part of a group, or ask for individual tutoring, which can be quite expensive. It can do no harm to find some instructional videos that will ease you into the practice of the sport.

beginner snowboarders being taught by a senior snowboarder

Instructors must not only give you a proper grounding on how to snowboard but must help you with safety and health tips as well. Keep your initial forays as simple as possible, and concentrate on just staying upright and moving, and keep practicing till all the required movement and efforts come to you automatically, and your body reacts by instinct. It is only then that you can go in for speed, and other maneuvers that make snowboarding exciting.


Prepare Your Mind And Body Before Snowboarding

You must always work on your fitness even when you are not snowboarding, as then you can be sure that your muscles are not strained when you are on the slopes. Keep warm and do some warm-up exercises before you start going up the slope. Snowboarding gives you a strong workout and this can increase your need for bodily fluids.

You can buy a day bag that will contain a reservoir to store water, and with an attached hose that you can drink out of, even while you are on the board. Every snowboarding slope will have its own rules, regulations, and protocols that must be followed strictly by everyone, as this can keep you away from dangerous areas and also ensure that you do not risk your life and safety, as well as that of other snowboarders. Wear the right clothing and safety gear, so that if you do have a fall, you are adequately protected. Falls are quite common in snowboarding, even for the most experienced practitioners of this sport, and wearing of helmets and guards is just a sensible thing to do.

Rent gear, if you find that you do not have the time to go on the slopes many times. Test your bindings every time you wear them.

Now get out there with your boards and have fun.


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