How to Care For Ski Boots

Last updated 18. May 2019


Your ski boots are a vital piece of equipment, and generally a very expensive piece of equipment! Paying a considerable sum of money for your ski boots means that you will want to achieve a great deal of usage from your purchase. To attain a long life for your ski boots, you need to actively take care of them.

Caring your Ski boots

Care for your ski boots begins before they have even touched your feet; always make sure that your feet are dry and clean and that all items of equipment are in turn dry and clean.

The outer shell of your ski boots are made from plastic, usually, either Thermoplastic Polyurethane which offers stiff properties while contrastingly professing excellent rebound or Polyether which is a softer material.

Any type of plastic should be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth, after gently removing any dirt.  Towel dry your boots at the end of every ski session; dirty and wet ski boots and ski boot bags may cause odors and even mold, damaging your equipment and shortening the lifespan of your ski boots.

It is important to remember that your outer shells should not be left in direct sunlight as the color and quality of the plastic may deteriorate substantially over time.  Furthermore, refrain from placing your outer shells near heat as this can misshape the plastic and may cause the outer shell to become brittle.

Damage to the outer shells of your ski boots may be detrimental to your safety if the damage causes aspects of your boots to crumble.  It is therefore essential to take excellent care of your outer shells.

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How to clean your Ski boots

Cleaning your ski boots liners is equally important; it is good practice to take out your liners at the end of every session so that you are able to dry them effectively before storing them away.

If you do not dry your liners effectively every time, odors and mold may increase, and you may decrease the longevity of your liners. The liners may be machine washable, providing you with an efficient and hygienic way of keeping your ski boot liners clean.

Follow these instructions to machine wash your liners:

● Use cold water, gentle setting on your washing machine and ensure to use a gentle detergent to ensure that the fibers are not damaged and that the breathability of the ski boot liners are maintained
● Wash your liners with similar materials of similar colors
● You may choose to use low heat in a dryer, or you may choose to air dry your liners

If you would prefer to hand wash your ski boot liners, then follow these simple steps:

● Using either a mild detergent or a vinegar solution, wash your liners well
● You may choose to use low heat in a dryer, or you may choose to air dry your liners.

The benefits of caring for both the liner of ski boot along with the outer shell mean that you will gain longevity from your ski boot, along with the most protection a ski boot can offer your feet and the maximum levels of hygiene and care.

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