How To Choose Your Snowboard Boots

Last updated 05. February 2020

There are a whole variety of snowboarding boots out there, and each different brand offers a variety of boots. Some will have different aspects to others, and some will be more basic. It can be quite confusing to even think about what type of snowboarding boots you will need when they’re all in front of your face.

The types of snowboarding you do will reflect what type of boots you need. For instance, if you prefer to do tricks on your snowboard, you will need a boot that has more flex while if you prefer to do all mountain snowboarding, then you will need to get snowboarding boots that have a medium flex. There are also snowboarding boots that accommodate any size feet whether it’s more on the wide side or the narrow.

However, there’s one thing that you should always remember, and that’s the fact that snowboarding boots are a different size to what your regular size shoes will be. Plus, there are other factors that you have to remember, and that’s the fact that your socks will have to be extra thick compared to your usual socks; therefore, you may have to get a little bit of a bigger size to accommodate this.

How will you know if they fit correctly?

When you try on the snowboarding boots, you will instantly know if they fit or not, if they do fit they will be tight as well as stable. When you move in them, you should be able to feel that they hold out against you a little, but they should still be comfortable when you do this. If your toes are brushing the end of the boot, then these are not for you. Also, the heel of your foot should feel like it’s locked in place.

Another way you will know if you have an ideal fit is by simply bending down into a snowboarding position when you do this you should be able to notice that your toes pull a little back. This will mean that the boot fits you exactly how it should.

Even if your boots do feel a little tight at first when you’re wearing them over time, they will become less tight, as the padding will soften down a bit which will leave you with more room. One thing you should never do is think that these types of boots are like ordinary shoes, because if you purchase them with a little bit of extra room for your toes, then your snowboarding experience will not be as great. It can even lead to you suffering from foot cramps when you’re riding on your board.

Board size compatibility

As I have mentioned before the sizing of snowboard boots are different to your everyday shoes. However, there is one more thing that is crucial, and that is getting a boot that will fit your board. If you do get the right size, then it will allow you to have complete control on the snowboard while you’re going down the mountain.

If you get a board that is too narrow, then you will have a lot of problems as your boots will be going over the edge of the snowboard itself, and this can result in a loss of control when you’re turning the snowboard. There are also problems if you get a snowboard that is too wide for your boots and this is because it will also cause you to have much less control while you’re heading down the mountain. Therefore you need to get something that is the right size for your snowboard and vice versa.

The different types of snowboarding boots:


If you’re this type of snowboarder, then you will be requiring boots that have a medium amount of flex. These types of boots are actually ideal for people that would like to gain more skills in snowboarding.


If you’re this type of rider, then you will need a type of boot that allows you to move flexibly, as you will be needing all of the flexible motion you can get while you’re trying out all of the new jumps.


This is for the type of snowboarders that would rather challenge themselves and maybe go to a few slopes that have more terrain. These types of boots have a more stiff flex and actually give you more of a response when you’re snowboarding.

What about the laces?

Laces are another important factor for your snowboarding boots, and there are actually three types, which are traditional laces, speed laces, and the BOZ lacing system.

The speed laces are able to offer you a quicker experience when taking on and off your boots. Traditional laces are simpler to use and can be used by any snowboarder. While BOA laces can be the easiest to adjust and the quickest.

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