How To Clean Your Snowboard Helmet

Last updated 14. January 2019

You may be thinking how on earth do I clean my snowboard helmet, but it is really not as difficult as it sounds. It is essential that you should clean your helmet because it can contain a lot of bacteria from the moisture of your hair and head if you do not clean it. This is because most new snowboarding helmets actually have a layer that will stop the sweat from dripping on your face, but instead, it absorbs it inside of the helmet. Over time you can imagine how smelly this may get, which is why it’s so important to clean it, as nobody likes a helmet that smells with a bad odor.

Normally it is okay to clean your helmet after you have finished your holiday; however, you may feel the need to clean it while you’re on holiday if you notice it has a slight smell. This is more than simple to do as you can even hand wash it. To make it easy for you here’s a step-by-step of how to clean your helmet.

List of Equipment Required:

  • Helmet
  • Soap powder/ detergent
  • Washing machine/bucket to hand wash
  • Warm water
  • Cloth/sponge


Here’s a list of everything that you will need to know:

  1. To start with you will need to detach the inner part of the helmet.
  2. To do this all that you need to do is pull it out.
  3. Then go and get your soap powder/detergent and put it in the washing machine or the bucket.
  4. Put the inner part of the helmet into the washing machine at around 30 degrees.
  5. If there is a strong smell on it, then it is best to put it in for longer. If you’re washing it by hand, then you can leave it to soak for 30 minutes to get rid of the smell.
  6. When it has finished in the washing machine, you can then rinse the water out of it by hand. This will be the same procedure if you’ve hand washed it too.
  7. With the outside of the helmet, you need to pick up your cloth/sponge and place it into warm soapy water and simply wash it down.
  8. You can then rinse the outside of the helmet with col water.
  9. Another thing to note is that if you do hand wash it make sure you also rinse all of the soap out of this as well.

How to dry a snowboard helmet

If you do want to dry it after it has been washed it is always best to leave it to dry naturally. But if you do need it to be dry quite quickly, then you can always leave it in a warm room, and this should speed up the drying procedure quite quickly.

There is one point that you must always remember at the end of your snowboarding day, and that is you must leave your snowboarding helmet to dry before you even think about putting it in its protective case. This is because if you do put it in there before it is dry then it will cause the moisture to get trapped in the inner of the helmet and it will create a breeding ground for all different types of bacteria. This will then lead to an even worse odor than it may have originally had.

How often should you dry a snowboarding helmet?

The helmet should actually be cleaned on a regular basis; this does not mean that you need to clean it every day though. However, if you are planning to go on long snowboarding trips throughout the day, then you will need to clean it on a daily basis. It is also important that you keep the visor clean as this will help you see when you’re snowboarding, and you should check to make sure it has no scratches on it.

As a maximum, you should clean your snowboarding helmet at least once a week. This is because of the number of vents that are actually inside the helmet, and you should want to make sure that these are clean and are not going to get clogged up.

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