How To Make an Electric Bike

Last updated 16. January 2020

Using an electric bike as a new and improved method of green transport doesn’t have to break the bank.  There is a way to create your own personalized electric bike at a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new e-bike off the market.  It’s really not as difficult to do as you might initially think and can be done to suit any budget!  What more could you ask for?  MyProScooter are here to show you exactly how to create the electric bike of your dreams.

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Here’s how:

1.    Gather all of your resources

Make sure that before you begin the building process that you have all of the different elements that you need so that building your new electric bike does not take a ridiculous amount of time and you can keep track of just how much this transformation project is costing you if this is an important element for you. So what do you need to create a bike that can reach 16 miles per hour?

• A bike!
• Chain
• Wire
• Dual freewheel
• 12v X2 14 amp battery
• 24v throttle
• 24v controller
• 24v geared motor
• Any other personalized elements that you may wish to add in order to make your bike perfect for all your needs.

2. DIY Dual freewheel

DIY electric bike batteryTo create your own dual freewheel is a very simple process.  All you have to do is to find a rear wheel hub and recycle the thread from within it.  Then all you have to do is join the normal freewheels together using the thread from the rear wheel hub.

3. The technical part

This is the most technical part of the process and needs to be done with care and attention to detail so that your electric bike is powered correctly.  You need to begin by focusing on the back wheel of your bike and creating a stand which must be welded on to the rear wheel.  If this is done cleverly, the stand can be removed solely through the removal of a screw nut if needs be or in an emergency situation.

Once the stand has been fitted correctly to the rear wheel you can start to think about the next process which is to insert the dual freewheel that you have already made in Step 2 as well as the small chain.  To do this it is easier to fit the motor on to the stand using a screw and then altering the chain accordingly once the other elements are in their correct position.

Once the stand, dual freewheel, motor, and chains have all been fitted, you can then make your own box so that you are able to carry the battery along with you comfortably and safely as you ride around.

4. The electrical components

When Step 3 has been fully completed, you can move on to the fourth and final step. This consists of putting the electrical components together to make the motor actually work. The first thing you must do is install and properly attach the throttle and work out where you want to have your controller box.

Having made your decision, attach your plastic box to house your controller. Now it is time for you to connect everything together: the battery, throttle, motor, and controller. The final thing to do is to use an ignition switch to connect the controller and enable the motor to be switched on.
Once all of these steps have been fully undertaken, you should have a fully functioning electric bike.

Why would you create your own electric bike?

Some people choose to create their own electric bike by making amendments to their conventional bikes especially because buying a brand new, off the shelf electric bike can be exceedingly expensive, especially if you are looking at the top of the range bikes. For some people, it is much more financially viable to create their own e-bike and this way they are getting a bike that is designed and built perfectly to their specification. For example, you may want to be able to go at greater speeds or want to charge your battery fewer times each week.

Who would benefit from an electric bike?

Basically, anyone and everyone, really. If you are wanting to improve your fitness, this is a great way to do so. If you are already fit but are traveling great distances and sometimes need a little help to get home when your legs are tired, an electric bike is a great option.
The e-bike is perfect for you if:

• you live in a busy, congested city;
• you are wanting to reduce your carbon footprint;
• are fed up of sitting in traffic jams to get to and from work;
• you want to view your city from a different angle;
• reducing your gas bill is important;
• you want to increase your overall fitness levels.

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