Is a Kick Scooter good for Commuting?

Last updated 21. January 2020

Is a Kick Scooter good for Commuting?

For those of you who don’t know what’s commuting, it is to travel some distance from home to work or vice versa regularly. The majority don’t want to take other transportation mediums as it is somehow problematic. Take it as, going in a bus means you have to face the traffic and walking to your office isn’t always the best way to travel.

In between all, a kick scooter comes right there when you need to commute in the best possible way. We’ll list down some pros that will actually make you think of buying a kick scooter for commuting! As an Adult, this idea may seem farfetched to begin with, but stay with us here (click here to see our guide on the best Scooters for Adults).

– On the whole, kick scooters are around four to five times faster than walking.

– A kick scooter is compact, unlike bus and cars you can easily ride them in confined spaces. Similarly, you can fold or park them anywhere as they are portable enough.

– You don’t have to waste your time in traffic. Time is money.

Yes, A kick scooter is good enough for commuting!

Should I ride a Kick Scooter to Work?

woman-on-kick-scooterFor an instance, you have a meeting at 7 am, you put the medal on the pedal and raced towards the office, but guess what? Traffic is waiting for you! You reach late and the boss is here to insult you.

So are you still in favor of cars or any other public transport? It is not about showing off your hard-earned car to colleagues but reaching on time no matter what the transportation medium is. And hey? Many people in Europe use a Kick Scooter for traveling to work.

Kick Scooter saves you from all typical road stereotypes. Just step on the kick scooter and you are ready to travel without any fusses. Riding a kick scooter to work is no shame but it can be your everyday affordable ride to and from work. A kick scooter doesn’t look bad at all, it gives you speed, comfort, and ease while commuting.

Moreover, if you are that concern about the reputation there are many high-end scooters available in the market that will surely make people ask you about the ride.

Pick a good kick scooter, dress up well, reach on time and people will surely ask you about the shop from where you have bought the scooter.

How far can you Commute on a Kick Scooter?

Some don’t even like to travel by a kick scooter while others can go as far as the road goes. We all are different from each other and one person can even comment about the capabilities that lie within us. For an instance, an overweight person may not be able to run 5 minutes continuously while a tough guy can go for hours. Similarly, it depends upon the human that is riding the kick scooter. We can’t predict about anyone. On an average note, a kick scooter is used to commute for a distance of no more than two kilometers.

On the other side, some may travel whole day on a kick scooter but majority buy a kick scooter for traveling short distances that would take hours by walking. If you talk about an average person, he/she can commute around 2km on a kick scooter without getting fatigued. The limits can be pushed but once again it all depends on the person that is riding.

A pro can roughly commute about 4 to 5 km on a kick scooter with little break times. Bottom line predicts that it depends on the person that is riding the scooter!

Scooter VS Walking Speed?

What would you like? Pounding the pavement with your feetor riding a one-foot push scooter? Most people like to go with the scooter as its speedy and handy at the same time when compared to walking.

Why should you waste your 10 minutes walking to a store when you can do the whole job in less than 5 minutes? Scooting speed is much faster than an average walking speed, the scooter is about five times faster if you are riding it at an average pace. Average walking speed is about 2 mph whereas the average scooter is near 10 mph. Without getting fatigued you are getting a speed bump of about 8 mph so why go walking when you can buy a scooter!

Scooters are very fast when compared to an average walking person. Choose your favorite scooter and you are ready to take on the roads in speed and style!

Kick Scooter VS Bike?

Kick scooter vs bike is the hottest debate amongst travelers. A kick scooter is used to cover short walk-a-like distances in less time while the bike is used to cover absolutely any distance. Kick scooters and bikes are targeted towards different purposes. If a person wants to cut off the walking journey in less time than he/she should pick up the kick scooter.

On the other side, if one wants to go on long distances with a good speed then he must consider riding a bike. Although kick scooters and bikes are a transportation medium, both are meant to excel different situations.

It is no doubt that bike is more powerful and efficient than a kick scooter but it all depends on the scenario in which you have to pick from a kick scooter or bike. So if you are covering a shorter distance pick a kick scooter else invest some good money on a bike.

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