Kick Scooter Health Benefits for Adults

Last updated 30. December 2017

Kick Scooter Health Benefits for Adults

We all know how beneficial and active lifestyle is for us humans. But it’s the action that counts and most of us end up being tied down by our daily routine and never make it to the park, gym or outside. We stay indoors all day long with no sweating or physical exercise whatsoever. That is the reason why we get to see all those “5-days weight loss” training programs. These programs might work for some but most experts say that if you have to reap the long-term benefits and really want to become healthy you have to make your daily lifestyle more active.

As they say, there is no shortcut to greatness. The adult friendly kick scooter can not only be your daily commute but it can make you more active (click here to see our full review on the best Kick Scooters for Adults). Please read if you want to know how…

Is using a Kick Scooter Exercise?

Most definitely yes! What counts here is the consistency. If you scoot around once a month then don’t consider this practice to make you more active. However, if you’re a regular kick scooter person who often finds himself in the skate parks and always carrying the cooter with him – then yes, you’re on the right track already. Using kick scooter daily is like cycling – you sweat, you burn fat and what you get is an active day ahead.

Riding a kick scooter is considered healthier than a motorized scooter. A motorized scooter looks cool but results in no physical exercise. You may want to ride a motorized scooter to impress people or relax by taking a break off of your daily stressful routine but it is not going to make your lifestyle more active. Motorized scooters are also good considering the fact that they let you break free from your all-indoor routine. Kick scooter, on the other hand, makes your body do the work. It particularly helps in working out your lower body muscles.

So, as a bottom line – yes, using kick scooter is an exercise and that too a pretty good one.

Scooter Exercise Benefits

There are multiple benefits of riding a kick scooter.

Burning fat:

Scooting is usually a low impact exercise. It means that while scooting around the heart rate is not exposed to heavy fatigue – it stays between 60 to 70% of max range. This is where the experts say that our bodies start to eat up fat for fuel. So, if you want to burn some fat – make sure that you grab your kick scooter ride around for a couple of hours daily.

Fasted sessions:

Fasted session (on an empty stomach) works best in losing weight. Experts are of the opinion that if you can do a continuous session (of not more than 30 minutes) of scooting before breakfast then you are more likely to lose weight quicker than exercise at any other time. So, get on your scoot, try to reach office before anyone – enjoy a healthy breakfast and get busy working.

Easy recovery:

Experts recommend that after a workout session it is necessary to let your muscles relax. They go for a low-intensity session at the end of the workout. This usually means more time exercising. Scooting, on the other hand, is a low-intensity workout in itself. You can save time while exercising on your kick scooter and get the same benefits.

Safe and Easy:

Scooting is not only fun but it is safe and easy as well. Nothing hurts more than an injury during a workout or exercise that you have just started. This can put an unwanted and annoying pause to your routine. Most people don’t feel like getting back to exercising after such an incident. Those who do, find it terribly tough and the risk of injury is always there at the back of their mind. With kick scooter, this is not the case to worry about. Kick scooter doesn’t put you in any kind of stress and the risk of injury is minimal… unless you’re riding blindfolded, of course 🙂

Go Inclined for more benefits:

Just like a treadmill and running up on a slope, a kick scooter can be used to ride up on a slope for extreme benefits. Here we would like to advise our readers to be very careful when coming down a slope on your kick adult scooter. However good your adult scooter is, it may not offer the same stability and control as bikes or a 4-wheel ride, especially at high speeds.

Calories Burned Riding Razor Scooter

To ride a scooter, the rider would need around 100 watts of power (at an average speed). Keeping this in mind, he would do 86 kCal of work in one hour. And so, would burn around 430 kCal of energy in one hour of continuous riding.

What are the Kick Scooter Muscles used?

When riding the kick scooter regularly and for more than 1 hour, almost all muscles of your body get involved. Having said that, the most workout done by the muscles are your lower body’s muscles. The calf, knee, thighs, back muscles are only to name a few that do all the hard work for you.


It is importankick-scooter-muscles-usedt to keep in mind that exercise on a kick scooter is meant to be low intensity. So, don’t try to overdo anything if you really want to see the long-term benefits and avoid facing any serious injuries.

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