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Last updated 01. April 2020

Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular over the years. They’re a fantastic solution to many issues, including transportation and having a great time! Electric boards aren’t just meant to look cool or to go up and down the streets. They’re made for around town transportation. Instead of walking or driving, you can be unique in your methods of travel.

The issue with most electric skateboards is that they either cost thousands of dollars or they don’t go far enough at all. Some of the electric boards on the market only go up to 5 miles, which isn’t nearly enough to comfortably drive around town without having to worry about it dying. Other brands don’t even go faster than 8 to 10 miles per hour, which is barely faster than a light jog!

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However, the Liftboard Single Motor Electric Skateboard shatters both of those limits. What’s the point of getting an electric board that doesn’t take you past five miles on a single charge? Going 8 miles per hour is also insanely slow for an electric action sports vehicle. You want something fast and long-lasting, and we completely agree with that!

Instead of making you search the internet for the perfect electric longboard or skateboard, we went ahead and searched through all the articles and reviews that we could find. One of the most common and unanimously loved electric skateboards was the Liftboard. They have a couple of options, but today we’re going to give you all the details on the Single Motor model.

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Key Features

Powerful Battery & Motor

The 900 watt motor on this electric skateboard packs quite the punch. Pushing up to 16 miles per hour, it’s nothing short of genius. Navigating through the streets at 16 miles per hour is the perfect speed you need to move around quickly without going too fast. You can easily slow down to a stop whenever necessary without having to worry about slipping or crashing.

The strong battery in the Liftboard Single Motor skateboard is also incredibly impressive. Boasting a 16-mile limit, no other competitor comes even close! While many other brands and competitors range in the ballpark of 8 to 10-mile limits, the Liftboard eclipses that. We’ve rarely seen a battery that lasts that long, so we knew it was an important key feature to share with you!

Using a lithium-ion battery provides all kinds of benefits. Not only is lithium-ion far safer and much less likely to leak than any other battery, but they’re also much more efficient. Li-ion lasts much longer than other batteries, and they stay charged for almost twice as long. On top of that, they take much less time to charge up than a typical electric skateboard battery. The Blitzart electric skateboard has the quickest charge, though!

Wireless Remote

Most electric skateboards come with wireless remotes. Remotes are necessary in order to accelerate and slow down. Imagine trying to slow down from 16 mph without having anything to stop with! While most wireless remotes only come with a one-speed setting, this one has multiple. You’re able to choose the most comfortable mode for you, and switch it up accordingly. This Juiced electric skateboard also comes with a remote!

This wireless remote also lets you decelerate at an even speed. While many competitors seem to slow down far too quickly or abruptly, the Liftboard has been known to be more gradual. When you’re flying down the street at 16 miles per hour, you don’t want to suddenly stop as if you slammed on the breaks!

Another great thing about the wireless remote with this electric board is that it’s ergonomically designed. It fits perfectly in your hand for a super comfortable experience that makes it very easy to make your next move. A lot of other electric skateboards and longboards like the Backfire Galaxy board have wireless remotes that feel more like a brick or a phone, which isn’t comfortable for constantly holding. This one is shaped to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, with the buttons place evenly for easy access.

Made with Maple Wood

Maple wood is widely known as one of the strongest and most useful woods for skateboarding. It’s very durable yet lightweight. When you’re using an electric skateboard like this Liftboard or the LOU 1.0 board, having durable wood is even more important than a regular skateboard. You’re going to be cruising at a much faster speed, which means a break or crack could be a serious injury down the road.

Luckily, these Liftboards are made with 7 layers of maple wood. While most other brands use 3 or 4 layers of maple wood sandwiched between much cheaper woods, Liftboards always have 7 full layers of the strongest and best wood. Having a strong board is incredibly important because you never know when you’ll be going off a sidewalk or uphill. Both of these can cause more stress on the board, which is no problem at all with maple wood.

The lightweight nature of maple wood is also a huge plus because it’s always nice to be able to carry your electric board when you need to. No store will let you ride around inside, so weight is always an issue with heavier woods. However, with maple being so light, you won’t ever have a problem bringing it anywhere you go!


+ Having a wireless remote that does everything you need it too is vital when it comes to riding an electric skateboard. You should always have all the controls at the tips of your fingers, and that’s exactly what you get when you get a Liftboard. These remotes are also incredibly ergonomic, which makes carrying it a breeze.

+ The 7 layers of maple wood is exactly what every skateboard should be made out of. The natural durability and flexibility that comes with maple wood is unparalleled by most other woods in the world. It doesn’t hurt that it’s incredibly lightweight too!

+ The powerful motor in the Liftboard Electric Skateboard carries the rider up to 16 miles per hour. Not only is this much more than a lot of competitors, but it’s the perfect speed to always be able to stop when necessary.

+ Liftboards always come with larger tires, which makes it easier to deal with off-road situations like small patches of grass and hardened dirt. You could never take a regular skateboard off-road, but that’s no longer an issue with these electric skateboards.


– The 16 miles per hour limit might seem a little low compared to the super high-end models of electric skateboards. That being said, many laws in certain areas restrict people from riding too fast anyway, so it’s sometimes pointless to go much higher than the limits on this board.

– Having a single motor might be a setback for some. However, it’s still able to go a decent speed and climb hills up to a 15-degree angle, which is far more than is necessary for most cities and towns.

Who is it Suitable For?

The Liftboard Electric Skateboard is suitable for anyone looking to find a better method of transportation. It’s perfect to get you from A to B… And even C with its 16 mile limit! With such a large range on a single charge, you’ll never have an issue breaking down within the city or town you live in.  It’s also just a really fun thing to have around. Who doesn’t want to cruise around the streets on an awesome futuristic electric skateboard?

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Why We Like It

We like the Liftboard Electric Skateboard a whole lot. It has one of the longest distances that you can achieve on a single battery charge, which is incredibly impressive. Most other brands fail to get half of their accomplishment. On top of that, the ergonomic wireless remote is a perfect solution to one of the more less-spoken annoyances of electric longboards and skateboards. It’s never fun to carry a brick around, so the fact that the remote is so easy to hold and navigate is a pretty big deal!

Alternative Product

Teamgee Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for a little bit more speed at the sacrifice of battery life, then the Teamgee Electric Skateboard is worth a look. Instead of being limited to 16 miles per hour, the Teamgee goes up to 18.5 miles per hour. However, it only lasts up to 10 miles per charge. Some people prefer to go a little faster, and for those people, the Teamgee board is a perfect solution!

The Teamgee Electric Skateboard also offers a wireless remote with many options such as acceleration, slow down, and brake. With two different speed modes, you’re able to take it to the next level whenever you feel fully trained up on the first mode.

This electric board supports up to 220 pounds, and is made of incredibly durable wood topped with some of the strongest grip tape around. It’s a little bit more stylish than most other electric skateboards on the market, hiding the motor and battery to provide a much less bulky appearance. All in all, the Teamgee Electric Skateboard is an excellent alternative option that definitely deserves a chance!

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