9 Best Off Road Scooters in 2023

Last updated 02. March 2023

Thrill-seekers, daredevils, and extreme sports enthusiasts everywhere are starting to cotton on to the trend of off road scooters. If you go to YouTube and just type in: extreme sports scooters, you’ll be given hundreds if not thousands of videos to skim through, all unique in their own right, and incredibly entertaining to watch. If anything, watching these videos helped to inspire the article, you’re reading now, as we felt truly inspired to try something new, something adventurous and freeing in a sense.

Many scooter riders out there have gone on record and spoken about how it feels to ride scooters, bikes, and boards; they feel weightless for a few short moments, which is perhaps one of the greatest feelings in the world given how controlling gravity can be. Defy your limits and the rules of nature, that’s what we’ve learned through riding our scooters out in the open. If your little ones are looking to get into the activity, then they’ve picked a good time for it.

There are plenty of variations to your basic scooter frame, although in this article we are going to be talking about some of the best off road scooters outright. You’ll find that most, if not all of the products we are going to talk about here feel and ride the same, the only difference is the durability and traction featured in these products. We hope you find the right product for you and your little tikes; now, no more interruptions, let’s get into it!

We should state that the list below is in no particular order, which does mean that you should judge each product on their own merits. A lot of the following products do have similar features but will all differentiate at the same time, whether that be in price or appearance — this was a purposeful choice to give you some variation in your choices! Oh and this is a list for kids scooters in case you didn’t know; there’s a place for an adult version, but that will have to come later!

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This is how we evaluate and select products

In this article, we review a number of popular products that we have found through in-depth research and thorough analysis. The products listed here are sold by one or more of our partners, and although these partnerships may influence the range of products in the article, our recommendations depend on an overall assessment of the product.

We evaluate and compare products in the article based on:

  • Any official and impartial product tests
  • 2
  • Customer opinions about the product
  • 3
  • Product specifications, features as well as advantages and disadvantages
  • 4
  • Warranties, service and reputation of the dealer
  • 5
  • Insight and knowledge of our reader's preferences

We keep these parameters up against price and quality, and deliver our subjective assessment and recommendations to our readers. Keep in mind that the order of the products does not reflect their quality, since each product is chosen as the best option for certain customers and their specific needs.

View The Best Off Road Scooters Below

1. Mongoose Expo

Mongoose Expo

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The first scooter in our list here comes to you from company Mongoose Expo, a leading name in the scooter field indeed. Their Expo model is one of the most extensive products out there right now, allowing you to quickly go from one terrain to the other in an instant.

The 12-inch inflated wheels make it incredibly durable and sturdy when going over some of the most treacherous of the ground. The BMX style alloy means that it can handle controlling the scooter very nicely; braking is pretty responsive too.

+ Braking capabilities
+ BMX alloy
+ 12-inch wheels
+ Responsive
+ Wide foot deck

Why We Liked It – We found this one to be incredibly responsive when taking it onto dirt and other forms of terrain, perfect for your little ones!

2. Osprey Dirt Scooter

Osprey Dirt

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A real pleasure to ride, the Osprey Dirt allows your kids to tackle any terrain with little to no resistance whatsoever. Many of our friends tell us that they have all gotten their kids this product for the same reasons you should.

The aluminum metal is incredibly sturdy, and the wheels here have a thick tread on them that will make going over dirt rather easy. Just from looking at this product will you get the idea that this is a top of the line scooter, one that is built to last! The max grip handlebars found here make for a very sturdy ride indeed.

+ Ultra durable
+ Aluminium deck
+ Max Grip
+ Responsive
+ Versatile

Why We Liked It – You’ll not find many products with a similar level of quality to this one, that’s just the Osprey guarantee. The grips here were incredibly sturdy indeed!

3. Razor A5 Air Kick Off Road Scooter

Razor A5 Air Kick Off Road Scooter

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Razor’s 13013205 scooter is a lot similar to the second scooter in our list here in its look and feel. This A5 scooter comes in a very sleek black color and is made from a super strong aluminum frame that comes fitted with anti-rattle handlebars and a folding system which will allow for a rather simple ride; might we even say, a fun ride! The easy to adjust handlebars makes it rather simple to adapt your scooter to fit the size of your young one. The rubber grips found on the handlebars are very sturdy too.

+ Aluminum frame
+ Anti-rattle handlebars
+ Rubber grips
+ Responsive
+ Fold up

Why We Liked It – you are looking for a really easy to use a scooter for your kids, then Razor has got you covered with this one, it’s fantastic!

4. Razor Pro RDS Off Road Scooter

Razor Pro RDS

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A very sleek scooter that comes fitted with some of the most up-to-date features known to man, features that make it stand out as perhaps one of the most attractive scooters going in this list. The BMX style steel fork frame will allow you to maneuver across various surfaces with little to no worry easily.

This one also features 200mm pneumatic tires alongside an aggressive tread pattern which makes it one of the sturdiest scooters going too. The heavy-duty aluminum frame is a great touch here, one that again, adds to the sturdiness of this product outright.

+ Rear break
+ Aluminium frame
+ Pneumatic tires
+ Responsive
+ Durable

Why We Liked It – We enjoyed this one for how sleek it looks. Your kid will be the talk of the playground with this one, we promise you!

5. Pulse Performance ZR1

Pulse Performance ZR1

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And here we have it, the final product in our list here. The Pulse Performance ZR1 is an incredibly unique product, one that again features tread on the solid tires. Compared to some of the other products in our list here, the lightweight frame makes it a clear standout, one that will no doubt help your kids move over terrain that they would generally avoid. We would have to recommend that you purchase this one if you find that you are on the go a lot and would like to bring it with you so that your kids can skate around!

+ Aluminum frame
+ Lightweight
+ Tread tires
+ Responsive brake
+ Durable

Why We Liked It – The lightweight frame on this scooter makes it one of the most proficient scooters in the market today; you’ll want to be buying your kids this one without a doubt!

6. Smart Self Balance Off Road Scooter Personal Transporter

Smart Self Balance Scooter Personal Transporter

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If any of you out there have seen the Mall Cop movies, then this scooter will definitely look slightly familiar. The Smart Self Balance Scooter is a very unique product, to say the least; it isn’t precisely a scooter, but will definitely do the job once your kids begin to get the hang of it.

This one is an electric scooter and will, therefore, require a charge to use. Try not to worry about charge times too much as this one comes with a lithium battery that can store an awful lot of power beforehand. This one can go up to 20km per hour!

+ Lithium battery
+ 40 to 45 km range
+ 20km max speed
+ Responsive
+ Fast charge

Why We Liked It – This is definitely something a little different that will help you a lot in the future depending on what sort of products your kids want.

7. Xspec Freestyle

Xspec Freestyle

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Our next product here is actually listed as a dirt scooter, which should tell you everything you need to know really. This one comes with reinforced handlebars that allow for a very responsive ride; take a look at the aluminum frame too, it’s incredibly sturdy and will see your kids through many years until they grow too big for it! The black and gold design makes for a very sleek product too, one that will no doubt give your kid bragging rights when out and about! The inflatable wheels here do a great job here also!

+ BMX handlebars
+ Steel alloy
+ Inflatable wheels
+ 220 lbs capacity
+ Responsive

Why We Liked It – You’ll not find a more responsive scooter than this one from Xspec. The wheels and overall design make for a very safe, yet fun ride!

8. Madd Gear All-Terrain Scooter

Madd Gear All-Terrain

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Yet another contender for the best scooter on our list here, Madd Gear come in at the second to last spot with a very sturdy product indeed, one that comes fully equipped to tackle various different environments, all with the greatest of ease.

The gorilla grips found on this one makes for an incredibly safe ride. The integrated orbit headset will make sure that your kids are in for a very responsive ride also. There are very few faults with this one, in-fact we spotted very little wrong with it!

+ Gorilla grips
+ Sturdy
+ Smooth finish
+ Durable
+ Good breaks

Why We Liked It – We never have to worry about our kids again riding out into the wild with this one, it’s foolproof and comes with a lot of exciting features.

9. STAR-SCOOTER Original


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Star-Scooter comes in at our number three spot with their original scooter. Now appearance wise this scooter might not look any different to your more standard scooter, but if you ever take it out onto dirt paths you’ll see how different it performs! The frame of this scooter is made from aircraft aluminum with a back sweep which will allow your kids to ride but ride safely. Star-Scooter continues to surprise us even now with these sorts of products; they’ve been in the game a while, which is what makes their products so desirable.

+ Aircraft aluminum
+ Sturdy
+ Polyurethane wheels
+ Affordable
+ Reliable

Why We Liked It – Your kids are in for a treat with this one, in many ways, this is the ultimate off road/on road scooter, check it out!

Off Road Scooters Buyers Guide

Welcome to the buyers guide section of our article here, in this section we are going to be discussing what to look out for when it comes to purchasing an off road scooter for your little ones. Although these scooters pass a lot of safety regulations, there is still a lot of danger out there in the big wide world, so hopefully, this section provides peace of mind knowing that you can send your kids out onto multiple terrains and not have to worry about them hurting themselves!

What To Look Out For?

First and foremost, any of you out there who are slightly skeptical about your kid’s scooters should always look to find products with a warranty attached. Finding one with a warranty will keep you safe from any unforeseen issues such as a drop in quality from your scooter.

If you end up purchasing an electronic scooter, then it breaking will definitely make it useless, won’t it? Which is why having a warranty will give you peace of mind knowing that you can easily find a replacement or get your money back. If you are confident with the quality of your purchase, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about taking it back due to a fault.

If you do insist on finding a product outside of this list then make sure you are buying quality. Try to use your common sense to dictate which products are the best and which aren’t for your kids. User reviews on sites such as Amazon have an excellent set of reviews for you to have a look at which will definitely help you in finding products that are tried and tested and therefore safe to use. It goes without saying, but you should be looking for scooters that come with decent brakes on them if you don’t then you are most certainly putting your kids in danger.

Brakes and hand grips are good places to start. Hand grips will make it so that your kid’s hands aren’t sliding around everywhere. This should be top of your list of priorities as your kid’s hands are incredibly gentle and can be damaged rather easily. If this issue persists, then you can buy your kids some gloves but still, if you are going to pay x amount for a scooter, then you are going to want the works, not something that does half the job.

If this is your kid’s first scooter, it might be best to avoid any electric scooters listed here. Although easy to ride and fun, they are better suited to those who have an idea on how they feel when you are riding them outright. Electric scooters can be quite annoying too what with the required charge and how flimsy they can be.

In our experience, electric scooters have broken within a month of our kids riding them. Some can be incredibly heavy too, so it’s not like you can just ride it as a standard scooter afterward.

Going for a manual scooter will teach your kids the fundamentals of riding a scooter. Scooters are arguably the easiest to ride out of a bicycle or skateboard. There is less balance required to ride it, and you are less likely to hurt yourself when riding it which is what so many people choose to forget. A scooter is an excellent start for your kids, then if they want to try something a little harder, they can then try out a skateboard or a bike.

Are These Products Expensive?

The price of your products will depend entirely on the products you are looking at. In the list above we have tried to find a nice mix for you to choose from with a range of different price points. It goes without saying given the effort put into them, but electric scooters are far more expensive than your regular scooter.

As we’ve already mentioned, however, if this is the first scooter your child will own, then you should be looking at the manual products, to begin with for obvious reasons! Occasionally these products will dip in price, it just depends entirely on the season and how old each product is. We’d advise keeping an eye out on specific reputable sites to see if your desired scooter has gone down in price; it often happens so you might have to be quick.

How We Tested These Products?

Okay, we are fully grown adults for one, but we are proud parents which means that every product you see on this list has been tested by our kids first hand with our supervision. Our kids are aged around 12-13 and like to play outdoors a lot, which means that they are quite hard to please when it comes to products such as these.

Nowadays they have their heads buried into phones, so it’s nice to see them pull their heads from the lights for a little while as they tested these off road scooters out for us. We consulted with our kids after each product so we could get their thoughts, which definitely helped us assemble this list!

We began by sifting through countless websites/catalogs to find some of the most popular scooters to start with. We then started shortlisting these products, looking at their features in the hope of identifying those that would work best on multiple forms of terrain. The goal here was to appeal to countless parents and kids out there, so finding a very diverse range of products was vital. We were happy with the final 9 as each is great and unique in their own right to warrant a purchase from you.

To make sure that these products were tested thoroughly, we purchased each of these scooters and had our kids ride over dirt paths and pathways to get an idea on how responsive and durable they were. Our kids are incredibly pro-active, so they were the ideal candidates to try out these products (if we were small enough we’d try them, but most of these scooters have weight capacities). We made sure that they tested how responsive the breaks were also, as these are arguably the most critical part of any scooter.

Thankfully it was incredibly sunny when we tried out these products, which definitely helped come through with some exact results. After each scooter, we’d ask our kids what they thought of them and what might it do better if they were in charge. Their responses varied from “quite heavy” to “the brakes are excellent.” From here we then began writing down notes so that we could have an idea on what to write about for this article here. Some of the scooters we did keep once this article was finished, the others we gave to charity.

In terms of favorites, our kids really enjoyed the Pulse Performance ZR1 for how responsive it was. They made sure to stress how important it was that they got to keep it. The solid wheels on this one made for a very sturdy ride, one that we could clearly see did the job from the moment they stepped onto it. We even tried to have a go when they weren’t looking, but that was met with them telling us to get off as we were “too big for it.”

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  • Features 200 millimeter pneumatic tires with 60 psi for tackling dirt

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