Paintball Beginner’s Guide

Last updated 05. August 2019

Paintball: How It’s Done

Watching a few rounds of paintball is enough to make anyone want to grab their gear and head out to the field. Before you get ahead of yourself and starting shooting paintballs like crazy, there are quite a few bits of advice that you should know. To help you out in your journey, MyProScooter has come up with a paintball beginner’s guide that’ll make things fun and get you on the field in no time.

However, we want to make this clear; becoming an expert at paintballing isn’t something that anyone can pull off overnight. You need the right gear, training, and countless hours of practice.

What makes this all worth it is that the gear looks awesome, the training is immersive, and the practice is some of the most invigorating fun you’ll ever experience! Are you ready to learn how to play paintball? Read on below!

Learning the Basic Rules of Paintball

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Paintball has a few rules that are either expected or similar to rules that you’ll find in most other sports. However, it differs in the sense that it uses projectiles intended to hit the target whereas most other sports are about passing to a teammate. Working in groups is the key to success in paintball, so we’ll start there.

While it’s not necessarily a rule, you need to stay in contact with your team. We’ll make that a little easier in the gear section, but just know that communication is the way to win any sport, paintball included. Ignoring your teammates is a good way to get yourself kicked out of a group or even banned from certain fields.

Next up is that you must always follow the guidelines posted by the course you’re playing at. Most rules have general expectations like don’t tackle or otherwise harm your opponents other than using paintballs, call out when you’ve been shot, and wear the proper gear required in any paintball events. Many of them also require you to stick with their designated caliber of paintball.

Choosing Your Paintball Safety Gear

Paintball safety gear is there to save you from harm. Not only can you get kicked out in an instant for not wearing masks, boots, and various other required pieces of gear at many fields, but you’ll prevent unwanted hospital visits. A shot to the face or hands from a paintball gun can break the skin and cause permanent damage if you don’t cover up!

For starters, paintball helmets are 100% a must at any and all courses or fields you visit. Your ears, mouth, nose, and eyes are all at risk if you choose to play paintball without it at a friend’s house, so always gear up properly. Don’t worry though, almost all paintball masks look amazing and they blend in well with the environment. Plenty of them even has anti-fog lenses these days. Well-ventilated masks will let you communicate much easier as well.

Wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants is also a requirement in many places, though some of them are more lenient than others. Either way, you should look after yourself regardless of the rules. Even if it doesn’t end up sending you to the hospital, taking a paintball on open skin is certainly a sharp surprise.

Boots, gloves, and hats are all unnecessary but they’re well worth the investment. As we stated earlier, protect as much of your body as you can. Mesh hats, breathable gloves, and cushioned boots are all perfect for staying cooled off and protected at the same time. Being geared up in safety equipment doesn’t mean you have to sweat all day in the heat!

Follow Paintball Etiquette

Paintball etiquette is basically the unspoken known of the sport. It’s all about respect and understanding the situations around you. Everyone is there to have a good time, so there’s no need to step out of line and take things too seriously. One of the biggest problems in paintball is that people try to avoid calling when they’re shot.

While this is the most well-known broken part of paintball etiquette, there are many other issues. For instance, don’t show up without your CO2 and paintballs ready to go. Always make sure you’re geared up upon arrival, so you don’t have to depend on other people and slow the game down.

Another tip is to not prolong the inevitable. If you’re going up against five opponents and you’re the last one on your team, get it over with. Don’t give up on yourself, but you also don’t want to be that guy who hides under an obstacle so you don’t get found.

When it comes down to it, paintball etiquette is probably something you already understand without knowing it yet. Follow the basic rules of kindness and respect to your teammates as well as your enemies and you’ll be right where you belong!

How to Get Good at Paintball

While it’s not easy to get good at paintball immediately, there are all sorts of tips that you could follow to increase your game. The best way to approach any opponent is to think about what you wouldn’t want to happen if you were on their side. Aggressive play and quick advancements make your opponent uncomfortable, causing them to become overwhelmed.

You always need to be one step ahead of everything. You might be in a one-on-one back and forth with someone, but there’s a whole game going on around you. Keep your eyes out in every direction and stay in contact with close teammates.

The number one way to get good at playing paintball is to keep playing it. You’ll learn it through muscle memory and continuous practice. Stay alert, dress appropriately, and do what’s best for the team!

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