Rossignol Soul 7 Skis Review

Last updated 06. October 2020

Rossignol is one of the most reputable ski manufacturers on the globe. They have been trusted for decades by professionals and amateurs to provide high-performance skis and gear.

The Rossignol Soul 7 skis are part of Rossignol’s 7 series which implements innovative technologies to help intermediate and advanced skiers achieve greater performance on the backcountry as well as the trails. The Soul 7 skis have lighter tips, carbon alloy matric technologies, and a lighter more playful response. They may be the upgrade you’ve been looking for.

Key Features

The Rossignol Soul 7 skis have been designed to provide riders with a progressive freeride performance, with a focus on backcountry riding, while maintaining an enjoyable and comfortable groomed trail ride.

Featuring a brand-new Air-tip 2.0 design, which cuts down on unnecessary material to give the tips of the skis more float and playful response. With less weight at the front and the back of the skis, the weight is concentrated underfoot, offering more stability and control. When you’re riding through powder, the tips naturally want to stay above the surface to let you glide smoothly through the backcountry.

Carbon Alloy Matric Technology helps the skis to grip at the edges while maintaining a lightweight feel that allows skiers to move quickly and responsively. You get balanced flex from tail to tip with a carbon/basalt diagonal weave throughout the skis which aids in providing dynamic mobility, and plenty of vibrational absorption.

The full-length verticle sidewalls are built from fiberglass, wood, and metal, which helps to provide balance, edge grip, and explosiveness.

The weight has been reduced by about 30% during the construction process. They do this by using a sandwich design which uses a Paulownia wood core and carbon alloy as opposed to metal laminates. The result is an increase in power, stability, and control.

The tip dimensions are 136mm and the tail measures 126mm with a middle cut of 106mm. The Rossignol Soul 7’s come in sizes ranging from 156cm-188cm.


+ Built for intermediate and advanced skiers
+ Increased stability and power
+ Lighter construction
+ Tapered cut
+ Versatile capabilities


– Not suited for beginners
– Less responsive on groomed trails

Who are they suitable for?

The Rossignol Soul 7 skis are best for skiers who want a responsive and high-performance powder ski that will work okay on groomed trails as well. If you’re always chasing the powder and like to hit the trail before the rest of the village gets to the top, these skis should give you the float, responsiveness and playfulness that you want from a good pair of backcountry skis.

They are not best suited for beginners as they have a highly responsive design which is lightweight and progressive. Intermediate and advanced skiers with their eyes on the tree runs will appreciate these skis the most.

If you’ve been riding starter skis for a while and you’re looking for a serious upgrade, the Soul 7’s may be the answer you’re looking for to take you off the beaten path. They also may be the last skis you ever buy if you take care of them well.

Why we like them

The Rossignol Soul 7’s cover a lot of basses when you’re looking for a high-performance pair of skis that provide excellent value. The Air-tip 2.0 design makes these skis extra light and they resist sinking into deep powder quite well.

They glide nicely through the deep stuff and give you a grippy edge that thrusts you on and off of both angles to give you the attack you want when barreling down the mountain. Most of the weight is underfoot which makes it feel like you have absolute control over what is happening with the skis.

They are still fairly responsive on groomed trails as well. Sometimes it can be difficult to find skis that can o both well. The fine edge and straight construction give you a sharp cut which helps you stay in control when the trail flattens out.

The design is really slick and they are made super strong and durable to help you ride them year after year. As an added bonus these skis look as amazing as they feel.

Alternative Option

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Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis Mens

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