10 Important Rules For Adult Scooter Riders

Last updated 20. February 2019


Owning an adult scooter can be the passport to the most fun that you can have on an easy to use two-wheeler. Adult scooters are fantastic. They are a way to not only enjoy some great exercise but also to keep yourself in tip-top mental shape and stave off those blues that can often creep up on us – especially in our highly stressed modern world.

Adult scooters come in all shapes and sizes – there are scooters that are designed for off-roading and models that fold up so that you can easily carry them on board public transportation – or in your car so that you can get some much-needed exercise on that last mile into work.

But there is one thing that every user of an adult scooter should know. There are some common sense rules for being a considerate scooter user. They are not complicated – and most of us live by these rules anyway. But they are worth emphasizing.

Here are ten of those rules that will help you get the most out of your adult scooter experience – and keep those around you happy as well.

1. Be Polite

This is probably the most important rule of them all if you are going to be using your adult scooter in an urban environment. Cities are crowded. And unless you fancy a trip to the emergency room you’ll be using your scooter on the pavement. Just remember there are other people who also have stresses in their lives – try and be considerate. If there are too many folks on the pavement it’s time to get off and perhaps walk for a while -0 this is one of the reasons that foldable scooters are such a great idea.

2. Keep Safe

This is simply common sense. If you are going to be using your scooter in low light conditions such as very early in the morning or late evening consider a light. Bike shops have several options. A bell might not be a bad idea. But try not to irritate people by ringing in constantly – it’s just there to warn them that you might be coming through. But not interrupting them on their pavement journey is up to you. They don’t need to jump out of your way.

3. Sometimes Just Walk It

If you reach an intersection it’s time to get off an walk across. Traffic can be a literal killer. If you are moving too fast – and it doesn’t matter if you have permission to cross there’s a good chance that a driver will not be able to anticipate your speed. Be safe and considerate.

4. Watch Out For Uneven Ground

As much as we might love to think that our scooting experience in the city would be the same as that in a skate park that’s not the truth. Maintenance is being carried out all the time and out pavements are not as smooth as the bottom of a municipal swimming pool. Keep your wits about you and slow down to ensure that you don’t end up hurting yourself or anyone else when you encounter some rough terrain.

5. Dress For Success

Another hint for low light conditions – or if the weather isn’t great. Wear high visibility clothing. People see you – and this includes both pedestrians and drivers.

6. Protect Your Dome

It may not be the law but you are flirting with disaster if you do not consider wearing a helmet. Go to your neighborhood bike store and get a biking helmet. Mistakes and accidents do happen and if you do take a tumble your want your head to stay in one piece.

7. Keep To The Inside

This is another common sense precaution. If you are scooting in the city – or anywhere else for that matter stay on the side of the pavement away from the roadside. A single mistake – and they so happen and you can end up facing oncoming traffic. that’s not what you want. Again – no one wants a trip to the emergency room.

8. Pay Attention To Maintenance

Adult scooters are great because they not only allow you to great fun and stay healthy but they also don’t require a lot of maintenance. But they do require some. Check your brake to see if it is free of debris or dirt and make sure that the wheels run freely. there are some great products that you can get from a skate shop that will keep your wheels and bearings in tip-top shape.

9. Storage Is Key

Most adult scooters are made from a variety of high tech materials – but stainless steel still remains a popular choice. And stainless doesn’t mean completely impervious to weather. Keep your scooter inside to avoid rust and degrading the material.

10. Just Enjoy

Another essential rule. You’ve made the investment. Don’t ignore it. Get out there and make the most of your new lifestyle. Meet people and feel the wind in your hair. Get some exercise and throw stress to the curb.

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