Choosing Kids Ride: Scooter, Running Bike Or Bicycle

Last updated 13. December 2018


With so much pressure put on finding a good scooter, bicycle, or running bike, you want to make sure a great purchase is made.

Your kids are going to have a specific set of needs and it’s important to follow the advice mentioned here. Otherwise, you may end up buying something that breaks down as soon as it is put to use!


Factors To Consider When Choosing Kids’ Ride

1) Adjustability

Whether it’s the seat of a bike or the handlebars for the scooter, it’s important to buy something that has adjustable features. With young children, they are going to have growing demands for certain adjustments and it’s important to be able to make them on the go. If a child is getting taller, you don’t want it to get to the point where they’re unable to use it! This is why modern companies are making sure to provide adjustable solutions that are easy to change and don’t take up a lot of your time.

2) Safety

What is the number one priority when it comes to a kid’s scooter or bike? It’s safety!

You don’t want to put them on something that is a safety hazard or will lead to serious injury. Instead, you want to do everything in your power to invest in something that is worthwhile and is going to offer serious value with regards to their well-being.

As a result, you are going to enjoy a solution that has good brakes, handlebars, and a platform that isn’t going to cause injury for no reason. This is an essential investment and it has to be properly researched on your end.

3) Durability

How long is the product going to last once you buy it?

Imagine getting a new bike for your child and then realizing it is already breaking down after the first week. This happens all the time with inferior options and it’s important to look into the durability of its design.

Anything that is made of flimsy materials will not sustain itself for long periods and is going to break down over the long-term. You want to be ahead of this and make sure to invest in something that is able to handle the rigors of regular use.

4) Handle Size

The handle is one of the most important parts of a modern scooter.

A poorly sized handlebar can lead to injuries and the child won’t want to use it. Along with the size of a handlebar, you also want to put in the time to look at the grip. On a wet or humid day, there are times where wet handlebars can lead to injury. Their hand will slip and that is when the scooter or bike goes out of control. Think about this as you start to invest in a good solution.

You want something that has a solid handlebar made for all conditions.

5) Textured Platform

Just like the handlebar, it’s also important to look into the platform and how it has been set up.

You want it to be wide so the child is able to stand without slipping and it should have a bit of texture to it. The reason for wanting a textured platform has to do with the child’s feet. They should be able to maintain a strong grasp of the platform with their feet even while going at faster speeds. Any issues in this regard can be the reason for them getting hurt while riding.

toddlers riding 3-wheeled bikes in the park

6) Brake Type

A lot of adults don’t realize the value of a good braking system and how it is set up.

For example, you want it to be a rear brake so they don’t fall over as soon as they press it. A front brake can lead to a situation where they fall down headfirst and that’s a major risk. Instead, look for bikes or kids’ scooters that have rear brakes set up from the start.

Of course, you want to test the brakes but it’s always smarter to go with a rear setup.

7) Easy To Move

The most common concern is how easy the controls are. For example, if you are riding around on a scooter, no one likes the idea of elongated turns. This becomes frustrating for children and they end up hating the product. Whether it’s a scooter, bike, or any other solution, you want it to be easy to move. Otherwise, it isn’t going to be a sustainable option and will get old in a hurry.

Look at how well it functions as soon as you are ready to buy.

8) Build Quality

The build quality refers to which materials are used and how they’re put together. In some cases, you are going to notice the use of plastic, which can lead to below-par results depending on the rest of the product.

With kids, you want something that looks nice but also is safe to use because of its materials. In general, a good option would be metal as that is able to sustain itself and is going to look good at the same time. This is an important factor while finding a suitable solution.

With this advice, you’ll be well on your way to a solution that is going to be worthwhile as an investment and will become a big part of your child’s life. There are many details to go over and it’s important to make sure all of these needs are checked off.


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