Scooter Buying Guide & Safety Tips For Toddlers

Last updated 13. November 2018


Toddlers require special scooters to enjoy the experience.

It’s not about finding the first option available to you because the right fit takes time to find. This guide is going to showcase key features to look out for and what to keep in mind when it comes to a child’s safety.


What To Look For

1) Sizing

The size is going to matter because a toddler has specific requirements when it comes to using their scooter. If it is too large, they won’t be able to hold the handlebar, which makes it unusable. The same applies to something that is too small as it will lead to injury. As a result, most high-quality scooters are made with this in mind. To battle the idea of sizing issues, they make sure to put in an adjustable handlebar.

This handlebar will go up and down as necessary, which helps with growing toddlers.

2) Safety Features

You will want to think about the toddler’s safety as much as the performance of their scooter.

A good scooter is one that is able to provide a unique braking mechanism to avoid injury. This is included in modern setups along with a three-wheeled setup that’s ideal for maintaining balance. No one wants to see a toddler fall and that can happen if these safety features aren’t in place. Modern manufacturers are taking the time to implement new mechanisms that can keep toddlers safe as they ride around.

Each feature is important and it’s best to focus on this as soon as you can.

3) Lightweight Build Quality

The weight of a scooter is often ignored but it’s going to matter.

Toddlers will not have the strength to move a heavier scooter and it’ll become impossible for them to push off to gain speed. This causes frustration and will have them running away from the scooter!

To avoid this issue, it is best to look at something that is lightweight and is going to be easy to turn on a dime if necessary. If toddlers have control, they are able to make smarter decisions and keep themselves safe while riding around the area.

4) Durability

The final tip is to think about durability because it is an important variable with modern scooters. You want something that is going to last for a long time and isn’t going to become unreliable.

Whether it is the wheels, handlebar, or brake, everything has to work well over the long-term.

Toddlers will use the scooter often and it’s best to get something that isn’t going to require repairs all the time. In fact, you want to look into the materials and ensure they are the best for what you are after. This is the only way to pick out a good fit.

kid wearing yellow jacket smiling while riding a bike


Safety Tips for Toddlers

1) Find Well-Fitted Gear

Start with the gear as this is going to have a big role to place in a child’s safety.

No one likes the idea of seeing their toddler get hurt but it can happen with a scooter. With a good helmet and pads (knee/elbow), you will know they are as safe as they need to be. The same applies to making sure their clothes are well-fitted and not loose, which can lead to serious injury. Instead, it is best to keep this gear in mind.

Don’t pick up random options because this gear will keep them safe throughout the riding session.

2) Teach Them About Staying Safe

You have to think about what they know as toddlers.

For example, do they know what the rules are when it comes to staying safe while riding? Do they know it’s important not to go onto the road? Do they know how to use the brakes when necessary?

All of these rules are mandatory and you want to nail them down as soon as you can. Otherwise, it can lead to a bad situation where they are unaware and get hurt. Toddlers will pick up on these details as long as you tell them what’s important.

3) Make Them Wear Brighter Colors

This is one of the best options to keep the child safe while riding their scooter. In essence, toddlers are hard to spot when it comes to their safety. They are short and that makes it harder to spot them while driving in a neighborhood. As a result, it is on you to make sure they are wearing brighter colors that are easier to notice from afar.

These tips should help set the right trend for your toddler and their scooter riding days. Yes, there are many details to go over whether you’re buying a new scooter or looking to prepare them for their riding experiences. However, you want to get started as soon as possible to make sure they are safe!


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