Do I Need Shoes to Skateboard?

Last updated 04. November 2018

Most people look at the skateboard as an integral investment and indeed it is. However, along with the skateboard, you also require a good pair of skate shoes. If not, the skateboarding experience is going to be frustrating and something you start despising.

For those looking to invest in a good pair of skate shoes, it’s important to understand whether or not they’re a mandatory investment. What are the main advantages of having a good pair of skate shoes compared to putting on traditional sneakers?

Here are the answers that will make it easier to shop for a good pair of shoes.

What are Skate Shoes?

In the mid-1960s, a designer took time to build skateboard-friendly shoes based on the demand that had started popping up in America. It was a way to garner positive results while riding a skateboard and balancing your bodyweight at faster speeds. To do this, the first “skate shoe” was designed and it was made to work well with a skateboard. The skate shoe is essentially footwear that has a flat outsole to provide traction on a skateboard.

It often comes with a low-padded tongue and vulcanized rubber to make sure riders have enough control as they’re moving around on a skateboard.

Benefits of Skate Shoes

1) Increased Balance

Balance is the primary benefit when you step on a skateboard. Otherwise, you will fall and it is not going to be a pleasant experience especially while moving at fast speeds.

With the help of your new skate shoes, it’s a lot easier to stay on top of the skateboard even if it starts moving around under your feet.

The reason you are able to remain stable on your skateboard has to do with the flat outsole and vulcanized rubber. The material and design can withstand the shape of a skateboard and will ensure you don’t fall over.

2) Stable During Quick Movements

Skateboarding is rife with quick movements whether you’re pushing off to move faster or jumping up to do a quick trick. Each movement is going to require the use of your feet and that means it’s important to keep that part of your body protected at all costs.

making hard turns when riding a longboardRegular sneakers aren’t going to cut it because they’re not made for this activity.

You are not going to find them to be stable nor are they going to hold out in performance situations. Therefore, skate shoes become a no-brainer for those who want to feel stable on their skateboard at all times.

3) Additional Padding

The padding is a major plus point because a lot of stress is put on your joints and feet. In fact, there are 100+ injuries per day in America alone and that says a lot about what skateboarding can do to your body. With the help of good skate shoes, it is a lot easier to focus on skateboarding rather than worrying about getting hurt. Plus, with the additional padding, you are also going to feel better while completing tricks at the local skate park. These shoes are able to cushion your landing and make sure the abrupt bouncing doesn’t hurt your ankles, knees, or hips. All of these joints are interlinked as a chain and it’s important to keep them as safe as possible with the help of appropriate footwear. As soon as you realize this connection, you will want to rush over to get a pair of quality skate shoes.

4) Durable Materials

Remember, skateboarding isn’t going to be a “sit at home” activity, which means it’s going to pound on the shoes. If you are wearing traditional sneakers, they will start ripping all over the place leading to major issues. A lot of people get frustrated as their brand-new sneakers rip at the seams because of their skateboard. However, this is why skate shoes are such an integral investment in the modern age. The materials are built to last and are going to sustain themselves under duress leading to a stress-free riding experience. You don’t have to keep looking down to make sure the shoes are in good order because they can take a beating.

The durability of these skate shoes is why so many professionals invest in the best footwear.

In the end, yes, you are going to need shoes to skateboard and it’s important to invest in a good pair as soon as possible. Of course, you’ll be able to get away with traditional sneakers for a bit but it’s going to lead to issues over the long haul. In fact, many people fall out of love with skateboarding and don’t realize it has more to do with their shoes! Think about this and plan ahead while focusing on the gear that’s in your possession. Adding a good pair of shoes will make your life easier as a skateboarder!

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