Should Adults Ride Scooters?

Last updated 17. October 2017

Should Adults Ride Scooters?

Scooting is a hobby that majority of kids love. When it comes to adults riding a scooter, it is still considered a little “alien”. We don’t know why but people point and stare adults who ride scooters. There is one thing that we do know that the joy of riding scooter is irreplaceable (for kids and adults alike).

No matter who you are, a kid or a grown-up businessman if you really love riding a scooter you must go for it! Apart from all eco-friendly advantages, the number one priority is your choice of riding a scooter, so why should you stop? The important thing here is that adults should ride scooters, no matter what people assume one should never put down the urge that lies within him/her!

If you are still cautious about what you’ll look like, don’t worry – there are many cool kick scooters for adults around.

What is the Kick Scooter Weight limit?

You can’t predict an exact value of the kick scooter weight limit as the market offers a variety of brands that are made to different specifications. Let us hold on for a second and discuss the term weight limit.

Basically, different scooters are designed for holding a specific amount of weight on them for outputting a good scooting experience. Furthermore, if the weight limit is crossed company is not responsible for any mishap. Let us now break down the kick scooter into three tiers for identifying the average scooter weight limit.

● First Tier This expensive lineup is built to last, unlike other alternatives these scooters are built with state of the art materials to ensure the highest quality. Most of the scooters that lie within the first tier (or above $200) can easily coup up with a human weighing 100-120 kg.

● Second Tier Next in line is the second tier that ranges in between hundred to two hundred dollars. These scooters are budget orientated, which means that you are getting a pretty good return on the investment. Note that these scooters cannot hold more than 200 pounds.

● Third Tier These scooters range below the hundred dollar price tag, which means that you are getting a lot of compromises. They are specifically made to target children and can’t hold more than 40 kg of weight.

So every scooter is built to target a specific section. We are sure now you have a good weight limit idea for every scooter available in the market.

How to raise Scooter Bars?

Before going deep into the main question let us first introduce you to the term itself. Basically, bars are the long pipe running from bottom to top that connects rider to the scooter. Bars are the only source that connects you to the scooter that is why a personal fit choice is important.

Every rider adjusts the bar height according to his style as we hold different measurement and likings from each other. Although the bars should align with rider’s waist, some fanatics tweak different heights to make them look more trendy and different.

Now let us move on to the real question! Not every scooter is equipped with adjustable bars as many professional scooters have fixed bars for some solid action. If your scooter has an adjustable bar then follow us to know the real deal.

● First, loosen up the handlebar clamp latch.

● Now raise or lower the bar according to your personal preference.

● After attaining the perfect height, tighten up the screws and make sure the latch is open.

● Now finish by closing the latch.

It was as easy as you like! Now you can raise and lower down the bar without reading those never-ending manuals!

How fast can you go on a Kick Scooter?

You dare not mark the kick scooter as a children’s toy. Different scooter models hold different characteristics, some are for casual riding while others have some serious potential inside. Most cheap models aren’t worth investing if you are looking for some high-speed action as the build quality is weak. Similarly, high-end model’s cruising speed can be very high especially when you are going down the track. Although expensive scooters possess great speeds, different terrain can ruin the experience.


A kick scooter hugely depends upon the surface which it is ridden on. Freshly paved roads allow greater and quicker energy conservation while old and broken surfaces decay the whole riding experience. On an average note, a kick scooter is about four to five times faster than walking which helps to reach destinations faster and in a way fashionable manner.

Furthermore, if you have still got that energy and urge then you can easily catch that thief running.

The bottom line is, the speed of a kick scooter depends on the scooter itself, type of terrain and energy. Dial in the best match and you are ready for a fast and furious ride!

Adult Scooter Handlebar Height Chart

Well, you can ride any scooter you like but as they say that size matters. Handlebar connects rider to the scooter which means that it holds an immense importance while riding.

Why height matters? Basically, the perfect handlebar height according to rider adds more fun, ease, and comfort to the ride. Just think of a scooter handlebar equalling the rider’s height, would it be any good? We’ll state down the ideal handlebar height according to your height.

● If you are 5ft or under, 18” bars tall or smaller would be okay.

● Riders who are between 5 to 5.5 ft should look for bars in between 19 – 23”.bars-height-adjustment

● People below 6 ft and above 5.5 ft must order bars 20 – 24”.

● If you are over 6 ft look for bars 23” or taller.

Now keep the points in mind and choose according to your height for the best scooting experience.

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