Last Minute Costume Ideas Using Ski Gear

Last updated 16. January 2020

It’s that time of year again, a few days before Halloween and you’ve been so busy that you haven’t had time to go costume shopping. Worse, when you finally get there, the shelves have all been ravaged and there’s little to choose from other than a ripped open bag that is likely missing items or your costume from last year that no longer fits.

Don’t stress, there’s not anything to worry about here that a little bit of hot glue, your closet, and some DIY ingenuity can’t help you with. In fact, it may just catapult you to win that coveted costume contest you’ve been trying to win for the past several years.

Grab your skis, your snowboard, and your ski gear and let’s get to work. Besides, you need to know that everything is in working order before the snow flies and it’s time to hit those slopes. Are you ready?


Okay, gather up your brown gear, a pair of black boots, some white knit gloves and some cotton balls. You’re going to wear your brown ski jacket and a brown sweatshirt. Put on some brown ski pants and stuff those white gloves with the cotton balls. If you have a brown baseball cap, attach your new “antlers” to the cap, if not, grab a knit hat and attach those white gloves to the knit hat as your “antlers”. Put on the hooves (your black boots) and you’re all set. Easy as can be. You could even write up a “moose crossing sign” and use it to get to the front of the lines.

Old Man Winter

Grab some blue sweatpants for this one and a blue sweatshirt. If you don’t have a beard, use some white or grey yarn and make one. Put on a pair of glasses, borrow your dad’s cane (or grab a walking stick) and spray some white temporary color in your hair. Bend slightly at the waist and walk very slowly all night long. After all, you’re an old man for this costume.

Ski Bum

Gather up some great ski gear, a pair of mirrored goggles, and your finest smile. You’re a ski bum. Dress it up or down but get that laid back “hang ten” look going and remember that you’re special because you’re a ski bum that has it all. If you don’t have the mirrored goggles a nice pair of dark sunglasses will work well for this one. Use a few your girlfriend’s red blush on your face where the glasses or goggles don’t go to mimic a sunburn and you’re all set.

The 80s Skier

The 80s were resplendent with color and neon. Grab out your brightest ski gear, those old bellbottoms and make a bold statement that screams the 80s. Don’t be shy now, you’re making a very bold statement about this decade. You may even wish to wear your hair in an 80s style.

Become A Ninja

Grab some black leggings or tights, wear a black sweatshirt over a black tee shirt and grab some black boots. don’t forget to grab a black ski mask. If you have a pair of nunchucks handy grab those as well or make a set out of foam. Be stealthy in your movement and enjoy surprising people as you walk quietly up behind them in the concession lines.

The Gaper/Clutz

There’s one in every crowd. You know, the guy or gal that is rather new at the sport of skiing and seems to have a helmet that doesn’t quite sit right and gaps at the base. Wear that helmet up high and keep adjusting it, wear goggles that are a bit out of whack and mismatch your clothing. Now go and bump into things, a lot, and you’ve got the look. Just try not to make anyone mad when you’re bumping into them as you do in bumper cars.

Tag Sale

Attach tags to your gear with yarn displaying a price. Make sure that you put them where they’ll be obvious. Mismatch them so it looks like all of your gear came from different sales. Don’t forget to attach them with yarn or something as if they were handmade. Tie one to your gloves (bonus points if you mismatch the gloves and have one on each glove). If anyone asks, you got everything at a tag sale.

Candy Corn

Dress in orange, yellow and white and when asked, tell them you’re a piece of candy corn. Be sure that everything is in these 3 colors and try to make it look like an actual piece of candy corn, just as the candy itself is loved or hated, you will be as well.

Tired Skier

Put on your ski gear and grab a round floatie that you wear around your waist for swimming. Cover it in black felt or fleece and wear it around your waist. When asked, you’re a “Tired Skier”. The more you can make this floatie look like a tire, the better. You could also use a different item to design your “tire”.

Now that you h ave a few great ideas to get your momentum going, you likely have a few more fun ideas for a fun Halloween costume using your ski gear. Go all out and make it a great costume and have a wonderful time. You’re going to be the star of the show in these costume ideas.

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