Snowboard Bag Size Guide

Last updated 14. January 2019

So you may have just ordered a brand new snowboard, and you can’t wait to hit the slopes with it this year with all of your friends and show off your new skills, or you may be new to snowboarding, and you’re trying to find all of the best equipment before you go on your first snowboarding holiday.

However, you will need to buy a bag for it so everything will be protected, and it can be difficult finding the right one that would match the dimensions of the snowboard. Not only this, but you want to get one that is a good brand as it will last longer and not give you any problems while you’re traveling to your desired destination.

There are a whole variety of different bags that you can purchase that all come in different sizes as well, but before you buy a bag you must decide whether you just want to put your snowboard in it or whether you’d like to put all of your snowboarding equipment in there as well.

How should you choose a snowboard bag size?

Before you buy a bag, one thing to always remember is to buy it a little bit bigger then what you will actually need. This way if you do need extra room you will have it. Plus, you may actually want to change your snowboard in future or other equipment, so it’s always useful to buy a bigger bag just in case.

There are actually different types of snowboarding bags, and sometimes they actually come with wheels. These types are particularly useful if you want to carry more than one piece of luggage because you won’t have to struggle to carry several bags at once. It will make your life a lot easier.

There are some things that you should actually look out for, and that is if they are padded or not because if they are not then this will not be suitable for any travel that includes flying. This is because it won’t protect your snowboarding equipment as much. On a snowboard bag, there should be quite a fair amount of padding in the center of the bag, so it is able to protect your bindings, as well as other equipment.

One thing that is probably more important than anything is where you’re actually going to buy your bag from, as you don’t want to buy a bad brand that isn’t going to last long. Some of the top snowboarding bags include Burton, Dakine, Quicksilver and Thule Group.

Therefore, it really depends how big your snowboard is and what you actually want to take with you on your snowboarding trip to decide what size bag you will need. However, the best rule to follow is to always make sure you should purchase it a little bit bigger just in case.

How big should a snowboard bag be?

This all depends on how big your snowboard is, so if your snowboard is on the larger side, then you will more than likely need a larger bag. However, if you have a snowboard that is quite small, then it’s better to get a small or medium sized bag.

Before you decide to buy a snowboard bag, you should always check the dimensions of the snowboard itself and then check the dimensions of that bag you want to buy. If the bag is smaller than the snowboard, then you should not buy it, because it will not fit. However, if it is slightly bigger, then it should be okay because you can still pack it out with all of your other equipment.

Here is a slight guide to what each size bag will actually fit into it. If you have a small bag, then it will normally be able to fit in just one set of snowboard gear and some of your clothes.

If you purchase a medium sized bag, then you should be able to fit in one set of your snowboard gear, as well as all of your clothes that you need. If you purchase a large bag, then you should manage to fit two sets of snowboarding gear into them as well as your clothes.

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