Snowboard Boot Size Guide

Last updated 05. February 2020

If you want to learn to snowboard or you have quite a few years of experience behind you, then you will know how important snowboarding boots are in participating in the sport. If your boots are a little too small or even a little too big, then it can completely change your experience when you start snowboarding. Therefore it’s essential to get the right size boot for your feet.

Snowboarding boots are available in all sizes even if you have narrower or more wide feet there will be a boot out there that will fit your feet perfectly. You may have to try a few boots on before you’re able to get the exact match for you.

Before you try and find out what size boots you will need you have to figure out what your riding style is. This is a very important factor that you need to know before you buy anything. This is because each brand will produce boots for different riding styles.

If you’re a beginner snowboarder, then you will need snowboard boots that are a little bit more flexible, but they should also be very supportive for your ankles and your calves. But if you’re a freestyler or park type of rider, then your boots will need to be softer, but they will still have lots of support. If your riding style is a free rider or an all mountain, then you will need boots that have a lot more support and comfort, because of the fast turns and high speed.

However, we’ve made a quick guide for you before you jump into buying any snowboarding boots, so you know what size you’ll roughly need.

What size boots do you need?

You may automatically think that your shoe size would be the same as your boot size, but this is actually wrong, as they will be a different size. To find out your actual size, you may need to go to an actual snow sports shop to find this out, as it can be quite challenging to figure it out just at home.

There are also things that you will need to bear in mind before you select your boot size and this is the fact that you will also need to be wearing snow socks with the boots. These tend to be a lot thicker than regular socks so you will need a little extra space.

When you start to tie up the laces on your boot, you will need them not to be too tight, but also not too loose. They should actually be snug around your foot.

There is a size guide that you can follow if you are unable to go to a snow sports shop soon. So if you’re a men’s US size 4, then the mondo (cm) for the boot is likely to be 22, but if you’re a 4.5 men’s US size, then the mondo (cm) is likely to be 22.5. When the US foot size is increased by 0.5 so is the size of the mondo, and it will continue to follow this pattern.

There is a slight difference for women but not an awful lot. So if you’re a women’s US size 5, then your mondo (cm) is likely to be 22, and if you’re a women’s US size 5.5, then your mondo (cm) is likely to be 22.5. Again, the pattern follows exactly the same as the men’s sizing does.

Snowboard boot sizes for people that have wide feet:

Everyone’s feet come in a whole range of sizes and shapes; therefore, people can have slightly more wide feet compared to others. This can create a few problems, but they are usually solved fairly simply as most stores tend to provide shoes for wide feet as well now.

One option for wide snowboard boots is to buy a heat moldable liner. This means that it will mold exactly to the shape and size of your foot, meaning that it will be a perfect fit even if it is a little more expensive.

However, they’re quite a few brands that also offer wide fit versions of their boots, like Burton and Salomon.

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